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  1. 1. DIVISION OF CARDIOLOGY FACULTY LISTING Robert H. Beekman, III, M.D., Division Director, Professor D. Woodrow Benson, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Director Cardiovascular Genetics Randal P. Claytor, Adjunct Associate Professor Linda Cripe, M.D., Assistant Professor Stephen Daniels, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Director, Preventive Cardiology, Associate Chair, Department of Pediatrics Catherine Dent, M.D., Assistant Professor Michael Epstein, M.D., Assistant Professor Jeanne James, M.D., Research Assistant Professor Thomas Kimball, M.D., Professor, Director, Echocardiography Timothy Knilans, M.D., Associate Professor, Director, Electrophysiology Richard Meyer, M.D., Professor Erik Michelfelder, M.D., Assistant Professor John Morrison, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor David Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Co-director, Cardiac ICU Steven Schwartz, M.D., Assistant Professor, Co-director, Cardiac ICU David Shim, M.D., Assistant Professor, Director, Cardiac Cath Lab Robert Spicer, M.D., Professor, Medical Director of Heart Transplant Program Karen Uzark, R.N., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director, Cardiac Process Improvement and Clinical Effectiveness Kathy Wright, D.V.M., Research Assistant Professor Left to right: (1st row) T. Knilans, R. Beekman, J. James, (2nd row) M. Epstein, R. Meyer, C. Dent, J. Morrison 25
  2. 2. OVERVIEW The Division of Cardiology has three fundamental missions: 1) To advance pediatric cardiovascular medicine through clinical and laboratory research; 2) To train future leaders in academic pediatric cardiology; and 3) To provide outstanding care to patients with congenital or acquired cardiovascular disease, from the fetus through the young adult. The division supports active research programs in the clinical and basic sciences. Clinical research is underway in the key subspecialties of pediatric cardiology including cardiac critical care, echocardiography, electrophysiology, genetic cardiology, heart failure, interventional cardiology, outcomes research and preventive cardiology. Basic science research is strengthened through an active collaboration with the Division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology. Investigations are underway to elucidate the molecular and genetic aspects of pediatric cardiovascular disease. Several faculty members have joint appointments in Cardiology and Molecular Cardiovascular Biology to facilitate the translation of basic science to the clinical arena and patient care. The goal of the pediatric cardiology fellowship program is to provide excellent training experiences to develop future academic leaders in the field of pediatric cardiology. The core three-year fellowship includes approximately 20 months of intense clinical rotations to provide each fellow with an in-depth experience in general and subspecialty pediatric cardiology. Approximately 12-14 months are available to each fellow to pursue clinical or basic research interests. The second year of fellowship begins with a two month protected “research launch” rotation designed to enable each fellow to get a rapid effective start on an academic career. During this rotation each fellow meets with the Cardiology Research Council to ensure that each fellow receives strong guidance and mentoring in academic cardiology and career development. During the past two years, as a result of this new “research launch” experience, approximately 50% of our fellows have received American Heart Association fellowship grant awards. The fellowship experience also includes a large number of didactic teaching sessions, including a three month core curriculum lecture series which begins each July. The Division of Cardiology provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care, on an inpatient and outpatient basis, for the fetus, newborn, child and young adult with congenital or acquired cardiovascular disease. The Fetal Cardiology Program is a multidisciplinary approach to diagnostic and therapeutic planning for families whose fetus has suspected or identified congenital heart disease. The Inpatient Cardiology Service consists of two pediatric interns, a cardiology fellow and attending faculty who together provide daily inpatient and consultative care throughout the medical center. The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit provides state-of-the-art care for patients with the most complex congenital or acquired cardiovascular disease. The cardiac ICU team consists of a cardiology fellow, cardiac intensivist, and well-trained cardiac-focused intensive care nurses. There is close collaboration with the Division of Critical Care Medicine, and three of our cardiologists are also fully trained in pediatric critical care. Cutting edge inpatient and outpatient care is also provided by the division’s subspecialty cardiology 26
