The Calendar Legacy Ch. 3.3


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Chapter 3.3 of my legacy!

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The Calendar Legacy Ch. 3.3

  1. 2. “ Hey little one, it’s your daddy.” John smiled as he rubbed his wife’s stomach. “ Come on, John. We’re going to be late for the party.” “ Alright. Alright. Let me go grab the car keys.” John rubbed her stomach one more time before straightening and heading toward the door.
  2. 3. Laura Lynn sat in the nursery with a sad look on her face. “Bye, bye, Mr. Bunny. Daddy says I’m get big today and start going to school, so that means I can’t play with you anymore. Don’t be lonely though, because Cole’s going to be big enough to play with you soon too, and I’ll make sure he does.” Her goodbye was interrupted when her dad walked into the room. “ Honey, it’s time to blow out the candles. Everyone’s already here.” “ I’m coming, Daddy.”
  3. 4. 3 Every was clapping and cheering when Patrick brought Laura Lynn out. Valerie stood behind them holding their new son, Cole. “ Happy Birthday, sweetie,” her grandmother told her. “ Make a wish, Laura Lynn!.” Patrick leaned his daughter down so she could blow out the candles. Laura Lynn closed her eyes and wished that she could get lots and lots of pretty books.
  4. 5. Patrick put Laura Lynn on the ground. She looked around at everyone staring at her, and decided to go for. She jumped up, turning into a child.
  5. 6. “ Hey, I’m a big girl now!” Laura Lynn exclaimed as she looked at her new body. “Daddy, Does this mean I can go to school, tomorrow? Pretty please?” “ Honey, of course you’re going to school. I’ve already called and arranged for the bus to start coming here. “ Yippee! I can’t wait to go to school. Do you think my teachers will like me?” “ I know they will.”
  6. 7. After she had changed into her new dress. Laura Lynn served herself a piece of cake. She took her piece to the dining room, where she could eat in peace, away from all the people.
  7. 8. After she finished her cake, she came back into the party, at her mother’s request. “ Guess what, Grandpa?” she said. “I get to go to school tomorrow and get lots of books and homework and stuff. Do you think the homework will be hard?” “ I think you’ll be great at it, sweetie,” Zai told his granddaughter.”
  8. 9. Once her grandpa walked away, Laura Lynn turned her attention to her Uncle Payton. “ So, I heard you’re like a magician and you can do all sorts of tricks and stuff?” “ Yep. I’ve been doing magic tricks since I was just a little bit older than you.” “ That’s soooo cool! Can you show me a magic trick, Uncle Payton? Please, please?” “ Sure, kid. Let me go get my things.”
  9. 10. While Payton showed Laura Lynn a magic trick, Patrick was discussing his children with his sisters. “ They’re growing up so fast, April. Tomorrow, Cole’s going to be growing up into a toddler. Hey, did I tell you that Valerie was pregnant again.” “ That’s awesome. Congratulations.” “ So when is your little one due?” “ Any day now.”
  10. 11. When Patrick went to get some cake, March found Valerie and her new nephew. “ He’s adorable. I can’t believe that he’s going to be growing up already.” “ I know, they grow up so fast.” March leaned in. “Hey, Cole. You’ll have to come over and play with your new cousin one day.” Valarie smiled. “I think we should wait until your baby is born before we start making play dates for the kids. March laughed. “Probably.”
  11. 12. The next morning, March hugged her husband as he prepared to leave for his first day of work. “ Have fun, honey, and don’t come home to tired.” March was planning to cook a special meal for her husband that night. “ I won’t. I’ll see you tonight.”
  12. 13. After he left, March sat down on the couch. She was bored. Everybody was at work and there was nothing to do. That’s the only thing she hated about being pregnant was having to sit around all day. She needed to do something fun. March had an idea.
  13. 14. March called the Greek House and her cousin answered. “ Hey, Maya, what’s up?” “ Not much. Just trying to find reasons not to do this term paper.” “ I have one…Come over to visit me. I’m bored out of my mind.” “ Sure. I’ll be right over.”
  14. 15. “ Thanks for coming,” March said when her cousin arrived later. “ No problem. Any excuse not to do that paper is fine by me.”
