Cardiology Information Management System


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Cardiology Information Management System

  1. 1. Medical IT Cardiology Information Management System delivering technology ahead delivering technology ahead
  2. 2. Cardiology Information Management System Estensa is a dedicated information system for the management of all agement, order entry and worklist distribution. The automatic real- Cardiologic Department activities: Interventional Cardiology, Electro- time stock and inventory management, with barcode reader support, Cardiography, EchoCardiography, Electrophysiology. Based on Smart- allows for a timely control of costs, expiration dates and disposables. Client technology, it merges the benefits of typical Client Server so- Any procedure/exam can be documented and statistically analyzed lutions with the simple distribution method of the Web based solu- for a complete scientific data extraction and cost-saving optimiza- tions. Unifying all administrative and clinical procedures and exams tion. Thanks to DICOM 3.0, HL7 and FDA-XML standard communica- in a single interface, Estensa becomes essential for data manage- tion protocols, Estensa connects to all modalities, supporting systems ment, statistics, report creation, imaging and recording signal man- interoperability and avoiding data duplication. Plan & Execute Report & Review Archive & Record Distribute Enterprise-wide information Professional Workstations PACS & publishing Image distribution systems to streamline for Cardiologic image systems for small, over Intranet/Internet clinical and administrative visualization, elaboration distributed & enterprise workflow & reporting film-less hospitals The Cardiology Workflow Management in One Powerful Solution Feature & Benefits > Better patient care with a global cardiologic history through a collection of all clinical, administrative and procedural data in a unique suite > Advanced network management with different access user profiles > Multi-modality Imaging Management System (Angiographic, Echographic & EchoCardiographic, IVUS, etc…) > Different device manufacturer ECG recording signal support > Professional and homogeneous report creation for all Interventional Cardiology/Electrophysiology procedures and for all Electrocardi- ography/EchoCardiography exams > Integration with hospital information systems and modalities via HL7, DICOM 3.0 and FDA-XML > Integrated search engine, with powerful clinical and administrative data extraction tools > Interactive Vascular and Coronary Atlas for graphical reporting and printing > Integration with Microsoft Excel for data exporting, viewing, and data distribution > Cost per procedure immediately available and detailed accounting report, multi-department warehouse management > Full traceability of implanted materials per manufacturer, product lot, patient and procedure > Certified as software for validation of Laboratory Quality Standards ("GISENetwork": Outcome survey of Coronary Angioplasty) > Compliant with GISE (Italian Group of Interventional Cardiology) & SIEC (Italian Group of EchoCardiopgaphy) guidelines > Compliant with ASE (American Society of Echocardiography) recommendations for a standardized adult Transthoracic report > Compliant with European Laws on secure archiving and privacy policies This brochure contains information related to a product commercially available from October 2009 Esaote S.p.A. HEADQUARTERS Via A. Siffredi, 58, I - 16153 Genoa Tel. +39 010 6547.1 REGISTERED OFFICE Viale Bianca Maria, 25 I - 20122 Milan Capital 30.000.000,00 Euro C.C.I.A.A. Milan Fiscal Code/V.A.T. Code 05131180969 EBITAET OFFICES Via A. Siffredi, 58 I - 16153 Genoa Tel. +39 010 6547.464 Fax +39 010 6547.465 - Via di Caciolle, 15 I - 50127 Florence Tel. +39 055 4229.1 Fax +39 055 4229.472