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   Peace Commended                                            Asycuda project, COMESA is ready to             ...
African Trade Insurance Board of Directors Meet
Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development
4   (IPAD)-East African Power Industry Convention (EAPIC)
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COMESA has commenced the Design of the Carbon Facility
COMESA Secretariat with the support       Af...
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E-Comesa Newsletter 214


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DRC Government Ready to fully participate in COMESA programmes
ACTESA Holds Consultations with Ethiopia
African Trade Insurance Board of Directors Meet
Uganda supports COMESA’s Simplified Trade Regime
Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development (IPAD)-East African Power Industry Convention (EAPIC)
COMESA has commenced the Design of the Carbon Facility

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E-Comesa Newsletter 214

  1. 1. newsletter 1 Issue #214 -14th August 2009 Issue #126 Friday 19 October 2007 newsletter DRC Government Ready to fully participate in COMESA programmes Chirundu with a view of duplicating the One Stop Border Post initiative at the Zambia/ DRC border at Kasumbalesa. The Congolese delegation led by the Finance Deputy Minister composed of experts from Customs administration, senior officers from the co- coordinating Ministry and the Ministry of Finance of the DRC. Secretary General Ngwenya encouraged T he Government of the in Lusaka this week when he met the DRC to participate in the COMESA Democratic Republic of Congo Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya Regional Customs Transit Guarantee (DRC) says it is ready to fully and Assistant Secretary General (RCTG) scheme to reduce the cost participate in regional integration Ambassador Nagla El Hussainy. of doing business the Congolese using instruments made available business community. Minister by the Common Market for Eastern As a sign of this renewed Lubamba Ngimbi revealed that and Southern Africa (COMESA). This commitment, the DRC has paid all the process of finalization of the includes joining the recently launched the 2009 budget contribution to the ratification of the RCTG instrument COMESA Customs Union. COMESA Secretariat and has starting has commenced. Mr. Ngwenya also settling its arrears. highlighted the benefits of joining the Deputy Minister of Finance in the PTA Bank adding that it could benefit DRC Government Honourable Cesar Honourable Lubamba Ngimbi also both the public and private sector Lubamba Ngimbi reiterated that used his presence in Zambia to visit through direct financing of some country’s commitment to COMESA the Zambia/Zimbabwe border at important projects in the DRC. to page 2 This bulletin is published by the COMESA Secretariat Public Relations Unit but does not necessarily represent views of the Secretariat. Contact Address : COMESA SECRETARIAT, COMESA Center , Ben Bella Road P.O. Box 30015, 260 1 229 725, 260 1 225 107,
  2. 2. from page 1 Peace Commended Asycuda project, COMESA is ready to Minister Lubamba Ngimbi revealed Meanwhile, Secretary General expand the project in all the eleven that the World Bank and other 2 Ngwenya commended His Excellency provinces of the DRC. The Asycuda multilateral donors are discussing how President Joseph Kabila for the efforts Project aims at computerizing to waive the US$9 billion government made to bring peace and security in customs administration leading to an debt owed by the DRC. This will be a the country. He pointed out that the increase in revenue collection while positive move towards reconstructing recent visit to the DRC by US Secretary helping to fight fraud and corruption. that country and improve the welfare of State, Hillary Clinton, is a great signal of its people. of confidence that the government is Earlier, the Congolese Deputy Minister on the right track to full recovery. paid a courtesy call on his counterpart He also met the Zambian Minister at the Zambian Ministry of Finance of Commerce, Trade and Industry Mr. Ngwenya expressed COMESA’s and National Planning. He met Hon. Hon. Felix Mutati who assured that commitment to help the DRC Chileshe Kapwepwe and the two funding for a One Stop Border Post at duplicate One Stop Border initiative discussed areas of cooperation mainly Kasumbalesa could be sourced. at the Kasumbalesa border post. He the need for the DRC to learn the best COMESA will attend the forthcoming also assured the Minister of Finance practices on how the Zambia Revenue SADC summit to be held in September that given the benefit of the COMESA Authority efficiently collects revenue. in the DRC. ACTESA UPDATE ACTESA Holds Consultations with Ethiopia Discussions with the World Bank’s AAMP Team Leader focused on how current World Bank supported agricultural activities in Eastern and Southern Africa can be folded into ACTESA. Dr. Muyunda’s discussions with USAID’s agricultural policy officials agreed modalities for providing strategic institutional support to ACTESA. Meetings with US Foundations identified key private sector agribusinesses that will work Cris Muyunda (ACTESA) and Thom Hobgood (USAID) taking a break during meetings at the World Bank with ACTESA to partner African farmer Alliance for Commodity Trade in follows his visit to the USA where groups. Eastern and Southern Africa (ACTESA) he held consultations with the Regional Coordinator and CEO, World Bank, USAID and US private In the MDTF discussions, the World Cris Muyunda, is in Addis Ababa, foundations. ACTESA is preparing to Bank confirmed support to the Ethiopia to hold consultations with deliver practical support to farming Burundi compact and requested the government of that country. communities in countries that immediate forwarding of the Dr. Muyunda will meet with the prioritize CAADP. Dr. Muyunda also Burundi compact signing budget to Government of Ethiopia regarding joined African partners, NEPAD and the Bank. The MDTF has provided the signing of the CAADP Compact the Conference of Ministers of West guidelines on levels of support to and the type of support ACTESA Africa in the Multi Donor Trust Fund Regional Economic Communities will deliver to Ethiopia following (MDTF) Steering Committee meeting for participating in compact signing the signing of the Compact. Dr. at the World Bank. ceremonies. . Muyunda’s arrival in Ethiopia