  15. 16. “ So what are we going to do today? Sit on the couch and watch a movie.” “ Hardly. I’m tired of sitting around. I was thinking that I should beat you at pool.” Maya grinned. “You mean I should beat you at pool. You’re on.”
  16. 17. March and Maya went inside. As soon as the game was underway, March struck up conversation. “ So, have you decided what you’re going to do after graduation?” “ Not really. I know my mom expects me to do the whole marriage and kids thing, but I want do something exciting after I graduate.” March grinned. “College not exciting enough for you?” “ With the amount of homework the Professors assign? I think not.”
  17. 18. March went and lined up her shot. “It would make your Mom really happy for you to have kids. And just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can stop having fun.” Maya laughed. “I think you have a totally different version of fun than I do.” “ Just think about what I said.”
  18. 19. Maya thought about it as she headed back to the dorm, and while she wrote her term paper. Why do people think that everyone has to get married and have babies? She wasn’t the marrying kind. Frustrated, Maya gave up on her term paper for the time being. She could finish it later. She opened up Internet explorer to surf the internet. Ten minutes into it, an ad popped up. Maya sighed and quickly went to close the pop-up. Before she did, though, the ad caught her eye.
  19. 20. “ Hmmmm….that’s exactly what I need,” Maya thought as she read over the ad She tapped the number into her cell phone, and ten minutes later she had booked the first flight after graduation.
  20. 21. When John got home that night, March surprised him with a breakfast-for-dinner meal consisting of omelettes. “So how was your first day of work, honey.” “ It was great, they promoted me to Prep Cook, so I’ll finally be able to work in the kitchen.” “ That’s great! I knew they would recognize your mad cooking skills.” “ So how was your day?” “ Good. I invited Maya over and we played po-” March stopped as she winced in pain. “Is everything okay,” asked John. “ No it’s not. Go get my mother. I think I’m in labor.”
  21. 22. By the time February arrived, March was in full-fledged labor. “ It’s okay, honey, just breath in and out, in and out,” February cheered her daughter on.
  22. 23. When everything was over and done with, March handed John a bouncing baby boy. “ Meet your son, John. Luke, meet your Daddy.” March called him by the name they had decided on ages ago. “ Hello, Luke. I’m your daddy.” Both adults grinned in awe at their new son.
  23. 24. While a new cousin was entering the world, Valerie was growing her baby boy up. She was pregnant again with her third child, but that didn’t stop her from carrying Cole to the cake. “ Let’s go Cole!” Patrick called with a little too much enthusiasm.
  24. 25. Moments later, Cole was a toddler. Valerie smiled at her son. “Aren’t you a big boy!” “ Big boy!” Cole repeated.
  25. 26. While her mother and father played with her little brother, Laura Lynn changed into her pajamas and started on her homework. She was getting bored quickly with the work they were giving her class, but her teacher promised to send home some harder extra credit soon.
  26. 27. March took quickly to being a son, and spent as many hours a day as she could with him. She had started a new job as a home video editor, but that didn’t take too much time away from time with her son. She had also discovered she was pregnant again, so she would soon be put on maternity leave.
  27. 28. March also took as much time as she could with her husband. Having a child had only made their relationship stronger. And John couldn’t be happier about the new baby. They both hoped it would be a girl this time.
  28. 29. While March was at work, February spent all her time doting on her grandson. She loved being a grandmother as much as she had enjoyed it when her own children were little.
  29. 30. John was working nights as a chef, so when he woke up in the mornings, he and February would play a little chess. “ So, how are you and my daughter holding up being new parents?” “ It’s actually not to bad. Luke doesn’t fuss very much and I love spending time with him.” “ I’m glad. My dad didn’t spend much time with me until I was older, so I think it’s good for you two to hang out together.” Right on cue, the baby monitor came alive with the sound of a child whimpering. John laughed. “That’s my signal to leave. We’ll have to finish the game later.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  30. 31. Valerie screamed in pain as she took deep breaths in and out. Patrick was at work, Laura Lynn at school, and Cole was sleeping, so she was on her own. She took several deep breaths as she prepared to push. An hour later, she tucked her two new baby girls into their cribs. She had given birth to twin girls: Savannah and Shelby. Patrick would be so happy when he got home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  31. 32. “ Congratulations sweetie!” Faye hugged her daughter as the graduation party got underway. “I’m so proud of you.” “ Thanks Mom.”
