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# Category # (C, H.O,M).doc.doc.doc.doc

# Category # (C, H.O,M).doc.doc.doc.doc






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    # Category # (C, H.O,M).doc.doc.doc.doc # Category # (C, H.O,M).doc.doc.doc.doc Presentation Transcript

    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 1, July 22, 2010 # Category Presenter Last Presenter First Title of presentation Campus email Ph. # Poster (P) Division # (C, Name Name address Plenary © H.O,M) Oral (O) 105 C Almanaseer Yassar Implementation of the American College L3119 Yassara@u 998-0655, P Cardiology of Cardiology/American Heart Women's mich.edu x 229 Association Guidelines for preoperative cardiac risk assessment in a General Medicine Preoperative Clinic: Improving Efficiency and Preserving Outcomes 66 M Bai Longchuan Delayed activation of map kinases during 3514 Lbai@Umic 6-6363 P Gastroenterol ZBP-89 induced cell death MSRBI, Box h.edu ogy 0650 1 O Baleeiro Carlos Sublethal hyperoxia impairs pulmonary 6301 Baleeiro@m 769-7100 O Pulmonary Eduuardo innate immunity MSRBIII ed.umich.eu x 5622 11 M Bavers David Interaction between DAX-1 and 5552 DLBavers@ 3-6289 P Endocrinolog steroidogenic factor-1 in vivo: Increased MSRBII/Box Umich.Edu y/Metabolism adrenal responsiveness to ACTH in the 0678 absence of DAX-1 12 M Beuschlein Felix SF-1 is essential for adrenocortical 5552 Beuschle@ 5-8914 O Endocrinolog proliferation following unilateral MSRBII, Umich.edu y/Metabolism adrenalectomy Box 0678 90 M Bielinska Anna Development of immune responses in 9220 Abielins@u 7-0052 P Allergy mice immunized with a recombinant MSRBIII / mich.edu hepatitis B Surface antigen and a novel Box 0648 nanoemulsion adjuvant. 67 O Bin Hu MER mediates recognition but not 2215 Fuller, BinHu@UM 769-7100, P Pulmonary/C adhesion of apoptotic cells by resident Box 11G, ich.edu ext. 7119 ritical Care murine macrophages Box 2399 13 M Bodary Peter The adipocyte-derived hormone, leptin, 7314 PFBodary@ 5-2358 O Cardiology promotes arterial thrombosis in mice MSRBIII, Umich.edu following vascular injury Box 0644 65 M Bodary Peter Fabry Disease in mice is associated with 7315 PFBodary@ 5-2358 O Cardiology age-dependent susceptibility to vsccular MSRBIII, Umich.edu thrombosis Box 0644 68 O Burant Charles Cardiovscular and metabolic 5570-D BurantC@U 5-3481 P Endo/Metabol abnormalities due to disruption of the MSRBII, mich.edu ism K channel/extrapancreatic sulfonylurea ATP Box 0678 receptor, SUR2
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 2, July 22, 2010 94 C Cao Zhengyi Investigation of the inhibition of 9240 Zhengyi@u 7-5243 P Allergy influenza A virus by sialic acid- MSRBIII mich.edu conjugated pamam dendrimers Box 0648 15 M Charbeneau Ryan Lung fibroblasts from GM-CSF-/- mice 6301 RPCharb@ 7-9968 P Pulmonary/C exhibit decreased production of MSRBIII, Umich.edu ritical Care prostaglandin E2 and increased Box 0642 proliferation 16 M Chen Hong Characterizing potential prostate cancer 7430 CCGC, HongChen 4-6483 P Heme/Onc susceptibility genes using sibling pairs Box 0946 @Umich.ed discordant for prostate cancer u 17 C Chetcuti Stanley Predictors of length of hospital stay after 3910 TC, Chetcuti@U 6-8214 O Cardiology contemporary coronary stenting Box 0366 mich.edu 85 H Cram Peter The impact of a celebrity spokesperson 7B10 300 Pcram@umi 5-0529 P General on colon cancer screening: the Katie NIB ch.edu Medicine Couric Effect 18 H Davis Jenny N. Melanocortin-1 receptor variants and 