Lean Cloud - Amazon Web Services


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This presentation is about the "Lean Cloud", or using Lean Startup principles in the world of Cloud Computing.

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Lean Cloud - Amazon Web Services

  1. v4.5.0 - May 17th, 2012 - By Simone Brunozzi - http://bit.ly/awsleancloud - © Amazon Web Services The Lean Cloud Twitter: #LeanCloud @simon Leverage Cloud Computing to build the startup of your dreams
  2. Who am I?Simone Brunozzisimone @ amazon.comTechnology Evangelist, AWSTwitter: @simonExperience:Four companies; professor; CTO; startupmentor worldwide.
  3. My mission todayFrom the sparkle of an ideato a successful business.I will give you advise on how to do it.I will do my best.Always use your best judgement.Question everything.
  4. FailureWhat is failure?How can we risk, without getting hurt?How does this apply to business?Failure in different cultures.On average, many startups fail.
  5. Pen and PaperNever underestimate the power of pen andpaper.Take a pen. Take some paper.Get ready.
  6. Simple exerciseDefine an idea.Find a business model.Create a product.Sell it.IN FIVE MINUTES.Don’t put limits on your imagination.IDEA, BUSINESS MODEL, PRODUCT, SALE.
  7. BusinessIdea Product Sale Model
  8. Ready to start?
  9. 5Minutes left
  10. 4Minutes left
  11. 3Minutes left
  12. 2Minutes left
  13. 1Minute left
  14. 0Seconds left
  15. How did it go?Let’s review some examples.
  16. Simple exercise (together)Define an idea.Find a business model.Create a product.Sell it.IN FIVE MINUTES.Don’t put limits on your imagination.IDEA, BUSINESS MODEL, PRODUCT, SALE.
  17. Let’s do it!0:00 - I need an idea!0:15 - Idea: tests for Cloud expertise.0:30 - Open notebook, start writing.2:30 - Ok, now what? Business model.3:00 - I can charge 1 $ to do the test.3:15 - Ask around if someone wants it.3:45 - Start the test.4:30 - Test completed. Evaluation.5:00 - Great. First paying customer!
  18. FearDid you experience fear?What could you lose?Did fear prevent you from “shipping”?How does fear apply to your existing business?How does fear apply to your new one?
  19. Embarassed“If you’re not embarassedwhen you ship your first versionyou waited too long”Matt Mullenweg,CEO & Founder of Wordpress.com
  20. How to do it for real?What are the steps?From the sparkle of an ideato a successful business.Time to get “serious” about this!Do you feel you have the power now?
  21. Volkswagen “The Force” 2011 commercial - All rights belong to Volkswagen AG
  22. From zeroto startup Twitter: #LeanCloud @simon
  23. 1. VisionWhat are you passionate about?What problem do you want to solve?What value will you offer?Try to look at these things with new eyes.Test your vision with friends, or strangers.Listen to their feedback.
  24. Don’t fall in love too muchMost entrepreneurs fall in love with their idea.Love is often blind.Make sure that you love being anentrepreneur, not the idea itself.
  25. 2. Market researchAn important component of business strategy.Define your market: need, size, growing?What is your competition?How do you measure it?Social/Opinion research
  26. Market ResearchThis information is provided by Elastic S.r.l. (Rome, Italy) - Creative Commons AT-NC-SA license.
  27. 3. How to make moneyDefine your business model:create, deliver, capture value.CapEx vs OpExUseful:Business Model Generation.com
  28. Business Model CanvasThe BMC is a strategic management template fordeveloping new or documenting existingbusiness models.It is a visual chart with elements describing afirms valueproposition, infrastructure, customers, andfinances.