  32. 33. When her mom hurried off to set some snacks out, Maya turned her attention to her dad. “ Congrats, honey. I’m proud of you.” “ Thanks, Dad.” Joshua used to momentary silence to press her about an important issue. “Are you sure you don’t want to move back to the house with your Mom and I? We’ve got plenty of room.” Maya looked at the floor. “Look, I know you and Mom want me to move home, but I really don’t want to live in my childhood bedroom. I’m not thirteen. The apartment that I found is a good price and has plenty of room.” Joshua frowned. “Well, if you’re sure.”
  33. 34. After she made excuses to get away from her dad, Maya went and found her cousin. “March, my parents are driving me crazy.” March laughed. “I’m sure there not that bad.” “ They’re pestering me to move in with them again.” “ And I’m sure you handled it. That apartment you found is great. You’re going to be at Luke’s party tomorrow night right?” Her son was making his way into the toddler years. Maya looked around. “Yeah, sure,” she said quickly and hurried off.
  34. 35. While Maya was avoiding her relatives, Payton was spending the evening with Kenya. Kenya had recently moved into the Greek House so that Payton wouldn’t be living there by himself during his senior year. “ Have I mentioned how much I love you for moving in with me.” “ You might have.” Kenya leaned in and kissed him, then walked away. “ Hey, where are you going?” “ Pizza!” she called from the other room.
  35. 36. When the rest of the guests and left. Faye found her daughter and hugged her one last time. “You call me if you need anything, Maya. Actually call me even if you don’t need anything. Oh, I should bring some food over to your apartment later. I’m sure you’ll be needing something to eat. Maya grimaced. “I’ll be fine, Mother. Please please don’t bother me. I’ll, uh, need a few days to get set-up. “ “ Alright, if you think so, Maya. Just rememember to be careful.” “ I will.” Maya said goodbye to her mother and went upstairs to pack.
  36. 37. Two hours later, Maya climbed into the taxi. “ Where to?” the driver asked. “ Anywhere but here,” Maya thought. “The airport,” she said out loud. By tomorrow morning, she would be far away from this place.
  37. 38. Hey, it’s your birthday, Cole!” Laura Lynn announced as her brother sang happily to himself on the ground.” “ Birthday!” he repeated back.
  38. 39. Valerie and Patrick came in, Patrick scooped Cole up and brought him to the cake. The twins were sleeping peacefully, and Laura Lynn had run up to her room to grab something, so it was just the two of them celebrating Cole’s birthday. Patrick bounced Cole gently. “Blow out the candles.” Cole reached down and took a deep breath. He exhaled with all of his might, and somehow managed to blow out all the candles. “See Daddy! I good candle blower outer!.” Patrick laughed. “That you are.”
  39. 40. He sat Cole on the ground, and the toddler looked around at his parents before making the big leap into childhood.
  40. 41. Hey, Dad, can I have some cake now?” he asked as he walked back into the living room after changing. “ You can have some cake at your cousins birthday party. You and Laura Lynn are coming with me so you can meet your new cousin.” Cole grumbled. He hated having to share his stupid birthday with his cousin.
  41. 42. When they got to March’s house, March was already bringing Luke to the cake. March bounced her baby boy a couple more times before she threw him up into the air and he left babyhood forever. Her little boy was growing up so fast.
  42. 43. Luke grinned as soon as he was officially a toddler. “ Come on, let’s get you changed,” March told him.
  43. 44. After the party was all cleaned up, March went to talk to her Mom. “ Mom, I’m really worried about Maya. She was supposed to be here tonight. Do you know if her parents have talked to her?” “ Probably not, they left early this morning for a business convention in Bluewater. Are you sure she didn’t just get busy setting up her apartment and lost track of time?” “ I don’t think so, but I guess I could call her apartment and see.”
  44. 45. March picked up the phone and dialed the number for the apartment that Maya was supposed to be moving into. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. No answer. This was not good. Where could Maya be?
  45. 46. While the phone rang endlessly at her apartment, Maya she lay halfway around the world, in a skimpy bathing suit, enjoying way too much sun. “ This is the life,” she commented. With this sort of relaxation, she may never return home.
  46. 47. Patrick and Valerie were busy these days taking care of their four children. Before they knew it, it was already time for their twin girls to grow into toddlers. Valerie bounced Savannah in her arms, while Patrick had the honor of helping Shelby grow up.