4301 JNDavis@U 5-6748 O Medical melanoma risk MSRBIII, mich.edu Genetics Box 0638 75 M Day Sharlene M. Chronic iron administration accelerates 7301 Sday@UMi 3-7838 O Cardiology the thrombotic response to arterial injury MSRBIII, ch.Edu Box 0644 20 M Deng Jane The compartmentalized delivery of CPG 6301 JCDeng@U 6-7576 P Pulmonary/C oligodeoxynucleotides stimulates MSRBIII, mich.edu ritical Care protective innate immunity in murine Box 0642 gram-negative pneumonia 74 C Devereaux Erik Retroviral delivery of a trans-dominant 5323 Edeverea@ 6-0623 O Heme/Onc inhibitory tax, mutant for the treatment MSRBIII, Umich.edu of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma Box 0640 109 O Dimaraki Eleni Rhythmic growth hormone secretion is 5560 Dimaraki@u 3-3056 O Endocrinolog independent of hypothalamic MSRBII Box mich.edu y somatostatin 0678 21 O Duquaine Damon Evidence for adriamycin induced 3454 ARF, Duquaine@ 6-4983 O Cardiology uncoupling of endothelial nitric oxide Box 0614 Umich.edu synthase 22 C Eagle Kim Does circadian rhythm influence the risk 3910 TC, Keagle@U 6-5275 O Cardiology of acute aortic dissection? Box 0366 mich.edu
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 3, July 22, 2010 33 M Erb-Downward John An initial characterization of the role of 6240 Jre@UMich. 6-7576 P Pulmonary laccase in prostaglandin synthesis of MSRBIII, edu cryptococcus neoformans Box 0642 23 M Fan Shuling Mammalian LIN-2/CASK targets SAP97 4576 ShulingF@ 3-5473 P Nephrology in epithelial cells via its unique L27N MSRBII, Umich.edu domain Box 0650 24 M Fang/Wang Xueliang/Shao Informatics-based approach for anti- 3110 CCGC, Xueliang@ 5-0362 P Heme/Onc meng cancer drug discovery: Development of Box 0934 Umich.edu; web-based tools for mining the National Shaomeng@ Cancer Institute anti-cancer drug Umich.edu database 25 M Fisk David T. Pneumocystis carinii dihydropteroate 3117 TC, DTFisk@U 6-5205 O Infectious synthase gene mutations in patients from Box 0052 Mich.edu Diseases China 100 M Fox David Cytokine production by dendritic cells 3918 TC Box Dfox@umic 6-5566 P Rheumatolog genetically engineered to express IL-4: 0358 h.edu y induction of TH2 responses and differential regulation of IL-12 and IL-23 synthesis 5 O Goyal Meera Podocytes decrease in age-associated 1562 MSRB Mgoyal@U 6-1904 P Nephrology glomerulosclerosis II Box 0676 mich.edu 2 O Gummow Brian Convergence of WNT signaling and 5552 Bgummow 5-8914 O Endocrine steroidogenic factor-1 on the rat-inhibin MSRBII / @umich.edu promoter 0678 103 M Hernandez Yadira Genetic susceptibility to pulmonary 6240 Yhernand@ 6-9368 P Pulmonary C.neoformans infection MSRBIII umich.edu 113 M Herring Amy Mechanisms underlying the control of 6240 Aherring@u 6-9368 P Pulmonary adaptive cell-mediated immunity by MSRBIII mich.edu innate immunity. Box 0642 26 C Hessler Jessica Atomic force microscopy 2477 Randall Bluntj@Umi 3-3053 P Biologic characterization of dendrimer drug Labs, Box ch.edu Nanotechnolo delivery agents and their effects on living 1055 gy cancer cells 9 M Hiraoka Miki Cloning & expression of a lysosomal 1558 MikiHira@u 3-5309 O Nephrology enzyme, 1-0-acylceramide synthase MSRBII/Box mich.edu 0676