  3. 3. African Trade Insurance Board of Directors Meet Meeting of the Board of Directors that 3 was held in Naivasha, Kenya on 11th August 2009. The Board Meeting was preceded by a one day workshop on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Strategy Planning Session for the institution. The ATI continues to provide Trade Credit Insurance, Political Risk Insurance and Terrorism Cover. As a result of the services provided by ATI, ATI Board of Directors and Alternate Directors participating member States have The Secretary General of COMESA, as the Vice Chairman of ATI Board been able to attract investments from Mr. Sindiso Ngwenya, in his capacity of Directors attended the 33rd ATI within the region and outside Africa. Uganda supports COMESA’s Simplified Trade Regime T he first Katuna/Gatuna COMESA solve the problems faced by small- and over time large volumes are being Cross Border Trade Forum was scale cross-border traders. It enables traded. You are the people on the held on Monday 10th August them to enjoy duty and quota free ground who know where the deficits to Friday 14th August 2009 in Kabale entry of their goods in the COMESA and the surpluses are and thus from District in the Republic of Uganda. region. The STR is also looking at ways the surplus the deficits are fed,” added The occasion was an opportunity for to transform informal cross-border the Director. Uganda through the vice Chairperson trade into formal trade. of the Kabale District, Mr Silver The forum included a visit to the Baguma, to re-affirm the country’s Speaking at the same meeting, border to witness the challenges commitment to COMESA’s regional COMESA Director of Gender, Women firsthand and discuss with the various integration agenda. At the forum, in Business and Social Affairs, Mrs stakeholders on the implementation Uganda extended its support on the Emiliana Tembo, pointed out that the of the COMESA STR and the uptake of the Simplified Trade Regime informal sector constitutes thousands elaboration of an action plan to ensure in the COMESA region which aims to of un-captured data each year and its implementation. increase recorded and legitimate small of course millions of revenue lost by scale cross-border trade and remove governments. The main stakeholders targeted the opportunistic forms of corruption by the programme included cross- that have been found to inhibit trade She revealed that the STR has been border traders, local government and lead to traders conducting trade strongly backed by the COMESA officials, national government outside official channels. Council of Ministers for a long time officials, parliamentarians, civil society as it was realized that big businesses organizations and private sector The forum was also an opportunity have benefitted relatively more from organizations. This first activity which for COMESA to meet the traders who COMESA programmes. took place on the Uganda-Rwanda cross the borders on a regular basis border at Katuna, will serve as a pilot and to find out how to enhance “Though small quantities may be for conducting similar activities along their trade in a sustainable manner. carried across the border at a time, other borders in the region. COMESA introduced the STR to help many of you are engaged in this trade
  4. 4. Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development 4 (IPAD)-East African Power Industry Convention (EAPIC) Below is an edited version of the Fortunately, this is being addressed road user charges, including fuel welcome address delivered by the through the elimination of these levies, for road users. Whereas it is Secretary General of COMESA Mr. artificial barriers through regional true that the levies collected may Sindiso Ngwenya at the above meeting integration. be inadequate, given the financing in Dar es Salaam Tanzania on 12th requirements, the constraint is not August 2009 The second challenge is that most the amounts collected but rather of our countries do not have the the lack of innovative approaches. “Allow me to begin with the financial resources for investment I therefore submit that what is challenges on infrastructure in infrastructure projects, which required is to securitize the annual development in our region. The require large capital outlays and amounts collected and leverage it first is what I would describe as the are characterized by long gestation four to five times. For example, an “tyranny of geography”, which is periods. The traditional approach annual collection of US$250 million compounded by the “dispersion” of has been to obtain funding from would generate finances of US$900 populations. A cursory look at the multilateral development banks and million. This form of infrastructure map of East Africa in particular and development partners. This type of financing would be akin to a non- Africa in general, shows that most funding increases the debt stock debt financing instrument. of the countries have vast tracts of and burden of countries, hence, land with low population densities the need for public/private sector For