Your Search For Medical Equipment Ends HErE!


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Your Search For Medical Equipment Ends HErE!

  1. 1. Your Search For Medical Equipment Ends HErE! For nearly 20 years Soma Technology, Inc. has specialized in outfitting entire healthcare facilities with high quality new and refurbished medical equipment. Our dedication to the advancement of this industry and outmost customer satisfaction has elevated us to the post of Market Leader. > Table of Content One Stop Shop Platform Operating Room.............................. 1 & 2 Soma Technology, Inc. main goal is to facilitate medical equipment acquisition and it Patient Monitors.....................................3 does so by maintaining one of the largest medical equipment inventories and providing Defibrillators ..........................................4 product turkey solutions for our customers. In addition, Soma can offer new equipment to suffice its clients’ specific needs based on its alignment with OEMs such as GE Ventilators .............................................5 Medical Systems, Zoll Medical, Bovie Aaron, Datascope Mindray, CSI, and Mac Medical Endoscopy/Video Systems/ among others. In other words, Soma Technology, Inc. provides a one-stop-shop Rigid Scopes..........................................6 platform where our customers can compare and contrast among major models and manufacturers. And because we are capable of outfitting entire healthcare facilities, our Imaging & Radiology ....................... 7 & 8 customers no longer need to purchase from multiple sources saving time and money! Cardiology .............................................9 Cardiovascular .....................................10 Highest Quality Assurance NICU/OBGYN ........................................11 IV Therapy ...........................................12 In House Biomedical Engineering Department: Soma Technology, Inc. employs the largest team of biomedical engineers in the industry, and all of them are highly Others .................................................13 trained to refurbish each piece of equipment according to the original manufacturer’s Parts & Service ....................................14 specifications. (see back for complete refurbishing details…) Field Service Network: Soma Technology, Inc has successfully established a comprehensive field network that installs, repairs and warrants all of our products. Parts: Only Soma Technology can guarantee up to 5 years of parts availability for all the products we sell. We encourage you to visit our parts website at www.somamedicalparts. com. Liability Insurance and Warranty: All of our products are accompanied by a standard industry warranty and we carry a comprehensive liability insurance, which guarantees our customers’ peace of mind. 166 Highland Park Drive • Bloomfield, CT 06002 USA Tel: (860) 218.2575 1.800.GET.SOMA Fax: (860) 218.2565
  2. 2. operating room Soma Technology, Inc. is able to completely outfit the entire operating room with new and refurbished equipment for surgery. We proudly refurbish equipment only from the top manufacturers such as, but not limited to, Datex-Ohmeda, Drager Narkomed, Steris Amsco, and Val- leylab. Whether you are looking for just one piece of equipment or a complete OR set up, we invite you to visit our website or give us a call. See following a sample of the equipment we have available. > SUrGICAL LIGHTS Axia LED Surgical Lights Steris Harmony LED Steris Amsco SQ240/SQ140 Steris Amsco Polaris Steris Amsco Examiner 10 Getinge ALM Prism Alix PRX Getinge ALM Prismatic PRC 5501 Heraeus London Hanalux Haraeus 2003/2004 > ANESTHESIA MACHINES Berchtold Chromophare Series Datex Ohmeda Aestiva/5 Skytron Infinity Series Datex Ohmeda Excel 210/210 SE NuVO Verde LED Datex Ohmeda Mod