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WCRT Newsletter Spring2012

  1. 1. 1 WCRT4 Newsletter NEWSLETTER  Complimentary Newsletter  CONTENTS REMEMBERING WCRT4 Remembering WCRT4/1Pre-Congress Workshops/2 In her speech at the opening night Tulin Etyemez Schimberg had started EARTh School Leaders with a poem by Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi and here, we would like to Meeting/3 recite it again: Opening Night/4 EARTh Movie /5 Caravan of Endless Joy Pros and Cons/6 Almost all and everything Come, come, whoever you are. about the Congress /7-14 Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving — it doesnt matter, Soul Searching Trip/15 Ours is not a caravan of despair. Goodbye to Roger/16 Come, even if you have broken your vow a hundred times, Until We Meet Again/17 Come, come again, come! WCRT4 DVDs on sale/18 So, all of you are welcome… again! This is a complimentary newsletter for all attendees of the WCRT4 and EARTh members; a reminiscence of its own kind: it follows the activities of the congress week, mostly in  pictures, with all kinds of expected and unexpected moments they  brought along. In other words, if you have some qualms about your possibly questionable moves at the some nights, you are kindly warned. EARTh This newsletter contains graphic material.Annual Convention In the “President’s Letter” dated September 2011 (which you may read 2012 in the EARTh web site), Hans TenDam says “What nourishment we provide one another at the congress? Of course, knowledge and Kleve, Germany experience and wisdom and all that. But something more primitive as July 16-20 well: company… Therapy is a lonely business; regression therapy is a very lonely business. Conventions and congresses are places where we for detailed information meet each other at a common watering hole…. During the congress there please visit will be no others. We will be among ourselves.” He is right.www.earth-association.org We hope that this complimentary newsletter will help you to relive the experience of being among ourselves. Again, if you have recurring  nightmares about an impossibly purple Gucci bag, you may not want to  continue.  The Program Committee of WCRT4 would like to thank all of you for WCRT5 making this congress a wonderful event where there were no others. See you in Porto, Portugal 6-9 October 2014   John van Raamsdonk
  2. 2. 2 WCRT4 Newsletter Pre-Congress Workshops, October 17-18 2011 Trisha Caetano USA “Integrating Psychosynthesis, Gestalt and Client- Centered Therapy in Regression Work” I could not make up my mind about this one: “Should I attend to Hans’ or Trisha’s?” Finally, I decidedto see Trisha in action and her way of tracing her stepsthrough a demo session was so informative that Icongratulated... myself (of course!) for this good decision. Ithought that I could catch Hans’ second workshop,anyway. However, due to a “hangover” (of the flu +rakikind), I missed Hans’ second workshop and I started todoubt my decision making capacity. Luckily, on my last day in Kusadasi, a Turkish friendasked me to translate her private session with Hans and...as you can imagine, it was like a private workshop for me. Like in the refrain, “somewhere in my youth or mychildhood (of some past lives, perhaps) I must have donesomething good”; because I have no other explanationfor such a good fortune and privilege of meeting,working and studying with such a wonderful gatheringof like-minded people. You are truly amazing! Thank you! - Yasemin TokatlıHans TenDamNetherlands“Transpersonal Integrations”
  3. 3. 3 WCRT4 NewsletterEARTh School Leaders Meeting, October 19 2011This meeting was so secretive that we couldn’t obtain any comments fromthe attending people. Some house maids were gossiping that in some rooms they saw somestrangely embroidered, long and black capes. Following this lead, SerdarÇilekar (our dear hard working photographer) took this picture by putting hislife at risk but we have no idea whatsoever what happened after thatmoment. The question remains: “Who’s the one in the middle with the paper bagover his head?” We want anwers.  Walking.. up and down the big stairs, walking through corridors, up and down to the beach, the swimming pool, up and down between the workshop rooms. Food.. for thought, conversations with all nationalities, even Dutch!, food for my heart, sense of belonging, connection, and lots of food for the stomach, many metres of salads, turkish dishes, international dishes, fruit, fish, meats, 5 metres of desserts, all colors of cakes, puddings, baklavas. Feeling warm, connected, satisfied, and even got some sun in the process. - Anita Groenendijk Just another coffee break “...another excuse to eat more good stuff”Danger! DessertsJohn van Raamsdonk“Only 0.5 metre of it.” Open air feast Laura Daggers de-Koning “Workshops help the appitite...and we help ourselves to another plate.”Cooking the Mongolian Chicken Bob Holmes is doing a sessionAnn Merivale while eating his lunch“Ann asks for the recipe, by the way. Anyone?” Ann Merivale “Wow! Bob is multi-tasking.”
