The Django Web Framework (EuroPython 2006)
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The Django Web Framework (EuroPython 2006)



I just found this old presentation, and thought it was interesting as something I put together only a year after Django's first release.

I just found this old presentation, and thought it was interesting as something I put together only a year after Django's first release.



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The Django Web Framework (EuroPython 2006) The Django Web Framework (EuroPython 2006) Presentation Transcript

  • The Django Web FrameworkSimon Willison, 3rd July 2006
  • Web development onJournalism deadlines
  • ... in three days
  • Characteristics Clean URLs Loosely coupled components Designer-friendly templates Less code Really fast development
  • Components
  • URL dispatching
  • What code shall we execute?
  • (r^$, views.index),(r^hello/$, ‘views.hello),(r^poll/(d+)/$, ‘views.poll),
  • Views
  • def index(request): s = "Hello, World" return HttpResponse(s)
  • def index(request): name = request.GET[name] s = "Hi, " + escape(name) return HttpResponse(s)
  • Models
  • ...(r^poll/(d+)/$, views.poll),...
  • ...(r^poll/(d+)/$, views.poll),...def poll(request, poll_id): poll = Poll.objects.get( pk=poll_id ) return HttpResponse( Question: + poll.question )
  • class Poll(Model): question = CharField(maxlength=200) pub_date = DateTimeField()class Choice(Model): poll = ForeignKey(Poll) choice = CharField(maxlength=200) votes = IntegerField()
  • BEGIN;CREATE TABLE "polls_poll" ( "id" serial NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, "question" varchar(200) NOT NULL, "pub_date" timestamp with time zone NOT NULL);CREATE TABLE "polls_choice" ( "id" serial NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, "poll_id" integer NOT NULL REFERENCES "polls_polls" ("id"), "choice" varchar(200) NOT NULL, "votes" integer NOT NULL);COMMIT;
  • p = Poll( question = "Whats up?", pub_date = choice = "Some choice", votes = 0)
  • >>> p.id1>>> p.question"Whats up?">>> p.choice_set.all()[<Choice: Some choice>]
  • >>> Poll.objects.count()7>>> Poll.objects.filter( pub_date__year = 2006, pub_date__month = 5)["Whats up?"]>>> Poll.objects.all()[0:2]["Whats up", "Like Django?"]
  • Templates
  • Gluing strings together gets old fast
  • c = Context({ today:, edibles: [pear, apple, orange]})
  • <h1>Hello World!</h1><p>Today is {{ today|date:"jS F, Y" }}</p>{% if edibles %}<ul> {% for fruit in edibles %} <li>{{ fruit }}</li> {% endfor %}</ul>{% endif %}
  • <h1>Hello World!</h1><p>Today is 2nd July, 2006</p><ul> <li>pear</li> <li>apple</li> <li>orange</li></ul>
  • def hello(request): return render_to_response(hello.html,{ today:, edibles: [pear, apple, orange] })
  • Common headers and footers?
  • Template inheritance
  • base.html<html><head><title> {% block title %}{% endblock %}</title></head><body>{% block main %}{% endblock %}<div id=”footer”>{% block footer %}(c) 2006{% endblock %}</div></body></html>
  • home.html{% extends “base.html” %}{% block title %}Homepage{% endblock %}{% block main %}Main page contents goes here.{% endblock %}
  • combined<html><head><title> Homepage</title></head><body>Main page contents goes here.<div id=”footer”>(c) 2006</div></body></html>
  • Loosely coupled
  • Icing
  • Bengali Japanese Czech Dutch Welsh Norwegian Danish BrazilianGerman Romanian Greek Russian English Slovak Spanish Slovenian French Serbian Galician SwedishHebrew UkrainianIcelandic Simplified Chinese Italian Traditional Chinese
  • msgid "Usernames cannot contain the @ character."msgstr "Імя не може містити @ символ"
  • Forms are boring
  • 1. Display form2. Validate submitted data3. If errors, redisplay with: 3.1. Contextual error messages 3.2. Correct fields pre-filled4. ... do something useful!
  • Model validation rules+ the Manipulator API do all of this for you
  • The admin package does even more
  • No time to talk about... Generic views Data object serialisation Syndication framework Middleware Authentication and authorisation
  • Success stories
  • 170+ public Django-powered sites contributors1900+ mailing list subscribers (and 900+ onthe development list)And the Journal-World have convinced threenew people to go and work in Kansas
  • Find out more