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Hello Spanish friends
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Hello Spanish friends



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  • 2. SOTIRIA• My name is Sotiria and I am 11 years old.• I live in Kalamaria ,Greece.• I am on the sixth grade of elementary school of Kalamaria.• I am tall and thin , I have brown eyes and brown hair.• I go every Tuesday and Thursday to extra English lessons and ballet.• Also,i have a brother,his name is Dimitris and he is short with brown eyes and hair. He is 4 years old and he goes to the Kindergarten . Our favourite food is pasticcio.• In my free time I like listening to music ,playing computer games or playing with my friends!• I would like to speak with you because I like Spain.
  • 3. ELIAS My name is Elias. Im 11 years old and I live in Thessaloniki. My family is not big. I have one sister. She is 15 years old. My father is a lawyer and mum is an officer customer. I study at Primary school. My school is next to my house. Its a big building with big yardand large gum. My favourite subject is History. My favourite hobby is football. I practice five times a week because my football trainer wants to make my better. I have extra english lessons twice a week.
  • 4. JOHNMy name is John and Im 11 years old.I live in Thessaloniki.My family is not very big . I have a father , a mother and a sister.My favourite sport is football.My favourite greek team is Olympiakos and my favourite spanish team is Barcelona .What about you?
  • 5. CHRISMy name is Chris and I am 11 years old.I’m from Albania but I live in Greece.I have dark hair and brown eyes.I have one little brother whose name is Denis.I am a REAL MADRID fan and i like Cristiano Ronaldo .I like playing football and Basketball.
  • 6. JIMHi, I am Jim and I am twelve years old.My favourite hobbies are football, basketball and graffiti.My favourite singers are John Mercury and Ritbull.My favourite team is Barcelona.
  • 7. ANDREWMy name is Andrew and iam 11 years old.I have got black hair, I am 1,60 tall and I have got black eyes.I have many hobbies like football, basketball and water polo.I speak english, german, french and spanish.Yo hablo un poco esranol porque me gusta espanol. Yo soy Real Madrid y me gusta mucho Cristiano Ronaldo.How about you?Love from Greece,Andrew
  • 8. STATHISHello my names is stathis .My favourite sport is footballI am twelve years old.My favourite subject is HistoryMy favourite colour is blue.MY favourite team is BARCELONA.How about you?Regards,Stathis
  • 9. ALEXHi Spanish friends.I am ALEX and I am 11 years old.I have black hair, brown eyes and I am of medium height.In Greece, people are very friendly. Greece is a beautiful country.My favorite team from spanish league is Real Madrid and my favourite player is C.Ronaldo.What is your favourite team from SPANISH League?Write a letter about you.ALEX
  • 10. MARIOSIm Marios.Im from Albania but I live in Greece.I like playing football.I dont speak English very well
  • 11. PEGGY Hi I am Peggy and I am 11 years old. I go to 13th Elementary School of Kalamaria, which is in Thessaloniki Greece. I have two sisters older than me . The first is 24 and the second is 22. I have more activities as go dancing and doing extra english lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays. My hobby is singing and go walking. My school is big with many classes and teachears . It has also got a gym which is visited by the school next ours. The teachers are good and teach very well!! My favourite subjects are French and Language. In French we have the best teacher in my opinion.In Language I am very good! Now in Greece as you maybe know there is an economical crisis. The people have lost their jobs and many families cant stand on their own. However we are still trying to front the crisis!!!! Whats your favourite lesson? Whats you hobby? Do you like Greece? Best regards, Peggy
  • 12. EVIE HI,SPANISH FRIENDS Hi my name is evie and I’m 11 years old. I live in Thessaloniki, specifically in Kalamaria. I have got blonde hair and brown-green eyes. I am tall and normal in weight. I love to dance, sing and play volleyball. Ive been doing volleyball for 5 years. My favourite food is the tenderloin with mushrooms and rice. Its fantastic. I have one brother his name is ALEX. He is 4 years old and he is very very sweet. When i grow up , I want to be a dentist . Every day i have a full program. My favourite lessons are arts and english. I love English♥♥♥♥ . I wouid love to visit your country i am still very young. When i grow up a little . i hope I will. WHAT ABOUT YOU ????????? REGARDS, EVIE
  • 13. CHRIS Hello my Spanish Friends My name is Chris Tzouanakis and I am 11 years old. I have brown hair , a small nose , brown eyes and my height is 1,43. I am slim and fit. I have a pretty sister that she goes at the 2nd class of highschool. I go to gymnastics every day and I go at the 6th class of Primary school of Kalamaria. I have two houses and my bigger one is in Chania, in Crete. I have a lot of friends and i hope to become a friend with you. In the end i want to know what is your favourite team!!!When i grow up i want to be a pilot. You? Best wishes CHRIS
  • 14. TASOS Hello, Spanish Friends My name is Tasos. I am 11 years old. I was born at Larissa, Greece . I have got brown hair, I’m short. I am Barcelona’s fan. My favorite sport is football. I am good at math and physics. My favorite computer game is Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Also have a hobby. I know a lot about computers and smartphones. I like playing Play Station Portable ® (PSP®). I’m member of a football team (Aristotelis F.C Kalamarias). How do you spend your free time? What about your hobbies? Waiting for your news, Anastasios