SE Datex Ohmeda Excel 110 SUrGICAL TABLES > Datex Ohmeda Modulus 2 Plus Axia Surgical 7000 Drager Fabius GS Steris CMAX Drager Narkomed GS Steris Amsco 3085SP Drager Narkomed 2C Steris Amsco 3080 Series Drager Narkomed 4 Steris Amsco 2080 Series Drager Narkomed 2B Steris Amsco Orthovision Steris Amsco Orthographic 2 Skytron Hercules Series Skytron 6500/6001/3500/3100A Getinge Maquet Alphastar 1132 Getinge Maquet 1130 Getinge Castle 5100 Getinge Shampaine 4900 Series SCrUB SINKS > Getinge Shampaine 2605 NLB Model SS32 Chick CST-RC Model SS32-IR NuVO Volante V1000 Model SS64 NuVO Volante V750 Model SS64-IR > CO2 AND AGENT MONITOrS > NEUrOSUrGICAL Datascope Spectrum OR/GM3 ULTrASONIC ASPIrATOrS Datascope Passport 2/GM2 Radionics Valleylab Cusa Excel Datex Ohmeda RGM 5250 Valleylab CuSA 2000 Datex Ohmeda ultima Philips HP M1025 NEUrOSUrGErY > Philips HP M1026 AGM Anspach CSI Poet IQ Midas REX CSI nCompass [ 1 ] Outfitting Entire Healthcare Facilities Since 1992
  3. 3. operating room > SUrGICAL MICrOSCOPES HArMONIC SCALPELS > Zeiss Neuro CS on NC-31 Stand Ethicon Gen 300 Zeiss Neuro CS on NC-4 Stand Ethicon G110 Zeiss Neuro CS on NC-2 Stand Zeiss Neuro on NC-1 Stand > TOUrNIQUETS Zeiss OPMI-MD on S3 Stand Zimmer ATS 3000 Zeiss OPMI-6SFC on S3 Stand Zimmer ATS 2000 Zeiss OPMI -6SFC on 1880 Stand Zimmer ATS 1500 Zeiss OPMI-11 on S21 Stand Zimmer ATS 750 Zeiss OPMI-1FC on S21 Stand Zeiss OPMI-1 AUTOCLAVES/ STErILIZErS > Zeiss CS on S4 Stand Steris Century V120 Leica OH-1/OH-2 Steris Century V116 Leica 841 Steris System 1 Leica M691 Steris Amsco Eagle 10 Leica M690 Amsco Eagle 3000 Series Leica M500 Tuttnauer 2540EA Tuttnauer 3870EA Tuttnauer EZ10/EZ10K ELECTrOSUrGICAL UNITSron 3250 > Tuttnauer EZ9 Bovie Aaron 2250 Bovie Aaron 1250 Codman Malis CMC-III Codman Malis CMC-II Conmed Excalibur Plus PC Conmed Sabre 2400 Conmed Sabre 180 Conmed Bard 5000+ Conmed Bircher 4400 Valleylab Force FX/FXc Valleylab Force EZ Valleylab Force 2 Valleylab Force 40 Valleylab Force 1C/1B Valleylab SSE-2L Valleylab Surgistat Valleylab Optimumm Smoke Evacuator Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing System Valleylab Triad > BLANKET WArMErS DWC 24/24G DWC 36/36G SWC 24/24G SWC 36/36G SWC 72/72G Steris QDJ01 Steris Amsco M70WC-E Steris Amsco M70 [ 2 ]
  4. 4. patient monitors > MULTIPArAMETEr MONITOrS CSI nGenuity Datascope Spectrum Datascope Passport 2 Datascope Passport XG Datascope Accutorr Plus Datex Ohmeda Compact S/5 iMM Datex Ohmeda S/5 Light Monitor TELEMETrY SYSTEMS > Datex AS-3 Compact Philips HP Viridia M2601 Digital Telemetry Datex S/5 Monitor Philips HP M1400 Magic System Datex Ohmeda Cardiocap 5 GE Apex Pro Telemetry Drager Infinity Delta XL GE Marquette Apex S Telemetry Drager Infinity Gamma XL Drager Infinity Kappa XLT > PULSE OXIMETErS Drager Siemens SC9000XL Ohmeda 3800/3900 Drager Siemens SC7000 GE Datex Ohmeda Tuffsat Drager Siemens SC6002 Invivo 4500+/4500 MRI GE Solar 8000/8000M/8000i Nellcor N-600/N-595/N-395 GE Solar 9500 Nellcor N-200 GE Dash 5000/4000/3000/2500 Nellcor N-180 GE Eagle 4000, 3000 Nellcor NPB20/20P Welch Allyn Propaq 200 Series Masimo Radical Welch Allyn Propaq 100 Series Spacelabs ultraview 1700 NIBP MONITOrS > Spacelabs ultraview 1050 (90369) GE Carescape V100 Spacelabs 90385 uCW GE Critikon Pro 400 V2 Spacelabs 90309 Scout GE Critikon Pro 300 Philips Intellivue MP70/MP50/MP30 GE Critikon Procare Series Philips M4 and M3 Critikon XL 9300 Philips Viridia CMS M1176A Critikon 8100/8100T Philips Viridia CMS with M1097A Colin 8800 Philips HP Merlin System InvivoMDE Omega 1400 MRI Philips HP Viridia 24/26 Philips HP Omnicare M1204/M1205 InvivoMDE Prism SE > HArD WIrE SYSTEMS NOTE: Systems can be configured from 4 to 16 beds GE Marquette Solar 8000i GE Marquette Solar 8000M GE Marquette Solar 8000 Philips HP Viridia CMS System Philips HP Merlin CMS System Spacelabs uCW 90385 System [ 3 ] Outfitting Entire Healthcare Facilities Since 1992