  4. 4. 4 WCRT4 Newsletter Opening Night, October 19 2011 A big Regression family - with in-laws, new and old friends, and fiancées - the works and the talks presented by colleagues that meet every three years... We see each other growing older and wiser, but in fact, some have become younger.!? -Anonymous Hans TenDam EARTh Tülin Etyemez Schimberg President WCRT4 Chairperson for Program CommitteeOrganization was very very good, evenperfect! Presentations and presenters wereselected wisely. Each workshop I attendedI gained lots of knowledge and practicalinformation that I can utilize and apply. But of course, the most beautiful wasKusadasi. Thanks to everyone who worked for it. Cemal A. Gürsoy -Aydın Sözübir BILYAY Foundation President
  5. 5. 5 WCRT4 NewsletterEARTh MovieAt the opening night, when Tulin announced that we would watch a short review ofthe EARTh DVD “Why Regression Therapy?” we all felt proud and excited. This documentary is written and directed by Ulf Parczyk from Germany, itssoundtrack written by Resat Guner from Turkey and the narration done by DaveGraham from United Kingdom and produced by Nassos Komianos from Greece as thechairperson of the PR Committee. They are all distinguished colleagues of ours andthey gave all their love for this work. In this documentary, you will see interviews of the pioneers of Regression Therapy,who share their basic insights with us. And also, the first version of EARTh’s first DVD, is finally available for sale online. Please visit EARTh Web Site E-Shop: http://www.earth-association.org/eshop/dvds/ If you are an EARTh member, you have a 25% discount, but to activate yourdiscount you have to log in first. Please remember; this DVD is not for you only. It is good to send it out to friendsand colleagues who are in the borders of accepting our practice. or not. It could alsobe a nice birthday present for them or an open invitation. Either way if you log in and purchase the Pack Deal you will gain a further 50%discount. Just another advantage of becoming an EARTh member.  We wanted to thank our hard working colleagues for their contribution in the EARTh DVD by giving them some gifts in a proper award ceremony. Karen is asked to be the presenter of our kind of “Oscars”. And something not quite unexpected but we all have been suspecting all along had happened: A Star is Born! Karen proved herself as a first rate stand up comedienne. She simply made everybody in the audience laugh out loud. We will always remember her brilliant peformance. And... yes, her Gucci bag, too.  Ulf Parzyck Best Director Marion Boon Best Actress Murat Reşat Güner Best Composer Nassos Komianos Best Producer Karen Stemkens Best Presenter
  6. 6. 6 WCRT4 Newsletter He and his team recorded all and everything: Serdar, Onur and Alper. Thank you! John van Raamsdonk Classical Music Recital at the opening night: Food for our souls. Thank you, talented ladies of Izmir Symphony Orchestra! They never got lost in translation: Beyza and Nedret. Tulin’s “Heroes” team: Thank you! Selin, Tolga and Egemen. Thank you! PROS & Hotel was so small that CONS we had to squeeze into our rooms! There was only one “coffee cup reader” per 15 attendees! Outrageous!Laura Daggers de-KoningWe couldn’t take showers because towels were Prakriti Saxena Poddar in a ”state of the art”! Toilets were not “private” enough! Willemijn Luyendijk Willemijn Luyendijk
  7. 7. 7 WCRT4 NewsletterCongress Workshops, October 20-21-22Yuvraj KapadiaIndia“Emotional Empowerment andParallel Realities to Resolve Past Lives Issues” Did anyone see the “normal” guests of Pine Bay Hotel as they were goggling at the sign that says: “Yuvraj Kapadia - Witch Session”? This was a hilarious scene. Too bad, I didn’t have a camera.Jordan van der Zeijden Campos Dear colleagues and new friends,Brazil“Healing Panic by Regressive Therapy” I want to thank deeply to know every soul in this beautiful present Congress. Im pretty happy to be able to take a bit of a beautiful work that happens in Brazil for the world to see. You are beautiful. Every expression, every word, every gesture, every dance ... All full of the deepest belief in the mission and we are doing something for humanity. I am honored to be part of this team. I have much to show and the next step is to join the Earth and be closer and closer to you, to learn and be able to show as well. Unfortunately I could not look at the iris of all who asked me, my camera broke on the penultimate day. But this is to see ourselves again and again. Im adapting a technical resource for regression therapy location of the trauma in the age group and uterus through the iris and soon I will be glad to teach you this. Those who attended my workshop was examined or know what I mean. Love to all. - Jordan van der Zeijden CamposBarbara PomarUSA“How to succeed in Past Life Business,This Life.” Prakriti Saxena Poddar
  8. 8. 8 WCRT4 NewsletterGüzin Yener andBilun Altunlu ArmağanTurkey“Integrating EMDR in Regression Therapy” It was sometimes hard to choose which workshop to attend, there were so many interesting subjects. It’s very interesting and nice to see how different people work and combine regression therapy with other methods. Some of the methods I wouldn’tBonnie Cripe use myself, other methods I may add to myUSA approach.“Regression Therapy with Traditional Clients” But perhaps what’s even more inspiring than the workshops themselves is to be together with so many people from so many countries that work in this field. It’s so nice to talk to people that share the same interest and are – generally - likeminded. It was amazing to notice how easy you connect with people in such a setting. Some people I had never met before felt almost like family (perhaps they once were...) immediately. With others whom I’d already known before, I got much closer during the days at the congress. So, thanks to Tulin and everyone else for organizing! And thanks to all the other attendees for being there. It was wonderful! -Janine BooijMonique Houben and Karen StemkensNetherlands“Integrating Body, Mind and Soul through Soul Regression”
  9. 9. 9 WCRT4 NewsletterDiba Ayten YılmazTurkey“The Correlations Between Body, Mind and Soul:How to Resolve the Emotional andBiological Conflicts and Trauma Behind the Illnesses” I never expected it to be so good. The people, the organisation, the workshops, the hotel, the food, the sea and Turkey it was all great. It was something Ill never forget. -Wilma van ErpHans TenDamNetherlands“Core Issue Integrations”We got the chance of learning new techniquesand invaluable knowledge through first handexperience in demos and presentations ofrenowned experts in the field of regression therapyand also, the chance of bonding by meeting manypeople from various countries. Morever, we hadfun. I thank to all who worked hard to organize thisjoyful and informative congress. My hope is anincrease in the numbers of such events and aworld wide expansion of regression therapy. -Bersan CinerAnita GroenendijkNetherlands“Muscle Testing: Finding Attached Energiesand Past Life Information”
  10. 10. 10 WCRT4 NewsletterPavel GyngazovRussia Thank you so much“Integrating Extraterrestrial Experiences” for an unforgettable time of being among like-minded people. What a treat!!! Learning new techniques, new concepts, new ways. Connecting with old friends and discover the new ones. Sharing the stories, It was a great * Rifa was translating for Pavel experience! and she did a wonderful job. Thank you, Rifa! -Rifa Hodgson*Andy Tomlinson and Reena KumarasinghamUK“Integration Methods with Regression Therapy for Healing” Dear colleagues! It was a big joy to get to know all of you, to share, to get new ideas, to “hang out” together and laugh. Thank you very much for this joy! The days at the congress were busy and rich. It took some time to land really into everyday life again. -Marina Paula EberthNeeta YuvrajIndia“Redikall Healing and its use in Regression Therapy:Thought Reading for Enhanced Living”
