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Presentation of the activities of the NGo Laboratorio del Cittadino Onlus, an environmental centre education located in castiglione del Lago, PG - ITALY

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Laboratorio del Cittadino English

  1. 1. Where we are
  2. 2. Castiglione del Lago is located in the Region of Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy.It is origin are medieval but also during the Renaissance Period period was a very important town.The town is surrounded by the Trasimeno Lake, the lake of the Hannibal Battle (II Punic war).Historically was a fisher town but today it become a very important tourist place. A section of thelake is today a natural oasis, good for bird watching, excursion, natural path and natural workshop.From the point of view of the culinary the best products are represented by the fishes and aparticular bee called “Fagiolina” that grow up only in this area. During the summer theMunicipality in collaboration with local associations organizes a lot of different food festival.It’s an important place also for the wine, located at 20 km from the Chianti area (Montepulciano,Cortona, Arezzo) the Trasimeno zone is a D.O.C. wine region.
  3. 3. About usLaboratorio del Cittadino ONLUS is an association, NGO, born in 1994 that works in the fieldof non-formal education and environmental education, recognised by the Ministry ofEnvironment. It participates actively in the development of projects about the EuropeanLifelong Learning Programme.Laboratorio del Cittadino designs and produces workshops and educational projects withthe primary and secondary schools, with publics and privates in national and internationallevel.What we do:•Educational courses and training: using multimedia, video, animation, publications,exhibitions and e-learning.•Educational projects: environmental education, safe of landscape, art and science, scientifictheatre.•LLP European projects (Comenius, Grundtvig, Leonardo, Comenius Regio, ITC).•Project implementation of natural history museums, school gardens, paths.•School Workshop about Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, Nutrition Education, Geology,Recycling…•Seminaries: about Etruscan Culture and heritage, the influence of Renaissance in the landof Trasimeno, the artistic landscape of Trasimeno area,
  4. 4. The staff is composed by: Biologist Geologist Architect of landscape Expert in theatreExpert in Conservative of Cultural Heritage Chemicals Zoologist Agronomist Expert in Botany ArchaeologistExpert in cooperation and communication Geologist Dietician Touristic and naturalistic guide
  5. 5. Our activities Chemical Lab and ExhibitionChemical Exhibition made by students between 12 and 16 years old.
  6. 6. Art workshops with paper, ceramic and clayInitially students study the subject to reproduce (animal, landscape, three) throughpaint, photo, movie and real; and then start the manual work (modeling, firing andcolor).
  7. 7. Excursions and reproduction ofanimals and footprints sighted with wooden art
  8. 8. Didactical project made in collaboration with Umbria Region about Renewable Energy 20 classes involved Class Session Workshop session Excursion
  9. 9. Role game about environmental protection in collaboration with Civil Protection and Umbria Region 1- Students study the characteristics of natural disasters, with our geologists. 2- Debate on what they have experienced and seen in their area. 3- Explanation how citizens and responsible work during the disaster.4- Distribute the cards with the subjectand description of their role duringemergency time and in normal time. (15min to study their role).5- Play role game.6- Final consideration and question.
  10. 10. 1- Taking care of garden and recycling lab.
  11. 11. Botanic Lab1 - Introduction witheasy software made incollaboration with 2 - excursion to discoverUniversity of Trieste typical nature 3 - collection of leaves4 - cataloging 5 - creating a herbarium
  12. 12. Cartoons, Short Film, Short Tutorial, Comics,Theatre with students between 8 and 16 y.o. “Colonnix” Primary school Castiglione del Lago Historical comics “Storia di un’ammonite” Primary school Tuoro Stop-motion Cartoon “Viaggio di un atomo di carbonio” Project made in occasion of the International Year of Chemestry, inspired by the Primo Levi’s Book: “The Periodic Sistem” Primary school Second level I Year
  13. 13. Archaeological laboratories Archaeo-puzzle: archaeological reproduction using stone and clay like materials. Introductory lesson on ancient pottery: representation of myths and history and daily life.
  14. 14. Projets Européen Comenius Regio Comenius Regio Project: C.E.V.I.P. 2009 – 2011 in collaboration with the municipality of Dinant, the schools and associations of the city and the Umbriaregion Educational Department, the NGO Laboratorio del Cittadino the schools of Castiglione del Lago. E.V.E.I.L. 2011- 2013 with the same partner of Dinant, the new project is developed in collaboration with the Environmental Department of the Umbria Region, the project is focused on the environmental education using non-formal education.
  15. 15. Hefore 2010-2012 Treasure Hunt 2011-2013 d’Europe Croisés 2012-2014
  16. 16. IST Comenius/Grundtvig Course “Grand Tour en Europe: Art, Paysage, Jardins, Créativité, Innovation”Amsterdam 2011 2012 2012 2012 Workshop and Study VisitsAtelier - Hyperpaysages d’Europe d’étude – Parcours Croisée
  17. 17. Via B. Buozzi, 48 - 06061 Castiglione del Lago (PG) - Italy Tel. (+39) 075 96 52 651 mob. (+39) 333 1253900fax. (+39) 075 96 52 269