Dina pokrajac - Kic Zagreb


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Dina Pokrajac - kic Zagreb

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Dina pokrajac - Kic Zagreb

  1. 1. Dina Pokrajac
  2. 2. CULTURAL AND INFORMATION CENTER..::KIC::.. Zagreb - Croatia • • foster contemporary art production in visual arts, literature and film, provide a space for public panels on cultural, political and social phenomena • Zagreb's oldest cultural center with a 50 year long tradition of high intensity public debates and education of ordinary citizens established in 1964 by the Municipality of Zagreb
  3. 3. • KIC includes Forum Gallery, KIC Photo gallery, KIC ART cinema / multimedia venue as well as publishing house • VISION: public institution in the field of culture, which, through its activities, promotes culture and high artistic achievements, follows and encourages social and cultural events in Zagreb and Croatia, and provides versatile information in and on culture • MISSION: to serve as the main centre for culture and information in Zagreb and Croatia. To be a point of synergy in the field of culture, that connects and promotes various phenomena and trends in contemporary cultural-artistic social movements
  4. 4. THE FORUM GALLERY • founded in 1969 by the group of artists (Edo Murtić, Ferdinand Kulmer, Kosta Angeli Radovani and others) that aimed to advance general visual culture through an active affirmation of their own aesthetic program and complete control over all programmatic and organisational aspects of gallery activities • in the context of the socialist political system, the concept of The Forum Gallery filled a logistic void within the institutional support of fine arts, a role performed in the West by privately run, commercial galleries • first “artists-run collective” in the region, appeared on the art scene as a critique of established institutional and commercial gallery practice   • • • contemporary art, emphasis on conceptual art practises Forum Gallery Award: Goran Škofić (2013.) recent exhibitions: Marijan Jevšovar, Ivan Kožarić, Ben Cain...
  5. 5. • PUBLIC DEBATES, BOOK PRESENTATIONS AND PANEL designed to stand DISCUSSIONS as a reflection of Zeitgeist, and as a point of synergy and meetings around various ideas and projects • offer a wider and more diverse audience (from students to professors, cultural workers to the ordinary people and disadvantaged groups) the diversity of cultural and social scene • through the choice of guests, whom are always experts on discussed topics guarantee opinions and insights from first-hand
  6. 6. • a place for people to deliberate and express different points of view • allow conflicted groups, individuals and attitudes to reach consensus, bringing people and their ideas closer together, building and influencing public opinion • cultivating the spirit of civil disobedience and public awareness, educating citizens to think for themselves, listen to their conscience and not to leave big issues up to public authorities to decide
  7. 7. • • various workshops (creative writing, film making etc.) special programmes for disadvantaged groups such as national minorities, political prisoners, The Homeland War soldiers suffering from PTSD, victims of rape and sexual violence
  8. 8. KIC ART CINEMA specialised in independent, European films, with an emphasis on documentary films dealing with topics like human rights, minorities, LGBT, local community… host to LUX Film Days, Subversive film festival, Human Rights Festival, Zagreb Film Festival, Vox Feminae, 100 years of Indian Cinema, Jewish Film Festival, Dokukino.
  9. 9. we organise discussions with renowned film authors (Masterclass with Avi Mog rabi, Mads Brug ge r, S iniš a Jurič ić e tc . ). s ome re c e nt title s : Io sono LI, Tzvetanka, Les Neiges du Kilimandjaro, Welcome, Amalia, Filme do Desassossego, The Ambassador, Meet the Fokkens, Uus Maailm, Aleksandrinke, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, How much does your building weigh Mr. Foster?, Vivian las Antipodas, Sofia's Last Ambulance, Family Meals...
  10. 10. KIC PUBLISHING HOUSE • Que- sais –je? / What do I know? Edition, 10 titles (Terrorism, Cathedrals, Aztecs, History of clothes, Architecture, Shamanism, Hellenistic Civilisation...) • The Dictionary of Symbols, Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant • Cultural management, animation and marketing, Milena Dragićević – Šešić and Branimir Stojković
  11. 11. KIC PHOTO GALLERY • since 2001 photo exhibitions • photography as an art form, source of information, document • role of photography in contemporary culture, art and media • critique of prevailing socio-political processes • promotion of young artists (Ana Mihalić, Petra Mrša, Toma Bačić...)
  12. 12. ABOUT ME... • Dina Pokrajac • B. A. In Journalism, • M. A. in Political science and European Studies • Programme coordinator, assistant editor at Cultural information centre and Scarabeus publishing house, assistant coordinator at Subversive Festival
  13. 13. • public debates cycle on topics of Europe, migrations and identity • public debates cycle Ethnology of the quotidian (in cooperation with the Institute for Folklore and Ethnology) • workshops on writing and presenting the Other in the media (in cooperation with TV and Radio Student, Faculty of Political Science) • main agenda: dealing with contemporary socio-political issues, propagating disclosure of socio-destructive tendencies and counteracting them accordingly, fighting of typical stereotypes • public debates cycle on issues dealing with devastation of public space, the right to the city, the need to explore and understand the city, the identities of its local communities and their environments