  5. 5. defibrillators Soma Technology, Inc. stocks hundreds of new and refurbished defibrillators. The units available range from the most simple manual defibril- lator to a fully loaded defibrillator with color monitor, recorder, biphasic capability, 12-lead ECG, AED, pacing, ECG, NIBP, SpO2, CO2 and IBP. Our goal is to provide you with the right defibrillator for your specific needs. Visit our website or give us a call for complete details. > DEFIBrILLATOrS Physio Control Lifepak 20 Physio Control Lifepak 15 Physio Control Lifepak 12 AED DEFIBrILLATOrS > Physio Control Lifepak 10/10P Physio Control Lifepak 1000 Physio Control Lifepak 9/9P Physio Control Lifepak 500 Philips Heartstart MRx Physio Control CR Plus Philips Agilent M4735a Philips Agilent XLT Philips HP Codemaster Philips HeartStart FR2+ Philips HP 43100/43110 Philips HeartStart FR1 Nihon Kohden 8251A Philips FRx Nihon Kohden 7200 Philips HeartStart Onsite Welch Allyn MRL PIC 50 Zoll AED Plus Zoll CCT M-Series Zoll AED Pro Zoll M-Series Zoll R-Series Zoll PD1400 Zoll PD1200 [ 4 ]
  6. 6. ventilators Soma Technology, Inc. maintains a large inventory of ventilators including portable, adult and pediatric units. Please see the following list for a sample of the different brands and models we have available. Our website features the most current list and all respective specifications of available ventilators allowing you to compare the technical specifications among the top manufacturers. > POrTABLE VENTILATOrS Bear 33 Puritan Bennett Achieva PS Puritan Bennett Achieva PSO2 Puritan Bennett LP20 Puritan Bennett LP10 Impact univent 750 Impact univent 754 Allied OmniVent – MRI compatible Bird Avian Newport E-100i > VENTILATOrS Bear 1000 Bird 8400STi Bird 6400 Bird TBird VSO2 Bird TBird AVS3 Bird V.I.P. Bourns Bear Cub Bear Cub 750 Infrasonics Infant Star 500 Infrasonics Infant Star 950 Newport E150 Breeze Puritan Bennett 840 Puritan Bennett 7200 Series Puritan Bennett 760 Respironics BiPAP Vision Respironics STD 30 Respironics STD 20 Sechrist IV 200 Sechrist IV 100B Maquet Servo i Maquet Servo 300/300A Siemens 900C/900E Pulmonetics LTV 1000 Viasys Avea Viasys Vela Drager Baby Log [ 5 ] Outfitting Entire Healthcare Facilities Since 1992
  7. 7. endoscopy/video systems/rigid scopes Please see the following list for a sample of the equipment we have available for all your endoscopic procedures. We are able to configure and customize a system that meets your present and future needs with equipment from the top manufactures. Contact us for full details on configuring a system for your practice. VIDEO CAMErAS – rIGID SYSTEM > ENDOSCOPY VIDEO SYSTEMS Storz Image 1 Olympus CV-180 System Storz 9050 > Olympus CV-160 System Storz Laparocam Olympus CV-140 System Storz Telecam, Telecam SL Olympus CV-100 System Storz Tricam SL 20222120 Olympus CV-200 System Stryker 1188 HD/1088 HD Pentax EPM 3500 and 3300 Systems Stryker 590/596/782/810 Fujinon EPX 201 System Stryker 882TE/888/988 Arthroscopy System Olympus OTV-S2/OTV-S4/OTV-S5/OTV-S6 Laparoscopy System Olympus OTV-S7/OTV-SX Dyonics 650/750/D1/D3 FLEXIBLE LIGHT SOUrCES > Olympus CLV-160 INSUFFLATOrS Olympus CLV-u40 Storz 26012 9 Olympus CLV-u20 Storz 264305 20 > Olympus CLV-10 Stryker 16/20/30/40 Liter Olympus CLK-4 Cabot 18L Olympus CLK-3 Olympus 15L Fujinon FIL-150 Olympus uHI-2/uHI-3 Fujinon FLX-300A Wiest 7L/9L Dyonics 20L/40L > rIGID LIGHT SOUrCES Stryker X8000/X7000/X6000 VIDEO PrINTErS Stryker Quantum 5000/4000 Olympus OEP-4 HD Circon MV 9086 > Olympus OEP/OEP-3 Dyonics 300 XL Sony uP-3000 Dyonics Autobrite II Sony uP-51MD Dyonics DyoBrite 3000 Sony uP-5200/5600 Dyonics Xenon XL Sony uP-810/870/890/895 Olympus CLV-S20/S30/S40 Sony uP-910 Olympus XLS Sony uP-910/uP-960/uP-980 Pentax LH-150P Storz 20132020/20133020/20133120 FLEXIBLE SCOPES Storz 615 Large variety of colonoscopes, bronchoscopes, gastroscopes, cystoscopes, duodenoscopes, > SHAVEr SYSTEMS sigmoidoscopes, etc. > Dyonics EP-1 System Dyonics Power rIDIG SCOPES Dyonics PS-3500 EP Multiple arthroscopy and laparoscopy systems Linvatec 8890 > configured to your needs. Stryker SE 5 Stryker TPS [ 6 ]
