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Miao‘s ppt ,not only tick tack1

  1. 1. Not Only Tick-tack Miao Si
  2. 2. Content Overview The position shifts’ definition of mine One important shift happened to me I communicate my shift to others and their response Detail descriptions What it bring to me Conclusion
  3. 3. The position shifts’ definition ofmine Position shift is one thing we cannot avoid in daily life. Mental change, environments change can all be defined as position shift. We cannot judge the effect of a position shift by only estimate the surface of one thing because it can always be butterfly effect.
  4. 4.  Position shift not only happens at the beginning of an incident, but also when you start to handle this. It is the basic element in our daily life, so don’t try to avoid it because if you do this you will be punished by coming of the change that you cannot afford.
  5. 5. One important shifthappened to me( My hometown :Huainan , China. )
  6. 6. BeforeIurgently wanted to join in the army. This dream always stays with me for many years. After I finished my sophomore’s year at collage I was planning to join the army during that summer break and I even wrote an application and then passed the physical examination .
  7. 7. During Some incidents and the order from my parents let me had to go on my study at college ,and I had to change my mind . “When God closes a door, He opens a window.” Fortunately, I was chosen to study abroad.
  8. 8. AfterA the beginning I was full of passion and fighting will . Life is not always comfortable, I had some difficulties because I was not able to adapt myself to the new circumstances and became puzzled and exhausted . Up to now , life goes well and I have changed a lot, I have made a great progress.
  9. 9. How I communicate my Shiftto others and their response After knowing I will study abroad my friends said it is good opportunity for me and my best friend often writes to me and tells me that just come home quickly because they need me .
  10. 10.  My father told me: If you want to get one thing, you should give up something; everyone should have his own undertaking, life will bring about fortune to your life. You cannot make sure that the decisions you are making not suitable for you before the result comes to us. What he said encourages me a lot and I always appreciate his understanding and supporting. My mother was a little bit upset because she would be missing me.
  11. 11.  Duringthe first several days I come to America I was not able to adapt myself to the new circumstances and became puzzled and exhausted . I asked my cousin for help, after the long talk, what he said make me suddenly enlightened, I started working hard and became outgoing.
  12. 12. Detail descriptions Region change and life style’s change: I leaved where I used to live and went to a totally different environment to hold a life style I was not familiar with.
  13. 13.  Mental change: In China parents always love their children ardently, due to this I used to shirk in daily life. But this thing made me must change, I needed to handle all of problems I met, choose a right way when I met a forked road. China University of Mining and Technology , My college in China.
  14. 14. What it brings to me There is an old saying: If you want to get one thing, you should give up something; everyone should have his own undertaking. Position shift is not only a change but also a training to everybody, we should hold a positive attitude to it.
  15. 15.  Firstlyit’s the way to deal with people, in China parents always teach children to be modest, if you are a genius you cannot accept the praise from others, you should just say I am not good enough or someone is better than me. But when I came to USA I found out that if you have talent in some aspects, you can show it off; people will admire you if you are really good enough in this area but not be critical about your attitude.
  16. 16.  Secondly, far away from family also bring me a lot of confusion and new skill, we don’t need to do housework when we are still at school, most of Chinese parents will try their best to let their children feel comfortable when they are staying in home, but I have to face to those all without others’ help, it’s a bit hard for me, so during a long time the life to me is how to survive but not how to live, fortunately, I worked so hard and finally learned how to hold a happy life all by myself.
  17. 17.  Thirdly,I have so many friends in my hometown but when I came to USA, I cannot find the familiar environment and I was so hard to communicate with others because I cannot learn what others’ saying and hardly to show what I was really thinking about. But after some time, my focusing on language’s learning is effective, and I pass this life’s test.
  18. 18.  Lastbut not least, it’s what it bring to us, my family, my friends and I, to me, I always missing home so much and what to go home at once, my parent also miss me so much that they always held some time to call me although they were so busy. Some of my best friend often write to me told me that just come home quickly because they need me, I just want to cry when I see what they have done to me, in this case I always told myself to calm done and go on, I will never let them done.
  19. 19. Conclusion Everything has tow folds, position is also a rapier. It can brings us not only environment’s change and training but also a steady change of our attitude to how to deal with our attitudes to lives and other things: take a masquerade or just smile to the shine without any makeup on our face.
  20. 20.  Don’t waste you time, and try to do more things as you can especially when we are still young. Because those position shifts can bring us not only experience but also a steady character. Life just like a boat, we never know what will happen next second, so it is full of coincidence, what we should do is facing to it and being thankful to the god.
  21. 21. IN THE END Our life is not only a regular clocks hand, our life is not repetitive tick-tack, it’s the most beautiful symphonic music in the world, so cherish it and never afraid to try. PS is not only position shift but also perpetual strive. THANKS