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Real time mail

  1. 1. REAL TIME MAIL By BindhuMadhavi Sponsered by
  3. 3. Real Time Mail • RTM allows you to print and package documents from your desktop and deliver them to your customers in a timely and cost effective manner. • Provides a cost effective document delivery system & Quality assurance program. • Packages are professionally bind or stapled.
  4. 4. Real Time Mail Flow FAST MSMQ RTM DB MAV & Render Rule Engine RTM SCAN Downlo ad & Print RTM Client Get Mail
  5. 5. FAST • RTM Receives Request From Fast • FAST users send title and escrow documents to First American customers through various delivery methods and one among them is RTM.
  6. 6. MSMQ • RTM retrieves data from FAST • Data queues up in MSMQ • RTM validates data and determines package rejected or processed • RTM DB gets updated
  7. 7. Melissa Address Validation • Third part web service which maintains database of all addresses recognized by US postal service. • Delivery point validation helps mailers to reduce undeliverable and store customers data with more confidence. • It mainly focuses on Existence of an address Addresses Format
  8. 8. Rendering • Mixing all your documents into a single continuous package that can be downloaded & printed. • Its like compiling, saving & exporting a file
  9. 9. Rule Engine • Repository of business rules. • It is a software system that executes one or more business rules in runtime during production environment. If package type = ‘Standard’ and State = ‘CA’ and Zip code between 90000 and 93599 Then Print center = ‘Sanjose’
  10. 10. GET MAIL • It is a server where are files are stored • RTM Client connects to Get mail server and downloads all PCL files
  11. 11. RTM CLIENT • RTM client gets connected to Get mail and downloads all PCL files • Print queue is selected and jobs get unique bar code • Jobs get printed
  12. 12. RTM CLIENT
  13. 13. RTM CLIENT
  14. 14. RTM Scan • RTM scans the barcode generated for every package. • Scanning gives us the information about the package • Its purpose is to keep track of the records delivered
  15. 15. Packaging • Ways of packaging STD – Standard Stapled Package BKT – Booklet with Tab sections Binder Non-Binder
  16. 16. Shipping • Through United State Postal Service Special Courier Federal Express Certified Mail
  17. 17. RTM WEB • An online website used to view and track the output of the job • Login the application with the RTM admin user credentials.
  18. 18. RTM WEB Report s Flow Control Tools RTM WEB Admin Manual Scan Rerout e Cancel Packag e
  19. 19. RTM WEB
  20. 20. Reports Print & not scanne d Search REPORTS FedEx Print center sumary
  21. 21. JOB Detail - Search • Detail search allows you to filter jobs using different search criteria • Once you have entered the relevant criteria, hit search. • Next page will display search results matches your requirements. • Detail search displays all the information related to job.
  22. 22. JOB Detail - Search
  23. 23. Job Detail – Printed & Not Scanned Report • Displays all the jobs which are printed but not scanned with in the date range provided • Details to be provided. Start date End date Mode of the job / Package Site to which job / Package routed
  24. 24. Job Detail – Printed & Not Scanned Report
  25. 25. 'Summary By Print Site' Report • There are several print centers. • For each and every state there is a print center established. • Each print center has different site ID Eg: CA – 651, 663…. • Within date range provided it generates a report • Report – Details of jobs running under specified print center
  26. 26. 'Summary By Print Site' Report
  27. 27. FedEx Shipment Details • Each package couriered, provided with unique Tracking ID. • Tracks status of parcel online(RTM web). • Tracking ID Enter tracking id, hit search Displays the status of Courier
  28. 28. FedEx Shipment Details
  29. 29. Flow Control RTM flow can be viewed and checked Job Received Render Rend ering Rule Engine A Render failed
  30. 30. A Shipping Label Ready Download Down load Print Download failed
  31. 31. FedEx Shipment Details
  32. 32. Manual Scan • Scanning gives us the information about the package • Its purpose is to keep track of the records delivered MNAUAL SCAN FASTREFID
  33. 33. Manual Scan
  34. 34. Cancel Package • Packages already created, cancelled upon the request of customer Cancel package Fast Ref ID Source Event ID Fast Order ID
  35. 35. Cancel Package
  36. 36. Rerouting Packages • Each package is routed to a site ID based on protocol defined • Packages can be rerouted to different site id apart from one routed currently RE-ROUTE PACKAGES FAST REF ID SITE & DATE RANGE
  37. 37. Rerouting Packages
  38. 38. ADMIN • Creates user Decides role and assigns print center • Manage user profile Update user Delete user Unlock user Resend credentials
  39. 39. ADMIN
  40. 40. ADMIN
  41. 41. TOOLS • Menu map Lists all the roles and their functionality • RTM jobs can be monitored based on package selected • Assembly list
  42. 42. Conclusion • Real Time Delivery • Real Time Quality • Real Time Business • Real Time Tracking • Real Time Savings • Real Time Service
  43. 43. Questions Feel free to contact us