  11. 11. 11 WCRT4 NewsletterPANELRichard StammlerUSA“Therapy and Experiences withPresences from Outer or Inner Earth”DEBATEChair Person: Marina Paula EberthPanel Attendees: Marion Boon, Richard Stammler, Pavel Gyngazov“The Presence of Non-terrestrial and Intra-terrestrial Beings in Regression Therapy” BELLY DANCE “An Ages-Old Therapy Tool for Regression Therapists” Attendees: ALL!!  a NO Man (see above) and a YES Man (see below) Formal informality and informal formality at the evening gatherings - all right after the most beautiful view on the sunset at the sea. And seeing Francois dancing with the Turkish Belly Dancer, was a great and charming photo! -Anonymous Marina Paula Eberth
  12. 12. 12 WCRT4 NewsletterJuanita PuddifootUK“Energy Drawings of Past Life Sessions & Experiential Energy Exercises” Everything was fantastic.... The most impressed I was with Nassos. He did three sessions at one time and afterwards, he said "Ohhhh! I never do this again!", looking very scared.  But I thought he gave Willemijn Luyendijk a wonderful presentation. Really marvelous. -Laura Daggers de-Marion Boon KoningNetherlands Pavel Gyngazov“Integration Sessions: the Crown on the process”Athanasios KomianosGreece I want to share with you why I chose to present Asklepeian“Hypnoscopesis: Integrating Ancient Therapeutic Therapy on my workshop.Techniques into Post-Modern Therapy” Last October Roger Woolger was visiting with me at Corfu. During that week we discussed a lot about traditional healing practices, especially those that had to do with incubation techniques chiefly practiced in the greater area of ancient Greece. The dream healing chambers that still exist are well preserved on the ancient sites of Asia Minor, nowadays western Turkey. No one could ever attempt to present such a workshop without first visiting these sacred places. During the last years I had already visited the remnants of such temples in Southern Italy and Sicily, I had seen most of similar sanctuaries in Greece, but I had not visited them in Turkey. Were I to make such a presentation in Turkey, I had first to visit and tune in with the specific spots. I had to resonate with the particular energies, walk on the same land that my ancestors walked on and feel the places. It was a decision I and Andromache made. Then Roger told me that he had planned for a similar trip to sacred places of Ancient Greece. It would take place at the same time. His students would come all the way from Brazil and after the tour of Greece they would end up in Turkey for the congress. That was a great way for them to have a far better picture during the seminar. My attempt with Andromache was to reenact and display in a short span what took place in a long period. Unfortunately for all, Roger’s tour was cancelled. So in a sense it was partially realized but I think with great success. Thanks to Asklepios for being there. Do not forget in such events people have difficult choices. They enjoy greatly one workshop, only to find after a while that the other ones were just as great. But that is how things are. - Athanasios Komianos
  13. 13. 13 WCRT4 NewsletterMaria Angelina PereiraPortugal“Integration of Trauma” Maria Angelina Pereira, she is GREAT in her work! Some people disappeared from the workshop room and she explained this as “not willing to see what grief there is still IN you” and I think she really has a point. -Laura Daggers de-KoningWalter SemkiwUSA Congresses are not only places to see how other colleagues work“Pearls from Ian Stevenson, and become better therapists ourselves. It is a place where ideasIncluding Cases from Turkey” should be exchanged and updates taken. Dr. Semkiw did an excellent work in summarizing and popularizing Dr Stevenson’s work. This is something missing in our field. We have all to realize that what we are dealing with is not necessarily fantasy material as our criticizers claim. Sometimes it is true memory recollection. The facts and objective evidence presented by Walter was more than compelling to say the least. Too bad that so few people are interested in such information. My opinion is that we certainly need more of this in our annual events. You can visit the ISSIS website and contribute with cases or translations if you wish on: http://www.iisis.net/index.php?page=reincarnation-evidence-past- lives-life-research-home&hl=en_US -Athanasios Komianos Newton Kondaveti / Lakshmi Gontu Venkata India “Reichian Character Structures and Processing and Integration of the Past Life Memories” ...the workshop that created nice tunes and good moves, even in the adjacent workshop rooms.. :) -Anonymous