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 4, July 22, 2010 86 M Hu Zengjian Discvoery of small molecule inhibitors of 2423 Med Huzj@umic 4-2537 O Hem/Onc. XIAP through structure-based computer Sci I. Box h.edu screening 0934 42 H Ilag Liza Impact of a critical pathway on inpatient 3920 TC, Lilag@UMi 6-8279 P Endocrinolog management of diabetic ketoacidosis Box 0354 ch.edu y 31 O Jennings Jeffrey Human alveolar macrophages are Curtis Lab, JeffJenn@U 769-7100, P Pulmonary deficient in both phagocytosis and VA Hospital, mich.Edu ext. 5078 adhesion of apoptotic jurkat Route #111- G 6 O Kao John Mechamisms of therapeutic failure with 3912 Jykao@umi 5-2170 O Gastroenterol dendritic cell vaccine in colon cancer- Taubman ch.edu ogy bearing mice Ctr 35 M Keegan Catherine The andrenocortical dysplasia mouse as a 5552 KeeganC@ 3-6289 P Endo/Metabol candidate for human congenital adrenal MSRBII, Umich.edu ism hypoplasia Box 0678 69 M Keegan Catherine Adrenocortical dysplasia as a candidate 5552 KeeganC@ 3-6289 O Endo/Metabol for human congenital adrenal hypoplasia MSRBII, Umich.edu ism Box 0678 36 M Kesisoglou Filippos Adenoviral transfection is more efficient 6500 Fkesisog@U 3-7521 P Gastroenterol in CACO-2 cells that have a MSRBI, Box mich.edu ogy migratory/de-differentiated phenotype 0682 82 C Keszler Balazs Laszlo Molecular engineering in 200 Zina Bkeszler@m 5-0620 P Allergy nanotechnology.II. Structure and Pitcher 4026 ed.umich.ed composition of multifunctional devices Kresge II u for medical application. 32 M Khil Jinmo The role of interaction between 7200 Jkhil@UMic 6-9578 O Cardiology streptokinase and plasminogen in MSRBIII, h.edu streptococcal virulence Box 0644 37 C Kline-Rogers Eva Frequency of use and cost implications of 24 Frank EvaKline@ 998-0655, O Cardiology complementary and alternative medicine Lloyd Dr., Umich.edu ext. 229 among acute coronary syndrome patients Box 384 38 M Kolodsick Jill Decreased levels of leukotrienes correlate 6200 Jkolod@UM 7-9968 O Pulmonary with protection from experimental MSRBIII, ich.edu pulmonary fibrosis in IL-13 and IL-4/13 Box 0642 deficient mice 98 M Krijanovski Yelena High molecular weight kininogen 5200 Yelenak@m 7-2172 O Hem/Onc deficient patient with single basepair MSRBIII ed.umich.ed deletion in the surface binding region of u domain 5
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 5, July 22, 2010 39 M Lama Vibha Decreased prostaglndin E2 synthesis and 3916 TC, Vlama@UM 3-2540 O Pulmonary/C loss of suppressive effect on fibroblast Box 0360 ich.edu ritical care proliferation in alveolar epithelial cells from cyclooxygenase-2-deficient mice 40 M Law David J. Development of a mouse knockout model 3514 DaveLaw@ 6-6365 P Gastroenterol for ZBP-89, a regulator of homeostasis in MSRBI, Box Umich.edu ogy the mammalian gastrointestinal tract 0650 41 M Lee Inhan Molecular engineering in nanotechnology 9240 Inhan@UMi 7-5243 P Allergy III: Computer simulation and MSRBIII, ch.edu visualization of a multifunctional device Box 0648 43 H Lim Michael J. Atrial fibrillation: Does admission as UH B1F245 MJLim@U 6-5275 O Cardiology primary versus secondary diagnosis Mich.Edu impact quality of care? 84 M Lindell Dennis Protective Immunity to Cryptococcus 6240 Denmklin@ 6-9368 P Pulmonary neoformans in the absence of CD4+ T MSRBIII umich.edu cells 45 M Loberg Robert Glycogen synthase kinase 3 mediates 1552 Rloberg@U 3-0980 P Nephrology hypoxia-induced apoptosis via activation MSRBII, Mich.edu of the mitochondrial death pathway Box 0676 46 M Looyenga Brendan Exploring the molecular interactions 5552 Blooyeng@ 3-6289 P Endocrinolog between gonadal and adrenal tumors in MSRBIII, Umich.edu y the inhibin knockout mouse Box 0678 47 O Lopez-Diaz Lymari Interleukin-4 prevents H.felis-induced 3415 Lymaril@U 6-6363 O Internal gastritis by stimulating gastric MSRBII, Mich.edu