OpenGeoData Italia - Roma - Simone Cortesi | Maurizio Napolitano | openstreetmap per sviluppatori


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Discussione su OpenStreetMap, sistemi GIS classici, confronti, potenzialità di OSM e dei suoi strumenti di estrazione dati.

Slide per la conferenza OpenGeoData Italia - Roma - 27 febbraio 2014.

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OpenGeoData Italia - Roma - Simone Cortesi | Maurizio Napolitano | openstreetmap per sviluppatori

  1. 1. OSM for developers or, how I stopped worrying about layers, and love the database Simone Cortesi @simonecortesi Maurizio Napolitano @napo
  2. 2. Understanding the data there is no layer(s) Tagging Map Features, Taginfo
  3. 3. Existing Solutions Linux, Virtual Machines Osm2postgresql OpenCageData Geofabrik, Osm2Shp Osm2pgsql, Osmosis
  4. 4. Solution
  5. 5. OSM “planet” files Requesting large amounts of data from API can place undue load on the OSM server API is really designed for adding and editing data, not retrieving So OSM also makes its data available as downloadable “planet” files in OSM XML format, containing OSM data for the entire planet Whole planet too large for most to use directly, so country or regional extracts available (eg. Geofabrik)
  6. 6. OSM planet is huge The complete OSM Data Latest Weekly Planet File: 33 GB Latest Weekly Changesets: 782 MB
  7. 7. Rendering the map on your PC with Tilemill
  8. 8. Tilemill Pavia showing building age colorcoding based on native OSM data satdt= tr_ae* 2 hour job tilemill is free and opensource software
  9. 9. web visualization Openlayers Leaflet.JS Modestmaps d3.js mapstraction
  10. 10. Leaflet.JS
  11. 11. overpass-api
  12. 12. overpass-api <ur tp=nd" qey ye"oe> <a-vk"mnt"v"rnigwtr/ hsk =aeiy =dikn_ae"> <bxqey{bo}/<-ti i at-opee wt te bo-ur {bx}>!-hs s uocmltd ih h cretmpve codnts-> urn a iw oriae.<qey /ur>
  13. 13. GIThub - integration
  14. 14. overpass-api realtime styling overpass turbo query
  15. 15. ISTAT <s-citotu=jo" omsrp upt"sn> <ur tp=ae" qey ye"ra> <a-vk"ae v"tla> hsk =nm" =Iai" <hsk>/ur> /a-v<qey <ur tp=nd" qey ye"oe> <a-vk"lc" hsk =pae> <a-vk"ouain> hsk =pplto" <a-vk"lc"v"iy> hsk =pae =ct" <raqey ae-ur> <ae-ur>/a-v<hsk>/a-v<qey /raqey<hsk>/a-v<hsk>/ur> <rn md=bd"odr"udie> pit oe"oy re=qatl" <pit<omsrp> /rn>/s-cit {sye {tl: nd { oe clrbu; oo:le oaiy02 pct:.; wdh3 it:; fl-oo:le ilclrbu; fl-pct:.; iloaiy04 smo-hp:crl; yblsae ice smo-ie ea(mx3mn2000*ahsr(a(pplto"))) yblsz: vl'a(,i(0,.2Mt.qttg"ouain))'; } } }
  16. 16. Wikimedia Italia
  17. 17. Editing the data JOSM Standalone editor, written in Java Powerful and flexible Communicates with API over HTTP Potlatch Online Flash Editor Easy to use iD HTML5/JavaScript/d3.js, in early development
  18. 18. Help very active and helpfull mailinglst Twitter @OpenstreetmapIT
  19. 19. products
  20. 20. products
  21. 21. product/service
  22. 22. Services geocoding - routing - public transport - quality assurance
  23. 23. Geocoding Search engine services Nominatim (official with fair use policy ) by Mapquest (data under ODbL) Cloudmade - with API commercial support (15$ per 100,000 transactions) GISGraphy - with API commercial support Search engine open source software Nominatim php+postgresql GISGraphy (LGPL) java+postgresql offers API for Android like Google Photon (Apache License 2.0) java+postgresql+solr used in komoot
  24. 24. Komoot (top)
  25. 25. Komoot (bottom)
  26. 26. Routing There are many offline, embedded and web-based routing services using OpenStreetMap data Please visit: pg_routing: extension for postgis with osm data support GPL,C++ OSRM C++,BSD, research oriented Grasshoper Java, Apache, Scales from big server to mobile device, works on Raspberry Pi OSRM C++,BSD, research oriented Spatialite VirtualNetwork C, GPL/LGPL/MPL, portable ... and other services in the cloud made available by Cloudmade, MapQuest, Skobbler...
  27. 27. Public Transport OpenTripPlanner provides a range of passenger information and transportation network analysis features using our infrastructure for finding itineraries combining transit, pedestrian, bike, and car segments. network from osm, tpl from gtfs sources, lgpl, java
  28. 28. quality assurance ... again a lot of tools We suggest to look and collaborate with OSMOSE
  29. 29. OSMOSE
  30. 30. OpenStreetMap are users Overview of OpenStreetMap Contributors
  31. 31. Who is in Rome? Overview of OpenStreetMap Contributors
  32. 32. For Example: davio Overview of OpenStreetMap Contributors
  33. 33. Davio's world
  34. 34. Davio's activity 1/2 How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?
  35. 35. Davio's activity 2/2 How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?
  36. 36. Davio's home
  37. 37. Don't forget: OpenStreetMap is made by people LIKE YOU