RP Middle School exit power point 2013

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  • Key Message : AdvancED is committed to advancing excellence in education worldwide and serving as a national leader for quality education. This commitment comes to life as we work to provide accreditation and continuous improvement services that: Help schools maximize student success Build the capacity of schools and school systems to achieve excellence through high standards, quality assurance, and continuous improvement Bring together research and resources for student, school, and system improvement


  • 1. © 2007 AdvancED1Reeths-Puffer MSMay 15, 2013
  • 2. Oral Exit ReportInternal Peer Review TeamR-P Middle SchoolMay 15, 2013
  • 3. © 2007 AdvancED3Advancing ExcellenceThe NCA Peer Review Team is committed toadvancing excellence in R-P by recommendingaccreditation and continuous improvement servicesthat:• Maximize student success• Build school and systemcapacity• Bring together research, bestpractices, and resources forstudent, school, and systemimprovement
  • 4. © 2007 AdvancED4Accreditation ElementsTo earn and maintain accreditation,schools: Meet standards for accreditation; Engage in continuous improvement; and Demonstrate quality assurance throughinternal and external review.
  • 5. © 2007 AdvancED5Purpose of theQuality Assurance Review• Assess the capacity of the school to meetthe standards;• Assess the effectiveness and impact ofthe continuous improvement process;• Identify strengths deserving ofcommendation; and• Develop recommendations which aredesigned to help strengthen the school toimprove student learning.
  • 6. © 2007 AdvancED6Procedures FollowedThe Quality Assurance Review Team Reviewed documentation provided by school Developed points of inquiry for on-site review Established, in collaboration with schoolpersonnel, a schedule of activities andinteractions that would provide significantstakeholder involvement Conducted interviews of a representative setof stakeholders Engaged in professional deliberations toconsider the capacity of the school to meetthe requirements for accreditation
  • 7. © 2007 AdvancED7Benefits of “Internal” Peer Review• Common Language Initiative is not bogged down invocabulary• Vested Interest• Additional Support (every 2 years)• Creates a natural support/ideanetwork within the district
  • 8. © 2007 AdvancED8Interviews with StakeholdersDuring the on-site Quality AssuranceReview, team members interviewed: 1 Administrator 8 Teachers/visited all classrooms 6 Parents 8 Students 23 TOTAL stakeholders + visited eachclassroom
  • 9. © 2007 AdvancED9Process for Gathering EvidenceIn considering the evidence as providedthrough data, documentation, observation,and dialogue, the Quality Assurance Team Sought a school perspective; Pursued evidence that could be correlatedthrough multiple sources; Examined the context and capacity of theschool in relation to its vision, mission, andbeliefs; and Applied the criteria for accreditation.
  • 10. © 2007 AdvancED10Team Decisions RegardingQuality• Commendations…recognition ofpractices and/or conditions that areexemplary—go beyond what istypically seen in schools• Recommendations…professionalrecommendations by the ReviewTeam that must be addressedwithin two years of our visit
  • 11. © 2007 AdvancED11RecommendationsThe Quality Assurance ReviewTeam recommends R-PMS:*Increase the utilization of data at theclassroom level to differentiate andindividualize instruction. What is the datatelling us? From a diagnostic perspective, whatis the data telling us? Increase opportunities tocollaborate around the data.*Work to ensure that the fidelity of theintention of Rocket Time is guarded.Standards and accountability should be clear.
  • 12. © 2007 AdvancED12RecommendationsThe Quality Assurance ReviewTeam recommends R-PMS:*Strongly consider its’ beliefs relative tohomework and grading policies and practices.What do we believe is the purpose of gradingand/or homework? How much shouldit/they count? Etc.*Increase the communication around thepurpose and interpretation of assessment andsurvey results. Consider efficiency withcommunication.
  • 13. © 2007 AdvancED13RecommendationsThe Quality Assurance Review Teamrecommends R-PMS:*As changes are made in instructional practicesrelated to curricular changes, ensure fidelity inboth instruction and curricular delivery.
  • 14. © 2007 AdvancED14CommendationsThe Quality Assurance ReviewTeam commends R-PMS:*For their understanding of the need to collectand utilize data to make placement andprogramming decisions. Teacher keeper dataand perception data encourage objective,rational decisions. The changes inaccelerated, AR classes, in addition to thedecision to move to a workshop model inreading and writing have all been data driven.
  • 15. © 2007 AdvancED15CommendationsThe Quality Assurance ReviewTeam commends R-PMS:*For creating a warm, welcoming, safeenvironment while utilizing collaborativelearning facilities to their fullest. (Overallatmosphere)*For the significant increase in the utilizationof informational text across content areas.(Significant increase in reading in Scienceand SS, and increase in writing in Math)
  • 16. © 2007 AdvancED16CommendationsThe Quality Assurance ReviewTeam commends R-PMS:*For their commitment to assuring the fidelityof implementation of learning goals. Thefidelity has been documented and verified.*For the continued strong “staff led”initiatives. Behavior matrix,instructional/behavioral videos, FAME (staffled data meetings), and embedding of collegeand career awareness activities into thecurriculum.
  • 17. © 2007 AdvancED17Next Steps• A written report of our findings will becompleted and sent to the principal within20 business days.• After receiving the report, the school isexpected to:1. Review and communicate the findingsand observations contained in thereport;2. Sustain the strengths noted in thecommendations;
  • 18. © 2007 AdvancED18Next Steps (continued)3. Initiate steps to address therecommendations in the report;4. Continue to implement and monitorthe AdvancED accreditation processand requirements; and
  • 19. © 2007 AdvancED19Final ThoughtsOn behalf of the Review Team, Iextend: Our appreciation for your hospitality,support, and professionalism; Our respect and acknowledgement ofthe quality of your school and dedicationof staff; and Our congratulations for successfullycompleting the Review process.