medicine somatostatin Box 0676 48 C Majoros Istvan Molecular engineering in 4027 Majoros@U 5-0618 P Allergy, Cntr nanotechnology.I: Multifunctional KresgeII, mich.edu for Biologic devices for biomedical application Box 0533 Nanotechnolo gy 49 M Mansfield Pamela Granulocyte colony-stimulating fctor 7504 Pama@UMi 7-2901 P Nephrology primes nadph oxidase in neutrophils MSRBI, Box ch.edu through translocation of cytochrome b 558 0684 by gelatinase granule release 51 M Moeller Marcus Podocyte-specific expression of CRE 1574 Moeller@U 3-5313 P Nephrology recombinase driven by a 2.5 KB podocin MSRBII, Mich.edu promoter fragment in transgenic mice Box 0676 52 H Montoye Cecelia Effectiveness of quality improvement 24 Frank Cmontoye@ 998-0655, O Cardiology initiative guidelines applied to practice Lloyd Dr., Umich.edu ext. 293 project in improving the care of medicare Box 384
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 6, July 22, 2010 patients in women with acute myocardial infarction 53 M Moore Bethany Pro-fibrotic actions of MCP-1: 6301 Bmoore@U 7-8378 P Pulmonary Inhibition of PGE2 synthesis in lung MSRBIII, Mich.edu macrophages and alveolar epithelial cells Box 0642 54 C Moscucci Mauro Effect of pre-procedure lipid lowering 3910 TC, Moscucci@ 6-5598 O Cardiology therapy on in-hospital mortality Box 0366 Umich.edu following percutaneous coronary interventions: An analysis of a large multicenter database 55 O Moseley Richard H. Effect of thiazolidinediones on bile acid VAMC 111, Rmoseley@ 761-7986 P Gastroenterol transport Box 2399 Umich.edu ogy 56 M Munoz Maura Helicobacter pylori caga activation of 3510 MEMunoz 6-6363 O Gastroenterol MAPK stimulates IL-8 and the cell cycle MSRB1, Box @Umich.ed ogy 0650 u 57 M Myc Andrzej Mechanism of immune response that 9346 Myca@UMi 5-3594 P Allergy protects mice from viral pneumonitis MSRBIII, ch.edu after a single intranasal immunization Box 0648 with influenza A virus and nanoemulsion 112 C Nallamothu Brahmajee Syncope in aortic dissection: diagnostic, B1F245 UH Bnallamo@ Page 0294 P Cardiology prognostic, and clinical implications Box 0366 umich.edu 114 H Niell Bethany BRCA1 and BRCA2 Founder mutations 4301 Mrsniell@u 5-6973 O Medical and the risk of colorectal cancer MSRBIII mich.edu Genetics Box 0638 110 M Nihalani Deepak A novel model for MLK and JIP 1574 MSRBI Deepakn@u 3-5313 P Nephrology mediated JNK module activation Box 0676 mich.edu 91 M Nikolovska- Zaneta Structure-based discovery of novel Zanetan@m 4-2464 P Hem/Onc. Coleska protein kinase B inhibitors ed.umich.ed u 50 M Noverr Mairi Modulation of immune responses by 6240 McFalone@ 6-9368 P Pulmonary/C cryptococcal virulence factors MSRBIII, Umich.edu ritical Care Box 0642 58 M Oelke Kurt Overexpression of methylation sensitive 3918 TC, Koelke@U 3-6941 P Rheumatolog genes in T cells from patients with active Box 0940 Mich.edu y lupus
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 7, July 22, 2010 59 M Olszewski Michal Deactivation of pulmonary innate 6240 Olszewsm@ 6-9368 P Pulmonary/C immune response to staphylococcus MSRBIII, Umich.edu ritical Care aureus following non-thoracic surgery Box 0642 (laparotomy) – Role of cytokines 60 C Oral Elif Effect of leptin replacement on pituitary 3920 TC, ElifOral@U 5-7271 O Endocrinolog hormone regulation in patients with Box 0354 Mich.edu y/Metabolism severe lipodystrophy 88 O Ordemann Rainer Enhanced Allostimulatory Activity of 6410 CCGC Ordemann@ 5-3342 P Hem/Onc antigen-presenting cells in aged mice umich.edu accelerates