  47. 48. Once they were changed, Savannah crawled over and hugged her sister with a big smile. “Shelby!” she said. “ ‘Shelby play with me, Pwease?” Shelby nodded and the two crawled off to find their new toys.
  48. 49. Payton and Kenya slowed walked back to the Greek house on a cold, winter day. The snow had stopped earlier and the sun had come out, making it the perfect time for a walk. The were just coming back from the walk when Payton stopped Kenya.
  49. 50. He took her hand and looked into her beautiful eyes. “ Kenya, have I told you lately how beautiful you are?” “ Only about a thousand times.” Kenya laughed. “But it doesn’t hurt to hear it again.” “ I mean it, Kenya. You’re the most beautiful girl and world, and I’m so lucky that you’re my girlfriend.”
  50. 51. Payton crushed the snow as he slowly bent down on one knee. “ Not only that, but you’re also smart, and funny, and completely amazing.” Kenya gasped. She couldn’t believe this was happening.
  51. 52. “ I don’t have the perfect words to say, all I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. Kenya, will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Kenya nodded in shock. When she finally regained her power of speech. She whispered, “Yes.”
  52. 53. Payton got up and lifted his fiancé into his arms. This would be the first of many times he would get to hold her like this. “ I love you,” he said quietly. “ Right back at you,” whispered Kenya. ~~~~~~~~
  53. 54. Luke brought the block up to eye level and stared at it. He continued to stare at it for a few moments before he finally figured out what he was supposed to do with it. He brought it quickly to his mouth and started chewing on. “ Honey, don’t eat that block,” his mom called from the other room. She quickly came into his room and scooped him up. “Time for bed, buddy.”
  54. 55. When he woke up, March got to work teaching him to talk. March enjoyed teaching her son all his toddler skills, although he wasn’t always so willing. “ Come on, Luke, say Mommy .” Luke pondered her request for a minute, before finally announcing, “Uh-uh.” March sighed, they would have to finish this another day.
  55. 56. While March spent as much time with Luke as she could, February was there to pick up the slack when she needed to rest. The baby was due any day now.
  56. 57. John found his wife in the kitchen one day staring aimlessly out the window. “ Hey,” he said, taking her into his arms. “I know, that look in your eyes. You’re thinking about Maya aren’t you.” March sighed. “I can’t help but worrying about her. I’ve tried calling her apartment over and over again with no answer. Something’s wrong.” “ She’s a big girl, March. I’m sure she can take care of herself. And it’s not doing you or the baby any good to be worrying about this.” John kissed her softly on the lips. “Why don’t you go take a relaxing bath?” “ That sounds good.”
  57. 58. March had just finished her bath when felt the baby move in her stomach. “ You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” she said, talking to her unborn child. She decided to go tell her mother what she had just felt. She didn’t take one step when a pain shot through her stomach.
  58. 59. March grabbed her stomach and before she knew it, she was in labor. March tried to scream for her mom, or John but couldn’t get out more than a light whimper. “ It’s okay, I can do this,” she thought to herself. Deep breaths, in and out, in and out.
  59. 60. What felt like hours later, but was probably only minutes, March held up a beautiful baby girl. “ Hello, precious,” she said to her new born daughter. “I guess I should call you April.” March cuddled the newest heir in her arms. Her mom would be so happy when she met her granddaughter.
  60. 61. Across town, Patrick sat reading a bedtime story to his little girl. He had recently been promoted to Captain Hero, leaving him more time to spend with his precious daughters. “… and the evil dragon was banished from the kingdom for good and the princess married the frog prince and they lived happily ever after. “ “ Dada, do evil dragons weakly exist?” “ No they don’t, sweetheart. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t evil in the world. You just remember that the bad guys never wins and that Daddy will always protect you, no matter what.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  61. 62. “ You’ll never get away with this,” Traviata told her captor as she struggled to get free. It was no use. the rope binding her to the column was knotted in so many knots, she would never get free. The circulation was slowly draining out of her wrists because the rope was tied so tight. And her wand had been taken when she was taken hostage, so there was no chance of using magic to escape.
  62. 63. Leap just stood back and laughed as he watched the helpless witch struggle to get free. Magic was no good to her now, was it? Leap had taken her wand to insure that she would not use magic to escape. Now, she was at his mercy. “ You’ll think twice next time you decide to fail at a mission that I give you.”
  63. 64. Traviata relaxed, deciding that trying to wrestle free was no use. “ I didn’t decide to fail, Leap. I never counted on that stupid brother showing up, or that the little brat would give her brother the coffee full of a potion that took me months to make.”
  65. 66. Leap took a deep breath and looked Traviata straight in the eye. “ Your not going to just walk away. Nobody fails me and gets away with it. Goodbye Traviata Marston. It was a pleasure working with you.” Leap took a little remote out of his pocket. Traviata looked at and screamed. “PLEASE DON”T DO IT!!!!” “ You should have thought of that before you messed up.” Leap pressed the button on the remote and the whole room burst into flames.”
  66. 67. The screams grew louder and louder as the fire burned hotter and hotter. “ PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP ME! NOOOOOOOO!”
  67. 68. Leap turned and walked out of the room as the fire burned at his heels. Thanks to the fireproof walls and doors, the fire would never make it out of this room. And by the time that Leap woke up in the morning, Traviata would be gone. Permanently. ~~~~~~~~
  68. 69. Valerie gasped in pain as she felt her 5th Child decide that it was time to make his entrance into the world. Valerie was a pro at delivering children now, although the balcony was not her preferred place to give birth.
  69. 70. When she was done, Valerie held up a beautiful baby boy. “Hello, Austin,” she whispered to her new son. No matter how many times she gave birth, it never got old looking into her child’s eyes for the first time. ~~~~~~~~
  70. 71. February guided the material through her sewing machine as she prepared to finish the baby blanket she was making for April. February was delighted when she met April for the first time and immediately started making this special item for her.
  71. 72. Meanwhile, April had woken March up in the middle of the night with cries of hunger. March warmed a bottle for her little girl. “ You’re hungry, aren’t you, little one?” March said as April sucked the bottle happily. When she was done, she quickly fell asleep in her mother’s arms. March smiled. She loved being a mother.
  72. 73. When February finished the blanket, she took it down and set it next to her granddaughter’s crib. “ Sleep tight, Angel. Grandma is watching over you.”
  73. 74. While February was taking care of her granddaughter, Faye was worried that she would never get one. It had been weeks since Maya had graduated, and there was still no sign of her. Faye sighed as she grabbed the mail from the mail box and quickly sorted through the stack. Bill. Bill. Bill. Nothing promising so far…..but the fourth piece of mail caught her eye. She quickly flipped the postcard over to look at it.
  74. 76. Faye took the postcard in to show her husband. At least she knew where her daughter was now. Although what she seemed to think she was doing on Twikki Island, Faye had no clue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  75. 77. “ Dada, birthday!” Luke announced happily during the story his father was reading him. John paused and laughed. “Yep. Today is yours and April’s birthday.” “ I gonna get big, Daddy!” “ Not in those PJ’s. Come on, let’s go get you dressed.”
  76. 78. March spent the morning getting ready for the party. She took the identical cakes that they had purchased and set them out on the bar. She wanted this day to be perfect for her two kids.
  77. 79. As the part neared closer, John went to get April from the baby swing. The child slept peacefully as the swing slowly rocked back and forth. “ Come on, baby girl. Let’s get you ready for the party.” John carefully picked April up from the swing, careful not to wake her.
  78. 80. The guests arrived, and Zai had the honor of helping his grandson grow up. “ Make a wish, Luke.” Luke smiled. “I wishes for lotsa birthday cake.” Zai grinned at Luke. “I think that can be arranged.”
  79. 81. As soon as he was a kid, Luke went straight for the birthday cake. “ Not so fast, kid,” his mom told him. “Go change into the clothes we bought you, and come watch your watch your sister grow up. Luke grumbled. “Yes, Mom.”
  80. 82. As soon as Luke was changed, March woke up April and brought her to the cake. She made a little fuss, but, like always, was quickly back to her happy self.
  81. 83. March watched as, before her eyes, her little girl grew up into an adorable toddler. “ Come on, April, let’s go get you changed.”
  82. 84. March changed her daughter and set her down on the floor. “ Go play with your brother, sweetie.” “ O.K. I pway!!” April announced.
  83. 85. April crawled off quickly to find her brother. “ Wuke!” she called. “Wuke, it’s time to play!”
