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Using Bing Webmaster Tools to be an SEO Mechanic - SES San Francisco 2013
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Using Bing Webmaster Tools to be an SEO Mechanic - SES San Francisco 2013


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Assess. Diagnose. Fix: How to Become a Leading SEO Mechanic …

Assess. Diagnose. Fix: How to Become a Leading SEO Mechanic
Unless we're referring to the horse whisperers or Mr. Ed, we often defer to the authoritative information of a trusted source as "from the horse's mouth", so our initial diagnosis tools should naturally be from the most trusted of sources, Google & Bing. Their Webmaster Tools offerings are similar in their differences, and both offer valuable insights into page / site / content optimization, without falling victim to "hoof in mouth" syndrome.

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  • 1. Assess.  Diagnose.  Fix.   How  to  Become  a  Leading  SEO  Mechanic   Grant  Simmons   The  Search  Agency   Director,  SEO  &  Social  Product  
  • 2. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ The  Search  Agency  -­‐  Agent  “Algo”     Grant  Simmons   @simmonet     SEO  Guy,  Father,  Sailor   But  not  necessarily  in  that  order  when   there’s  an  America’s  Cup  going  on…  
  • 3. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ “  Give  me  a  lever  long  enough  and  a  fulcrum  on  which   to  place  it,  and  I  shall  move  the  (SEO)  world.  ”   Archimedes  
  • 4. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Tools   •  The  right  SEO  tools   – Save  Kme,  effort,  $$   •  Give  insights  that  are:   – Interpretable   – AcKonable   – Trackable   – Not  BS   •  Affordable  is  nice   @simmonet  
  • 5. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ From  the  Horse’s  Mouth   •  Bing  Webmaster  Tools   •  Overview   – SEO  Analyzer   – Link  Explorer   – Inbound  Links   – Index  Explorer  
  • 6. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ From  the  Horses  Mouth   Content  is  the  reason   Keyword  research  is  the  beacon   Quality  is  your  watch  word   Authority  is  your  goal   Niche  is  your  star9ng  point   User  Experience  is  your  religion     …and  use  the  free  tools  provided.      Duane  Forrester,  Sr.  Product  Manager  –  Bing  Webmaster  Tools    
  • 7. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Bing  Webmaster  Tools   hVp://     •  Sign  up   •  Login   •  And  let’s  go!  
  • 8. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ BWT  “My  Sites”   •  What’s  happening?   •  SHTF?   •  What  should  I  look  at  first?  
  • 9. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Dashboard  
  • 10. San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Quick  Fact   Bing  doesn’t  use  Google  AnalyOcs  
  • 11. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ How  Do  We  Diagnose?  
  • 12. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$
  • 13. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ SEO  Analyzer  
  • 14. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ SEO  Analyzer   Great  for  one  URL!  
  • 15. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ SEO  Reports   BeVer  site  overview!  
  • 16. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ SEO  Reports   •  Runs  automaKcally   every  other  week   •  Scans  URLs  for  all  sites   you  have  verified   •  “SEO  SuggesKons”   >  detail   •  Detail  >  Analyzer  
  • 17. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Link  Explorer   See  Easily  Top  Inbound  Links  
  • 18. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Link  Explorer   See  Link  Schemes  /  Reciprocal  
  • 19. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Other  Link  Tools   •  Link  Explorer  is  good  BUT   – Has  limitaKons     •  Inbound  Links  is  beVer!  
  • 20. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Inbound  Links   •  Explore  link   graph   •  Which  pages   have  quality   signals   •  Export  (can  be   handy!)  
  • 21. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Inbound  Links   Link  Details   •  Page-­‐level   •  Up  to  20k   •  Anchor  text   •  Export  (can  be   handy!)   Excel  Filters  /  Pivots  by  Domain  /  Anchor  etc.  
