Simon dang content creation beapon shanghai nov 10 2011 blank


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How to create compelling content for social media and how to successfully launch and manage your campaign. China social media focus

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  • Now you’ve created an ecosystem for storytelling that incorporates your core message, your audience feedback and
  • Simon dang content creation beapon shanghai nov 10 2011 blank

    1. 1. Creating Compelling Inline CampaignsWith Social MediaBeaPon & Company5th Annual Asia Social Media Summit 2011Nov 10-11 2011 Shanghai Marriott Hotel HongqiaoSimon Dang 邓世民, Vice President Inline Strategy
    2. 2. The Traditional Purchase Funnel ModelExplains Basic Consumer Behavior Awareness Consideration Purchase Effective model for one-way communication
    3. 3. Social Media Forces a New Model: The Purchase “Cycle” Initial Awareness Consideration Loyalty Loop / Amplification Trigger Social Media Cloud Purchase Post-purchase ExperienceSource: McKinsey and Company 2009 Ongoing Exposure
    4. 4. A Few Questions….(My Agenda) How do I create exciting, compelling, attractive, social media content? i.e.…“The Trigger” How do I integrate the content with other media campaigns? How do I measure success?
    5. 5. Happiness is…Pulling theTrigger with compelling exciting content..
    6. 6. Don’t Start with a renren page a weibo account or seeding a BBS Forum… Social Media Cloud Instead start with……….
    7. 7. everyorganizationcan use its assetsto forge news tools knowledge leadership resources history people
    8. 8. formats every story can be told in multipletext photo image video audio
    9. 9. every formatvehicleshas multiplenews release whitepaper podcast image tweetfaq social network BBS Forum infographic emailslideshow blog post geo-location video microblog
    10. 10. desti-every vehiclehas multiplenationswebsitemicrositeblog advocates events apps douban slideshare tudou jiepang kaixin tv radio magazineemployees weibo renren newswire online mediasubscribers linkedIN jiepan newspaper forums
    11. 11. conver- every destination creates multiplesations
    12. 12. everyconversationcreates more (and so the story goes)
    13. 13. each client liveswithin a uniquestorytellingecosystem
    14. 14. Content Fusion identifies what stories can be told in which formatsand where to drive those stories. It provides direction for anorganization to become its own media outlet, publishing its ownstories in its own channels, as well as helping an organization shareits news with more traditional media in a manner more consistentwith how news is produced and absorbed today.Content Fusion is not a product. It is a new way ofapproaching public, media and client
    15. 15. Create an Ecosystem In Social Media to ReachAudiences Content Fusion Story, message, content Your Business + strategy ? Social Media Ecosystem Weber Target Audiences Shandwick’s Key Online Leader Network
    16. 16. Amplify Your Message Across All Formats With Content Fusion Initial Awareness Consideration Trigger PurchaseContent Fusion = TriggerEcosystem Amplifies YourMessages
    17. 17. The Next Questions To Consider… How do I integrate and launch content with other media campaigns? How do I measure success?
    18. 18. ONLINE < > OFFLINE>>INLINE
    19. 19. Social*ID – 6 Steps to a Fully Socialized Brand Social*ID Action Step Step Step 1: Social Pulse Content Fusion Discovery & Planning Listen, Monitoring & Story, message, content Measure & Benchmark measurement strategy Step 2: Social Pulse Audience Monitoring & Planning measurement Step 3: Social Platforms Social Studio SOCIALIZED BRAND Baseline Execution Platform & Content Site, network and Content production, Strategy application syndication development and sharing Step 4: Community Inline Crisis Mng Social Pulse Interaction Online issues assessment, Monitoring & planning and response measurement Step 5: Social Studio Social Pulse Advanced Execution Social Content production, Campaigning syndication Monitoring & and sharing measurement Step 6: Strategy Shift Organizational Change Alignment management consultation and training
    20. 20. McDonald’s Chinese Kung Food Panda II Inline Social Campaign
    21. 21. Inline (integrated) Campaign Planning & Execution Make Room for Happy Discovery (Story) Event Media exposure 中国功Food Campaign Product 媒体家庭同乐会 Press release feature Social media sharing
