Traditional Cuisine in Austria - IFMIK Wien


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Presentation about Traditional Cuisine in Austria.
Eu Treasure Hunt Project.

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Traditional Cuisine in Austria - IFMIK Wien

  1. 1. presented bypresented by Institut für die Förderung von Mehrsprachigkeit, interkulturellen Kompetenzen und Gleichbehandlung For the project meeting of the project EU Treasure Hunt in London March 2013
  2. 2. Austrian Food..... Austria was once the center of a large empire stretching from France to Russia and from the Baltic Sea to Turkey, imparting a varied heritage to Austria's cuisine. Indeed modern Austria now borders Italy, Hungary and Germany, among others -- and theirHungary and Germany, among others -- and their culinary influences are the strongest. Austria's capital city of Vienna even claims its own cuisine as if it were a separate country -- it's the smallest Austrian state but also the most populous at over 1.5 million, which is one-fifth the population of the entire nation. Join us as we tour the country that gave us apple strudel and weinerschnitzel.
  3. 3. If the only impression you have of Austria is the Von Trapp family singing their repertoire from the Sound of Music, then travelling food lovers will beSound of Music, then travelling food lovers will be pleasantly surprised by their cuisine. Don’t expect light fare when visiting Austria, in fact most dishes are sumptuously rich and happily satisfying. There is limited variety in the cuisine but what they do cook is done well..
  4. 4. Specialities originate from all countries of the former monarchy Austria's specialities originate from all countries of the formerall countries of the former monarchy: Hungary, Bohemia, Italy.... They were perfected here, turned into joys for the eyes and the taste-buds. The expression of a joie de vivre that is equally to be found in a simple corner cafe or a luxury restaurant.
  5. 5. Most famous dishes The food is the main thing wherever you are: Schnitzel and Tafelspitz. Kaiserschmarren and Powideltascherl. Vienna is a city of gourmets. The dishes are works of art, created by true enthusiasts. Poetic combinations ofcreated by true enthusiasts. Poetic combinations of flour and sugar, like Sachertorte, Gugelhupf or Apfelstrudel. It's literally "o dolce vita" at the cake shops. .
  6. 6. Tafelspitz Prime beef from the rump boiled and garnished with horseradish and apple sauce, chive sauce, served with home-fried or roast potatoesor roast potatoes
  7. 7. Wiener Schnitzel Veal cutlet breaded and fried, servedfried, served with salad and pommes frites or potato salad.
  8. 8. Erdäpfel Salat / Potato salad Potato salad made from boiled potatoes, dices and marinated in a mixture of vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Good accompaniaqment for for Wiener schnitzel.for Wiener schnitzel.
  9. 9. Zweibelrostbraten Braised beefsteak with onions
  10. 10. Knödel / Dumplig Light fluffy dumplings which contain seven basic ingredients: flour, potatoes, semolina, bread rolls, ricotta, cheese and yeast
  11. 11. Apfelstrudel Rolled pastry filled with apple, breadcrumbs and raisins. Canand raisins. Can be served on it's own or with hot vanilla sauce or ice cream.
  12. 12. Kaiserschmarren / (Emperor's Trifle) A kind of desert omelet (or fluffy pancake) torn with two forks,sprinkledforks,sprinkled with powdered sugar.
  13. 13. Gugelhupf A special Viennese cake. the ideal accompaniment to a Melange andto a Melange and an essential ingredient of Viennese afternoon coffee.
  14. 14. Sachertorte A chocolate cake made according to a traditional recipe developed by Franz Sacher.
  15. 15. Austrian Coffee..... In Austria, you never order just coffee – they'll know you're a tourist. There is an Austrian word for every coffee imaginable. Here are a few: Einspanner (or "hitch") Sweet black demitasse, a strong black coffee, served inSweet black demitasse, a strong black coffee, served in a glass with whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate powder. Kapuziner ("monk") A small amount of coffee mixed with a large amount of milk. Fiaker ("coachman") Sweetened demitasse served in a glass
  16. 16. Austrian Coffee..... 2 Grosser Brauner ("big brown") Large cup of coffee with a dash of milk Kleiner Schwarzer ("small black") Demitasse without milk Melange ("mix")Melange ("mix") Half coffee and half milk with a frothy crown, which was often called a hydrocephalus because of this Kleiner Goldener ("small gold") Demitasse with milk Kleiner Brauner ("small brown") Small cup of coffee with a dash of milk
  18. 18. A-1140 Vienna, Penzingerstr.125/3 Thank you for your attention! A-1140 Vienna, Penzingerstr.125/3 0043-699-17255677 @