Monsana Ag, Switzerland


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Monsana Ag, Switzerland

  1. 1. monsana AG, Switzerland VIP Medical Care and Personal Service for You
  2. 2. Who are we? monsana AG was founded 2007 in Basel, Switzerland by • Dr. Dr. hc. Monika Lehnhardt, Germany, Partner • Lic. phil. Simone Lei Hugentobler, Switzerland, Partner
  3. 3. What makes us different? • We offer individual service and no routine treatment • We specialise in selected medical fields • We only offer medical advice in fields where we are competent • We offer tailor-made packages for different budgets (high class, medium, low budget)
  4. 4. Why should you trust us? • Dr. Dr. hc. Lehnhardt has over 35 years of experience in the medical sector and was formerly CEO of a medical high-tech company. She is married to Prof. Dr. mult. hc. hc. Ernst Lehnhardt, a very renowned ENT surgeon. She is also co- founder and executive of the Prof. Ernst Lehnhardt Foundation. She speaks German, English, Russian and French.
  5. 5. Why should you trust us (cont.) • Simone Lei Hugentobler has 12 years experience in the medical field and worked for Cochlear Ltd. in various positions, among else also as clinic coordinator Central and Eastern Europe. • Simone speaks German, French, English and some Italian.
  6. 6. What do we offer? • We provide an all-around VIP medical service in selected disciplines • We support you in your search for the best medical doctor for your needs • We can organise your travel, transport and accommodation • We arrange all medical appointments for you • We accompany you where needed and offer professional translation services if required • We can also arrange leisure activities for you
  7. 7. What are the advantages for you? • With our medical advice, you can be sure you are in good hands • Everything is arranged for you, you don‘t lose any precious time with organising your trip • You are taken care of by professional and friendly people • We support you and your family at all times • We have the necessary knowledge to help you in a foreign country
  8. 8. Where do the medical treatments take place? • We do arrange medical treatments mainly in Germany but also in Switzerland, Austria or Poland. • We only recommend highly renowned hospitals and clinics • Most clinics are connected to leading universities and are therefore very close to research and innovative ways of treatment
  9. 9. Added value– the monsana Card • You can register for the monsana Card which helps us to arrange for your medical treatment very quickly if the need arises and also ensures that you get updates of new treatments for the medical condition specified to us and relevant for you.
  10. 10. How do we calculate the costs and how are they handled? • We make a cost estimate for your individual treatment and you transfer the money to us in advance. • We provide you with a detailed list of the invoices • You pay standard costs for treatment and arranged travel and accommodation, without any surcharge • The only thing you pay extra is our fee for rendered services, which will be agreed upon in advance and depends upon the services asked for.
  11. 11. We would love to take care of you! • Please don‘t hesitate to get in touch with us and seek our advice. We would love to support you or a family member in your search for the best medical doctor and treatment. • Visit our website or call +41 44 586 79 79