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An update on work at Cornell University to integrate VIVO with ORCID in a way that works for Cornell and can be used in other VIVO instances. Presented as part of the ORCID Outreach meeting, Chicago, 2014-05-21 (https://orcid.org/content/orcid-outreach-meeting-and-codefest-may-2014).

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  • ## Titlepage* Grateful for Sloan funding through the A&I program* Although I serve on the ORCID board the work I’m talking about was done by the other people named. In particular the programming was done by Jim Blake and Tim Worrall* Start off by walking through a canned demo, point out features
  • ## 1. Profile page * User starts from their VIVO profile page, has no ORCID iD, logged in * Instead of standard VIVO (+) sign, has "Add an iD" link
  • ## 2. Add iD page * Has explanation about what this means -> education of users* Choice: continue or go back
  • ## 3. Sent to ORCID * Currently Sandbox, ship in demo mode, each institution ** Will go live when we update Cornell VIVO 1.6, "real soon now" ** Will do some user testing and perhaps tweak * Login or create account
  • ## 4. Approval screenName of app supplied on ORCID page* "Deny" - goes back to profile * "Authorize" - back to instruction screen
  • ## 5. Add iD page (Step 2) * Shows confirmed ORCID iD -- VIVO has reliable link * Explains adding VIVO identifier into ORCID Record and recommends doing that** However, avoid scaring off any users who might not want to
  • ## 6. ORCID confirm page * Explains that external VIVO identifier being added to ORCID record * "Deny" – will return without adding (Currently no easy way to go back an add later) * "Authorize" - back to institution screen
  • ## 7. Add id page (Steps 1 and 2 complete) * Shows that both steps completed * Links to view ORCID record and back to VIVO profile
  • ## 8. ORCID record page * Now has "VIVO Cornell n4875" link to profile ** Actually a Linked Date URI with conneg for HTML or RDF
  • ## 9. VIVO profile page * Now shows ORCID iD on profile marked "(confirmed)"
  • ## 10. Alternate scenario of imported ORCID * Screen shot of profile page as user logged in that has been added but not confirmed. Has iD marked "(pending confirmation)" with "Confirm the iD" link * Site admin ingests or adds id, cannot confirm (marked "(pending confirmation)") * Expecting to ingest ORCID iDs from Symplectic elements
  • Code will ship connected to ORCID sandbox for testingwill need to configure with real API keys etc. will need to change message text for local context
  • ## Cornell is complicated...* some colleges run own system with Activity Insight and members won't be able to edit VIVO page and do association, but data will flow into VIVO.
  • ## orcid.cornell.edu (screenshot in reserve) * Have created stand-alone site that allows authenticated Cornell users to do ORCID association. Simply stores local-id<->ORCID associations for use in other system (likely by graduate school).*Uses same library that is used for VIVO integration and available on github.
  • ORCID-VIVO Integration

    1. 1. ORCIDVIVO Integration Work at Cornell University to integrate VIVO with ORCID in a way that works for Cornell and can be used in other VIVO instances Jim Blake, Kathy Chiang, Jon Corson-Rikert, Dean Krafft, Deb Schmidle, Simeon Warner, Tim Worrall (Cornell University) Work as part of the ORCID Alfred P. Sloan Foundation-funded Adoption and Integration Program Outreach Meeting, Chicago, IL, USA. 2014-05-21
    2. 2. VIVO: an open-source linked open data researcher profile and research information system. Over 100 installations across the world (http://www.vivoweb.org) Here I walk through the integration between VIVO and ORCID to exchange authenticated identities Screenshots show test site and ORCID sandbox. Soon to be deployed in Cornell VIVO instance Step 1: Add ORCID iD
    3. 3. Add iD page in VIVO explains process and goals User clicks “Continue Step 1” when ready
    4. 4. Step 1: Add ORCID iD ORCID shows register/login page User logs into ORCID with existing credentials if they already have an ORCID iD. Otherwise they register and create one (very quick)
    5. 5. ORCID shows permissions page Explains that VIVO is requesting permission to get authenticated identity User selects either “Authorize” (hopefully) or “Deny” and is returned to VIVO
    6. 6. Having completed step 1 VIVO suggests completing a second step of adding VIVO id into ORCID record Even if user doesn’t complete this step the ORCID iD has already been recorded in VIVO
    7. 7. ORCID shows permissions page again. No need to login again Explains that VIVO is requesting permission push VIVO id into ORCID ids list User selects either “Authorize” (hopefully) or “Deny” and is returned to VIVO
    8. 8. VIVO shows process complete. Can now see ids in • ORCID record • VIVO profile
    9. 9. Linked VIVO id on ORCID record
    10. 10. Linked ORCID iD in VIVO profile Shows “(confirmed)” because user has gone through authentication step
    11. 11. Linked ORCID iD in VIVO profile may result from another workflow (data import or manual admin entry) Shows “(pending confirmation)” because user has not gone through authentication step
    12. 12. • Will be live at Cornell when we move to VIVO 1.6.1 • Will be in VIVO 1.7 release in July (https://wiki.duraspace.org/x/uQhVAw) • All code available, inc. separable ORCID Java library, on github (https://github.com/vivo-project)
    13. 13. Ah! Cornell... it’s complicated • 7 colleges, different approaches – Not all using VIVO – All benefit from ORCID iDs through improvement of data collection via other routes (e.g. Symplectic Elements and manually) • Graduate students don’t have VIVO profiles so exploring other integration approach...
    14. 14. Reuse of Java library created as part of VIVO integration to create stand- alone application for association of authenticated Cornell ID with ORCID iD Possible use in graduate school (where VIVO is not used)
    15. 15. Thanks! Talk to me at the poster reception or via simeon.warner@cornell.edu http://orcid.org/0000-0002-7970-7855
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