Twitter 101 (Microsoft Internal/Field/Partners)


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Twitter 101 training for Microsoft worldwide partner group, biz groups, field and WW partners.

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  • Twitter basics. How many ppl r on twitter already? This presentation will cover ‘getting started’ with twitter; how to open your account, how to find ppl, helpful tools to automate your process.
  • Before we move forward, there are a few keywords that are basic for Twitter users.A tweet is the message you send out that is 140 characters or lessRT is when you find a fabulous tweet that you want to send out again. # (hashtag) is a way to group tweets together (for example at WPC we used#WPC09 to track all conference topics and we will also stream these tweets into our Mashup.@reply is when you send a message to someone or someone sends a message to you. You can include this in any part of your tweet for the person to receive the tweet or know that you are talking about them.DM is a private message. It’s like IM with you and one other person (1:1)TinyURL is a way to shrink your URL’s. If you use a tool like or it allows you to shrink your URL’s AND track clicks. We’ll cover later in this deck.
  • To get started with Twitter, we’ll first walk through creating your account. Go to and click on the ‘Sign up now’ button…
  • Next, think of a creative name that is less than 10 characters long and enter it here. You want to have a name that is short so others can retweet you (we’ll talk about that in a bit) or send you messages. If your name is 20 characters long, it shortens the messages that can be sent. If you are not comfortable piloting Twitter and you want to hide your interactions at first, you can protect your updates and limit your twitter followers to only the ppl that you follow. This means all of your tweets will be hidden outside of your network. You can always add or remove this feature at any time.
  • Now, you can announce to all of your friends that you are on twitter. Twitter also provides you with a list of suggested ppl for you to follow. Remember, you can always unfollow these ppl later.
  • Now your ready to complete your Twitter account.Make sure you include your avatar/picture. Feedback on avatars is to have a close up face picture. Characters or full body aren’t as personal. If you have a company or group account, you can use your group logo, but remember to put the faces of the ppl that manage the account in your background so ppl know who they are interacting with.Add a link so ppl can learn more about you. Blog, fb, Lin, Flickr… If you are a grp, add a link to your portal.In your bio, add something interesting about you. Likes, where you work, personal. It’s your brand. Page layout: Updates: how many tweets you have sent out. Following:theppl you follow Tweet History: all of the tweets you have sent out (archive this information if you want to save for future as Twitter deletes or sometimes loses information) Retweet: This is when you find interesting informatio and re-tweet it out for your followers to see.
  • You can use Hashtags to group conversations together. I entered the #wpc09 hashtag in the twitter search window and all tweets using the #wpc09 tag are shown in the return. #Sharepoint is one of the most common MS tags used on twitter right now. They have a strong network.
  • Trending topics show you the most popular keywords being used in Twitter. It’s where I get my news. So if there is an earthquake or a huge event, this is where I find my news fastest. Keep in mind that you should always confirm this information as I’ve seen hoaxes come through and grow quickly on twitter (like jeffgoldblum’s death last week)
  • Now that you have your account, let’s move on to how to find people you want to follow. If you do not have any followers (people following you) then you are just talking to yourself in the twitterverse. It’s similar to IM’ing yourself. Unless you are using a keyword that someone is tracking or someone is watching the ‘all twitter’ feed, then nobody will likely see your tweets.
  • To help find ppl you might be interested in, you can start by searching for keywords using the Twitter Find People function. This will search through users bios and will return a list of twitter users.You can also use the Twitter search to find ppl that have used your keywords and can follow them.Do you follow any blogs? Chances are, they have a twitter account you can follow.Also, Look at the followers of the people you are following.
  • Follow Mr. Tweet:’ll link you to other people worth following based on who you are already followingGo to MrTweet site, enter your twitter account information. MrTweet will scrub through your following and make recommendations on ppl you should follow.
  • WeFollow allows users to associate three tags with their twitter handle. If you have a topic, like Microsoft, that you are interested in, you can see the people with the biggest following associated to that keyword. Keep in mind, big followings does not mean strong network. There are third party tools that allow you to bulk up your following so it looks like you are engaged. Be aware that some of these tools are phishing accounts that may sell your information later or spam you.I prefer to grow my account organically and do not use or support these accounts.
  • Now you have your account created and are following people and have some followers, you’ll need some help organizing your time so you don’t spent hours keeping your twitter account running.
  • The top desktop tools ppl use to manage their twitter accounts are tweetdeck, & seesmic. PeopleBrowsr might still be in Alpha, but it’s an interesting tool to use especially when you manage more than one account.For beginners, I highly suggest either tweetdeck or seesmic.If you have many different SM accounts on various SM platforms, use to send messages to all of these accounts with one click. (like our SMS&P or WPG yammer accounts)
  • URLshorteners are popular as they shrink your tweet size. Tools like and allow you to track link clicks – but there are some issues with their metrics.You can either log into and track all of your URL’s or tweetdeck has built into it so you can quicklly shrink your URL’s in any tweet you send out. You can’t easily track from tweetdeck, so you’ll need to either log into to track your links OR you can append a ‘+’ on your url to view your metrics
  • Finally, I leave you with some twitter tips.
  • Any questions or comments?Was this helpful?
  • Twitter 101 (Microsoft Internal/Field/Partners)