  3. 3. programs in echocardiography, electrophysiology, cardiac catheterization and intervention, genetic cardiology, heart failure and cardiac transplantation, and preventive cardiology. Twenty-five cardiology clinics are held at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center weekly, and the division staffs approximately 150 satellite cardiology clinics annually throughout the region. HIGHLIGHTS The division’s research activities continued to be strong during the past year. The Preventive Cardiology Research Program led by Stephen Daniels, M.D., Ph.D., continued to be highly successful. Substantial NIH grant funding supported investigation of the effects of race on blood pressure in adolescent females, the effects of visceral adiposity on cardiovascular disease risk in females, and the epidemiology of body mass rebound following weight loss. The Cardiovascular Genetics Research Program led by Woody Benson, M.D., Ph.D., continued its pioneering work to uncover the genetic origins of human congenital heart disease. Dr. Benson received NIH funding to support studies of the genetic and molecular origins of cardiovascular disease, and the genetic origin of AV conduction abnormalities in children. Research activity continued at a very high level in the pediatric echocardiography program. Led by Tom Kimball, M.D., this program has achieved national stature as a leader in the non-invasive assessment of ventricular function in children with acquired and congenital cardiovascular disease. The cardiology clinical programs continued to provide a very high level care to children and young adults with the most complex cardiovascular disease. The Heart Center, a multidisciplinary clinical program unifying the efforts of cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and cardiac-focused nursing and patient services, provided the mechanism to successfully achieve the goal of clinical excellence. This past year is particularly notable for a high level of planning activity for near term creative growth and development of our clinical programs. These include: 1) The conversion of our echo lab to an entirely digital infrastructure and network; 2) The establishment of a cardiology information network to manage patient care and clinical research information digitally; 3) The expansion of our cardiac catheterization program to two new all digital labs, to include a digital cardiac angiography network and archiving system; and 4) planning for a new cardiac inpatient ward and stepdown unit to be housed in the new patient care building A. Important functional changes will include incorporation of the cardiac ward nursing team into the Heart Center Program, and integration of the cardiac catheterization program into the inpatient ward facility. All of these clinical enhancements are expected to come on line over the next 12 months. CLINICAL DATA Patient Encounters: Inpatient 2,568 Outpatient 8,395 27
  4. 4. TRAINING Terrence Chun, M.D. PL V Cedars-Sinai Medical Center William Border, M.D. PL VI Baystate Medical Center David Cooper, M.D. PL VI University of South Florida Daniel Gruenstein, M.D. PL VI Children’s Hospital Medical Center Holly Ippisch, M.D. PL IV Loma Linda University Children’s Gerald Johnson, M.D. PL V Vanderbilt University Medical Ctr. Larry Markham, M.D. PL IV Albany Medical Center Christopher McDermott, M.D. PL IV Univ. of Arkansas, Medical Sciences Mark Zilberman, M.D. PL V Indiana University Medical Center GRANTS, CONTRACTS & INDUSTRY AGREEMENTS Grant and Contract Awards Benson, W. Genetic Mechanisms of Cardiac Disease in the Young National Institutes of Health K24 HL69712 06/15/01 - 05/31/06 $122,526/$612,630 Benson, W. Genetic Origin of Structural and Functional Defects of Atrioventricular Conduction in Humans National Institutes of Health (Medical University of South Carolina subcontract) P01 HD39946 06/28/01 – 04/30/06 $85,491/$440,658 Benson, W. Molecular Determinants of Pediatric Heart Disease National Institutes of Health (Washington University subcontract) P50 HL61006 03/01/01 - 12/31/03 $154,470/$439,487 Border, W. The Prevelance and Determinants of LV Diastolic Function in Hyoertensive Children American Heart Associate – Ohio Valley Affiliate PF 0120186B 07/01/01 - 06/30/02 $37,000/$76,000 28
  5. 5. Cooper, D. Ventricular Resynchronization in Patients with Right Ventricular Dysfunction and Abnormal Conduction after Congenital Heart Surgery American Heart Associate – Ohio Valley Affiliate PF 0120297B 07/01/01 - 06/30/02 $37,000/$76,000 Daniels, S. Visceral Adiposity and CVD Risk in Women National Institutes of Health R01 HL66430-02 03/05/01 – 02/28/06 $487,263/$2,251,463 Daniels, S. Fibromyalgia and TMD in Young Women-Multiracial Study National Institutes of Health (University of California San Francisco subcontract) R01 DE13487 09/25/99 – 08/31/02 $20,684/$103,622 Daniels, S. The Epidemiology of Body Mass Index Rebound National Institutes of Health R01 HL64022 08/17/01 – 07/31/05 $465,926/$2,317,851 Daniels, S. Genetic Epidemiology of Energy Metabolism in Black Girls National Institutes of Health (University of Pittsburgh subcontract) R01 HL66070 05/01/01 – 04/30/05 $172,686/$676,944 Morrison, J. Longitudinal LDL-C Studies in Black and White Families National Institutes of Health R01 HL62394 07/01/00 – 06/30/04 $413,123/$1,674,525 Schroeder, V. Effect of Methylpredrisolone on the Inflammatory Response Following Cardiopulmonary Bypass American Heart Association - Ohio Affiliate, Inc. 0020320B 07/01/00 – 06/30/02 $35,000/$70,000 29
  6. 6. Wright, K. Developmental Changes in Chamber-Specific K+ Channels American Heart Association - Ohio Affiliate, Inc. 0060335B 07/01/00 – 06/30/02 $35,000/$70,000 Current Year Direct $2,344,590 Industry Contracts Daniels, S. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company $11,669 Daniels, S. Knoll Pharmaceuticals $61,201 Daniels, S. Merck and Company, Inc. $9,322 Daniels, S. Warner-Lambert Company $8,640 Epstein, M. Baxter Healthcare Corporation $12,003 Knilans, T. Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $4,619 Nelson, D. Baxter Healthcare Corporation $3,662 Schwartz, S. Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc. $5,544 Shim, D. General Electric $3,811 Wright, K. Procter and Gamble $4,935 Current Year Direct Receipts $125,406 TOTAL $2,469,996 30
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