graft-versus-host disease 61 C Oscherwitz Jon A novel recombinant vaccine for the VAMC joscher@um 769-7100, P Heme/Onc treatment and prevention of alzheimer’s Research ich.edu ext 5550 disease srv, 11-R, Box 2399 87 M Pandrangi Raj The role of adenoviral TNF a (Ad TNF) Pandrang@u 6-9368 P Pulmonary in the development of Th1 responses to mich.edu Cryptococcus neoformans 30 O Park James L. Vascular reactivity is altered in GLUT1 1552 JimPark@U 3-0980 O Nephrology antisense and GLUT4 knockout mice MSRBII, mich.edu Box 0676 62 O Patrie Kevin Identification of proteins interacting with 1580 Kpatrie@U 5-2414 O Nephrology the tight junction membrane-associated MSRBII, Mich.edu guanylate kinase protein MAGI-1 Box 0676 44 M Peng Lin Regulation of intimal hyperplasia after 7301 Lpeng@UM 6-9578 O Cardiology arterial injury by plasminogen activator MSRBIII, ich.edu inhibitor-1 and vitronectin Box 0644 89 M Pop-busiu Rodica Oxidative stress, systemic inflammation 5580 Stevensm@ 7-3423 P Endocrine and adrenergic hyper-reactivity as MSRBII / umich.edu predictors of diabetic microvascular Box 0678 complications 64 M Punturieri Antonello Murine resident alveolar macrophages VA Health Pantonel@U 769-7100, O Pulmonary/C require combined toll-like receptors 2 Ctr, 2214 mich.edu ext 7014 ritical Care and 4 triggering to fully respond to gram- Fuller, Res negative stimulants Section 11-R 4 M Raetzman Lori LHX4 and PROP1 are required for cell 4323 Raetzman@ 3-5987 O Medical survival and expansion of the pituitary MSRBIII / umich.edu Genetics primordia Box 0638 92 C Rajagopalan Sanjay Long term safety and efficacy of L3119 Srajagop@u 5-4907 O Cardiology intramuscular administration of Clinical Women's mich.edu
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 8, July 22, 2010 Investigation: Hospital Box Diagnostics/Therapeutics-1023 0273 (AdgvVEGF121.10) in patients with intermittent claudication 78 O Ramamoorthy Saravanan Regulation and function of NF-kB in 6518 Srama@UM 7-2954 P Gastroenterol isolated gastric parietal cells MSRBI, Box ich.edu ogy 0682 63 O Reddy Pavan Interleukin-18 mobilized allogeneic bone 6410 CCGC, Reddypr@U 5-3343 O Heme/Onc marrow transplantation attenuates acute Box 0914 mich.edu graft versus host disease in a STAT6 dependent pathway while preserving the graft versus leukemia effect 70 M Reddy Raju C. Activation of peroxisome proliferator- 6301 Rajuc@Umi 6-7576 O Pulmonary activated receptor-gamma during sepsis MSRBIII, ch.edu attenuates alveolar macrophage Box 0642 respiratory burst 71 M Reeve Jennifer The thrombotic response to arterial 7301 Jreeve@UM 3-7838 P Cardiology injury is enhanced in catepsin S-deficient MSRBIII, ich.edu mice Box 0644 108 M Revan Vidyashankar Expression of chemokine receptors in 3918 TC Box Vbrevan@u 6-5634 P Allergy lymphocytes with allergen stimulation. 0380 mich.edu 72 M Sampey Annaleise Effect of nitric oxide donors on 5504 Asampey@ 7-4789 O Rheumatolog cyclooxygenase-2 and microsomal MSRBI, Box Umich.edu y prostaglandin E synthase expression 0680 73 M Sanden Silja Characterization of a podocyte-specific 1562 Ssanden@U 6-1904 O Nephrology promoter from the human NPHS2 MSRBII, Mich.edu podocin gene Box 0676 106 C Schmidt Michael A. Interactive effects of a common NOS III L3119 Mikeasch@ 5-4907 P Cardiology Polymorphism with ACE genotype on Women’s umich.edu endothelial function Box 0273 3 C Schnaar Allison Glucose levels greater than 200 mg/dl 3920 TC / Aschnaar@u 6-8279 P Endocrine following a 50-g glucose challenge Box 0354 mich.edu effectively identify women with gestational diabetes mellitus 76 H Shu Liming Regulation of phospholipase C-y activity 1558 Lshu@UMi 3-0992 P Nephrology by glycosphingolipids MSRBII, ch.edu Box 0676