    1. 1. Twitter 101<br />@simchabe<br />
    2. 2. Twitter Glossary<br />Tweet – a message of 140 characters or less<br />Retweet (rt) – resending a tweet that somebody else sent<br />Hashtag (#) – a tag that allows you to group conversations (#WPC09)<br />@Reply – referencing or sending a tweet to a specific account<br />DM – like IM, it’s a private tweet to one account<br />
    3. 3. WOW! Great Example of Twitter Community <br />At Work<br />
    4. 4. Getting StartedTo sign up for a Twitter account, go to and click on “Get Started – Join!”<br />
    5. 5. Username & PreferencesProtect your updates if you are not comfortable having everyone read your tweets. You can always turn this option off & on<br /><ul><li>Keep username <10 characters
    6. 6. Use same username across </li></ul>all SM platforms<br />
    7. 7. Getting StartedInvite your friends to join you on Twitter<br />You can always unfollow people later<br />
    8. 8. Complete your Twitter Accountno bio, no pic, no followers (no shirt, no shoes, no service)<br />Avatar<br />Link<br />bio<br />Retweet<br />Updates<br />Tweet History<br />Following<br />
    9. 9. # (Hashtags)Hashtags allow tweets to be grouped together. <br />#wpc09<br />#sharepoint<br />#silverlight<br />#windows<br />#dWPC<br />#microsoft<br />#mspartner<br />
    10. 10. Trending topicsHashtags allow tweets to be grouped together. <br />#wpc09<br />#sharepoint<br />#silverlight<br />#windows<br />#dWPC<br />#microsoft<br />#mspartner<br />
    11. 11. Find People to FollowDon’t talk to yourself<br />
    12. 12. Find People to FollowDon’t talk to yourself<br /><ul><li>Search for people using Twitter Search.
    13. 13. Use keyword searches to find people with similar interests (#sharepoint, #Seattle, #Surfing)</li></li></ul><li>@MrTweet<br />
    14. 14. WeFollow<br />
    15. 15. Twitter Tools<br />Organize your Social Networking Process<br />
    16. 16. Desktop Tools<br /><ul><li>Tweetdeck
    17. 17.
    18. 18. PeopleBrowsr
    19. 19. Seesmic
    20. 20. bDule</li></li></ul><li>URL Shorteners<br />
    21. 21. Twitter Tips<br />Tips for Strong Account:<br />Keep name short (&lt;10 characters)<br />Create Bio (who are you, what do you do/like)<br />Add avatar (photo)<br />Add link to your site (blog, facebook, linked in…)<br />Change the default background (Bing! ‘twitter background’)<br />Keep tweets short if you want others to RT<br />Tips to find followers:<br />Follow people interested in your product<br />The best way to get followers is through @replys – tree effect build followers<br />Give important, exclusive information<br />Be responsive<br />Retweet (RT) Share interesting information others send<br />
    22. 22. 7 Best Practices<br />Listen Effectively<br />Manage Your Time<br />Be Responsive<br />Business Casual Tone: Real<br />Leverage Tools<br />Be Helpful, Humble & Human<br />
    23. 23. Participate<br /><ul><li>4.5 million users
    24. 24. 5-10,000 new accounts/day
    25. 25. 140 million users
    26. 26. 600,000 new accounts/day
    27. 27. 71 million UUs/month
    28. 28. More people watch monthly than watch the SuperBowl</li></li></ul><li>The End<br />
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