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Minutes_Munich 2004 FCWG WEB

  1. 1. Minutes of the Fetal Working Group Business Meeting in Munich 2004 Friday May 21, 08.00-09.00 in the “Black Box” Lecture Hall Approximately 35 members attended the business meeting. 1. The minutes from the last business meeting in Amsterdam 2003 were approved by the attendants of the meeting. 2. Composition of the council  President: Gerald Tulzer (2003 - 2007)  Secretary: Mats Mellander (2002 - 2007)  Treasurer: Renate Oberhoffer (2003 - 2008)  Councillor: Joanna Dangel (2001 - 2004)  Councillor: Annabelle Azancot (2002 - 2005) a. According to the governing bylaws councillor Joanna Dangel had to be replaced. We all want to express our great appreciation for the contributions made by Joanna during her years in the council of the Fetal Working Group. There were two appropriate proposals: Julene Carvalho and Helena Gardiner, both from England. All FWG members had been invited to vote for one of these candidates. There were 25 votes and a clear majority for Helena Gardiner who was elected to replace Joanna Dangel. b. Next year, at the meeting in Copenhagen, Annabelle Azancot´s term as councillor will come to an end. In order to be nominated for this position candidates must be supported by at least 5 members from 2 different countries and there should be no more than one representative from the same country on the council. Please send your proposals to mats.mellander@vgregion.se.
  2. 2. 3. Report of the Treasurer Renate Oberhoffer The account balance was CHF 11678.55 on May 1, 2003 and CHF 13066.10 on April 1, 2004. The total income was CHF 1469.75 (membership fees) and the total expenditure was CHF 82.20 (bank charges). There were only 47 registered payers of the annual membership fee (out of 72 FWG members) but many more had in fact paid. It was decided that Renate will contact the council of AEPC to clarify the reasons for this. 4. FWG web page. Suggestions for changes and improvements. After a rather extensive discussion the following changes were decided upon: Remove  The results of the questionnaire on organization of fetal cardiology in Europe. This document has now been on the web page for one year and the data may no longer be up to date.  The fetal SVT protocol. According to Annabelle Azancot cases are not entered in sufficient numbers probably because the protocol was too complicated. Replace by a web-page-based registry (see below).  The protocol for fetal AV-block for the same reasons. Replace by a web-page-based registry (see below). Add  The “Recommendations for the practice of fetal cardiology in Europe”. This web version of the recommendations should be updated every 3 years.  A section with information on upcoming training courses.  A central registry for a few selected fetal diagnoses such as SVT, fetal AV-block, aortic valve stenosis and atresia and pulmonary valve stenosis and atresia. It was decided that the details of this registry will be outlined by a working party within the FWG. The following persons expressed a willingness to be members of this group: Joanna
  3. 3. Dangel, John Simpson, Lindsey Allan, Helena Gardiner, Julene Carvalho, Rodney Franklin, Sven Erik Sonesson, Annabelle Azancot, Jose´ Areias, Vlasta Fesslova and Gerald Tulzer. 5. European fetal AV-block study, present status See above under paragraph 4. 6. European fetal SVT study, present status See above under paragraph 4. 7. Guidelines for Fetal Cardiology in Europe were published in the february issue of CITY and will be published on the AEPC web site. How do we proceed with the database part of the guidelines? It was proposed that the FWG should define which data should be in a fetal database and leave it to members to use this information to design their own database versions or use commercially available database programs modified as necessary. It was decided that Jan Marek will circulate an updated version of the database proposal to all members. This will then be modified as needed, finalized and recirculated. 8. Database for fetal interventions Helena Gardiner and Gerald Tulzer proposed a registry for fetal interventions based on intention to treat. The attendants of the meeting accepted this proposal and decided that this registry should be part of the web-page-based registry dicussed above under paragraph 4. It will be constructed by the same working party. 9. Cooperation with The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology (ISUOG) and the Fetal Cardiology program at the 14th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology 31 August - 4 September 2004, Stockholm, Sweden.
  4. 4. Gerald Tulzer informed about the program of this meeting which is available on the ISUOG web page (www.isuog2004.org). There will be a teaching course in fetal echocardiography organized by Gerald Tulzer and Helena Gardiner. 10. Fetal Cardiology program for next AEPC meeting in Copenhagen 18-21 May 2005. Joes Ramso Jacobsen, who is the local chairman for the next AEPC meeting, has asked for subject proposals for mini-symposia. Annabelle Azancot proposed fetal arrhythmias. Other proposals are welcome until end of June. 11. Fetal Cardiology program for the World Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18-22 September, 2005. No contacts so far. FWG will not take any intiatives unless AEPC council contacts with the organizing committee of the world congress results in involvement of AEPC. 12. Upcoming training courses and meetings There will be a meeting in Lech 13-18/3 2005 organized by Gerald Tulzer and Wolfgang Arzt (www.kinderherzzentrum.at/Lech2005) and a New Horizons course in London June 2-3 2005 organized by Helena Gardiner and Yen Ho. 13. Other business ESC august 2005, in Barcelona. A 90-minute session on fetal cardiology can be arranged. It was proposed that the subject could be State of the art of HLHS, from fetal to neonatal and beyond. Other proposals are welcome until end of June. Abstract reviewers and chairmen for future AEPC meetings The council of the FWG will make proposals.
  5. 5. Annabelle Azancot proposed to create a grant based on FWG budget for junior members to attend scientific meetings. A discussion followed and another proposal was to use our money to invite speakers, as we already do. No final conclusion was reached. President Sectretrary Treasurer Dr Gerald Tulzer Dr.Mats Mellander Renate Oberhoffer Children´s Heart Center The Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital Children´s Hospital and Dept of Pediatric Cardiology Dept of Pediatric Cardiology Fetomaternal Center of the A_4020 Linz SU/Östra Technical University Austria S-416 85 Gothenburg, Sweden Koelner Platz 1, D-80804, Munich, Germa Tel: +4373269232346 Tel: +46313434659 Tel: +498930682746 Fax: +4373269232340 Fax: +4631845029 Fax: +498930683954 g.tulzer@aon.at mats.mellander@vgregion.se Oberhoffer@lrz.tu-muenchen.de Councillor Councillor Dr. Helena Gardiner Dr.Annabelle Azancot Queen Charlotte´s & Chelsea Hospital Hopital Robert Debré Hammersmith Campus Perinatal Cardiologie Du Cane Road 48, Boulevard Serurier London W12 ONN, England F-75019 Paris, France Tel: +44(0)2083833998 Tel: 33-1/40032212 Fax: +02073518129 Fax: 33-140034770 Helena.gardiner@imperial.ac.uk Annabelle.azancot@rdb.ap-hop- paris.fr