    22. 22. Listen, Measure & Benchmark Step 1: Listen, Determine the depth, progress and level Measure & Benchmark of social media integration into a brand’s programs Step 2: General Discovery of McD’s Audience • Social the mainstream target Presence on Brand Audit: Planning communities • Short-term project driven interaction McD’s McD’s on Baidu Weibo website Step 3: with different social communities Zhidao/Baike Platform & Content • Project driven content sharing on Strategy period focused channels • Using txt, picture as the main content Step 4: format Activities Community Interaction • The activities in the past gained well Check-in reputation Project Step 5: • Lack of coherence and long-term Social strategyCampaigning • Lack of social monitor and response Small game on Kaixin Group purchase Short term Step 6: activity projectsOrganizational Alignment 44
    23. 23. Ste Audience p Step 1: 2: the brand’s audience and identity/target influencers Listen, Measure & Benchmark Planning programs. Analyze to engage in social communications Step 2: Audience Target Audience Analysis: McD’s KOL Management and Planning Insights, media consumption, social Engagement: behavior Find the KOLs for McD’s, and keep a long term Step 3: good relationship with them Platform & Content Strategy Step 4: Community Interaction Step 5: SocialCampaigning Step 6:Organizational Alignment 39
    24. 24. Category •Identify McD’s KOLs based on the categories related to the brand and products •Target to build up 50 KOLs database Category Young Lifestyle Food & Toy fans & Trendy icons & Celebrity Young Internet star Healthy & Young Mother
    25. 25. Ste Platform p & Content Step 1: 3: Listen, Measure & Strategy Build-out digital/social media supported by editorial and production Benchmark capabilities and managed holistically to deliver consistent brand experiences across all channels. Step 2: Audience Digital footprint: Content strategy: Planning Brand sites, social network presence, Production, syndication and participation interaction across influential sites that sustains presence online Step 3: Platform & Content Strategy Step 4: Community Interaction Step 5: SocialCampaigning Step 6:Organizational Alignment 40
    26. 26. Platform Strategy So Lo Mo Social Local Mobile SNS Renren Weibo LBS Smart phone’s BBS App Blog Video sharing Q&A 9
    27. 27. We prefer totreat McD’s weibo account as… Funny Active Happy Responsible Optimistic Caring Young Friendly Trendy 9
    28. 28. Content Development Process •Content development and release need to follow the process below to improve the effectiveness of content confirmation and revision WS Digi Team McD’s PR Team WS Digi Team McD’s PR Team WS Digi TeamMonthly develop the Confirm the content Develop the Review and confirm the Release thecontent direction based direction or provide the posts/articles copywriting posts/articles on timeon the aligned strategy revising suggestions copywriting based on and send the links toand campaign message the confirmed direction McD’s Weibo post - 3 days content provided 3 days ahead BBS/Blog/Q&A - At least one week ahead the release
    29. 29. Ste Community Management p Step 1: 4: engagement plans to reach targeted audiences via social channels as Create Listen, Measure & Benchmark well as support communities through sponsorships and special access to the brand. Step 2: Supporting 3rd party Interaction through Interaction via social networks/ Audience blogs/forums/events McD’s weibo customer service channels Planning Step 3: Platform & Content Strategy Step 4: Community Interaction Step 5: SocialCampaigning Step 6:Organizational Alignment 41
    30. 30. Ste Social p 5: Campaigning Step 1: Listen, Develop tailor-made campaigns that elevate brands within daily Measure & Benchmark conversations, directly engage target audiences, trigger widespread word- of-mouth and drive mainstream media coverage. Step 2: Audience Planning Step 3: Platform & Content Strategy Step 4: Community Interaction Step 5: SocialCampaigning Step 6:Organizational Alignment 42
    31. 31. Ste Organizational p 6: all functions (marketing, PR, CSR, customer service) to consistently Alignment communications Step 1: Listen, Align Measure & Benchmark communicate across teams and internal Step 2: Audience Planning Step 3: Platform & Content Strategy Step 4: Community Interaction Step 5: SocialCampaigning Step 6:Organizational Alignment
    32. 32. Results (Digital) 3 Weeks / Limited Budget: Generated over 590 comments Over 1,500 new Weibo followers Over 10,000 Jiepang checkin’s at McDonald’s restaurants Over 2,200 3.8M users exposures forwarded from KOLs messages
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