  14. 14. 14 WCRT4 NewsletterDEBATEChair Person: Bob HolmesPanel Attendees: Hans TenDam, Andy Tomlinson, Trisha Caetano, Tülin Etyemez Schimberg“The Phenomenon of Archetypes; Individual Consciousness - as a Part of Collective Consciousness” CLOSING NIGHT Music improvisation by Reşat Güner Poems recited by Marion Boon and Hans TenDam Resat provided the most ephemeral tunes, Marion recited the best words human language could came up with and Hans provided the best poems and the closure. So ended tthe WCRT4,, offfiiciiallly.. So ended he WCRT4 o c a y
  15. 15. 15 WCRT4 NewsletterSoul Searching Trip I wanted to say a big thank you and hello to everyone from the congress in Turkey. Although I did not meet everyone, it was wonderful spending time with some of you. I have finally arrived back in the UK this weekend and have had time to create this drawing . For those of you who stayed to go on the sight seeing trip on Sunday, we went Pavel Gyngazov to a Artemis temple and had a short, but very powerful ceremony. I hope you enjoy the picture as when we called the earth energy this is what I saw rise out of the ground, a snake like energy then entwined with the energy we called in from above. These then radiated light and threads of light then spiraled around each of us in the circle, connecting us all to the huge universal light. All the best to everyone and hope to meet you again. Pavel Gyngazov - Juanita Puddifoot Lunch at Ephesus Ann Merivale Orbs at Mother Mary’s House Karen Stemkens Pavel Gyngazov
  16. 16. 16 WCRT4 NewsletterGoodbye to Roger J. WoolgerAt the time of WCRT4, Roger was ill and hospitalized sohe couldn’t attend the Congress. We missed him, his Two months ago, while in hospital in London, our father,way of presenting his workshops, his jokes and his Roger was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.poems. Unfortunately, news from him grew grim with One month ago we brought him back to Upstate Neweach passing day and finally, on November 18, 2011 his York, where he felt most at home, to take care of him.family announced that he passed away. Yesterday he passed away with all of us, his children, Knowing that Roger is the best equipped man for the gathered around him. His passage was peaceful & withoutHereafter, we do not grieve for him ...but for ourselves any pain.because, it is sure that this side of the existence is tad a Thank you all for your love, support & prayers. We willlittle bit dull without Roger. be in touch & in his own way, so will he be, from the spirit This page is dedicated to some last messages about realm.Roger. Love to all, May he be completely awake in death and ride the -The Woolger ClanBardo states! Just to let you know that Roger Woolger passed away last friday after a serious yet quite brief illness. I believe it was a peaceful transition with his family around him. Roger has had a huge influence on the development of Regression Therapy around the globe and will be missed by many. I met him last summer, attended his workshop and interviewed him about his work in Regression Therapy for the Why Regression Therapy? dvd. Although I did not know him well, it was clear he had a passion for life and a passion for helping others through regression. As a pioneer of Regression Therapy, Roger often had to stand alone in this. -Dave Graham Yesterday I was at dear Roger Woolger’s (friend/colleague/mentor/brothers) memorial with about 50 of his family, friends and community which was only a tiny representation of his global tribe. We cried, laughed, shared stories and our heartfelt connection. It was over too soon...just like his time here on earth. But he was and has been so present and is really enjoying his new found freedom in the spirit world...now he can be everywhere at once...instead of taking planes all over