Samsung Captivate Glide Imei repair manual


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Did you update the firmware of your Samsung Captivate Glide and now you are stuck with an expensive brick because the IMEI of your phone has been reset to 0049xxx or even completely damaged and now all zeros or just blank?

Repair the IMEI on your Samsung Captivate Glide using these instructions

Warning: for advanced users only!

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Samsung Captivate Glide Imei repair manual

  1. 1. Samsung Captivate Glide imei repair Manual A Step-by-Step Guide for your Samsung Captivate Glide to imei repair By - created at Monday 4th of November 2013 10:17:04 AM Page 1/6 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  2. 2. Samsung Captivate Glide imei repair This guide contains all the steps that need to be followed exactly to complete imei repair. The estimated completetion time is +/-10 minutes for most users. Experienced users could do it in less then 3 minutes and first time users might need to read the manual twice to make sure they followed all steps. Important: IMEI Repair & SNR Repair are advanced functions and are only meant for people who know what they are doing. We assume NO responsibility what happens with your phone in case of wrong usage, and no refunds will be given in case of wrong usage! Important 2: This function is for imei REPAIR only (in case of IMEI 0049xxxxx). Changing IMEI on your phone is ILLEGAL which we do NOT allow. Your payment details, IP and all phone details are logged and we will work with authorities and provide all these details when necessary! When buying our software you agree with the Terms Of Service where is also mentioned that IMEI Change is illegal and is prohibited always. Important 3: We strongly recommend to change your firmware to Android version 4.0.4 or lower. The 4.1.2 version has a known issue with the Modem port which often results in an error stating that the modem can't be found even if you manually set the modem port according to the number in your Device Manager. If you damaged the IMEI (and / or SNR) on your Samsung GSM (resetting it to default e.g. 004999010640000) by bad (reset) codes, cracked unlock software or by wrongful flashing (firmware update), these advanced SRS functions will help you revive your Samsung back from the dead. Some important things to remember (use this as a check list!): - If your problem just suddenly happened without you messing with the phone (flashing / unlocking) most likely your problem is Hardware. This can NOT be fixed by software. Do not use our software - When you damaged the phone's IMEI it is possible you damaged more then that. If you have 'Baseband Unknown' problem or IMEI all zeros (000000000000000) or blank you need to fix this first using Free Samsung BaseBand repair. - IMEI repair costs 6 credits and is NOT available with the normal '1 x Samsung unlock' account you need to purchase the 1 x Samsung Repair by cable account. - SNR repair is FREE when you have a valid SRS account, thus if you want to repair SNR + repair IMEI you need to repair SNR first and only then repair IMEI. 1. If you do not have a valid SRS username and password yet: Buy a '1 x Samsung Repair by cable' account 2. Download & run our SRS installer - Make sure you also select the Samsung drivers for download and installation 3. If present uninstall 'Samsung PC studio software / Samsung KIES software' from your computer 4. Restart computer (important for Android phones) 5. Strongly recommended: flash the phone with a stock non-branded full firmware 6. Strongly recommended: Repair Baseband using method 4 (Free Samsung BaseBand repair) Even if EFS seems to be ok it can be still have bad data which makes the IMEI repair fail Page 2/6 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  3. 3. 7. (Turn off phone) Remove the battery and check the sticker underneath and locate 'IMEI' and 'S/N'. IMEI being a 15 digit number (ignore all other characters such as '-' '/' and ONLY use 15 FIRST digits) and 'S/N' being a letter + number combination (e.g. RQGBA15896R). Write both down and double check!! It is SUPER important you get these right. 8. Turn back on your phone (without SIM) 9. If present on your phone make sure Bluetooth is turned OFF and 'Auto screen time out' is off. Example: 10. On the phone go to: Menu > Settings > Applications > Development (For some phones it is: Menu -> Settings -> Programs -> Development) 11. Switch on the option USB DEBUGGING Example: Page 3/6 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  4. 4. 12. Connect the original Samsung USB cable to your computer and your phone 13. If the phone asks to go into a specific 'mode' on the phone itself choose 'KIES mode' (not mass storage mode) 14. Run Samsung Remote Unlock Client (Start -> Programs -> Simlock Remote Client -> Samsung Remote Unlock client) 15. Login using your SRS login 16. Select your phone model from the drop down list 17. Press rescan and make sure 'Samsung Android Modem' is detected (In case of trouble Check and set Samsung Andriod1 ports) 1. Make sure your original Samsung USB cable is connected to your computer and your phone (turned on in the correct mode) 2. Open 'Device Manager' on your computer: On XP go to: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> (Switch to Classic view ) -> System -> Hardware (tab) -> Device Manager. On Vista go to: Start -> Type in the following commando in the 'Search box': Page 4/6 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  5. 5. devmgmt.msc and hit enter. On Windows 7 Click the pearl button (start button) then in the search box type 'Device Manager', you will see 'Device Manager' in the search results. Click and it opens. 3. Now click the '+' at 'Modems' 4. Under 'Modems' you should see a device called 'Samsung Android USB Modem' 5. Right mouse click the device and choose 'Properties' 6. A new window will open with several tabs. Now go to the 'Modem' tab 7. There you will see which Com port number the device has (Com x where 'x' is a number) 8. Now select (or type) this number under 'Select Modem' and under 'Select Comport' in the SRS software (you can now close the 'properties' Window of your Modem) 9. Now look under 'Universal Serial Bus controllers' and look for: 'Samsung Android Composite ADB Interface' if it is there its good 18. Click button 'Advanced Options' a new part of the software will appear at the bottom 19. OK this is important - read carefully-: To repair IMEI: ONLY fill out your 15 digit original IMEI (DIGITS ONLY) and NOT your SNR To repair SNR: fill out BOTH IMEI and SNR 20. Click 'Repair IMEI / SNR' button and follow instructions from the client (if any) 21. done Please don't 'play around' by clicking all kinds of buttons. This product is for advanced users. We will NOT refund when you 'accidentally' click any of the 'unlock' buttons. Unlocking your phone will costs you 3 credits and then you will need to buy a new 1 x Samsung Repair by cable account to be able to repair IMEI. Page 5/6 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  6. 6. What is Captivate Glide IMEI Repair? The IMEI is a unique identification number from your phone. Every phone in the world has a unique 15 17 digit number. This number is used by the phone to identify itself to the network. If your IMEI is damaged to bad unlocking, reset codes or (most likely) bad flashing your phone might not be able to connect to the network any more rendering the phone completely useless. Repairing the IMEI revives your phone so it can be used again. Warnings 1. Advanced users only IMEI repair is for advanced users only! This means you need to know how to flash your phone, know what baseband repair is and have no problems installing drivers. 2. Repair ONLY IMEI changing is highly illegal and prohibited by law and our Terms Of Service. The IMEI repair service is only to set back the original IMEI of the mobile phone. If we detect your attempting to change IMEI we will provide all your details to authorities. Captivate Glide IMEI Repair Preparation 1. Make sure Modem and PDA parts of your phone are ok (check settings - about phone) 2. Make sure Baseband is ok (if not you need to fix it -> Free Baseband Repair) 3. Repair SNR In case either the baseband is still damaged (and IMEI is still not 0049xxx) and / or the phone's modem & PDA is still damaged after full flashing and using method 4 of the Baseband Repair Tool you have hardware damaged which can NOT be fixed by software. ONLY Remote IMEI Repair Solution in the world The Simlock Remote Server by is the only remote service solution in the world that offers IMEI repair. Support can be found here Page 6/6 Copyright 2006 - 2013 Powered by TCPDF (