  8. 8. imaging & radiology Soma Technology, Inc. is able to supply your facility with high-quality refurbished imaging and radiology equipment including C-Arms, Ultrasounds, and Portable X-Ray Machines. In order to better meet your imaging and radiology set up needs, we are now also able to supply you with CT Scanners and Cathlabs. Please visit our website for full details. > C-ArMS GE OEC 9900 GE OEC 9800 GE OEC 9600 GE OEC 9400 GE OEC 9000 GE Stenoscop Philips BV Pulsera Philips BV Libra Philips BV 300 Philips BV-29 Philips BV-25 Siemens Siremobil Compact MINI C-ArMS > GE OEC 6800 GE OEC 6600 GE Lunar Orca Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Hologic Fluoroscan III Hologic Fluoroscan OFFICEMATE > C-ArM/PAIN TABLES Morgan ELT-M Morgan Basic One Morgan Positioner Pro Series Model FLTLT-FW Biodex C-Arm Tables Biodex urology Tables Oakworks CFPM 400 Oakworks CFPM [ 7 ] Outfitting Entire Healthcare Facilities Since 1992
  9. 9. imaging & radiology > ULTrASOUNDS Accuson Cypress ATL HDI-5000 ATL HDI-3000 ATL uM9 HDI ATL uM4 Plus GE Voluson 730 GE Logiq 9 GE Logiq 500/500 Pro GE Logiq 400 GE Vivid 5 GE Vivid 3 GE Logiq Book/XP GE Logiq 200/200 Pro GE RT 3200 Adv II Philips Iu22 Philips HP Sonos 7500 Philips HP Sonos 5500 Philips HP Sonos 2000 Toshiba SSA-370A Powervision 6000 Sonosite 180/180 Plus Sonosite Titan > MAMMOGrAPHY SYSTEMS Sonosite Micromaxx GE Senographe 2000D Full Field Digital GE Senographe 800T GE DMR/DMR Plus Siemens Mammomat 3000 Nova POrTABLE X-rAY MACHINES > GE AMX 4/ 4 Plus with DR upgrade GE AMX 4 Plus GE AMX 4 GE AMX 3 Siemens Mobilett II > CT SCANNErS GE ProSpeed GE HiSpeed GE LightSpeed CATHLABS > Philips Integris H 3000/HM 3000/V 3000 Philips Integris H 5000/HM 5000/V 5000 Philips Integris Allura ADC Digital Cathlab [ 8 ]
  10. 10. cardiology Our inventory features a wide selection of equipment to meet your cardiology set up needs. We have several models of high quality, refur- bished cardiology equipment as well as new GE models. Below is a sample of the brands and models we have available. Please visit our website for a complete list of cardiology equipment. > TrEADMILLS GE Marquette T2000/T2100 Quinton ST55/TM55 Quinton Q55 STrESS TEST SYSTEMS > GE Case Series GE Marquette Case 8000 GE Marquette Case 12/15/16 GE Marquette Mac 5500 ST GE Marquette MAX 1 GE Marquette MAX Personal Quinton Q-Stress Quinton 4500 Quinton Q710 Burdick Quest EKG UNITS > GE Mac 5500 GE Mac 5000 GE Mac 1600 GE Mac 1200 GE Mac 800 GE Marquette Mac 8 GE Marquette Mac 6 Philips PageWriter Touch Philips PageWriter Trim Philips HP XLI Philips HP M1770A Burdick Atria Burdick E560 Burdick Eclipse Burdick EK10 Burdick Elite/Elite 2 [ 9 ] Outfitting Entire Healthcare Facilities Since 1992
  11. 11. cardiovascular Soma Technology, Inc. is proud to be the largest stocker of cardiovascular equipment in the refurbished medical equipment industry. We are able to supply healthcare facilities with complete four or five pump open heart systems at a very affordable price. We are able to provide all the equipment necessary for your cardiovascular surgical needs. Please see the following list for a sample. Visit our website complete details. > HEArT-LUNG MACHINES Sorin Stockert S5 Sorin Stockert S3 (SIII) Sorin Stockert-Shiley CAPS System Terumo Sarns 9000 Terumo Sarns 8000 Terumo Sarns 7400 Terumo Sarns 7000 Cobe Century Cobe CPE Maquet Jostra HL20 INTrA-AOrTIC BALLOON PUMPS > Arrow ACAT 2 Wave Arrow ACAT 1 Plus Arrow AutoCat Datascope CS-300 > HEATEr/COOLEr Datascope CS-100 CSZ Hemotherm 400MR Datascope 98/98XT Sarns Dual Cooler/Heater Datascope 97/97E Sarns TCM/TCM II STErNUM SAWS > Sarns 5590 Sarns 6090 Saw Stryker Sternum Saws Hall Sternum Saw > COAGULATION ANALYZErS Hemochron Response Hemochron 801 Hemochron 401 Medtronic HMS Plus Medtronic ACT II Medtronic ACT Plus AUTOTrANSFUSION > Haemonetics Cell Saver 5/5+ [ 10 ]