the world. After 10 years of working together, five of them sharing a house and office in NY, I didn’t know what memories to share that would capture who he truly was. I read some letters from his international community containing descriptions such as Troubadour, Alchemist, Shaman, Renaissance Man, but even these fall short of shining a light on his natural brilliance. I shared two memories of the time I spent with him in London while he was in Hospice. The first was when we were ‘busting him out’ every weekend to take excursions and the head of the hospice whispered to me “It’s ok, we don’t mind if he treats this place like a hotel.” Such was his adventurous spirit…right to the end, and the staff was touched by that, as they also said “He obviously is a man who lives his life to the fullest”. Because he did, he gave so many others ‘permission’ to push their own boundaries and discover who they truly were. The other memory was of me reading to him the 20+ pages of well wishes and thoughts that were coming in from around the world, and he burst into tears, he was genuinely stunned by all the love and appreciation and didn’t feel worthy of such admiration….and I told him that is exactly why you ARE worthy of it. His authentic humility and generous heart, is truly why people loved him so much!!! There is so much more left to say…but of all the words Ive said to you...and about you...Goodbye is the one I cant speak -Patricia Walsh
  17. 17. 17 WCRT4 NewsletterUntil we meet again...Dear WCRT4 attendee,Thank you for attending and supporting with your presence WCRT4 in Turkey. We hope that the congresswas meaningful to you and that it will help your practice. Apparently, it was premature to have the Fifth World Congress in Canada in 2014, so we decided to haveit in a country with a larger base of regression therapists. The choice fell on Portugal. For next WorldCongresses (2017 and 2020), both Canada and India are shortlisted already. Bob Holmes is exploring thepossibility of founding a Canadian association of regression therapists. We are happy to inform you that the next Congress will be in Porto, the second city in Portugal. The newCongress Committee has constituted itself, picked dates and a theme. Of course, EARTh is sponsoring the congress. Other sponsors are being sought. The Congress Committeeis in contact with local organizations and possibly we will have the support of a local university. Progress on the program and the organization will be announced on the congress website: www.regressioncongress.org. WCRT5 Portugal 5th World Congress for Regression Therapy 6-9 October 2014, Porto Miind Healliing Body,, Body Healliing Miind iin Regressiion Therapy M nd Hea ng Body Body Hea ng M nd n Regress on Therapy Pre-congress courses on 4-5 October 2014 Congress Committee Sueli Simões, MD, CRT, Chair (Portugal) Maria Angelina Pereira, MD, CRT (Portugal) Mário Simões, PhD, MD, CRT (Portugal) Marina Paula Eberth, MA, CRT (Estonia) Karen Stemkens, PRT (Netherlands) For more information about Porto and Portugal please visit: http://www.visitporto.travel/Visitar/Paginas/default.aspx
  18. 18. 18 WCRT4 NewsletterWCRT4 DVDs on sale!All the professional video recordings of the WCRT4 are now available and you can purchase themonline from EARTh e-shop. For those who did not come to Turkey or for those who missedwonderful workshops, here is the chance to compensate the loss. In total there are 31 products. Not only are there all the workshops and the pre-workshopsavailable, but you can also purchase the debates, the fabulous and impressive opening night withKarens Oscar ceremony, or the closing night with Resat in piano and Marion singing. Above all you will find Package deals which are special offers and far cheaper for you to acquire. Enjoy and share with colleagues and friends who want to know what we are doing in RegressionTherapy. You can also give to conventional colleagues you do not like, or to "skeptics" in particular. E-shop until you drop!!! http://www.earth-association.org/eshop/ Special Thanks to Our Sponsors We hope to see you in WCRT5, Portugal-2014