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EU Myth

  1. 1. Europe between Mythology, Modernity and Multiculturalism In-Service Training Comenius Grundtvig Rome 24-28 February 2014
  2. 2. The Myth of Europe Paintings, Sculptures, Places, Artists…
  3. 3. Date: Half VII b.C. Location: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Type: fragment of phitos beota
  4. 4. Date: 580–550 b.C. Location: Palermo, Museo Archeologico “Antonio Salinas” (Selinunte, tempio Y) Type: Sculpture in tuff
  5. 5. Date: 500 b.C. Location: Providence, Rhode Island School of Design, Museum of Art Type: Attic vase (lekythos)
  6. 6. Artist: Painter from Berlino (Beazley) Date: 480 b.C. Location: Tarquinia, Museo Nazionale Type: Attic vase
  7. 7. Date: 470-450 b.C. Location: Parigi, Musée du Louvre Type: Boeotian terracotta sculpture
  8. 8. Artist: Assteas Date: 350-330 b.C. Location: before in Los Angeles, Malibu, J. Paul Getty Museum, recentely comes back in Italy, now is under control by Carabinieri del Nucleo Tutela Patrimonio Culturale Type: Vase
  9. 9. Date: I secolo a.C. Location: Paris, Musèe de Guimet, from Begram (Afghanistan) Type: Vase
  10. 10. Date: End of I Century b.C.- start of Ist Century a.C. Location: Aquileia, Archaelogical Museum Type: Mosaic
  11. 11. Date: 50 a.C. Location:Napoli, National Archaelogical Museum, (from Pompei) Type: Fresco
  12. 12. Date: 330-360 d.C. Location: Kent Lullingstone Villa, triclinium Type: floor painting
  13. 13. Date: 1385 Location: Lion, Bibliothèque de la Ville, handbook dell’Ovide Moralisé Type: Picture
  14. 14. ROMA Artist: Antonio di Pietro Averlino, named “Filarete” (1400-1469?) Date: 1433-1445 Location: Città del Vaticano, Basilica of St. Peter, Bronze door of St. Peter. Type: Sculpture
  15. 15. Date: 1470-1490 ca. Location: Firenze, Museo Nazionale del Bargello Type: Little bronze (h. 21,5 cm)
  16. 16. Date: 1494-1495 Location: Wien, Albertina Type: Paint
  17. 17. Date: 1495 Location: London, Victoria and Albert Museum Type: sculpture
  18. 18. Artist: Andrea Briosco, named Riccio Date: 1500 Location: Budapest, Szépmûvészeti Museum Type: Sculpture
  19. 19. Artist: Giovanni Maria Falconetto (1468-1535) Date: 1520 Location: Mantova, Palaca D’Arco, Zodiac Hall Type: Fresco
  20. 20. Artist: Bernardino Luini (1481-1532) Date: 1521-1523 Location: Berlin, Staatliche Museen Type: mural
  21. 21. Artist: Jacopo Robusti named Tintoretto Date: 1541 Location: Modena, Galleria Estense Type: Paint
  22. 22. Artist: René Boyvin (1525-1580) Date: post 1540 Location: Vienna, Albertina Type: Incision
  23. 23. Artist: Giulio Bonasone (1510 - post 1576) Date: 1546 Location: New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art Type: Incision on wood
  24. 24. Artist: Andrea Meldolla, named Schiavone (1510/1515–1563) or Lambert Sustris (1515-1591) Date: Second half of XVI Century Location: : Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Type: Oil painting on canvas
  25. 25. Artist: Jean Cousin il Vecchio (1526-1593 ca.) Date: 1550 Location: Blois, Musée de Beaux- Arts du Chateau Type: Oil painting on canvas
  26. 26. Date: Second half of XVIth century Location: Pesaro, Museo della Ceramica Type: Dish
  27. 27. Artist: Tiziano Vecellio (1488/90-1576) Date: 1559-1562 Location: Boston, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Type: Oil painting on canvas
  28. 28. Artist: Taddeo Zuccari (1529-1566) Date: 1563-1564 Location: Caprarola, Farnese Palace Type: Fresco
  29. 29. Artist: Martin de Vos Date: 1572 Location: Bilbao, Museo de Bellas Artes Type: Marble relief sculpture
  30. 30. ROMA Artist: Jean Boulogne named Giambologna (1529-1608) Date: 1600 Location: Roma, Museo di Palazzo Venezia Type: Bronze sculpture
  31. 31. Artist: Paolo Caliari, named Veronese (1528-1588) Date: 1580 Location: Venezia, Palazzo Ducale Type: Oil painting on canvas
  32. 32. ROMA Artist: Paolo Caliari, named il Veronese (1528-1588) Date: 1580 Location: Rome, Pinacoteca Capitolina Type: Oil painting on canvas
  33. 33. ROMA Artist: : Paolo Caliari, named il Veronese Date: 1580 Location: Rome, Pinacoteca Capitolina Type: Oil painting on canvas
  34. 34. Artist: Erasmus Quellinus (1607-1678) Date: 1636-1637 Location: Madrid, Museo del Prado Type: Oil painting on canvas
  35. 35. Artist: Guido Reni (1575-1642) Date: 1638-40 Location: London, National Gallery Type: Oil painting on canvas
  36. 36. Artist: Bernardo Strozzi (1581/82-1644) Date: 1640-1644 Location: Poznan, Museum Narodowe Type: Oil painting on canvas
  37. 37. Artist: Claude Gallée, named Lorrain (1600-1682) Date: 1655 Location: Mosca, Pushkin Museum Type: Oil painting on canvas
  38. 38. ROME Artist: Mattia Preti (1613-1699) Date: 1640-66 Location: Rome, Galleria Pallavicini Type: Oil painting on canvas
  39. 39. Artist: Guido Cagnacci (1601-1663) Date: 1650 Location: Marano di Castenaso (Bologna) Type: Oil painting on canvas