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    Ideo Ideo Presentation Transcript

    • Business Design Jeong-Suh Choi MBA Candidate, Class of 2011 Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Jeong-suh.choi@tuck.dartmouth.edu Mobile: 603-306-2339
    • Past Projects Ideas on Better World Ideas on NUDGES
    • Branding Products? Branding Producers! OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Trying to brand our pork product as trustworthy, we We set a new goal: branding not the product, but the disclosed various information including what fodders producers, OURSELVES. are used and which pig will “become our product” today. We planted peppers under each consumer’s name and let them monitor the crops through Google Earth. We also organized many farm tours. They are all Unlike our expectations, many people were about establishing RAPPORT with people. distracted by connecting the animal with fresh meat. Earning trust as a producer, we enjoyed the increase in sales not only for the pork product, but also for other fresh food products.
    • Earning Customers’ Trust: Hand Written Review OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS In Korea, no customers trust the reviews written in the We let customers post their hand-written reviews shopping mall, because many of them are manipulated instead to increase the credibility. by the seller or competitors. People tend to communicate regarding the review Not only more people trusted our brands and reviews, through their blogs or other social media. but the buzz spread out and people started purchasing our product to simply leave a review.
    • Earning Customers’ Trust: Review In Blogs OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS One of our major clients, dnshop.com, second largest We recommended our client to change its policy to online shopping mall in Korea, had the same dilemma. let hyper-links of blog posting underneath the product. People started posting the review on their own blogs and linking the post to our client’s web page. Bloggers were happy as they could expose their blogs in one of the biggest shopping malls in Korea. dnshop.com Reviewer’s Blog Not only customers enjoyed more credible reviews, but dnshop.com did enjoy increased sales. People did not trust any review in the site and tend to communicate through their blogs or other social This service was often covered by various magazines media. and TV shows in Korea and I was invited to many kinds of retail conferences and lectures as a speaker.
    • YourLab, First Company I Established OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS I always tried to make my employees feel as if the After six months of endurance, we finally launched a business is their own. I encouraged them to try any new social shopping service called Shozle. Four months later, idea they came upon. There were ideas looked not we also opened a “green” shopping mall called The Oak useful, but I thought the trial and error was worth In Acorn. “buying” as long as we are heading the same direction. It was when I learned that while a great idea can be suggested by a single person, it is people together who realize it. On April 1st, 2008, we finally established YourLab Co., Ltd., an online retail company. Although it took time as expected, I trusted my judgment, and my employees’ passion and capability. YourLab stands for “the laboratory where people turn ideas into reality together.”
    • Past Projects Better World Ideas on NUDGES
    • Shopping GPS Apps OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Shoppers often get lost on the middle of the road An app you can download into your smart phone that or a shopping mall. has information on your shopping pattern and guides you as an item you might be interested in is near where you are. 10 yards Customers can easily find an item they like using the message. The more shoppers buy, the more information on their shopping pattern is accumulated for better matching. Shoppers spends a lot of time visiting the shop and coming out with empty hands. It makes a good “push” marketing for brands or retailers focusing on a highly specified target.
    • Key With Breathalyzer OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Drink and drive is bad. A key with breathalyzer embedded will solve the problem. You would always have to blow the key before you Everybody but the drunk knows it. start the car. If you are drunk, the key would not work.
    • Naming Intersections OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS When asked a direction by a stranger, many people Why don’t we design a model in which the use intersections as a landmark for the explanation. government auctions the name of each intersection? IDEO Junction Companies would most likely be interested in the auction as they can advertise on the traffic light! lt is also often hard to tell which two roads are crossing at the intersection, especially when you are driving in a Win win win situation we can create as the city new to you. government enjoys additional non tax income, companies enjoy marketing effect, and people can use it for an effective landmark.
