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Dell presentation nmdl
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Dell presentation nmdl
Dell presentation nmdl
Dell presentation nmdl
Dell presentation nmdl
Dell presentation nmdl
Dell presentation nmdl
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Dell presentation nmdl


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  • 1.  
  • 2. Company Background
    • Founded in 1984 in Austin, Texas as PC’s Unlimited
    • Core Business is Consumer based products
      • Recently tapped into the Business Sector
      • College and personal laptop orientated
    • Known for direct web based sales and low prices
    • Have not really used Social Media to there advantage YET!
  • 3. Overview of Campaign
    • Tap into the Social Media market with an aggressive sales campaign
    • Leverage Dell’s ease of doing business via their web based direct sales model
    • To give current college students a break in laptop pricing (Lets face it, accidents happen)
      • A way to pay the college student back for their efforts in school and show there loyalty is important to Dell.
    • Tough economic times have increased the amount of time college students keep their laptops
  • 4. Campaign Theme
    • “ Spring Into Action”
      • After having the same computer for 2-3 years, Dell wants to change things up a bit and put a “Spring’ in your step
      • Customized Dell Mininote (2.9 lbs)
      • 40% off MSRP price when entering college ID
    • Target Market
      • College Students
      • Ages 17 – 25
      • Looking for first laptop or looking to replace old laptop
  • 5. Tools to Be Used
    • Social Media
      • It is a new and effective way to market your products on the internet
      • Customers can be apart of conversations and be involved rather than being outsiders
    • Facebook
      • Consumers can give feedback as well as enter sweepstakes
    • Twitter “Tweets” from Dell using other usernames
    • Blogging
      • Great way to receive information about products
    • for ordering
  • 6. Key Components
    • Using social media tools to create interest in promotions and campaign
    • New product offered at low price
    • Easy to order with quick delivery
    • Low budget, with high potential return rate
  • 7. Keys to Success
    • Time of campaign launch
      • During Spring – Summer when demand for student purchase increases
    • Making sure this is visiable to target market through different mediums of Social Media
    • Managing number of clicks per ad
    • Monitor online chatter about the ad and the product
  • 8. Budget Breakdown
    • Last year, Dell scaled back advertising budget by $132 million, saving 14%.
    • Social media is a great way to boost buying without huge spending.
      • Spend 35% of budget for advertising
  • 9. Campaign Timeline
    • May 1 st – Launch Campaign
      • This is important due to the demand for computers from potential college students and current students looking for something new
      • Special pricing will run the entirety of the campaign
    • June 1 st – Campaign Completion
  • 10. Thank you!
    • Any Questions?