  12. 12. nicu/obgyn Soma Technology, Inc. is able to supply all the equipment necessary for proper NICU and OB/GYN care. Please also see a sample of the ultrasound units that we have available on page 8. All our equipment is completely refurbished according to original manufactures’ speci- fications and are patient ready. > INFANT WArMErS Drager Air Shields Resuscitaire Drager Air Shields IICS-90 Drager Air Shields Birthing Room Warmer Drager Babytherm 8004 GE Ohio Panda 3300 GE Ohio 4400 IWS GE Ohio 3150 IWS GE Ohio 3300 GE Ohio 3500 GE Ohio 3000 INCUBATOrS > Drager Airshields C-2000 Air Shields C-550/C-550QT Air Shields C-450QT Air Shields C-100/C-100QT Air Shields C-300 Air Shields TI-500 Air Shields TI-100 GE Ohmeda Care Plus 4000 GE Ohmeda Care Plus 2000 GE Airborne 185A Transport GE Ohio AirVac > INTrAPArTUM FETAL MONITOrS GE Corometrics 250 series GE Corometrics 120 series GE Corometrics 118 GE Corometrics 116 Philips 50 XM (HP 1350B) Philips HP M1350A Philips HP 8040A ANTEPArTUM FETAL MONITOrS > GE Corometrics 170 Series GE Corometrics 150/155 GE Corometrics 145 Philips HP 50A [ 11 ] Outfitting Entire Healthcare Facilities Since 1992
  13. 13. iv therapy Following is a sample of the makes and models of infusion and syringe pumps that we have available. We are able to supply a wide variety of infusion pumps ranging from one to four channels of delivery. Please visit our website for complete details. > INFUSION PUMPS Abbott Plum A+ Abbott Plum XL3 Abbott Plum XLD Abbott Lifecare 5000 Alaris Signature 7230 Alaris Signature 7130 Alaris Imed PC-4 Alaris Imed PC-2/PC-2TX Alaris PC-1 Alaris Medsystem III Baxter AS-50 Baxter AS-40 Baxter Colleague 3CS Baxter Colleague CS Baxter Colleague 3CX Baxter Colleague CX Baxter 6301 Baxter 6201 SYrINGE PUMPS > Baxter InfusOR Baxter PCA II Medfusion 3500 Medfusion 3010a Medfusion 2010/2010i Medfusion 2001 > AMBULATOrY PUMPS Baxter I Pump Curlin 400 CMS [ 12 ]
  14. 14. others Following is a sample of other equipment categories that we also have available in stock. Because we are constantly buying equipment, there will always be items that don’t fall under a specific category, thus we have created a section where they can be listed. We urge you to visit our website for an updated list. > STrETCHErS SUCTION PUMPS > EMG UNITS Stryker 1015 Big Wheel > Gomco 300 Cadwell Sierra Stryker 1711 Gomco 3020 Cadwell Excel Plus Stryker 1500 Series Gomco 3040 Cadwell 5200A Stryker 1001 Gomco 480 Nicolet Viking Select Stryker 721/720 Gomco 6000 Nicolet Viking 2e Stryker 1060 Gomco 6030 Nihon Kohden Neuropak 4 Stryker 1068/1069 Gomco 4005 Nihon Kohden Neuropak 8 Hillrom Transtar Series Teca Synergy Steris Hausted APC Teca Saphire 4ME Steris Hausted Horizon Series Teca Saphire 2ME/2M Steris Hausted unicare Series Teca TD50/TD20/TD10/TD5 Pedigo Midmark 550/540 Nihon Kohden Neuropak 8/4/2 Nihon Kohden Neuropak Mini 4 ANALOG EEG UNITS > Grass 8-10/8-16/Grass 8-18 Nihon Kohden 7310 & 5410 Nihon Kohden 4400 Series > DIGITAL EEG UNITS Xltek Cadwell Easy II Nehon Kohden Neurofax Bio-Logics CEEGRAPH Teca Profile Nicolet Voyager SCD (SEQUENTIAL > COMPrESSION DEVICE) Kendall Express SCD Kendall 6060 AV Impulse SCD Kendall 7325 Response SCD Kendall Sequal 6325 SCD > POWEr EXAM/OFFICE TABLES Midmark 75 Evolution Midmark/Ritter 111 Midmark/Ritter 404 Midmark/Ritter 411 [ 13 ] Outfitting Entire Healthcare Facilities Since 1992
