Sustainable Packaging in Carlsberg Group


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A quick introduction to Sustainable Packaging in Carlsberg Group 2013.

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Sustainable Packaging in Carlsberg Group

  1. 1. Sustainable packaging in Carlsberg Group Group CSR and Public Affairs October 2013 Simon Hoffmeyer Boas, Senior CSR Manager
  2. 2. Agenda Page 2 1. Introduction to Carlsberg Group & CSR 2. Sustainable packaging in Carlsberg Group
  3. 3. 3 This is Carlsberg Group today No. 1 in Northern & Eastern Europe and fourth largest brewer in the world 500 different beer brands 41,000 employees on three continents 36,000,000,000 bottles of beer sold in 2012 150 Markets around the world
  4. 4. 4 Founded in 1847 on a passion for beer, science and art 1847 JC Jacobsen founds the Carlsberg Brewery on a hill outside of Copenhagen 1882 JC’s son Carl Jacobsen builds his own brewery next to his father’s and calls it ”New Carlsberg”. 1868Carlsberg has international ambitions from the beginning and Exports it’s first barrel of beer to Scotland in 1868 1904 The famous Carlsberg logo is designet by architect Thorvald Bindesbøll. This logo is still used today. JC Jacobsen has great ambitions for his brewery and to make sure his beer is brewed to the highest scientific standards he establishes the Carlsberg Laboratory. Carl Jacobsen has a great passion for art and architecture and creates many spectacular buildings for his brewery. One of these is the impressive Elephant Gate welcoming visitors to his brewery.
  5. 5. Carlsberg Group owns 4 of the top-10 beer brands in Europe 5 1 Heineken 12.6 2 Baltika 12.6 3 Efes 9.9 4 Carlsberg 9.2 5 Chernigivske 7.4 6 Amstel 7.0 7 Obolon 6.8 8 Tuborg 6.7 9 Carling 6.5 10 Kronenbourg 6.4 Source: Canadean Wisdom, 22 February 2013 Top 10 Beer Brands in Europe 2012 (million hl)
  6. 6. CSR is part of business strategy Carlsberg group strategy Carlsberg CSR vision Carlsberg CSR approach
  7. 7. Focus areas for 2013 to support position as the world’s most efficient brewer on water, energy & CO2 emissions Carlsberg CSR approach GREEN BREWER SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING RESPONSIBLE DRINKING
  8. 8. Agenda Page 8 1. Introduction to Carlsberg Group 2. Sustainable packaging in Carlsberg Group
  9. 9. 9 Within sustainable packaging we apply 4 different approaches Reduce weight or change to lower environmental impact packaging Increase re-use of packaging materials, main focus on glass bottles Encourage consumers to recycle packaging and increase the amount of recycled content in new packaging Re-think packaging and waste, for example recycling of packaging materials by channelling the material into other products.
  10. 10. The Sustainable Packaging Programme has 3 pillars “Reduce environmental impact and weight of primary and secondary packaging” “Accelerate sustainable packaging innovations and explore new areas to reduce impact” “Increase awareness of sustainable packaging and promote recycling among consumers and customers” Objective Performance improvements REDUCE & REUSE Innovation RETHINK Awareness and advocacy RECYCLEWork stream
  11. 11. Summary of Carlsberg’s work on sustainable packaging • We are integrating CSR into the business  Sustainable business development • We take the life cycle impact of our packaging into account when making new packaging • We are working with the Cradle-to-Cradle design perspective to prepare our packaging for re-entry into another life cycle • The consumers are key in achieving high environmental standards Page 11
  12. 12. 12 Carlsberg Group CSR Report 2012 available online at: