Unit 2 - Welcome to the Data Clinic Information Portal


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Unit 2 - Welcome to the Data Clinic Information Portal

  1. 1. Mithilesh Dronavalli Unit 2/8 Tyrone St, North Melbourne VIC 3051. 0422895837, +61390055073, mithilesh@live.com.au Career Goals I aim to perform activities that relieve society of suffering at an individual or a community level. Those activities should be deeply fulfilling to carry out and intellectually stimulating. Also I aim to be in a field of discovery whereby I creatively play a role in advancing the knowledge base with high clinical impact research. Skill Summary Medicine • Speaking with a caring and sensitive attitude towards patients in a therapeutic way to elicit a full history. • Do a comprehensive physical examination of patients in a sensitive manner. • Good clinical knowledge in all fields of medicine at the intern level. • Capable of doing procedures as required for the intern position. • Participating in a multidisciplinary team by listening and contributing and acting on decisions. Biostatistics • Trial Design, Database Design, Interim Analyses, Final Analysis • Extended Analyses Assumption Testing, Writing reports and publications • Choosing and carrying out statistical methodology with validation. • Coordinating and liaising with a team of clinicians, researchers and fellow statisticians. • Data Manipulation, data cleaning, data validation over Microsoft Access, Excel and Stata. • Explaining statistical methodology and its validity and relevance to scientists and clinicians. • I have medical training so I have experience in all therapeutic areas, but my project work has given me particular experience in cardiology, oncology, neurosurgery, pharmacogenetics.
  2. 2. • Trained to comply with statistical standards as highlighted by the Statistical Society of Australia Inc (SSAI) and have received GStat (graduate statistician accreditation). • Communication skills in liaising with various medical processional and the teaching and mentoring of health professional in biostatistics. • Using and understanding latest methodologies in fields of importance such as repeated measures analysis in longitudinal methods and recurrent event survival analysis, risk modeling (prognostic models with and without intervention) in survival analysis. • Completing projects according to schedule and managing multiple projects simultaneously. Computer Skills MSWord; Advanced ACCESS; Intermediate, MS Windows; Advanced Stata: Advanced SPSS Intermediate, SAS Intermediate, Excel(Advanced), PowerPoint (Advanced); Web page design PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE The Queen Elizabeth Hospital November 2003-2006 July (1year full time, remaining part-time) On Call Junior Statistician/ Clinical Trial Analyst Key Responsibilities • Design of database . • Interim analysis and final analysis of 120 patient 60 variable dataset. • Solving statistical issues within Cardiology department. • Maintenance. ATSIC January 2003- December 2006 Medical Tutor for Aboriginal Students Key Responsibilities • Medical tutor for 1 to 1 teaching for Aboriginal medical students. Private Tutoring January 2008 - Ongoing Biostatistics Tutor Key Responsibilities • 1 to1 tutoring in biostatistics for health professionals.
  3. 3. Consulting in Biostatistics: Nov 2007 (Started consulting before but here within I have done consulting under my own company Data Clinic.)- Ongoing Projects Completed Organisation Size Analyses Used Baseline Linear Cardiology Department, 120 Patients Regression with model Randomised Control trial on The Queen Elizabeth (Duration of trial selection, Repeated effectiveness of ACE inhibitors Hospital Adelaide SA 2003 Nov – 2006 Measures Analysis on platelet function Australia July) (Random Effects) Baseline Linear Cardiology Department, 13000 Regression with model The Queen Elizabeth hospitalisations selection, Prediction Extension of ACEi RCT onto Hospital Adelaide SA (2006 Mar – techniques, Recurrent SOLVD dataset Australia 2006 July) event survival analysis. Observational Study on Radiation Oncology, 209 patients 30 Logistic Regression, squamous cell carcinoma of the Westmead Hospital, years (2007 Survival Analysis, Risk lip Sydney NSW Australia Jul-2008 Jul) Modelling Radiation Oncology, 40 Meta-analysis of various Westmead Hospital, Studies(2007Jul- treatments on SCC Lip Sydney NSW Australia 2008 Jul) Meta-analysis Survival Analysis, Model Selection via Bootstrap, Risk Heart Failure hospitalizations Clinical Pharmacology, 1800 patients, Modelling, Recurrent and mortality observational Royal Adelaide Hospital, 10 years(2008 Event Survival study Adelaide SA Australia Jan – 2008 Jul) Analysis. Clinical Pharmacology, DEPM Royal Alfred Meta-analysis on