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 9, July 22, 2010 77 C Sirachainan Ekaphop Development of a real-time quantitative 5301 Ekasira@U 7-0536 P Heme/Onc PCR assay for universal detetion of MSRBIII, Mich.edu recombinant Moloney murine leukemia Box 0640 proviral genome in transduced hematopoietic cells 8 M Sitwala Kajal The nuclear phosphoprotein DEK is 5315 Kajal@umic 6-8185 O Infectious acetylates and accumulates in splicing MSRBIII/Bo h.edu Diseases bodies x 0640 19 C Smith Dean E. Practice and outcome variations in 24 Frank SmithDE@ 998-0655, P Cardiology percutaneous coronary intervention: An Lloyd Dr., Umich.edu ext 240 analysis of a large multicenter PCI Box 384 database 107 O Stepan Vinzenz Role of small GTP-binding proteins in 6518 MSRBI Vstepan@u 7-2954 P Gastroenterol the growth-promoting and anti-apoptotic Box 0682 mich.edu ogy actions of gastrin. 83 M Stevens Martin Over-expression of aldose reductase 5580 Stevensm@ 7-3423 P Endocrine (AAR) attenuates oxidative stress and MSRBII, umich.edu delays nerve conduction slowing in Boxes 0678 streptozotocin-diabetic (D) mice 27 M Sun Hongmin The murine platelet and plasma factor V 4520 Hongmin@ 7-4786 O Medicine/Gen pools are biosynthetically distinct and MSRBI, Box Umich.edu etics both contribute to minimal hemostasis 0650 79 M Sundaresan Renuka Analysis of interactions of dengue virus 5500 Rsundar@U 7-1961 P Rheumatolog envelope protein with its MSRBI, Box mich.edu y glycosaminoglycan receptor 0680 111 M Verma Rakesh Nephrin associates with and is tyrosine 1574 Rakeshv@u 3-0981 P Nephrology phosphorylated by specific SRC family MSRBII, mich.edu kinases Box 0676 93 M Vidyashankar Revan Expression of chemokine receptors in 3918 TC Box Vbrevan@u 6-5634 P Allergy lympocytes with allergen stimulation 0380 mich.edu 80 M Wang Su He Sensitization of human thyroid 7301 N/A 7-0051 P Allergy carcinoma cells to apoptosis by interferon MSRBIII, gamma Box 0644 101 M Wu Yu-Qun Gene expression patterns in early vs. late- 7430 CCGC Cathywu@u 4-6483 P Hematology/ onset prostate cancer Box 0946 mich.edu Oncology 104 M Xiaoming Bi Genetic modifiers of obesity in mice 7315 Xbi@umich. 6-2008 O Cardiology MSRBIII edu Box 0644
    • Department of Internal Medicine Research Symposium Abstract List P. 10, July 22, 2010 95 M Yang Chao-Yie Computational protein folding through 2423 Med Chaoyie@m 4-2449 P Hem/Onc self-guided molecular dynamics Sci I Box ed.umich.ed 0934 u 96 O Yazdani Ali Orexin and its receptors are present in 3912 TC Ayazdani@ 64780 O GI the enteric nervous system: orexin umich.edu induced contractility reduced by fasting. 97 C Yee Kimberly Should creatinine phosphokinase 3910 TC , Kcy@umich 668-7176 O Cardiology myocardial band measurements be Box 0366 .edu abandoned in acute coronary syndrome patients? 99 M Yermalenka Mikhail Endogenous ovine growth hormone- 3920 TC Box Cjaffee@um 65504 P Endocrine releasing hormone is bound to 0354 ich.edu immunoglobulins in plasma 7 M Yu Jingcheng Regulation of throxine to 5562 Jingyu@Um 3-3049 P Endo & triiodothyronine conversation by MSRBII/Box ich.edu Metabolism cytokines: An invitro model for the sick 0678 euthyroid syndrome 102 O Zavros Yana Gastrin infusion partially restores the 3415 MRBII Yzavros@u 6-6363 O GI sonic hedgehog protein in the gastrin- mich.edu deficient mice