  84. 86. Luke came running at the sound of her name. “ Wukey, let’s pway!” April giggled happily. “ Sure, why not. I already finished my cake.” Luke reached down and started tickling his sister. April giggled even more.
  85. 87. March smiled at the sound of her kids playing. “Hey, Patrick. Remember when we used to play like that?” “ I sure do.” Patrick smiled at the memories. “ So where are your kids tonight? I thought Laura Lynn and Cole would be coming with you?” “ They were supposed to, but Cole’s grounded because he didn’t clean his room, and Laura Lynn begged to stay home so she could do this extra credit thing for school. “ That’s took bad. I know that Luke would have loved to play with them. I guess the kids can just play tomorrow. You’re still having the party right? “ Of course. A triple birthday is perfect for a party.” Tomorrow Shelby, Savannah, and Laura Lynn would all be celebrating a birthday.
  86. 88. While March and Patrick discussed the next day’s party, February chatted with her sister about their kids. “ So I heard that you’ve heard from Maya?” “ Yes, she sent us a postcard from Twikki Island. Although I’m not happy that she just took off like that, at least I know where she is now.”
  87. 89. “ Just give her time, I’m sure she’ll come back eventually.” “ I know, I just can’t help but worry.” “ I don’t blame you. It’s a mother’s job to take care of her kids.” In the background, Payton called, “MOM!!!!! IS THERE ANY MORE DIP??” February laughed. “And that’s my cue to go take care of my kids.” Faye sighed as February hurried off to make some more dip. She should be doing this too. The whole grandkids and birthdays and presents thing. She really wished that Maya had just acted responsible and gotten married and had kids like she should have.
  88. 90. The next morning, March walked into the kitchen while John was cleaning up from breakfast. When he saw her, he stopped and took her into his arms. “Just in case I haven’t told you lately, I love you so much.” March giggled as John kissed her neck. Slowly, though, she pulled away from him. “While I would love to stay here with you all day. I have to get to Payton’s graduation party. Oh, don’t forget to pick up the presents we got for the Savannah and Shelby. Oh, and tell Dad that I put April’s dinner in the fridge for when he babysits her tonight. “ Don’t worry, March. It’s all taken care of.” He paused an then added, “You know, they should just make you a professional party guest already, as many parties as you attend. March grinned. “Try telling my bosses that.”
  89. 91. The party was in full swing when March finally made it to the Greek House. She walked up to Payton and gave him a big hug. “Congratulations, Payton. On the diploma and that gorgeous ring on Kenya’s finger.” Payton blushed. “Thanks.” “ I mean it, Payton. I’m really glad you found someone like her after all the mess that I put you through.” “ I’ve told you a thousand times, March. It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault.” “ Still, you missed so much because of me.” “ I only missed a day, March. And my professors helped me a lot. Apparently, being dead is a great excuse for missing class. March laughed.
  90. 92. “ We’re out of pizza, Kenya,” Jill called out later as she walked back into the party. Jill had just moved in after agreeing to be the placeholder for the Greek House. “ It’s okay,” Kenya called back. “Just put out some more cookies.”
  91. 93. The party was winding down and Kenya was in the middle of a friendly chat with her soon to be mother-in-law. “ Welcome to the family, Kenya. I know my brother loves you and I’m glad that you make him happy.” “ Thanks, Mrs. Time.” “ Please, call me February.”
  92. 94. “ So, are you and Payton going to be the kids’ triple birthday tonight?” “ Probably not. I know Payton wants to be there. But we have a thousand things to do to get the house set-up and to prepare for the wedding.” “ I understand. I know you and Payton will be very busy.”
  93. 95. Later that evening, Zai took over baby-sitting duties from John so everybody else could attend the birthday party. He didn’t mind babysitting. The more time he got to spend with his granddaughter, the better. “ April up!” the girl announced as Zai took her arms. He was helping her learn how to walk. She caught on quickly as she was a fast learner.
  94. 96. Over at the King house, February had arrived just in time to change Austin’s diaper. “ I can do that,” Valerie said as she started to cross the room and get her son. “ Nonsense,” February said. “I like to do these things for my grandchildren. What sort of grandmother would I be if I didn’t change a messy diaper now and then.”