effectiveness of Hospital-Monash 6000 patients Dataset population heart failure medication with University, Melbourne (2007 Sep – from summaries, regards to renal failure VIC Australia 2008 July) logistic regression 200 patients Genes FX Health, (2008July – linear regression, Pharmacogenetics of Azathioprin Melbourne VIC Australia 2009 Mar) logistic regression 80 patients repeated measures Learning effect of Normal Dept. of Neurosurgery (2008-Aug— analysis with random Pressure Hydrocephalus Patients Barcelona Spain 2009 July) effects Validating risk scores for Dept. of Alcoholic Hepatitis and Gastroenterology, interaction with Hepatitis C on Western Hospital (2009 Mar – receiver operator Patients using Australian data. Melbourne VIC Australia 2009 July) curves Hyper oxygenation as a Regression with treatment for Traumatic Brain Dept. of Neurosurgery (2009 Dec- measurement error and Injury Barcelona Spain Ongoing) without constant. Statistical supervision of AMS Dept. of Cardiac Surgery, students in Pediatric Cardiac Royal Children's 2010 Jan - Logistic Regression, Surgery Hospital, Melbourne Ongoing Survival Analysis Tutoring to medical and allied All levels of health professional in biostatistics were Biostatistics (2007-Ongoing) taught.
  4. 4. Biostatistical Skills (Analyses Experienced in) Analysis Classification Sub-classification Outcome Simple tests z test/ t test Continuous Score, wald, log likelihood test - Simple Categorical Data Analysis Odds Ratio Binary Maentel Haenzel OR Binary Relative Risk Binary Risk Difference Binary Linear Regression Simple or Univariate Lin Reg Continuous Multiple Lin Reg Continuous ANOVA Continuous Advance Categorical Data Analysis Summary results of Logistic Regression Nominal Binary Outcomes Ordinal Categories Binary Binary Summary of Series of Binomial Binary Bernouli Trials Poisson Regression Event Rate or Count Data Log-Linear Regression Cell Frequency Generalised Linear Models Exponential Distribution Continuous Summary of Series of Negative Binomial Distribution Binary Bernouli Trials Gamma Distribution Continuous Repeated Measures Analysis Random Effects (best one) Time Series Meta-Analysis Fixed Effects Studies Random Effects (not used) Studies Inter-rater Agreement Continuous outcome Continuous nominal outcome Binary ordinal outcome Categories Continuous Quality Improvement Special Cause Common Cause Continuous, Nominal, Shewart Count Continuous, Proportion, CUSUM Chart Count Continuous, Proportion, EWMA Chart Count Single / Recurrent Event / Competing Risk / Time varying Survival Analysis Covariates Time to Event Logistic Regression/Survival Prognostic Risk Models Binary/Time to Event Analysis Publications
  5. 5. 1. Solana E, Poca MA, Sahuquillo J, Benejam B, Junque C, Dronavalli M. Cognitive and motor improvement after retesting in normal- pressure hydrocephalus: a real change or merely a learning effect? J Neurosurg. 2009 May 29. 2. Sheffield LJ, Irving P, Gupta A, Byron K, Macrae FA, Phillimore H, et al. Thiopurine methyltransferase and thiopurine metabolite testing in patients with inflammatory bowel disease who are taking thiopurine drugs. Pharmacogenomics. 2009;10(7):1091-9. 3. Dronavalli M, Gurrin L. Effect of cardiovascular biochemical markers in predicting cardiac hospitalisation for patients with heart failure and associated interaction with ACEi therapy. Heart, Lung and Circulation. 2008; 17(Supplement 1):S14-S5. 4. Dronavalli M, Billah B, Krum H. Meta-analysis of effect of ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers on mortality in CHF patients according to renal function. Heart, Lung and Circulation. 2008;17(Supplement 1):S14-S. All items can be seen on Google Scholar under Mithilesh Dronavalli. Presentations 1. Vacation Scholarship research presentation on baseline predictors of platelet aggregation. Also presented at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Day. 2. MPhil midway presentation on the risk factors of lip cancer and treat- ment outcome comparison between radiation oncology and surgery. 3. Presentation at the annual Statistical Society of Australia youth day on integrating cardiovascular datasets. Education/Qualifications Institution : Melbourne University City/Country : Melbourne Qualifications : Bachelor of Medical Science in July (Honours in Biostatistics) Result : First Class Honours 84% (H1) Project Work Honours Project : Investigation of the mechanism of action of the cardioprotective effect of ACE inhibitors. Two clinical trials were analysed in a novel manner. One randomised control trial carried out in Adelaide was the administration of ACE inhibitors for 3 months with the measurement of key biochemical markers. Also baseline patient features were recorded. I initially did baseline multiple linear regression models modelling the
