Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and ...


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Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and ...

  1. 1. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty ABADIE MONTSERRAT Family Medicine - PCP ABBAS SYED A Cardiology - Specialist ABBOTT CRAIG L Dermatology - Specialist ABDULLAH SAKHER Hematology - Specialist ABEDIN MOEEN Cardiology - Specialist ABELL ROBERT D Family Medicine - PCP ABU-FADEL MAZEEN S Cardiology - Specialist ADAMS ANDREA M Family Medicine - PCP ADAMS MARK H Geriatric Medicine - Specialist ADAMSON PHILIP B Cardiology - Specialist ADELSON DAVID M Dermatology - Specialist ADHAM MEHDI N Surgery - Specialist ADKISSON JOEL A Family Medicine - PCP ADLER STEPHEN N Pulmonology - Specialist AHMAD IFTIKHAR Cardiology - Specialist AHMAD SAEED Cardiology - Specialist AHMAD SALIMA Nuclear Medicine - Specialist AHMAD ZAHID B Nephrology - Specialist ALASAD BASHAR Oncology - Specialist ALBRECHT ROXIE M Surgery - Specialist ALLEN HENRY M Internal Medicine - PCP ALLEN PAMELA S Dermatology - Specialist ALLEN RICHARD G Family Medicine - PCP ALLEN THOMAS W Pulmonology - Specialist ALRABBAT ALAA A Pulmonology - Specialist AMIL AZHAR Cardiology - Specialist AMIN MUHAMMAD Pulmonology - Specialist AMUNDSEN II GERALD A Family Medicine - PCP ANAGNOST STEVEN C Orthopedics - Specialist ANDERSON CHARLES D Podiatry - Specialist ANDERSON JEROME L Cardiology - Specialist ANDERSON MICHAEL T Family Medicine - PCP ANWAR MUHAMMAD Cardiology - Specialist APPIAH MARILYN Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP APRIL PAUL A Rheumatology - Specialist ARAN PETER P Gastroenterology - Specialist ARCHER ROBERT L Surgery - Specialist AREVALOS ANTHONY R Internal Medicine - PCP ARMOR JESS F Oncology - Specialist ARNOLD CHARLES D Nuclear Medicine - Specialist ARORA SATISH K Gastroenterology - Specialist ASBURY JEFFREY M Cardiology - Specialist ASIN HENRY M Podiatry - Specialist ATKINSON DEAN A Allergy & Immunology - Specialist AUERBACH ERIC G Cardiology - Specialist AVILA ANIBAL Internal Medicine - PCP AXTON JON C Urology - Specialist AYITEY ROSEMARY N Family Medicine - PCP BABER ZAHEER U Cardiology - Specialist BACCHUS AMY C Pulmonology - Specialist BADER TEDDY F Gastroenterology - Specialist BADZINSKI TERRY K Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP 1 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  2. 2. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty BAJAJ PARAMJIT S Surgery - Specialist BAKER DAMON L Internal Medicine - PCP BAKER DUSTIN R Family Medicine - PCP BAKER STERLING S Surgery - Specialist BALDWIN JONATHAN M Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP BALES ROBERT D Ophthalmology - Specialist BALL CURTIS E Family Medicine - PCP BALYEAT RAY M Ophthalmology - Specialist BANKHEAD ROY W Urology - Specialist BARADI HANI B Surgery - Specialist BARE JANE E Cardiology - Specialist BARNES DANIEL P Urology - Specialist BARNES HEATHER D Family Medicine - PCP BARNES SHELBY D Urology - Specialist BARNES WILLIAM F Urology - Specialist BARRETO ANGELIQUE Geriatric Medicine - Specialist BARRETT JAMES R Orthopedics - Specialist BARRY CHRISTOPHER J Surgery - Specialist BARTON BRUCE A Pulmonology - Specialist BARVE ARCHANA P Specialist (NOS) - Specialist BATTENFIELD HAROLD L Orthopedics - Specialist BAUMAN MARY ANN Internal Medicine - PCP BAZIH JAAFAR M Orthopedics - Specialist BEAL JOHN M Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP BEASLEY BRADLEY D Podiatry - Specialist BECKER WILLIAM P Family Medicine - PCP BECKMAN KAREN J Cardiology - Specialist BEESON JAMES H Specialist (NOS) - Specialist BEESON SHAWNAREE L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP BELARDO JOHN P Ophthalmology - Specialist BELL PATRICK A Surgery - Specialist BENDER JEFFREY S Surgery - Specialist BENNETT CHRISTY A Family Medicine - PCP BERG STEPHANIE M Internal Medicine - PCP BERGER LISA E Family Medicine - PCP BERINGER WILLIAM F Surgery - Specialist BERNARD JEAN J Specialist (NOS) - Specialist BERNHARDT SAMUEL C Family Medicine - PCP BERRY CHARLES M Surgery - Specialist BEVERS W STAN Family Medicine - PCP BEYMER JAMES R Family Medicine - PCP BHAKTARAM VIVEK J Cardiology - Specialist BHANDARI KUSUM Nephrology - Specialist BHANDARI RAJESH Internal Medicine - PCP BHARUCHA KERSI J Neurology - Specialist BHATIA SURINDAR K Cardiology - Specialist BHOPLAY VINAY G Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP BIGGS JANET E Nephrology - Specialist BIGLER JEFFREY L Gastroenterology - Specialist BIRD PHILIP C Gastroenterology - Specialist BIRDSONG MARK A Surgery - Specialist BISCHOFF JAMES F Surgery - Specialist 2 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  3. 3. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty BLACK ANDREW W Gastroenterology - Specialist BLACKMON DARNELL E Orthopedics - Specialist BLAKE CHRISTINE F Specialist (NOS) - Specialist BLALOCK DEBORAH S Gastroenterology - Specialist BLALOCK JAMES M Pulmonology - Specialist BLANKENSHIP MATT M Gastroenterology - Specialist BLANKENSHIP ROBERT C Surgery - Specialist BLESCH LAURI S Pediatrics - PCP BLEVINS STEVE M Internal Medicine - PCP BOBB DAVID W Orthopedics - Specialist BODENHAMER R MARK Surgery - Specialist BOEHM THEODORE A Orthopedics - Specialist BOGGS BRIAN R Surgery - Specialist BOGIE GEMINI J Ophthalmology - Specialist BOHN TIM G Family Medicine - PCP BOND GARY D Nephrology - Specialist BONDURANT WILLIAM L Family Medicine - PCP BOOKMAN LARRY A Gastroenterology - Specialist BOONE BRADFORD L Orthopedics - Specialist BOONE R TYLER Orthopedics - Specialist BOOTHE II RICHARD L Family Medicine - PCP BOURDEAU JAMES E Nephrology - Specialist BOVA ABBY R Oncology - Specialist BOYD AARON L Pulmonology - Specialist BOZALIS JOHN R Allergy & Immunology - Specialist BRADFORD CYNTHIA A Ophthalmology - Specialist BRADFORD JR REAGAN H Ophthalmology - Specialist BRAND JAMES L Family Medicine - PCP BRANNON DALE M Nuclear Medicine - Specialist BREGMAN RICHARD M Pulmonology - Specialist BREWER DAVID L Cardiology - Specialist BRIGGEMAN ANDREW R Specialist (NOS) - Specialist BRIGGS WILLIAM K Gastroenterology - Specialist BRINKER DAVID B Ophthalmology - Specialist BRITT MATTHEW J Pulmonology - Specialist BRITTON BRADLEY D Ophthalmology - Specialist BROADY-SYMES BELINDA G Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP BROCKMAN TODD A Ophthalmology - Specialist BRONZE MICHAEL S Infectious Disease - Specialist BROOME JOSEPH C Family Medicine - PCP BROUGHAN THOMAS A Surgery - Specialist BROWN BRENT R Pulmonology - Specialist BROWN CURTIS L Family Medicine - PCP BROWN JAMES M Family Medicine - PCP BROWN NANCY A Rheumatology - Specialist BROWN ROBERT C Internal Medicine - PCP BROWNE CHRISTOPHER A Orthopedics - Specialist BROWNLEE STEPHEN M Otolaryngology - Specialist BRUCE ROBERT R Urology - Specialist BRYANT THOMAS R Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP BUCHINGER JAMES B Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP BUCK STEVEN C Oncology - Specialist 3 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  4. 4. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty BURKE ANTHONY P Cardiology - Specialist BURLESON II JAMES E Family Medicine - PCP BURLESON STEPHANIE D Family Medicine - PCP BURNER STEVEN A Family Medicine - PCP BUTLER PHILLIP M Pulmonology - Specialist CAIL III JAMES T Family Medicine - PCP CAIL MELINDA J Family Medicine - PCP CALABRESE KENNETH E Nephrology - Specialist CALLERY MARK Family Medicine - PCP CALVERT JON C Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP CAMERON CRAIG S Cardiology - Specialist CAMERON JENNIFER R Family Medicine - PCP CAMP MARK A Pulmonology - Specialist CANNON JAY P Surgery - Specialist CAPEHART MARK A Orthopedics - Specialist CARABELLO JOHN A Surgery - Specialist CAREY JOSHUA P Surgery - Specialist CARMENT JOHN M Geriatric Medicine - Specialist CARNEY MICHAEL P Cardiology - Specialist CARPENTER CARY L Family Medicine - PCP CARTER MARIE J Surgery - Specialist CASEY RHONDA L Pediatrics - PCP CASH JAMES D Orthopedics - Specialist CASPER G DAVID Orthopedics - Specialist CASSIDY JOHN M Cardiology - Specialist CASTELLON RICARDO E Family Medicine - PCP CATON GLENA D Surgery - Specialist CAVALLARO DAVID C Podiatry - Specialist CAVANAGH LAMONT E Orthopedics - Specialist CEA CLAUDIA E Family Medicine - PCP CHACE JOHN B Surgery - Specialist CHAFFIN JOHN S Surgery - Specialist CHAKRABARTY SHOUVIK Internal Medicine - PCP CHALMERS LAURA J Pediatrics - Specialist CHAN PETER P Family Medicine - PCP CHANDWANEY RAJESH H Cardiology - Specialist CHANSOLME DAVID Infectious Disease - Specialist CHARD STANLEY R Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP CHASTEEN JEFFREY E Family Medicine - PCP CHAUDRY SHABBIR A Internal Medicine - PCP CHEATHAM JR JAMES E Surgery - Specialist CHEEMA ZAHID F Neurology - Specialist CHERRY JOHN L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP CHIAFFITELLI JOHN J Internal Medicine - PCP CHITTURI SHALINI Family Medicine - PCP CHOHAN ASIM J Cardiology - Specialist CHOHAN SAADIA N Oncology - Specialist CHOO YEW C Oncology - Specialist CHOPRA KAREN Internal Medicine - PCP CHOPRA SANDEEP Cardiology - Specialist CHOW CHRISTOPHER Y Family Medicine - PCP CHRISTIAN MARY M Dermatology - Specialist 4 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  5. 5. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty CHRISTIANSEN JOHN R Pulmonology - Specialist CHRISTY-LOVELL ANGELA Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP CHRYSANT GEORGE S Cardiology - Specialist CLAFLIN JAMES R Allergy & Immunology - Specialist CLAPP JANAE M Oncology - Specialist CLAPP TODD D Pediatrics - PCP CLARK KEITH F Otolaryngology - Specialist CLARK LAURIE C Family Medicine - PCP CLARK ROBERT K Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP CLARY CHRISTINE J Pediatrics - PCP CLEMENSON NEAL D Family Medicine - PCP CLENDENIN MICHAEL B Surgery - Specialist CODDING CHRISTINE E Rheumatology - Specialist CODER ARTHUR G Family Medicine - PCP COHLMIA GEORGE S Surgery - Specialist COLE JERRY J Orthopedics - Specialist COLEMAN BRIAN R Orthopedics - Specialist COLEMAN WILLIAM O Surgery - Specialist COLLAZO WILLIAM A Cardiology - Specialist COLLIER JACK L Cardiology - Specialist COLLIER SUSANNAH L Dermatology - Specialist COLPITT DEBRA S Family Medicine - PCP COMBS DAVID L Family Medicine - PCP COMP PHILIP C Hematology - Specialist CONFER DAVID J Urology - Specialist CONKLING BRANDON A Gastroenterology - Specialist CONLEY III ARTHUR H Orthopedics - Specialist CONNALLY TOM S Surgery - Specialist CONNER STEPHEN B Orthopedics - Specialist CONNERY LISA B Family Medicine - PCP CONNOR GREGORY S Neurology - Specialist CONWAY JR JIMMY H Orthopedics - Specialist COOK AUDRA K Family Medicine - PCP COOK III WILLIAM W Pulmonology - Specialist COOK PAUL A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP COOK TIMOTHY H Internal Medicine - PCP COOK WILLIAM J Urology - Specialist COOKE ROBERT N Surgery - Specialist COOPER DREW K Family Medicine - PCP COOPER RICHARD L Surgery - Specialist COOPER THERESA A Family Medicine - PCP CORDRAY SCOTT A Otolaryngology - Specialist CORLEY STANLEY D Family Medicine - PCP CORMAN III MAURICE E Family Medicine - PCP CORN CAROLYN R Cardiology - Specialist CORN TODD D Internal Medicine - PCP COTTON LORA D Family Medicine - PCP COUCH JR JAMES R Neurology - Specialist COUPENS STEVEN D Orthopedics - Specialist COWLEY JR BENJAMIN D Nephrology - Specialist COX LOUIS H Internal Medicine - PCP COX ROBIN M Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP 5 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  6. 6. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty CRAIG DAVID M Surgery - Specialist CRAIN JERRY C Family Medicine - PCP CRAVEN PAMELA Cardiology - Specialist CRAVEN THOMAS G Orthopedics - Specialist CRAWFORD ANDREW S Gastroenterology - Specialist CRAWFORD KENNETH L Surgery - Specialist CRAWFORD STEVEN A Family Medicine - PCP CROOK JEFFREY A Cardiology - Specialist CROUCH JOHN R Family Medicine - PCP CROUSE ELISA A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP CRUTCHER JAMES E Family Medicine - PCP CRUZAN JEFFREY B Family Medicine - PCP CULKIN DANIEL J Urology - Specialist CULP MARILYN K Family Medicine - PCP CZERWINSKI ANTHONY W Nephrology - Specialist DAHR SAMI S Ophthalmology - Specialist DAKIL II SAMUEL E Urology - Specialist DALBIR DINESH K Internal Medicine - PCP DANIELS BRUCE A Cardiology - Specialist DARTER AMY L Allergy & Immunology - Specialist DAVEY JOSEPH P Orthopedics - Specialist DAVIS CHARLYCE E Internal Medicine - PCP DAVIS CHRIS M Surgery - Specialist DAVIS FRANK C Family Medicine - PCP DAVIS JIM D Family Medicine - PCP DAVIS JONATHAN L Endocrinology - Specialist DAVIS LAWRENCE W Neurology - Specialist DAVOLI II MICHAEL J Orthopedics - Specialist DAWSON DAVID W Family Medicine - PCP DECKER GARY L Surgery - Specialist DEDEKE ERIC M Family Medicine - PCP DEITER RAYMOND W Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP DELAFIELD FREDERICK C Rheumatology - Specialist DENG ZEMING Family Medicine - PCP DENNIS GREGORY J Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP DENNIS LYDIA J Family Medicine - PCP DENNY PETIE A Family Medicine - PCP DEPANI-SPARKES ELISA D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP DERNAIKA TAREK A Pulmonology - Specialist DESILVA NIRUPAMA K Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP DEVLIN VINCENT J Orthopedics - Specialist DEWBERRY JR GLENN P Family Medicine - PCP DEWITT JOHN D Neurology - Specialist DICKENS EUGENE O Surgery - Specialist DICKINSON GARY P Family Medicine - PCP DIEHL MARK A Family Medicine - PCP DIENER BRIAN Surgery - Specialist DIMAS CHRISTOS Geriatric Medicine - Specialist DIMMITT SANDRA K Family Medicine - PCP DITTO STEVEN W Family Medicine - PCP DOBBINS LORRI J Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP DOBRATZ STEPHEN C Cardiology - Specialist 6 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  7. 7. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty DODSON THOMAS A Surgery - Specialist DONAT PAUL E Urology - Specialist DONER RICHARD E Family Medicine - PCP DONNELLY ANDREW D Family Medicine - PCP DOOLEY WILLIAM C Surgery - Specialist DOSSER JOHN R Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP DOW ROBERT W Neurology - Specialist DOWELL MATTHEW S Family Medicine - PCP DOYLE NORA M Specialist (NOS) - Specialist DRABEK STEVEN A Family Medicine - PCP DRAELOS MATTHEW T Endocrinology - Specialist DRAKE JOHN W Endocrinology - Specialist DRAPKIN HARVEY A Neurology - Specialist D'SOUZA LIPHARD O Neurology - Specialist DUBOIS PEGGY L Family Medicine - PCP DUININCK MITCHELL W Family Medicine - PCP DUKES KEVIN M Orthopedics - Specialist DULLYE LARRY J Surgery - Specialist DUNCAN SHAWNA R Pediatrics - PCP DUNITZ NORMAN L Orthopedics - Specialist DUNITZ SCOTT J Orthopedics - Specialist DURICA SHERRI S Oncology - Specialist EAGLE REBECCA A Pulmonology - Specialist EARLEY KRISTIN F Family Medicine - PCP EARLEY MITCHELL L Family Medicine - PCP ECONOMOU ANTHONY Ophthalmology - Specialist EDGE CHRISTOPHER A Family Medicine - PCP EICHMAN GREGG J Family Medicine - PCP EIMEN R MICHAEL Family Medicine - PCP EISEN BARRY R Gastroenterology - Specialist ELDRIDGE TIMOTHY J Surgery - Specialist ELENBURG DARREN D Podiatry - Specialist ELIMIAN ANDREW A Specialist (NOS) - Specialist ELKINS C CRAIG Surgery - Specialist ELKINS RONALD C Surgery - Specialist ELLIS CHRISTIAN M Surgery - Specialist ELLIS JERI L Specialist (NOS) - Specialist EMEL T JEFFREY Orthopedics - Specialist ENSLEY RALPH D Cardiology - Specialist EPSTEIN ROBERT B Oncology - Specialist ESPARZA NATALIE A Urology - Specialist EVANS CRAIG R Family Medicine - PCP EVERETT ROYICE B Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP EXAIRE JOSE E Cardiology - Specialist FARIS KEVIN J Internal Medicine - PCP FARRIS BRADLEY K Ophthalmology - Specialist FAZILI JAVID Gastroenterology - Specialist FENGLER SCOTT A Surgery - Specialist FIEKER DAN H Infectious Disease - Specialist FIELDING ALLAN S Surgery - Specialist FILLEY WARREN V Allergy & Immunology - Specialist FISHER CARL M Ophthalmology - Specialist 7 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  8. 8. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty FISHER DAVID E Family Medicine - PCP FISHER MARK A Neurology - Specialist FIXLEY MARK S Pulmonology - Specialist FLESNER KELLY R Endocrinology - Specialist FLETCHER KIMBERLY J Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP FLOYD PHILIP A Surgery - Specialist FOGLI MICHAEL J Cardiology - Specialist FORE FRANK N Surgery - Specialist FOSHEE STACEY L Pulmonology - Specialist FOSTER DARLENE K Internal Medicine - PCP FOWLER JOEY D Family Medicine - PCP FOX JEFF A Orthopedics - Specialist FRALEY G BOB Family Medicine - PCP FRAMJEE SAMI R Orthopedics - Specialist FRANCEL PAUL C Surgery - Specialist FRANKLIN THOMAS E Family Medicine - PCP FRANSEN STEPHEN R Ophthalmology - Specialist FRAZIER JOEL L Surgery - Specialist FREEMAN CHARLES C Cardiology - Specialist FREEMAN GARY M Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP FREISBERG LARS Ophthalmology - Specialist FREY BRET N Orthopedics - Specialist FRIESE ATHENA J Family Medicine - PCP FRYE LEE P Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP FU JAY Nephrology - Specialist FUGATE COLONY S Pediatrics - PCP FULLER ALEN M Otolaryngology - Specialist FULLER JOHN A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP FUMIA FRED D Specialist (NOS) - Specialist FUNNELL JAMES D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP GAFFAR MUBINA Pulmonology - Specialist GAFFNEY FRANK J Cardiology - Specialist GALUTIA YANCY Family Medicine - PCP GANICK RALPH G Oncology - Specialist GANN RON M Family Medicine - PCP GANNAWAY JAY K Orthopedics - Specialist GARCIA CARLOS A Dermatology - Specialist GARDNER MICHAEL O Specialist (NOS) - Specialist GARFINKEL FRED Pulmonology - Specialist GARNICA ADOLFO D Pediatrics - Specialist GARRETT ROBERT C Surgery - Specialist GARRISON JR PATRICK M Pediatrics - PCP GAUTAM ARCHANA Cardiology - Specialist GAZZANIGA CATHERINE A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP GEARHART JOHN K Family Medicine - PCP GEFFEN WILLIAM A Pediatrics - PCP GEISTER BRIAN V Oncology - Specialist GELNAR CHARLES M Surgery - Specialist GENESEN MARK C Oncology - Specialist GEORGE JAMES N Hematology - Specialist GEREN JESSE D Family Medicine - PCP GERMANY ROBIN E Cardiology - Specialist 8 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  9. 9. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty GHABACH BASSAM S Oncology - Specialist GIBSON TERRIE M Cardiology - Specialist GIDDENS JIMMY D Surgery - Specialist GILLAN MUHAMMAD M Rheumatology - Specialist GISMONDI PEDRO A Rheumatology - Specialist GLASGOW ERIN K Internal Medicine - PCP GLASS MICHAEL L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP GLAZE KATHLEEN A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP GLENDENNING CHARLES C Family Medicine - PCP GLINSKI EDWARD D Ophthalmology - Specialist GOETZINGER LAYNE E Ophthalmology - Specialist GOFF DARREN W Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP GOLD ROBERT M Nephrology - Specialist GOLDA KENNETH R Podiatry - Specialist GOLDBERG ANDREW S Pulmonology - Specialist GOLDBERG MARC A Ophthalmology - Specialist GONZALEZ JORGE A Neurology - Specialist GONZALEZ ROBIN K Family Medicine - PCP GORDON DAVID L Neurology - Specialist GORDON ROBERT M Pulmonology - Specialist GORNICHEC RUSSELL S Surgery - Specialist GOTTEHRER ANDREW Pulmonology - Specialist GOURLEY ROBERT D Ophthalmology - Specialist GRANDLE GARY B Geriatric Medicine - Specialist GRAU RENEE H Dermatology - Specialist GREEN RUSSELL J Specialist (NOS) - Specialist GREENFIELD RONALD A Infectious Disease - Specialist GREGORY DAVID M Gastroenterology - Specialist GREGORY JOSEPH E Surgery - Specialist GREWE TERENCE E Geriatric Medicine - Specialist GRIFFIN JAMES L Orthopedics - Specialist GRIFFITH CARVASON E Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP GRILLO JOSEPH Orthopedics - Specialist GRODE TIMOTHY L Pulmonology - Specialist GROSS NAINA L Surgery - Specialist GROSSMAN MICHAEL R Gastroenterology - Specialist GROVES STEPHEN W Pediatrics - Specialist GUDE MODHI Endocrinology - Specialist GUMERLOCK MARY K Surgery - Specialist GUSTAVSON EDWARD E Neonatology - Specialist GUY R MARK Surgery - Specialist HABIB MUHAMMAD A Family Medicine - PCP HAGER JULIE S Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP HAIVALA DARIN R Ophthalmology - Specialist HAKEL SUSAN J Family Medicine - PCP HALE RONAL D Orthopedics - Specialist HALES NATHAN W Otolaryngology - Specialist HALFORD JEFFREY L Specialist (NOS) - Specialist HALL DAVID W Otolaryngology - Specialist HALL STEPHANIE L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP HALSELL JEFFREY S Specialist (NOS) - Specialist HAMEED AKHTAR Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP 9 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  10. 10. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty HAMILTON FRANK G Family Medicine - PCP HAMILTON JONATHAN T Family Medicine - PCP HAMILTON STEPHEN A Oncology - Specialist HAMILTON TOM A Otolaryngology - Specialist HAMLETT LESLIE Nephrology - Specialist HAMPTON DIANA E Ophthalmology - Specialist HAMPTON JAMES W Oncology - Specialist HAMRA MARK S Allergy & Immunology - Specialist HANAN RUSSELL L Surgery - Specialist HANCOCK RITA M Specialist (NOS) - Specialist HANNA BRYAN C Family Medicine - PCP HANSEN JULIE L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP HANSON CHRISTIAN S Endocrinology - Specialist HARAGSIM LUKAS Nephrology - Specialist HARDAGE STEVEN R Orthopedics - Specialist HARDY III H DWIGHT Family Medicine - PCP HARLEY JOHN B Rheumatology - Specialist HARMAN MARK L Specialist (NOS) - Specialist HARPER DAVID L Urology - Specialist HARRIS WILLIAM P Orthopedics - Specialist HART JASON K Family Medicine - PCP HARVEY JOHN R Cardiology - Specialist HARVEY MARK N Cardiology - Specialist HASSOUN BASEL S Urology - Specialist HATCH RICHARD T Allergy & Immunology - Specialist HAUNSCHILD CHARLES D Allergy & Immunology - Specialist HAUSER M TIMOTHY Cardiology - Specialist HAWKINS BRYAN J Orthopedics - Specialist HAWKINS WILLIAM H Otolaryngology - Specialist HAYES CHRISTOPHER D Family Medicine - PCP HAYHURST JOSEPH W Surgery - Specialist HEINBERG CHARLES E Otolaryngology - Specialist HEMRIC JR NED D Surgery - Specialist HENDRICKS RANDALL L Orthopedics - Specialist HENLEY CHARLES E Family Medicine - PCP HENNEBRY THOMAS A Cardiology - Specialist HERLIHY RICHARD E Urology - Specialist HERNDON WILLIAM A Orthopedics - Specialist HICKMAN LINDA M Family Medicine - PCP HICKS DAVID R Orthopedics - Specialist HIGGINS JAMES R Cardiology - Specialist HILL ERIN N Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP HILL GARY C Surgery - Specialist HILL GREGORY A Cardiology - Specialist HILLER JAY S Nuclear Medicine - Specialist HILLS GARY L Gastroenterology - Specialist HINES ROBERT F Orthopedics - Specialist HINKLE JR ROYCE A Family Medicine - PCP HINZ WESLEY D Family Medicine - PCP HIRSCH JEFFREY G Family Medicine - PCP HODGDEN JEFFREY D Family Medicine - PCP HOGIN JAMES W Gastroenterology - Specialist 10 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  11. 11. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty HOGUE MICHAEL A Ophthalmology - Specialist HOLBROOK ROBERT M Gastroenterology - Specialist HOLCOMB WILLIAM R Specialist (NOS) - Specialist HOLDERNESS ALAN W Orthopedics - Specialist HOLLOMAN ERIN L Ophthalmology - Specialist HOLLOWAY JOEL E Dermatology - Specialist HOLLOWAY TAMARA J Nephrology - Specialist HOLSAETER SVEIN M Surgery - Specialist HOLT GREGORY R Orthopedics - Specialist HOLTER JENNIFER L Hematology - Specialist HOLY VLADIMIR Surgery - Specialist HOOD JOHN R Gastroenterology - Specialist HOOD RONALD G Orthopedics - Specialist HOOVER GEOFFREY W Family Medicine - PCP HOPE RONALD R Cardiology - Specialist HOPKINS RONALD R Family Medicine - PCP HOROWITZ MITCHELL B Pulmonology - Specialist HORST TRENTON F Gastroenterology - Specialist HOSLER SCOTT A Podiatry - Specialist HOUCHEN COURTNEY W Gastroenterology - Specialist HOUCK JR JOHN R Otolaryngology - Specialist HOUK PAUL C Cardiology - Specialist HOWARD BRIAN C Orthopedics - Specialist HOWARD CAROLE C Family Medicine - PCP HOWELL C ERIC Surgery - Specialist HUANG STEPHEN R Specialist (NOS) - Specialist HUBBARD WILLIAM A Ophthalmology - Specialist HUDSON JANE K Internal Medicine - PCP HUFF JOHN E Pulmonology - Specialist HUGHES JOHN B Orthopedics - Specialist HULSON TERRILL D Family Medicine - PCP HUMPHREY MARY B Rheumatology - Specialist HUNNEWELL JENNIE M Ophthalmology - Specialist HUNT ROBERT R Family Medicine - PCP HUNTER DAVID Otolaryngology - Specialist HUNTER GERARD J Ophthalmology - Specialist HUREWITZ DAVID S Allergy & Immunology - Specialist HURLBUTT RAYMOND C Podiatry - Specialist HUSSEIN KHADER K Oncology - Specialist HYDE GLEN D Internal Medicine - PCP ICHINOSE EUGENE J Cardiology - Specialist IKEGUCHI ALEXANDRA P Oncology - Specialist IMES NORMAN K Pulmonology - Specialist INGRAM FRED M Family Medicine - PCP INGRAM WESLEY M Family Medicine - PCP INHOFE PERRY D Orthopedics - Specialist IRVIN RICHARD L Cardiology - Specialist ISON LEE A Surgery - Specialist IVANOFF JOHN G Cardiology - Specialist JABBOUR ANTOINE I Orthopedics - Specialist JACKSON ANTHONY D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP JACKSON DAVID W Ophthalmology - Specialist 11 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  12. 12. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty JACKSON JIMMIE K Surgery - Specialist JACKSON JOHN C Family Medicine - PCP JACKSON-SMITH JILL L Podiatry - Specialist JAGGERNAUTH SIMEON Oncology - Specialist JAMAL JAWAID A Nephrology - Specialist JAMES DAVID M Family Medicine - PCP JAMES DAVID S Gastroenterology - Specialist JAMES JUDITH A Rheumatology - Specialist JAMISON JOSEPH A Family Medicine - PCP JANBAY NASSER N Oncology - Specialist JARRELL HOWARD R Neurology - Specialist JAYNE DAVID K Family Medicine - PCP JELLEY DAVID H Pediatrics - Specialist JENKINS CHRISTOPHER D Family Medicine - PCP JENNINGS BEAU C Family Medicine - PCP JENNINGS JOHN D Family Medicine - PCP JENNINGS WILLIAM C Surgery - Specialist JESUDASS RICHARD R Gastroenterology - Specialist JETT MASON P Surgery - Specialist JOHN ELCY Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP JOHN JIJO Pulmonology - Specialist JOHN MICHAEL D Dermatology - Specialist JOHNSEN GREGORY D Cardiology - Specialist JOHNSON JAY K Neurology - Specialist JOHNSON JOSEPH R Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP JOHNSON RYAN C Family Medicine - PCP JONES DANIEL J Orthopedics - Specialist JONES EDWARD D Ophthalmology - Specialist JONES HEATHER D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP JONES JR JOHNNY H Ophthalmology - Specialist JONES KELLIE R Pulmonology - Specialist JONES PHILIP L Urology - Specialist JORDAN CHRISTOPHER Orthopedics - Specialist JOSEPHSON JOHN F Orthopedics - Specialist JOY KELLEY J Family Medicine - PCP KACHE ASHOK Specialist (NOS) - Specialist KALLENBERGER DAVID A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP KAMMERLOCHER PAUL A Orthopedics - Specialist KANALY PAUL J Surgery - Specialist KANESHIGE ALAN M Cardiology - Specialist KARASEK DAVID J Internal Medicine - PCP KARATHANOS MICHAEL Neurology - Specialist KATARI VIKRAM Cardiology - Specialist KATHURIA PRANAY Nephrology - Specialist KATZ STEWART J Cardiology - Specialist KAUL RAJAT Nephrology - Specialist KEEFER MICHAEL J Oncology - Specialist KEENER ROSS S Gastroenterology - Specialist KEITH RONNIE L Surgery - Specialist KELLER ALAN M Oncology - Specialist KELLER SCOTT A Family Medicine - PCP KELLEY GREGORY P Family Medicine - PCP 12 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  13. 13. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty KELLY KEVIN V Surgery - Specialist KEM DAVID C Internal Medicine - PCP KEMPE PAUL W Surgery - Specialist KENKEL THOMAS C Nephrology - Specialist KENNEDY GRACE R Pulmonology - Specialist KERMANSHAHI KAVEH Family Medicine - PCP KERNS CHRISTOPHER L Cardiology - Specialist KEVENEY JR JOHN J Nephrology - Specialist KHAIMI MAHMOUD A Ophthalmology - Specialist KHAN AGHA K Cardiology - Specialist KHAN AZHAR U Pulmonology - Specialist KHAN SHUJATH A Gastroenterology - Specialist KHAN TEHSEEN Neurology - Specialist KHANNA SUDHIR K Nephrology - Specialist KHASTGIR ANUPA Nephrology - Specialist KHASTGIR TERRANCE Cardiology - Specialist KHETIA PREMAL A Otolaryngology - Specialist KILKENNY LAURA L Family Medicine - PCP KINASEWITZ GARY T Pulmonology - Specialist KING JEANNE A Neurology - Specialist KING LISA G Internal Medicine - PCP KING STEVEN D Family Medicine - PCP KINGSLEY RONALD M Ophthalmology - Specialist KINNEY KAREN K Infectious Disease - Specialist KIPPERMAN ROBERT M Cardiology - Specialist KIRK JOEBOB Surgery - Specialist KIRK ROBERT G Surgery - Specialist KIRKPATRICK ANGELIA C Cardiology - Specialist KIRKPATRICK RICHARD A Orthopedics - Specialist KLABZUBA JEANIE L Family Medicine - PCP KLIEWER TODD M Oncology - Specialist KLOS KEVIN J Neurology - Specialist KNOX JONATHAN M Family Medicine - PCP KNUDTSON ERIC J Specialist (NOS) - Specialist KNUTSON NICK G Gastroenterology - Specialist KOJOURI KIARASH Hematology - Specialist KOONTZ JOHN A Family Medicine - PCP KOPKE RICHARD D Otolaryngology - Specialist KORBER DAVID E Ophthalmology - Specialist KOWALSKI MARK F Orthopedics - Specialist KRAUTTER PAUL M Family Medicine - PCP KREMPL GREG A Otolaryngology - Specialist KROUT DENNY E Orthopedics - Specialist KRUG DAVID S Family Medicine - PCP KUFDAKIS JAMES N Internal Medicine - PCP KUHN JOHN R Otolaryngology - Specialist KUMAR KIRTIDA Gastroenterology - Specialist KUMAR RAJESH Internal Medicine - PCP KUMAR SATISH Nephrology - Specialist KUYKENDALL TRACY D Dermatology - Specialist KYLES MICHAEL K Orthopedics - Specialist LACKEY CHARLES L Gastroenterology - Specialist 13 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  14. 14. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty LAMBERT RAEANNE Family Medicine - PCP LANDON PAMELA C Hematology - Specialist LANE CHRISTOPHER A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP LANE RICHARD T Cardiology - Specialist LANG STANLEY R Audiology - Specialist LANGERAK ALAN D Hematology - Specialist LANGKAMP KARL F Family Medicine - PCP LANGLEY DANIEL W Ophthalmology - Specialist LANGMACHER MILES C Internal Medicine - PCP LARSON LORA J Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP LAST ALFRED Dermatology - Specialist LAU KAI Nephrology - Specialist LAWLER FRANK H Family Medicine - PCP LAWRENCE II FORREST C Ophthalmology - Specialist LAWTON SHERMAN B Neurology - Specialist LAZZARA RALPH Cardiology - Specialist LE PETER Q Podiatry - Specialist LEBLANC HELEN D Family Medicine - PCP LEE DANIEL W Internal Medicine - PCP LEE GARY R Orthopedics - Specialist LEE KONG W Family Medicine - PCP LEE ROBERT H Podiatry - Specialist LEE SHAWN K Pulmonology - Specialist LEEMASTER JAY E Ophthalmology - Specialist LEHR ROBERT B Dermatology - Specialist LEIMBACH JR WAYNE N Cardiology - Specialist LEONARD II ROBERT E Ophthalmology - Specialist LEONARD JOSEPH E Otolaryngology - Specialist LEPLEY BRIAN K Pediatrics - PCP LEVIN DAVID C Pulmonology - Specialist LEVINE AMANDA K Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP LEVINE NORMAN S Surgery - Specialist LEWIS ALAN G Orthopedics - Specialist LEWIS BRIAN H Family Medicine - PCP LEWIS JONKEETA A Family Medicine - PCP LEWIS KATHLEEN E Family Medicine - PCP LEWIS REGINA M Family Medicine - PCP LIEBERMAN LAWRENCE H Family Medicine - PCP LINK BRIAN A Urology - Specialist LIPRIE JON C Internal Medicine - PCP LITWILLER SCOTT E Urology - Specialist LIVINGSTON PATRICK G Family Medicine - PCP LIVINGSTON TANYA L Family Medicine - PCP LO PATRICK P Family Medicine - PCP LOCKWOOD DEBORAH J Cardiology - Specialist LOCKWOOD ROBERT J Family Medicine - PCP LOEHR ANTHONY E Otolaryngology - Specialist LOHREY JOHN H Oncology - Specialist LORTON JAY D Orthopedics - Specialist LOVE JAMES E Internal Medicine - PCP LOVE JR JAMES T Allergy & Immunology - Specialist LOVE TIM R Surgery - Specialist 14 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  15. 15. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty LOVELACE BRIAN Orthopedics - Specialist LOWE MICHAEL S Surgery - Specialist LOZANO PEDRO M Cardiology - Specialist LUCAS SCOTT K Surgery - Specialist LUCENTA BRYAN A Cardiology - Specialist LYNCH ROBERT E Cardiology - Specialist LYONS TIMOTHY J Endocrinology - Specialist MACHADO LINDA J Infectious Disease - Specialist MACLIN TIMOTHY B Podiatry - Specialist MADAJ DEBRA K Internal Medicine - PCP MADAJ THOMAS E Internal Medicine - PCP MAGNESS STEVEN M Surgery - Specialist MAGNUSSON JUDY L Family Medicine - PCP MAHAFFEY ROBERT M Geriatric Medicine - Specialist MAHMOOD HAMID Internal Medicine - PCP MAHMOOD TARIQ Oncology - Specialist MAIN JOHN T Surgery - Specialist MAITINO PAUL D Orthopedics - Specialist MAJID PIRZADA A Cardiology - Specialist MALLORY DAVID B Ophthalmology - Specialist MALPANI RAVI K Pulmonology - Specialist MAMALIS NICHOLAS D Gastroenterology - Specialist MAMMANA ROBERT B Surgery - Specialist MANATT CHRISTOPHER S Urology - Specialist MANDANAS ROMEO A Oncology - Specialist MANN CHRISTOPHER D Family Medicine - PCP MANN MICHAEL D Surgery - Specialist MANNEL ROBERT S Oncology - Specialist MANNING VALERIE B Family Medicine - PCP MARBERRY THOMAS A Orthopedics - Specialist MARCY EMILY P Pediatrics - PCP MARION BRAD A Pulmonology - Specialist MAROUK ARMEN Surgery - Specialist MARTENS MARK G Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP MARTIN ALAN L Rheumatology - Specialist MARTIN EDWARD T Cardiology - Specialist MARTIN HAL D Orthopedics - Specialist MARTIN MARY W Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP MASOOD TARIQ Internal Medicine - PCP MATHERS MARK L Surgery - Specialist MATHIAS JEROME P Cardiology - Specialist MATHIS BEVERLY J Nephrology - Specialist MATON PAUL N Gastroenterology - Specialist MATOOK GEORGE M Orthopedics - Specialist MAUERMAN GEORGE S Surgery - Specialist MAYER RENAE L Oncology - Specialist MAYFIELD CHRISTY D Family Medicine - PCP MAYS JAMES E Urology - Specialist MCBRIDE MATTHEW A Gastroenterology - Specialist MCCARTER JOHN W Internal Medicine - PCP MCCOLLOM BRENDON D Family Medicine - PCP MCCURDY JAMES R Surgery - Specialist 15 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  16. 16. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty MCGARRY THOMAS F Cardiology - Specialist MCHENRY TERESSA J Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP MCNEIL JENNIFER J Surgery - Specialist MEDINA JESUS E Surgery - Specialist MEHLE MARGARET A Cardiology - Specialist MEHNERT-KAY SUSAN A Family Medicine - PCP MEHTA KAUTILYA A Surgery - Specialist MEITES HERBERT L Surgery - Specialist MEIXEL STEVEN A Family Medicine - PCP MELENDEZ DAVID Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP MELLOW MARK H Gastroenterology - Specialist MELTON JIM G Surgery - Specialist MERKEY MICHAEL L Neurology - Specialist MERRILL JOAN T Rheumatology - Specialist MERTZ CORNELIA O Family Medicine - PCP METCALF JACK E Otolaryngology - Specialist METCALF JORDAN P Pulmonology - Specialist MEYERS SCOTT W Dermatology - Specialist MICHAEL MEDHAT S Family Medicine - PCP MICHEL LESLIE B Internal Medicine - PCP MIHALSKY STEPHEN W Surgery - Specialist MIKAWA KEVIN D Neurology - Specialist MILES MARK G Internal Medicine - PCP MILES PAMELA S Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP MILES RODNEY J Family Medicine - PCP MILLAR JAMES S Family Medicine - PCP MILLER ANDREA J Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP MILLER BERNADETTE Internal Medicine - PCP MILLER DAVID J Surgery - Specialist MILLER JAN E Family Medicine - PCP MILLER KEVIN W Cardiology - Specialist MILLER PAUL R Orthopedics - Specialist MILLER WILLIAM J Urology - Specialist MILSTEN MARC S Urology - Specialist MITTAL YOGESH Orthopedics - Specialist MOBLY LARRY G Family Medicine - PCP MOHAMMAD SHIRIN N Internal Medicine - PCP MONEYPENNY RUSSELL D Internal Medicine - PCP MOORAD AMAL E Internal Medicine - PCP MOORE KATHLEEN N Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP MOORE RUTH Family Medicine - PCP MORGAN BRIAN D Ophthalmology - Specialist MORGAN CHARLES H Neurology - Specialist MORGAN MICHAEL E Family Medicine - PCP MORGAN REBECCA K Ophthalmology - Specialist MORRIS DAVID W Gastroenterology - Specialist MORRIS EDWARD J Cardiology - Specialist MORROW JULIE M Pediatrics - PCP MOSBY ANGELA Y Family Medicine - PCP MOSCA PHILIP Urology - Specialist MOSES MARK R Orthopedics - Specialist MOTWANI RAJENDRA K Urology - Specialist 16 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  17. 17. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty MOTZ MONA J Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP MOUSSA ALI H Oncology - Specialist MOVVA VENKATESH Orthopedics - Specialist MOWDY MICHAEL H Cardiology - Specialist MOWRY JOHN D Otolaryngology - Specialist MUCHMORE JOHN S Endocrinology - Specialist MUCKALA KENNETH A Family Medicine - PCP MUELLER ROGER A Orthopedics - Specialist MUENZLER W S Ophthalmology - Specialist MULKEY LOUIS E Family Medicine - PCP MULLINS BRENDA K Cardiology - Specialist MULLINS III ROY C Pulmonology - Specialist MUNEERAH AAYSHAH Family Medicine - PCP MURRAY JAMES A Allergy & Immunology - Specialist MURRAY THOMAS S Podiatry - Specialist MYERS ADAM L Family Medicine - PCP NADER DANIEL A Pulmonology - Specialist NAGLE NANCY N Pulmonology - Specialist NAGODE CORY D Family Medicine - PCP NAHMIAS MARK C Podiatry - Specialist NAIDU SACHIDANANDAN Family Medicine - PCP NAIMEH LAUDY G Allergy & Immunology - Specialist NANDA SUMEETA M Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP NANDA SUMIT K Ophthalmology - Specialist NARULA RAJESH K Nephrology - Specialist NASSAR WADDAH N Family Medicine - PCP NAWAZ MUDASSIR Internal Medicine - PCP NAYLOR MARK F Dermatology - Specialist NEBERGALL ROBERT W Orthopedics - Specialist NEIL MICHELE L Orthopedics - Specialist NELMS JERRY A Family Medicine - PCP NELSON DAVID P Internal Medicine - PCP NELSON LANA G Surgery - Specialist NELSON ROBERT H Otolaryngology - Specialist NEMEC JAMES J Cardiology - Specialist NETTLES JOHN B Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP NEUMANN DAVID A Gastroenterology - Specialist NEWTON SCOTT D Family Medicine - PCP NGUYEN BAOLONG Gastroenterology - Specialist NGUYEN MYKHANH C Oncology - Specialist NGUYEN SON H Gastroenterology - Specialist NGUYEN THUY T Internal Medicine - PCP NGUYEN UYEN Family Medicine - PCP NICKEL TIMOTHY J Allergy & Immunology - Specialist NICOLL DANIEL L Family Medicine - PCP NIEBERGALL ROBERT G Internal Medicine - PCP NIGHTINGALE LYDIA D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP NIHIRA MIKIO A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP NONWEILER DAVID E Orthopedics - Specialist NORRIS BRENT L Orthopedics - Specialist NORTHCUTT BARRY L Orthopedics - Specialist NOSSAMAN BRENT C Surgery - Specialist 17 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  18. 18. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty NUNN THOMAS V Otolaryngology - Specialist O'BRIEN KEVIN L Family Medicine - PCP O'BRIEN M SEAN Orthopedics - Specialist O'CONNOR H DIANA Family Medicine - PCP OGLESBY ALETHA C Family Medicine - PCP OGLESBY RONALD N Allergy & Immunology - Specialist OLAY MICHAEL P Family Medicine - PCP OLAY SABRINA R Pediatrics - PCP OLECH EWA Rheumatology - Specialist OLIVE SUZANNE R Pulmonology - Specialist OLSEN LARRY T Orthopedics - Specialist OLSEN MARK R Oncology - Specialist OMSTEAD KALA J Family Medicine - PCP ONARECKER CHEYN D Geriatric Medicine - Specialist OPOKU MICHAEL Internal Medicine - PCP ORGILL RICHARD D Otolaryngology - Specialist OVERHULSER PATRICIA I Allergy & Immunology - Specialist OWENS KERRY C Nephrology - Specialist OZER HOWARD Oncology - Specialist PALESANO RICHARD L Otolaryngology - Specialist PALIOTTA MARCO A Surgery - Specialist PALMER PHILIP R Orthopedics - Specialist PANCHAL JAYESH Surgery - Specialist PANICKER RITWICK Hematology - Specialist PAPPAS NICHOLAS J Urology - Specialist PARACHA MOHAMMAD I Pulmonology - Specialist PARDO GABRIEL Neurology - Specialist PARIKH CHINTAN A Gastroenterology - Specialist PARKE II DAVID W Ophthalmology - Specialist PARKER DENNIS M Surgery - Specialist PARKER GREGORY A Oncology - Specialist PARKHURST JOSEPH D Urology - Specialist PARTIN MICHAEL Cardiology - Specialist PASQUE CHARLES B Orthopedics - Specialist PASRICHA ALOK Neurology - Specialist PASRICHA ALPANA J Nephrology - Specialist PATEL ANIL D Ophthalmology - Specialist PATEL ATULKUMAR K Cardiology - Specialist PATTERSON KEITH Family Medicine - PCP PATTON JERRY D Family Medicine - PCP PAULSEN STEPHEN M Surgery - Specialist PEARCE HENRY J Surgery - Specialist PEDERSON JAMES A Nephrology - Specialist PENDELL III GEORGE M Family Medicine - PCP PENNINGTON LARRY R Surgery - Specialist PERKINS BARRY G Gastroenterology - Specialist PERRY BRYAN F Cardiology - Specialist PERRY FRANCIS L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP PETTINGELL TIMOTHY G Specialist (NOS) - Specialist PETTIT WILLIAM J Family Medicine - PCP PEYTON MARVIN D Surgery - Specialist PHAM TAN D Endocrinology - Specialist 18 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  19. 19. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty PHAM THUAN V Family Medicine - PCP PHILIP NEENA S Internal Medicine - PCP PICKARD DARRELL J Ophthalmology - Specialist PICKRELL LORI L Internal Medicine - PCP PINAROC NESTOR F Family Medicine - PCP PINZON PABLO A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP PIRTLE JOHN K Pulmonology - Specialist PISARIK PAUL Family Medicine - PCP PITMAN GABRIEL M Neurology - Specialist PITTMAN GREGORY R Surgery - Specialist PITTMAN JOHN R Family Medicine - PCP PITTS H CRAIG Otolaryngology - Specialist PITTS RYAN A Orthopedics - Specialist PLASTER RODNEY L Orthopedics - Specialist PLOST GERALD N Pulmonology - Specialist POLEPALLE CHANDRASEKHAR Gastroenterology - Specialist POSTELWAIT GARY L Internal Medicine - PCP POSTIER RUSSELL G Surgery - Specialist POWELL CURTIS R Urology - Specialist POWELL II CHARLES C Family Medicine - PCP POWELL JOSHUA T Ophthalmology - Specialist POYNOR TOM C Family Medicine - PCP PRASAD NIRAJ K Cardiology - Specialist PRASAD SUJATA Internal Medicine - PCP PRIESTER ADELAIDE Ophthalmology - Specialist PRISE JAMES G Family Medicine - PCP PRODAN CALIN I Neurology - Specialist PRYTKOV ALEXEI Family Medicine - PCP PUCKETT TIMOTHY A Orthopedics - Specialist PUCKETT TONY G Endocrinology - Specialist PUFFINBARGER WILLIAM R Orthopedics - Specialist PUJARI GANGA M Surgery - Specialist PULS ALAN R Cardiology - Specialist PURSER JANE T Allergy & Immunology - Specialist QUBAIAH OSAMA M Hematology - Specialist QUINN ROGER D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP QUIROZ LIESCHEN H Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP QURESHI FARHAN M Internal Medicine - PCP QURESHI SALEEM M Geriatric Medicine - Specialist RABB CRAIG H Surgery - Specialist RABLE DENISE L Surgery - Specialist RACZKOWSKI CARL A Gastroenterology - Specialist RAHE GARY W Hematology - Specialist RAHHAL SCOTT E Orthopedics - Specialist RAMAKRISHNAN KALYANAKRISH Family Medicine - PCP RAMEY JR PALMER R Surgery - Specialist RAMGOPAL VADAKEPAT Infectious Disease - Specialist RANDOLPH JOHN D Surgery - Specialist RANKIN LAURA I Nephrology - Specialist RATLIFF GARY D Internal Medicine - PCP RAYAN GHAZI M Surgery - Specialist RAZOOK JOEL C Ophthalmology - Specialist 19 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  20. 20. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty REDDING CYNTHIA S Nephrology - Specialist REDDY SRIKANTH K Specialist (NOS) - Specialist REGE VIDYA B Ophthalmology - Specialist REID MONICA S Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP REILLY KATHRYN E Orthopedics - Specialist REINECKE DAVID M Ophthalmology - Specialist REITER STEVEN J Cardiology - Specialist REITZ CRAIG L Oncology - Specialist REMINGTON JASON D Family Medicine - PCP RENFROE JERRY D Otolaryngology - Specialist RENOUARD ROBERT S Urology - Specialist RESHEF ELI Endocrinology - Specialist REYNOLDS DWIGHT W Cardiology - Specialist REYNOLDS ROBERT E Oncology - Specialist RHODES JR ROLLIE E Otolaryngology - Specialist RICKEY JR ORVILLE L Surgery - Specialist RIDDLE JOE D Internal Medicine - PCP RIEMER JAMES P Geriatric Medicine - Specialist RIGGS GARY D Internal Medicine - PCP RIHA PAVEL Cardiology - Specialist RIZVI SYED M Gastroenterology - Specialist ROBERTS CHRISS B Family Medicine - PCP ROBERTS DENNIS L Family Medicine - PCP ROBERTS MONTGOMERY L Internal Medicine - PCP ROBERTS ZACHARY V Orthopedics - Specialist ROBERTSON JOHN A Family Medicine - PCP ROBERTSON R CLIO Orthopedics - Specialist ROBERTSON SCOTT C Surgery - Specialist ROBINSON DARRYL D Specialist (NOS) - Specialist ROCK PAUL B Internal Medicine - PCP ROCKLIN MARC S Surgery - Specialist RODRIGUEZ ORSON P Family Medicine - PCP ROGERS JR KENNETH A Otolaryngology - Specialist ROHDE ALLEN L Podiatry - Specialist ROMANO JOHN T Ophthalmology - Specialist RONK JAMES F Ophthalmology - Specialist ROSACKER JAMES A Orthopedics - Specialist ROSE JODY G Podiatry - Specialist ROSS JAMES M Family Medicine - PCP ROSS JOHN P Urology - Specialist ROSS KAREN M Geriatric Medicine - Specialist ROTHWELL DAVID T Family Medicine - PCP ROTHWELL PAUL D Family Medicine - PCP ROWLAN ALAN R Surgery - Specialist ROYALL JAMES A Pediatrics - Specialist RUBENSTEIN CARL J Cardiology - Specialist RUBIS BRENT A Surgery - Specialist RUFFIN JR LARRY L Family Medicine - PCP RUIDERA GRACE M Internal Medicine - PCP RUIZ CARMEN Surgery - Specialist RYAN ROBERT S Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP RYKER DAVID E Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP 20 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  21. 21. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty RYLANDER EDWARD E Family Medicine - PCP SACHDEV ARUN K Gastroenterology - Specialist SAHA AMITABH P Surgery - Specialist SAIDI JOHNAQA Family Medicine - PCP SALEEMI MUZAFFAR M Family Medicine - PCP SALIM MUHAMMAD Cardiology - Specialist SALINAS ROBERT C Geriatric Medicine - Specialist SALVAGGIO MICHELLE R Infectious Disease - Specialist SAMARA ESBER N Urology - Specialist SANCLEMENT JOSE A Surgery - Specialist SANDLER DAVID A Cardiology - Specialist SANTANGELO KATHY LEE Surgery - Specialist SAUCEDO JORGE F Cardiology - Specialist SAWALHA AMR H Rheumatology - Specialist SAWAN KAMAL T Surgery - Specialist SCHECHTER ELIOT Cardiology - Specialist SCHECHTER RUBEN Pediatrics - PCP SCHECK DAVID N Infectious Disease - Specialist SCHEID DEWEY C Family Medicine - PCP SCHERLAG MICHAEL A Cardiology - Specialist SCHIFFERDECKER BRANISLAV Cardiology - Specialist SCHILLER THOMAS D Gastroenterology - Specialist SCHLINKE SHAWN C Internal Medicine - PCP SCHLINKE STEPHEN D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SCHMIDT DWAYNE A Cardiology - Specialist SCHMIDT ROBERT D Gastroenterology - Specialist SCHOEFFLER LEE E Ophthalmology - Specialist SCHOEFFLER MICHAEL E Cardiology - Specialist SCHRADER STUART W Pediatrics - PCP SCHULTZ DANIEL C Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SCHULTZ STEVEN C Orthopedics - Specialist SCHWARTZ DAVID L Ophthalmology - Specialist SCHWARTZ MICHAEL J Orthopedics - Specialist SCOFIELD ROBERT H Rheumatology - Specialist SEAVEY MICHELLE R Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SEBASTIAN ANTHONY Surgery - Specialist SEEFELDT GERALD M Family Medicine - PCP SEGUIN JOHN E Family Medicine - PCP SEIKEL MICHAEL R Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SELBY GEORGE B Oncology - Specialist SELLERS MICHAEL D Cardiology - Specialist SERADGE HOUSHANG Surgery - Specialist SEZGINSOY BANU Geriatric Medicine - Specialist SFERRA THOMAS J Pediatrics - Specialist SHAFIQUE SHOAIB Surgery - Specialist SHAH SHUJAHAT Cardiology - Specialist SHAHSAVARI MEHRAN Internal Medicine - PCP SHAKIR ARIF A Cardiology - Specialist SHAKIR MAHMOOD A Cardiology - Specialist SHAKIR SADIQ A Internal Medicine - PCP SHANBOUR K ANTHONY Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SHAUKAT MUHAMMAD I Internal Medicine - PCP 21 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  22. 22. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty SHAVER JEFFREY T Ophthalmology - Specialist SHAW MICHAEL B Otolaryngology - Specialist SHERMAN CAROL M Family Medicine - PCP SHOLER CHRIS M Nephrology - Specialist SHOLL DAVID S Family Medicine - PCP SHOUN SHELLEY D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SIATKOWSKI RHEA L Ophthalmology - Specialist SIDEMAN MATTHEW J Surgery - Specialist SIEGFRIED TIMOTHY J Podiatry - Specialist SIEMENS CHRIS R Otolaryngology - Specialist SIGLER SCOTT C Ophthalmology - Specialist SIGMON JASON B Otolaryngology - Specialist SIMMONS TERRILL H Orthopedics - Specialist SIMS JERRY A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SIMS LARHONDA K Family Medicine - PCP SINCOFF ERIC H Surgery - Specialist SINDHWANI PUNEET Urology - Specialist SINGH RAM A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SIPES BILLY H Family Medicine - PCP SIRAJUDDIN RIAZ A Cardiology - Specialist SISLER KATHLEEN M Specialist (NOS) - Specialist SIVARAM CHITTUR A Geriatric Medicine - Specialist SKUTA GREGORY L Ophthalmology - Specialist SLAGLE RICHARD C Cardiology - Specialist SLATER JAMES C Orthopedics - Specialist SLOBODOV GENNADY Urology - Specialist SMEDLUND STEPHEN E Neurology - Specialist SMITH CARL R Family Medicine - PCP SMITH DAVID L Family Medicine - PCP SMITH KATHERINE M Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SMITH MICHAEL S Specialist (NOS) - Specialist SMITH RAYMOND L Podiatry - Specialist SMITH REBECCA L Cardiology - Specialist SMITH REGINA M Podiatry - Specialist SMITH SR WILLIAM K Podiatry - Specialist SMITH STANLEY J Family Medicine - PCP SMITH STEVEN B Podiatry - Specialist SMITH STEWART C Surgery - Specialist SMITH WILLIAM E Family Medicine - PCP SNYDER DAVID D Surgery - Specialist SNYDER DIANE M Pediatrics - PCP SOLOMON ELIAS Surgery - Specialist SONNENSCHEIN ROBERT C Cardiology - Specialist SOO CHENG-LUN Orthopedics - Specialist SORENSEN KIMBERLY A Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SPAIN MICHAEL G Cardiology - Specialist SPANN JAMES C Surgery - Specialist SPARKES JUSTIN S Internal Medicine - PCP SPARKS RHONDA A Family Medicine - PCP SPIELMAN STEPHEN M Cardiology - Specialist SPRUIELL SAUNDRA S Specialist (NOS) - Specialist SQUIRES RONALD A Surgery - Specialist 22 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  23. 23. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty SROUJI NABIL E Ophthalmology - Specialist STAATS DAVID O Geriatric Medicine - Specialist STAFFORD ANDREA E Internal Medicine - PCP STAFFORD BRUCE A Family Medicine - PCP STAFFORD PAUL R Orthopedics - Specialist STAMILE RICHARD M Orthopedics - Specialist STAMMER JAMES L Gastroenterology - Specialist STANFIELD MATTHEW R Surgery - Specialist STANLEY III JOHN R Specialist (NOS) - Specialist STANLEY KEITH L Orthopedics - Specialist STANSBERRY RICHARD D Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP STANSILL JASON T Internal Medicine - PCP STANTON PAUL D Gastroenterology - Specialist STAUDT LESLIE S Rheumatology - Specialist STEARMAN LAURA D Urology - Specialist STEARNS FREDERIC W Dermatology - Specialist STEPP JR ROBERT G Endocrinology - Specialist STERLING ROBERT S Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP STEVENS MATTHEW B Family Medicine - PCP STEWART JOAN E Family Medicine - PCP STIERLEN LOYAL R Surgery - Specialist STOCKTON DARIN K Internal Medicine - PCP STOESSER BRUCE C Urology - Specialist STOEVER WILBERT W Cardiology - Specialist STOKESBERRY DAVID S Gastroenterology - Specialist STOTLER WESLEY M Orthopedics - Specialist STOUT DARRELL L Family Medicine - PCP STREBEL GARY F Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP STRNAD CHARLES M Oncology - Specialist STRUCK BRYAN D Geriatric Medicine - Specialist STUBBS LENNY D Surgery - Specialist STUDDARD DANIEL M Family Medicine - PCP STUDEBAKER MARION K Family Medicine - PCP SUHAIL MUHAMMAD S Pediatrics - PCP SULLIVAN JESSE G Family Medicine - PCP SULLIVAN MICHAEL D Family Medicine - PCP SUMMERS HEATHER Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP SURBECK WILLIAM L Rheumatology - Specialist SUTOR RONALD J Cardiology - Specialist SWEARINGEN WILLIAM T Family Medicine - PCP SWENNING TODD A Orthopedics - Specialist SYLVESTER CARL L Ophthalmology - Specialist TADURAN TROY V Family Medicine - PCP TAHIRKHELI NAEEM K Cardiology - Specialist TALBERT BEVERLY J Surgery - Specialist TALLERICO DANIEL L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP TANNER MICHAEL W Orthopedics - Specialist TARDIBONO GEORGE Internal Medicine - PCP TARGOFF IRA N Rheumatology - Specialist TARPAY MARTHA M Pediatrics - Specialist TAUBMAN KEVIN E Surgery - Specialist TAWK MAROUN M Specialist (NOS) - Specialist 23 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  24. 24. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty TAYLOR ANDREA M Family Medicine - PCP TAYLOR BRADLEY C Ophthalmology - Specialist TAYLOR CHARLES W Oncology - Specialist TAYLOR CYNTHIA L Family Medicine - PCP TAYLOR-HUNT STACY N Family Medicine - PCP TFAYLI ARAFAT Oncology - Specialist THADANI UDHO Cardiology - Specialist THAYER JAMES F Family Medicine - PCP THOMAS JEREMY D Orthopedics - Specialist THOMAS MICHAEL L Surgery - Specialist THOMAS R CULLEN Surgery - Specialist THOMAS RICHARD D Orthopedics - Specialist THOMAS TIMOTHY D Podiatry - Specialist THOMASON DANNY E Family Medicine - PCP THOMPSON DAVID L Nephrology - Specialist THOMPSON JEFFREY Family Medicine - PCP THOMPSON JOHN R Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP THOMPSON ROBERT B Orthopedics - Specialist THOMPSON ROGER A Pediatrics - PCP THOMPSON SUSANNE P Internal Medicine - PCP THURMAN CHRISTOPHER C Family Medicine - PCP TIERNEY WILLIAM M Gastroenterology - Specialist TIETZE PAMELA H Family Medicine - PCP TIPSWORD HEATHER R Family Medicine - PCP TIPTON JOHN W Family Medicine - PCP TOAL KYLE W Surgery - Specialist TOMA ALEDA A Oncology - Specialist TOMA GIGI J Nephrology - Specialist TOMPKINS II JOHN F Orthopedics - Specialist TOTORO JAMES A Surgery - Specialist TOUGHANIPOUR ABBAS Surgery - Specialist TOWNSEND RAYMOND E Ophthalmology - Specialist TRACZYK II RICHARD J Podiatry - Specialist TRACZYK SR RICHARD J Podiatry - Specialist TRAN JOSEPH H Family Medicine - PCP TREACY BRYAN J Endocrinology - Specialist TREHAN SANJEEV Cardiology - Specialist TRIGLER LUCAS Ophthalmology - Specialist TROTTER TIMOTHY H Surgery - Specialist TRUELS WILLIAM P Surgery - Specialist TRUONG TERRENCE T Family Medicine - PCP TU BAOLIEN N Surgery - Specialist TU DUC M Family Medicine - PCP TUCKER SHERRI A Family Medicine - PCP UDUPA ANAND D Nephrology - Specialist UNSELL ROBERT S Surgery - Specialist VAIDYA ASHWINI K Dermatology - Specialist VAIDYA ATUL M Otolaryngology - Specialist VALLANDIGHAM JOHN C Pulmonology - Specialist VASAN NILESH R Otolaryngology - Specialist VEAL MONTE D Family Medicine - PCP VENUGOPAL ANNIE Specialist (NOS) - Specialist 24 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  25. 25. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty VERNIER STEPHEN L Family Medicine - PCP VERONNEAU BETTINA G Family Medicine - PCP VILLANO MICHAEL L Cardiology - Specialist VINEYARD KYRA F Family Medicine - PCP VOLAK PATRICK R Gastroenterology - Specialist VOSS-ALVAREZ BARBARA L Urology - Specialist VYAS AVINASH C Internal Medicine - PCP WADE DAVID G Podiatry - Specialist WAGNON MARION C Family Medicine - PCP WAKEFIELD BRENT A Family Medicine - PCP WALKER JOAN L Oncology - Specialist WALKER STEVE A Podiatry - Specialist WALLIS CLINTON G Gastroenterology - Specialist WANG SHU-MING Family Medicine - PCP WARD MICHAEL S Family Medicine - PCP WASHBURN TONYA C Specialist (NOS) - Specialist WATSON STEVEN E Family Medicine - PCP WATTS DEANA S Ophthalmology - Specialist WAYMAN MISTY L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP WAYNE IVAN Surgery - Specialist WEBB KENT H Surgery - Specialist WEBER KIERSTEN B Podiatry - Specialist WEBER MARIL J Oncology - Specialist WEBSTER MICHELLE E Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP WEIBEL KEVIN S Oncology - Specialist WEINSTEIN JAY J Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP WEISS MARK J Ophthalmology - Specialist WEITZEL MARC A Cardiology - Specialist WELCH BENJAMINE M Otolaryngology - Specialist WELLINGTON MARK Family Medicine - PCP WELLS JAMES H Allergy & Immunology - Specialist WENDELKEN JAMES R Urology - Specialist WERNER CARLA A Family Medicine - PCP WEST DEREK Orthopedics - Specialist WEST EILEEN C Internal Medicine - PCP WEST ERIC A Internal Medicine - PCP WHALEN THOMAS J Internal Medicine - PCP WHITE CHRISTOPHER B Orthopedics - Specialist WHITE DAVID W Otolaryngology - Specialist WHITE JAMES P Internal Medicine - PCP WHITE JR ROBERT Internal Medicine - PCP WHITE RONALD H Cardiology - Specialist WHITEHOUSE RACHEL L Family Medicine - PCP WHITENECK JAMES M Surgery - Specialist WHITESELL CLIFTON L Urology - Specialist WHITSETT THOMAS L Pediatrics - Specialist WICKERSHAM ELIZABETH A Family Medicine - PCP WIESNER ELISE R Internal Medicine - PCP WILBANKS AARON P Family Medicine - PCP WILD ROBERT A Endocrinology - Specialist WILKIN MICHAEL N Urology - Specialist WILKS JONATHAN D Internal Medicine - PCP 25 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians
  26. 26. Physician Listing for Doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Secure Horizons Physician Specialty WILKS KAREN E Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP WILLARD SUSAN C Family Medicine - PCP WILLIAMS CURTIS B Internal Medicine - PCP WILLIAMS DAVID C Nephrology - Specialist WILLIAMS JOHN M Cardiology - Specialist WILLIAMS JR MARVIN Specialist (NOS) - Specialist WILLIAMS NOEL R Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP WILLIAMS TERENCE M Family Medicine - PCP WILLIAMSON PAUL S Family Medicine - PCP WILLISTON LAUREL K Family Medicine - PCP WILSON GREGORY L Surgery - Specialist WILSON LORRAINE T Nephrology - Specialist WILSON MICHAEL K Podiatry - Specialist WILSON VIVIAN L Family Medicine - PCP WILSON WILLIAM C Family Medicine - PCP WINN PETER A Geriatric Medicine - Specialist WINSLOW CLINTON A Family Medicine - PCP WINZENREAD MICHAEL L Family Medicine - PCP WISDOM PEGGY J Neurology - Specialist WLODAVER CLIFFORD G Infectious Disease - Specialist WOLF STEPHEN PAUL Internal Medicine - PCP WOLF THOMAS C Ophthalmology - Specialist WOMACK CHARLES E Family Medicine - PCP WONG DAVID K Surgery - Specialist WONG KENNETH M Cardiology - Specialist WOOD KEVIN L Neurology - Specialist WOOD MARK W Otolaryngology - Specialist WOODRUFF CONCHITA L Obstetrics & Gynecology - PCP WOODSON ALEXA Family Medicine - PCP WORCESTER GARY L Cardiology - Specialist WORRALL SAMMY J Otolaryngology - Specialist WRIGHT HARLAN I Hematology - Specialist WRIGHT MICHAEL H Orthopedics - Specialist WRIGHT PAUL E Family Medicine - PCP WRIGHT WILLIAM D Cardiology - Specialist WYATT WILLIE G Family Medicine - PCP YOB EDWARD H Dermatology - Specialist YOCUM HAROLD A Surgery - Specialist YODER LEON J Gastroenterology - Specialist YOUNG SUSAN B Surgery - Specialist ZAZA ALI S Surgery - Specialist ZEIDERS GREGORY J Orthopedics - Specialist ZEWDIE WUDENEH Nephrology - Specialist ZUBIALDE JOHN P Family Medicine - PCP 26 of 26 BCBS_SecureHorizons Phys Physicians