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Simando Brochure

  1. 1. Make prompt and correct decisions. Experiment and get fast feedback. Analyze the behavior of complex systems. Communicate ideas efficiently and more credibly. Discover alternatives to unexpected situations. 10 reasons to use simulation . . . accelerating future A new perspective Analyze improbable and dangerous scenarios safely. on simulation Employing simulation as a fundamental activity in the value chain – for efficient continuous improvement and best in class operations Convince your clients of your operational capabilities. Teach new concepts easily. SIMANDO TECHNOLOGY SRL Bulevardul Republicii, 9 Timisoara, 300159, Romania Save money in the medium and long term. E-mail: Phone: + 40 356 172 021 Mobile: + 40 754 059 226 Be confident and implement your decisions. A company of SIMANDO Group
  2. 2. Is guessing your best decision-making tool ? What can you analyze with a simulation ? Let’s make the wheels turn! There is an alternative! dynamic behavior of systems Simulation based analysis should not be a one For organizations who aim at resources utilization time event. It should be used continually in a excellence in their operations cyclical manner to give sustainable value. and are unsatisfied with guess- takt, lead, cycle times Therefore we offer a flexible working manner by oriented decisions, fear of experi- production capacity which we can provide a perfect combination of menting and unquantifiable results, buffers capacity we offer a suite of simulation custom simulations and industrial consulting routing algorithms specialized component libraries services that cover the JIT, JIS strategies complete range of aspects training & assistance systems resilience influencing global competitiveness. effects of probabilistic events In contrast to other simulation platforms which Our goal is to provide our clients energy consumption limit your possibilities, our simulation libraries Simulate and Do ! with viable solutions that help are open, flexible, easy to use and can be custo- emissions footprint mized according to your specific requirements. them attain their objectives, with confidence and agility. When should you use simulation? Simulation is viewed not just as a method of planning and optimizing processes, but SIMANDO guarantees an appropriate grade of fidelity between simulation and Your trajectory to success with simulation In contrast to single specialty products or services we bring together industrial rather as an important component of the value chain. This approach will allow you to reality. This will provide for the relevance of results and measurable value for know-how, methods, tools and passion. continually design and enhance your processes with effectiveness and predictability. our clients. SIMANDO delivers outstanding simulation, analysis and optimization software pro- ducts and services that enable you to better understand, control and direct your operational processes. When you .. Example of a simulated production island plan and design systems make investment decisions analyze fault scenarios operate radical changes analyze the value stream migrate to lean manufacturing Present Future optimize existing environments analyze emergent behavior SIMANDO is the guide ... ... to your destination!