  6. 6. biochemical markers with other features from patient history etc. I then did repeated measures analysis to see if ACE inhibitors had an effect on the biochemical markers. The second trial was the large SOLVD dataset (13000 observations) which had many of the variables at baseline as did the Adelaide trial. I developed baseline prediction models containing variables common to both trials. I used these models to predict the value of these markers in the larger trial where they were not measured. The values were based on patient history etc.. I then used this value in a recurrent event model looking at cardiovascular hospital readmission. I found that the biomarkers were clinically significant in predicting cardiovascular hospitalisation and that ACE inhibitors worked more effectively in certain quartiles of these markers, thus further elucidating the mechanism of action. Completed : 2006 July Institution : Adelaide University City/Country : Adelaide Qualifications : 3 years of MBBS, equivalent to Bachelor of Health Sciences. 1 year of research Coursework Maths 1st year, Stats 1st year, Logic 3rd Year, Macroeconomics 1st year, Foundations to Public Health (Masters Subject), Biostatistics (Masters Subject) Result: Top 15% of all University Graduates (Golden Key Honours Certificate) Completed: 2004 Institution : Monash University City/Country : Melbourne Qualifications : Completed Masters of Biostatistics (MBios) 3 Subjects credited from previous work (Epidemiology, Data Management and Mathematical Background) Completed Subject : Principles of Statistics Inference, Clinical Biostatistics, Linear modelling and Regression, Probability Distribution Theory, Categorical Data Analysis and Design of Experiments and Randomised Control Trials, Survival Analysis, Work Placement Project. Work Placement Project : A high impact investigation of the survival and readmissions of heart failure patients in the last 10 years at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The predictors of readmission and survival were investigated using multivariate survival analysis with recurrent event (readmission), single event (death) and time varying covariates (changing patient covariate values with each admission). Clinical risk models were developed to classify patients into risk groups based on their baseline features and readmission features for survival and readmission. Bootstrapping methods were used to obtain comparative models (compared to normal modelling) to determine the effect of over fitting the data. The bootstrapped models were used as clinical risk models as they are a better reflection of the general population.
  7. 7. Also a smaller project was carried out to identify the selective effectivity of ACE inhibitors and Beta-Blockers depending on whether they were really compromised or not in their treatment of heart failure. This was done via a pooled meta-analysis (using individual patient data generated from data summaries) of the relevant large randomised control trials. This has been displayed in the Asia Pacific Chronic Heart Failure Conference APCHF Jan 2008. Commencement : January 2007 Completed : July 2008 Institution : Inuom soft City/Country : Hyderabad, India Qualifications : Certified SAS course with following modules BASE SAS, ADV. Programming, SAS GRAPH, SAS MACRO, STATS, OR, ETS, ETL, OLAP, EIS Commenced : 2006 (40 Day course) Institution : University of Sydney City/Country : Sydney Qualifications : Enrolled in Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) Research on various treatment modalities of lip cancer and their effectiveness in preventing relapse and improving survival using survival analysis and also the other predictors of relapse and survival. A 27 year longitudinal dataset (retrospective and prospective) with 208 patients and 50 clinical covariates are being analysed. Clinical risk score models were constructed to classify patients into risk groups that identified their likelihood of relapsing and surviving. Also a systematic review and meta- analysis of lip cancer survival is being carried out looking at around 100 studies Commencement : July 2007 Expected Completion : July2010 Institution : University of Melbourne City/Country : Melbourne Qualifications : Completing a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery enabling me for medical practice. A gap was taken halfway through to pursue research in the form of Honours and MPhil and also Masters in Biostatistics where all extra study had a major biostatistical and medical research focus. Commencement : January 2002 (started in Adelaide University) Expected Completion : December 2010 Ancillary Qualification : Basic Life Support Certification as required by occupational health and safety (OH&S) Training Centre : Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School. Extracurricular Activities