  95. 97. Upstairs, Laura Lynn worked endlessly on the extra credit her teacher sent home with her. She wanted to be ahead when she started high school in the morning. “ LAURA LYNN, COME DOWN TO THE PARTY. YOUR GUESTS ARE HERE,” Valerie called from downstairs. “ COMING, MOM,” Laura Lynn called back.
  96. 98. When everybody had finally made it into the living room, Patrick and Valerie brought their little girls to the cake. They were growing up so fast. “ Blowing out the candles, Shelby,” Patrick told his daughter as he leaned into the candles. Valerie prepared to do the same.
  97. 99. Once they were changed, Savannah and Shelby hugged just like they had done many times during their toddler years. “ You’re my bestest friend,” Savannah told her sister. “ Of course. We’re twins, that’s like having an automatic best friend,” Shelby replied. “Come on, let’s go watch Laura Lynn become a big teenager.”
  98. 100. Everyone gathered around as Laura Lynn prepared to blow out the candles, including her siblings and cousin.
  99. 101. “ Oh, come on!” she exclaimed as soon as she aged into a teen. “I always grow into the dorkiest of outfits.” In the back of the room, Austin gurgled in agreement. Laura Lynn left to go find the dress her and her mother had picked out together.
  100. 102. As soon as she changed and fixed her hair, Laura Lynn settled down away from the party with a good book. True to her nature, she had decided on a path of knowledge, with the dream of becoming a mad scientist.
  101. 103. While Laura Lynn studied, the rest of the kids found better things to do. Savannah turned on the radio and began to dance to the music that blasted from her parent’s cool stereo. She knew it mother would be back any minute to turn it off, after she put Austin to bed for the night, so Savannah decided to enjoy it while it lasted.
  102. 104. Meanwhile, Shelby and Luke were having an animated discussion on the best way to make lemonade. “ I’m telling you, Luke, you gotta have 100 million jillion teaspoons of sugar. That’s the only way to make it sweet enough.” “ Uh-uh. You only need 1 million teaspoons. Mommy says to go light on the sugar. Besides what would you know, you’ve only been a kid for an hour, I’ve been a kid for one whole day. That makes me older than you, which means what I say goes.” Shelby sulked for a minute, then started telling Luke all about the new backpack her mother had bought her for school.
  103. 105. “ Okay, that’s enough, you two,” Valerie said as she walked up. “Luke, your mother says it’s time to go. Shelby go change into your PJ’s and get ready for bed.” “ Do we have to???” both kids whined. “ Yes, now move it.”
  104. 106. After she put Luke to bed, much to his dismay, March tiptoed downstairs into the nursery. April stirred softly as she leaned over to kiss her daughter. “ Good night, pretty girl. Sleep tight.” She hoped her daughter would have pleasant dreams.
  105. 107. Leap was not so pleasant as he stormed through the kitchen yelling for his men. “ IF YOU COWARDS AREN’T SITTING IN THE LIVING BY THE TIME I GET THERE, YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR IT!” It had been too quit since he had killed Traviata. And he still wasn’t any closer to ending the legacy. Someone had to pay.
  106. 108. Leap walked into the living room expecting an empty couch, giving him another excuse to punish his men. However, there was already a person sitting on the couch. Someone who definitely wasn’t one of his guards.
  107. 109. Traviata turned and sat up. “ Miss me?” ~~~~~~~~
  108. 110. <ul><li>That’s where I’m going to end for right now. Thanks for reading! Hopefully the next chapter won’t take as long as this one did. </li></ul>Before you go, turn to the next page for some character stats. --------------------------------------------------------------------------> 
  109. 111. The King Children Name: Cole King Status: Generation 4 Cousin Personality: 2/9/9/5/1 Pre-rolled Aspiration: Romance Name: Savannah King Status: Generation 4 Cousin Personality:2/8/4/5/7 Pre-rolled Aspiration: Fortune Name: Shelby King Status: Generation 4 Cousin Personality: 7/3/10/3/2 Pre-rolled Aspiration: Family --------------------------------->
  110. 112. The Time Children Name: Luke Time Status: Generation 4 Spare Personality: 4/10/4/4/3 Pre-rolled Aspiration: Fortune Name: April Time Status: Generation 4 Heir Personality: 10/7/10/10/1 Pre-rolled Aspiration: Knowledge See you next time 