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I know what i want  project 28.3.2013

I know what i want project 28.3.2013






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    I know what i want  project 28.3.2013 I know what i want project 28.3.2013 Presentation Transcript

    • I Know What I Want! -projectAarne Rajalahti, KVPS28.3.2013
    • I know what I want! –project develops and triesout personal budgeting in FinlandTrying out and development • A model that’s suitable in Finnish operationalenvironment in services and support of persons with(intellectual) disabilityResearch • The key question of research is ”what’s the role andstate of a person with disabilities in a personalbudgeting process”Target groups • Young adults and adults with disabilities and theirfamilies• Local authorities and people who plan and organizeservicesOperation time • 2010: planning and defining of different models of PB• 2011-2013: trying out, development, researchA support group consists of • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health• Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities• The Social Incurance Institution• National Institute for Health and Welfare• Associations of persons with disabilities• Local authorities• Service producersInternational partner • In Control
    • The aim of the project• The aim of the “I know what I want!” -project is to develop personalbudgeting practices that are suitable for the Finnish social careenvironment and to test out these practices.• Models of personal budgeting and person centered planning are beingpiloted across the country. Participants to these pilot projects includepeople with disabilities and their families, support staff and localauthority- and service provider representatives.• The participants are offered training and are able to join in on differentpeer group activities to support them along the process. The projectwill also produce different materials about personal budgeting andperson centered planning for young people and adults with anintellectual disability.• The project runs from 2010 to 2013 and is carried out by the FinnishAssociation on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FAIDD) andthe Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability. Theproject is funded by RAY (Finland’s Slot Machine Association).
    • How do we define personal budgetingand a personal budget?• A process based on self-determination of a person whoneeds some support, where support, services and abudget reserved on them is being planned• (Re)allocation on resources and money that is spenton services and support anyways• The goal is a life that’s unique, meaningful and self-determined• The key focus has been in the principles of Self-Directedsupport that’s been developed in In Control and by DrSimon Duffy
    • The service system in FinlandLocal authorities responsiblefor servicesServicesavailable Canthey reallybe personcentered?People and their lifes andneeds are differentPerson-centered planningisn’t enough, if there are noreal choices or they arealways similar to everybodyPublic tendering processeshave mixed the pictureeven more. Bidding doesn’tfit in housing and supportservices of people withdisabilitiesThere are 320municipalities and theyhave 535 tasks assigned inlegislation and theobligations relating tothem (114 tasks in year1970). Health and socialservices takes 60 % ofannual budgets.LawsPeople with different lifes and needsFunding bytaxes
    • These are things that people actually said:“I sit in a day activity center and donothing except drink coffee. I am ayoung man. Is this what my life willalways be?”“My self-autonomy isn’t being respectedin a service home. I wan’t to move out”.“I’d like to spend my leisure timesometimes with someone else than mymom or in a group”
    • Creating of a personal budget- from people’s needs, services and support they are entitled to- from things people want to change or achieveMaking of a support planAnalyzation and acceptance of a support plan ( + final budget)Living life = getting the support and services, what’s written in the support planEvaluation = Is the support right and adequateRevising of a budgetPerson-centred planningWhat do I want to achieve?What do I want to keep?What do I want to change?(Self) evaluation ofsupport needsWe changed theprocess
    • Possible allowances and benefits due to disability in FinlandHousing services and support (localauthorities)Essential home renovations tomake it accessible (localauthorities)Return of vehicle taxDisability parking permit50 % allowance of buying a car andessential amendment worksWork and day activities (localauthorities)Morning- and afternoon activitiesafter school days (local authorities)Specialist services of health centersor rehabilitation centers (localauthorities)Adaptation and rehabilitationguidanceAssistive devices (covered by theSocial Insurance Institution, Kela)Support person (voluntary)Disability allowance (Kela), 85,59 €,199,71 € or 387,26 €Per monthCare allowance for pensioners(Kela)Special care allowance for parentswith ill child (Kela)Disability pension, minimum 687 €per month (The Social InsuranceInstitution, Kela)Medical, vocational and discretio-nary rehabilitation and allowance(Kela)Compensation for medication (42,71 or 100 %, Kela)Travelling expenses to a hospitaland getting and maintainingassistive devices (covered by healthinsurance of Kela)Dietary Grant for persons withcoeliac disease, 21 € per month(Kela)Personal assistant for educationPhysical, psychological and socialcare of studentsHousing allowance for students- Respite care for minimum 3 daysper month (Support for carers,local authorities)Personal assistance for personswith severe disabilities (localauthorities)Transportation services for personswith severe disabilities (for workand studying + 18 one way tripsper month)Interpretation services (Kela)Contribution for special nutrition(Kela or local authorities)Contribution for special clothingDecrease of taxesHousing allowance for Pensioners(Kela)These services andsupport we havestarted transforminginto personal budgetsThese things are covered byThe Social Insurance InstitutionThese services andbenefits are harder totransform into personalbudgets?Supported employment services(local authorities)Other essential support forindependent living, and individualcare (local authorities)
    • Support and services can be arranged in differentways”Traditional socialservices””New ”precautionary” socialservices• Physical education services, culture services,lifelong learning services in localauthorities/outsideOther support and services• Private sector• Third sector• ”Something else”
    • Pekka Kinnunen changed his day activities from a centre to afarm
    • ”The quality of life improved with another job”
    • Sirpa Kemppinen lives independentlyand leads her life after 30 years ininstitutions
    • http://verneri.net/yleis/arki/henkilokohtainen-budjetointi/tiedan-mita-tahdon-materiaalit.htmlSome tools for PCP and evaluation of needs
    • Some points so far• Empowerment of the people with disabilities and theirfamilies during process– ”It’s like my son is suddenly more self confident andtherefore taller”– The families have gotten new strength to enhance theirfamily members lives– Many have learned new things from services
    • Some points from the localauthorities point of view• There’s been good conversations and pondering of howwe do work and what are the positions of social workerand a client in the process• Everybody has realized the importance of the voice of aperson and we have moved towards real companionship• We have learned new ways of working (PCP)• The life of the clients are changing• It’s been a very worthwhile experience that lifts thetraditional way of organizing care to this era ofcitizenship and self-determination
    • Kiitos!Aarne RajalahtiDevelopment ManagerService Foundation for People withIntellectual Disabilitiestel. +358 207 713 516aarne.rajalahti@kvps.fiwww.verneri.net/hbFacebook: Tiedän mitä tahdon!