  8. 8. Organization : Chess Club (President) Time Period : 1996-2001 Description : From starting high school I took responsibility of the chess club, including venue, food, transport and funding arrangements. Organization : Fortian Political Forum (President) Time Period : 1999-2001 Description : FPF discusses current political agenda in Australia and around the world. FPF is not a politically aligned organisation but a forum for discussion. I had to uphold the constitution of FPF and facilitate for free discussion, including advertising the forum, booking venues and moderating discussion. Organization : Sydney Telugu Association (Working Member) Time Period : 1996-2001 Description : Gave my time and effort for the STA in order to setup venues for celebrations. I also performed vocally and with harmonium and was also the master of ceremonies. Organization : Table Tennis Club (Secretary) Time Period : 2002-2005 Description : was responsible for emailing a few hundred members of the tournaments and meets held by the table tennis club. I was a part of executive decision making for the club. Psychiatry (favourite clinical rotation) Even though I enjoyed all my clinical rotations, I particularly enjoyed psychiatry. I am inspired how just by talking to patients for 1 hour you can ease their suffering (even temporarily). I was new to the field and it caught my interest so I downloaded the ICD10 bluebook, learned and summarized all the important psychiatric diagnoses. I made every effort to see as many patients as I could and did extra reading into psychotherapy (my interest). One of my references is also a psychiatric consultant. Professional Recognition GStat (Graduate Statistician) from the Statistical Society of Australia inc (SSAI). Accredited as of March 2009. Awards National Heart Foundation Vacation Scholarship Florey Research Foundation Vacation Scholarship The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Honours Scholarship Masters Scholarship for work placement project The Golden Key Honours Certificate (top 15% of all graduates at Adelaide University)
  9. 9. Languages English Telugu Hindi Interests Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Soccer, Chess, Drama, Debating, Public Speaking, Carnatic Music (Vocal and Keyboard), Consulting in Palmistry and Biostatistics. A link to my biostatistics consulting webpage:www.dataclinic.org Reference 1 38 Bell Street, Coburg, VIC 3058. Dt: 20 / 03/10 To Whom it may Concern It gives me great pleasure to attest to the character of Mithilesh Dronavalli. I have known Mithilesh in a number of capacities for the last 4 years. He has consulted me with regard to editing his M Phil thesis. He is also known to me as his family and I have been closely associated through our mutual interests over many years. Mithilesh is a very hard working, competent and an excellent scholar. He has an excellent rapport with people, especially with children with whom he is a favourite. He volunteers his extensive knowledge and abilities in helping people. Professionally, he is learned in diverse fields such as statistics and medicine. He has the entrepreneurial ability to combine a variety of disciplines including his hobbies, professional training and internet technologies to original use. He is well organised, disciplined and an original thinker and has the courage to be a trail blazer in any chosen field of activity. He liaises well with people and can harness diverse resources, both technological and human, to achieve a goal. In summary, I highly recommend Mithilesh for any position or endeavour that he may seek to pursue. He will be an invaluable asset for any organisation.
  10. 10. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Abhijeet Gupta Senior Teacher Australian International Academy, North Coburg, VIC 3058 Reference 2 Westmead Gentle Dental Dr. Nancy Chu 16/24 Railway Pde Westmead NSW 2145 To Whom It May Concern: Re: Mr. Mithilesh Dronavalli As a postgraduate dental student, I have asked for Mithilesh's help in biostatistics and medical epidemiology. He is extremely knowledgeable and detailed in this field, with a step-to- step guidance which helped me to learn the subjects easily. He is dedicated to his student, and is always trying to find all possible references for the biostatistics. In addition, he is extremely competent with most of the statistics softwares including Microsoft Excel, and Stata. I would highly recommend him as a biostatistics tutor and biostatistician in general, and wish him well in the future. Sincerely yours, Nancy Chu
  11. 11. BDS, Post Grad Dip Dent (Adel) 0412587301 (02) 96335704 ihsunchu(at)hotmail(dot)com Further references available upon request.