How to build your first website


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The quick and easy way for anyone to learn how to build their own website that won't even cost you any money. Learn how to get online the easiest way, and maybe start your own business or profitable blog.

This tutorial is for anyone. You do not need to have any technical knowledge or any idea of coding. I promise you that anyone can learn this.

Building websites has never been easier.

For more information on running an online business, please visit me at -

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How to build your first website

  1. 1. How to Build a Website Many people are put off starting their own website They think it requires technical knowledge or coding Thankfully all of that is a thing of the past Visit us at
  2. 2. How to Build a Website Thanks to tools such as Wordpress Creating your own website or blog has never been easier I want to share with you how I started building my own websites with no previous knowledge of website building or design Visit us at
  3. 3. How to Build a Website With Wordpress you can get a reasonable looking Website up and running in no time And what's more, it doesn't even cost you much money It could be the gateway to creating your own website to start making you money online Visit us at
  4. 4. How to Build a Website Wordpress is easy, and almost anyone can learn it quickly and easily I will show you how to get started learning Wordpress absolutely free of charge I will show you the exact steps I carried out when I started Visit us at
  5. 5. How to Build a Website So let's get started First I want you to go to and open a free account This is easy to do Visit us at
  6. 6. How to Build a Website It will ask you to choose a name for your blog You will see a field called “Blog name” This will be your domain name The domain name is the name of your website It's the name you type into the bar at the top of your web browser when you want to go to a website Visit us at
  7. 7. How to Build a Website Once you have chosen a name, finish off the free account creation Don't worry about choosing the perfect name This is nothing but a free experiment to learn Wordpress Don't get hung-up on the name Even if you choose a nonsense name, it doesn't matter This is only about learning Wordpress Visit us at
  8. 8. How to Build a Website Once you have your free account set up, please login to the account You are now ready to start learning Wordpress One of the best ways to learn Wordpress these days, is by watching the many free and excellent videos on YouTube Go to YouTube and enter “how to make a wordpress website” into the search bar Visit us at
  9. 9. How to Build a Website My very first Wordpress tutorial was the video by a guy called Tyler Moore Look for that one on YouTube and watch it all Try a few things out for yourself on your free Wordpress account Try adding blog posts and pages Change the Themes Add a few images into the pages Add some links to other web pages Add a YouTube video to your page Basically just play around, because it doens't matter Visit us at
  10. 10. How to Build a Website Spend some time on other Wordpress tutorials on YouTube and play around in your free account Take the time to learn it well You will soon be confident of doing for real on your very own website or blog Please note that the free account does have some limitations There is no facility to install Wordpress Plugins, so be aware that the version you see on is a little different Visit us at
  11. 11. How to Build a Website For more information on how to start your own online business, or making money from blogging please visit us at Visit us at