  15. 15. parts & services parts Soma Technology, Inc. keeps the largest inventory of parts in the refurbished medical equipment industry and we proudly support parts for the equipment we sell for up to 5 years. In addition to stocking parts to refurbish our own equipment, we are also able to supply them to those interested in fixing their own equipment. We have developed an extremely user friendly website where you can search for parts by manufacture, model, description and/or part number. Some of the parts available include but are not limited to: Display Boards Recorders/Rollers Acquisition Modules Power Supply PCB Main CPu PCB LCD Displays Cable Assembly Keyboard Assembly Modules Fiber Optic Cables and much more... services Our main servicing facility is located in Bloomfield, CT, however, there are situations when it is not feasible to have the equipment shipped to our main facility for any repair and/or service. Therefore, we have established a comprehensive field service network by partnering with biomedical service companies around the country that can provide timely service and installation. In addition, we are also able to assist you with: Service Contracts Rental Contracts JCAHO Inspection Safety Testing Equipment Set up Equipment Installing Equipment Removal among others…. tel (860) 218-2575 fax (860) 218-2577 * All sales are subject to parts availability and the time the order is received. [ 14 ]
  16. 16. Corporate Headquarters Bloomfield, CT USA South East Asia Headquarters Baroda, Gujarat, India
  17. 17. Refurbishing Process Soma Technology, Inc has developed a stringent and comprehensive refurbishing process that is applied to each and every piece of equipment guaranteeing the highest quality refurbished product. Our extensive library of service manuals, large inventory of parts and highly trained, in-house biomedical engineers have allowed us to set the standard for technical refur- bishment of medical equipment. Technical Refurbishment Our extensive library of service manuals and large parts inventory allow our biomeds to refurbish each piece of equipment according to the original manufactures specifications. First, there is an initial physical condition check and once the unit is approved it goes into the technical refurbishment stage. The unit is then cleaned off of any debris and the batteries are replaced allowing for testing to begin. All of our biomeds are equipped with the latest testing equipment and all equipment parameters and conditions are function- ally verified according to the specifications of the manufacturer. At this stage, any and all parts or components that are not performing properly are replaced and repaired accord- ing to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer. The unit is then reassembled and undergoes further testing and calibration. At this point, all accessories, peripherals and modules commonly used with the equipment are intro- duced so overall operation and effectiveness can be verified. Through out this process, every replacement, testing and servicing are properly recorded by the biomedical en- gineers under the equipment history log and it is readily available for our customers to review. Finally, before the unit moves onto the cosmetic refurbishment process, it must be approved by our rigorous quality department . Cosmetic Refurbishment The next step to assure the highest quality of our products is our complete cosmetic re- condition process. At this point, every piece of equipment is inspected for any wear and tear. Units are then sanded, primed and painted as necessary. We use the highest quality products in this process and all equipment is painted in our brand new AFC paint booth by factory trained staff. The result of this comprehensive process, is a piece of equipment that is completely functional and free of all blemishes.