  29. An example8. Key Partners 7. Key Activities 2. Value Propositions 4. Cust. Relationship 1. Cust. Segments Cloud improve Web dev / Customer self-service Cloud Partners cloud mgmt mgmt experts (AWS, etc) reputation Trainers Marketing / find the right companies Community (Codelesson acquiring Cloud co-creation in need of Mgmt RedOddity) customers expert experts 6. Key Resources 3. Channels Web WWW Founders designers Quiz Marketing salespeople creators budget (channels)9. Cost Structure 5. Revenue Stream fixed: site design Certification Cloudpions Cloud var: var: + (sales) listing training IT infra Marketing maintenanc (subscr) (sales) e Business Model Canvas This information is provided by Elastic S.r.l. (Rome, Italy) - Creative Commons AT-NC-SA license.
  30. LeanLaunchLab
  31. 4. Start a startupLegalIP (Intellectual Property)HiringCo-FoundersFiring
  32. 5. Build itProduct development“Lean Startup” methodologyMVP: Minimum Viable Product
  33. Waterfall
  34. Responsive Design
  35. Minimum Viable ProductThe MVP is:the simplest version of a new product whichallows a team to collect the maximum amountof validated learning about customers with theleast effort.Smoke Test (MVP)Add now, code later (MVP)
  36. This oneis a MVP!
  37. Smoke Test (MVP)Create a mock websiteDrive traffic with paid advertisingMeasure customer interest
  38. Do you knowthis book?
  39. This is aSmoke Test
  40. Add now, Code later (MVP)Add a feature, but code it later.Measure how many people would like to useit, how they use it, etc.Decide if you need the feature or not.
  41. To Pivot or not to pivotIterate: new version of the same idea orproduct.Pivot: new direction altogether, new idea.Data-based decision making.A/B Testing.
  42. IterateIdea Build Release Evaluate OR Pivot
  43. Pivot typesZoom-inZoom-outCustomer segmentCustomer needPlatformBusiness ArchitectureValue CaptureEngine of growthChannelTechnology
  44. Burbn
  45. Instagram
  46. Kevin Systrom:"Ive heard that Plan A is never the productentrepreneurs actually end up with.I didnt believe it...In many ways, Burbn was getting a bunch ofpress, but it wasnt taking off the way we thought it would.We found people loved posting pictures, and that photos werethe thing that stuck. Mike, my cofounder, and I sat down andthought about the one thing that made the product unique andinteresting, and photos kept coming up." Zoom-in pivot
  47. 6. OutsourcingWhat did I use for the pictures of this preso?(iStockPhoto & license-free)What part of your business should yououtsource?What value are you creating?Who can help you create more value?
  48. 7. Partners & EcosystemWhat is a Partner?What is an Ecosystem? (James Moore)Suppliers?Why should they help you?
  49. 8. MarketingAdvertisingWord of MouthViral MarketingOnline MarketingSocial Media MarketingMetrics & Measurement
  50. 9. SalesWhat do you sell?Who buys?Why?How to measure it?
  51. AnalyticsThis information is provided by Elastic S.r.l. (Rome, Italy) - Creative Commons AT-NC-SA license.
  52. 10. Media and PRJournalistsBloggersPR (Public Relations)MediaPress
  53. After a goodTechCrunch article...
  54. 11. Going GlobalWhy limit your offer to local markets?Can you go global?A Cloud IT infrastructure can.What about legal/tax/etc?
  55. The global AWS Infrastructure as of March 31st, 2012
  56. 12. FundraisingWhy should they be interested?The “Elevator Pitch”InvestmentAngelsVenture CapitalsWhy do they invest?It’s not just money, it’s connections
  57. 13. You’ve launched!Congratulations!This is only the first part of the journey.Keep iterating.Keep innovating.Keep improving your offerings.Rapidly.Based on Data.
  58. Getting serious: studyBusiness Model GenerationEntrepreneur’s guide to Customer DevelopmentThe Lean StartupStartup owner’s manualEtc.
  59. Paul Graham Steve Blank Fred Wilson
  60. “The Lean Startup” (Eric Ries)
  61. Feedback 中文 Englishttp://bit.ly/bbjul5tw http://bit.ly/bbjul5en
  62. Thank you!Simone Brunozzisimone @ amazon.comTechnology Evangelist, AWSTwitter:@simon#LeanCloud