  • 22. San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Quick  Fact   Duane  Forrester  was  stumped!   9/10/13  
  • 23. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Crawl  InformaOon   •  High  level  overview   •  SHTF?   •  Last  bot  crawl  date   •  Errors  /  insights   •  Exportable  (which  can  be  handy!)  
  • 24. San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Crawl  InformaOon  (Messages)  
  • 25. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Index  Explorer   •  Visual   representaKon  of   crawled  &  indexed   pages  and  directory   structure   •  Details  about   contents  of   domains  /directories   •  Details  about  traffic   and  search  results  
  • 26. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Index  Explorer   •  Great  Filters  /  Drill  Down  
  • 27. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Index  Explorer  -­‐  Subdomain  Visibility   •  BWT  gives  visibility   into  subdomains   •  We  were  able  to   spot  abandoned   subdomains   •  A  few  had  been   hijacked  (another   issue  is  that  they   could  be  hijacked!)  
  • 28. San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ There’s  Lots  More!   Keyword  research  tool   GEO  targeOng   Site  acOvity   Crawl  control   Parameter  handling   Disavow  tool   Deep  links  (sitelinks)   Etc.  etc.  etc.      
  • 29. San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Fact   Bing  Webmaster  Tools   Offers  great  info  from  the  horse’s  mouth  
  • 30. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Don’t  look  gib  horse  in  the  ….   Free  powerful  tools?  
  • 31. Assess.  Diagnose.  Fix.   How  to  Become  a  Leading  SEO  Mechanic   Grant  Simmons   The  Search  Agency   Director,  SEO  &  Social  Product  
  • 32. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Pros   •  BWT  has  comparable  features  to  GWT   •  BWT’s  interface  and  navigaKon  is  superior   •  BWT  has  addiKonal  capabiliKes   –  WYSIWYG  reporKng  for  HTML  errors   –  Organic  keyword  research   –  IntegraKon  of  paid  search  elements   –  Control  crawl  seings   –  VisualizaKon  of  indexed  pages   –  Link  Explorer  tool   –  Add  /  Block  URLs  on-­‐the-­‐fly  
  • 33. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Cons   •  BING  =  “Bing  Is  Not  Google”   – Market  share  for  w/e  September  7,  2013   •  Google  =  68.5%   •  Bing  +  Yahoo  =  18.3%   – EsKmated  number  of  indexed  pages   •  Google  2.5  to  10  x  as  big  as  Bing  +  Yahoo   •  Inferior  Internal  Links  capabiliKes   •  Add  /  Block  URLs  only  applies  to  Bing’s  index  
  • 34. San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Quick  SERP  Analysis  /  CTR  Diagnosis  
  • 35. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Bing  List  of  Important  SEO  Elements   •  Title  tags   •  Meta  DescripKons   •  Clean  URLs   •  Images  and  Alt  descripKons  (also  called  alt  tags)   •  H1  tags   •  Rel=Canonical   •  Robots.txt   •  Sitemaps   •  Social  sharing  opKons   •  Unique  content   •  Depth  of  content   •  Matching  content  type  to  visitor  expectaKons  (text,  images,  video,  etc.)   •  Usability  Page  load  Kmes  (to  a  certain  point  –  faster  is  great,  but  not  at  the   expense  of  usability  and  usefulness)   •  Crawlability  (AKA  discoverability,  so  can  we  actually  get  to  all  your  content)   •  News  –  if  you  are  actually  a  news  site,  submit  for  inclusion   July  26  2013  
  • 36. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Bing  List  of  Problem  SEO  Elements   •  Meta  Keywords  (fill  them  in  if  you  like,  keep  it  short  and  relevant,  but  not  a  big   ranking  factor)   •  Duplicate  URLs   •  Overly  long  URLs  (no  set  number,  but  you’ve  all  seen  these)   •  Cloaking  (comes  down  to  your  intent,  but  risky  business  for  sure)   •  Link  buying   •  Selling  links   •  Link  and  like  farms   •  Three  way  links   •  Content  duplicaKon  content   •  Auto  following  in  social  media   July  26  2013  
  • 37. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$ Reports  &  Data   •  Site  AcKvity   – View  traffic,  crawl  error,  and  index  metrics   – Data  only  goes  back  to  the  first  day  of   registry  with  BWT  
  • 38. @simmonet   San$Francisco|$September$10–13,$2013$|$#SESSF$|$@SESConf$$