the railway sector, it is not per square kilometre. The exceptions partnerships. It is gratifying to note enough to concession existing are the small countries like Burundi, that this is happening in power and railways. To bring about inter-railway Malawi and Rwanda. The low telecommunications projects. competition, investors for green field population densities mean that the railway projects should be invited. cost of building infrastructure per The third challenge is the inadequate It is also advisable for the region capita/person is very high. A typical capacity, both technical and financial, to consider the implementation case is the provision of electricity to of companies within the region of rail/road systems that bring dispersed populations by our power to participate in tenders for big about integrated and seamless companies. infrastructure projects. It would be transportation systems. This is advisable for regional companies to because technology is available for The low population densities that pool their capacities. trailers that can move on both road prevail in most of our countries and rail, thus eliminating railway are both a blessing and a curse. DISTINGUISHED PARTICIPANTS shunting and associated costs. This The “tyranny of geography” is I wish to highlight the opportunities would mean that road transport also manifested by the number that are going begging and need to would be confined to door to door of “landlocked” countries that be harnessed. With regard the road short haul deliveries of freight thus the region has, thanks to the sector, the institutional and policy taking off more than 95% of traffic balkanization of Africa in the reforms that have been implemented volume from the road network and Nineteenth Century. Due to under the World Bank, sub-Saharan reduce both periodic and routine institutional and administrative Africa transport programme need to maintenance costs as well as extend interventions, the cost of doing be advanced. Countries in East Africa the life of the roads. business is increased multifold. and the region have introduced
  5. 5. CLIMATE CHANGE UPDATE COMESA has commenced the Design of the Carbon Facility COMESA Secretariat with the support Africa. Burdened by the heavy weight of Sub-Saharan Africa depends on of the Government of Norway has of the relevant standards and rules agriculture, it is thus the agriculture, 5 commenced the process of setting and wary of the risks associated with forestry, and land use sector that up the carbon facility. COMESA has investments in community carbon holds the most promising potential engaged Mr. Kurt van Duyn to assist projects in rural Africa, a carbon for carbon finance for most African in the designing of the regional market driven by buyers’ preferences countries. However, the carbon carbon facility hosted at the PTA has drawn little interest and support market has largely bypassed Africa. Bank in Nairobi Kenya. The Global of African communities on their The member States have agreed mechanism of the United Nations way to more sustainable agricultural that the carbon facility should reflect Convention on Climate and D will practices. Africa’s needs and priorities. “ To also provide support to COMESA make the carbon market work in during the design of the Carbon The emergence of the carbon COMESA region, a new approach to Facility. market has the potential to support carbon financing will be developed the introduction of perennials and which will ensure local stakeholders Of the more than 1,100 CLEAN agro-forestry, sustainable land rather than carbon credit buyers DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM (CDM) management techniques, and are the primary beneficiaries of projects registered by June 2008, conservation agriculture. Cultivation carbon finance, it is coupled with only 17 are located Sub-Saharan of Jatropha or other seed oil technical and financial support, and Africa. Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria producing plants, afforestation, and it is supported by international and have one registered CDM project the use of bio-energy also have the national policy ‘’ noted Mr. C. Miti, each and the remaining 14 projects potential to contribute to a new Climate Change Coordinator . are located in South Africa. This development paradigm for Africa The dedicated COMESA CARBON lack of African CDM projects is due and reduction of Green House Gases. Facility will invest in offsets from in part to the rules of the carbon By sequestering carbon, the rural agricultural, agro-forestry, forestry market which discriminate against poor could produce a new type of and land-use (AFOLU) and other the agricultural and forestry sector in international commodity. As much Carbon projects in countries in East and Southern Africa. For additional information contact Climate Change Unit : her at COMESA Secretariat while in Lusaka attending the Summit of the Great Lakes Region. Ambassador Nagla briefed the French envoy on the background to COMESA as an organisation and the structure of its organs and institutions. She briefed him also on the establishment of the free trade area and the customs union as well as the process for building the tripartite free trade area. She assured the envoy that COMESA Secretariat maintains cordial and friendly relations with the French Government and has benefited from various French envoy visits COMESA technical cooperation activities. On his part, the French envoy briefed Ambassador Nagla on his functions The COMESA Acting Secretary General, Ambassador Nagla El-Hussainy, and on his impressions of the Great this week met the French Special Representative for Cooperation in the Great Lakes Summit just concluded. Lakes Region, Ambassador Christiane Connan, who paid a courtesy call on