    • Lower Drive In School Zone OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS School zone is important. Why don’t we build the road lower than the sidewalk in the zone? Even without seeing the sign, the driver would never miss the school zone since it becomes so obvious. Sophisticated drainage is required. But the only way a driver can recognize the zone is through a sign, or maybe a paint on the road. There is no chance that a car goes over the sidewalk or kids jump on the road.
    • Stove Thermometer OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Sometimes people forget to turn off the stove, A device that measures the initial weight of the pot which is very dangerous. would reduce the chance of fire drastically. (1) (2) The stove automatically It automatically turns off measures the weight itself when the pot is when the pot is placed over-cooked and gets too light If it has a thermometer displayed, it would be much safer as the cook notices when it is too hot. Anything that is over cooked becomes lighter in weight, especially when the pot is on the verge of fire.
    • Reservation System Using Crowd-sourcing OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Many small-town restaurants, like those in Hanover, Why don’t we connect them with local restaurants NH, have a very extreme turnaround ratio as they are who want to apply a reservation system? too busy in prime time while many tables are empty Once a person signs up as during non-prime time. an reservation operator, their cell phones or home phones will be connected to Appropriate reservation system and some an integrated reservation promotions for non-prime time would solve the line for the town. problem, but not many restaurants can do it because of extra costs for maintaining the service or system. When a customer wants to make a reservation, she/he calls the integrated line, and gets directed to one of signed operators in the town. On the other hand, there are so many people, like The customer can then check the promotions, pick some housewives or the elderly, in a small town, who one restaurant, and make a reservation. are still willing to use their extra time for work but have The restaurant can optimize the turnaround ratio a lot of limitations. Then most of them spend their time without taking a risk of running a reservation system, just sitting in a cafeteria chilling out or chatting. people with free time can earn extra money, and the customer can enjoy more info and better choice.
    • Display Board On A Car OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS When a driver cuts in the lane, and the driver behind Why don’t we place an electronic display board on was not happy about it, there we hear honk. the back window of a car? THANK YOU Even when the cutting-in driver wants to show her/his It would recognize the voice and display the driver’s apology or appreciation, there is no effective way to expression like “Sorry” or “Thank you.” show the expression. Sometimes, we also hear some honk for this case. Better driving culture, less honk, more quiet city!
    • Review Table for Restaurants OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Customers often have no idea what kind of food Why don’t we set up a paper and a pen so that they want to order even with the menu. customers can leave a review on the table? Glass Reviews Table Even with help from the waiter/waitress, it is not It would help other customers make a right decision easy to pick one. with more credible information. Review can be gathered, put on restaurants’ blogs or social network, and used as an effective local data.
    • Cloth Hanger On Shopping Cart OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Especially during the winter, shoppers take off their Why don’t we install a cloth hanger on each side of jackets and crumple them in the shopping cart. the shopping cart? It not only is inconvenient but sometimes causes Studs problems like wrinkle, spill over, contaminated by dirt on products Cloth Hanger Easy to use or install, more convenient especially for winter shoppers. Better for cloth brands as the shoppers will more easily see what others bought what clothes and get Shoppers also crumple clothes they just picked in affected by each other. the shopping cart, causing same problems as Above.
    • Green Shower OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS When you take a shower, you use as much as when Let’s connect the drainage of shower booth or bath you wash your car. tub to garage for car wash or toilet flush. Stevens Institute of Technology When you want to wash your car in the garage, now you can use the water that you have used for shower or bath. It is simply too much waste of water and against Or for flush! It is just as simple as that. environment!
    • Past Projects Better World Ideas on NUDGES
    • Dining Hall Tables OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS I noticed there are some students who feel A series of tables that connects every table would uncomfortable sitting in a dining hall with other make the situation better. students because they are shy. Dining Hall They are afraid of ending up being the only one in a table, while other tables are filled up with a group. It is also ineffective since the tables are often not in full No matter where a person sits, she/he is most likely use especially when a group of people leave the involved in any group. dining hall just because they were short of one or two chairs in a table. Maximize the table use as all you need to do is to grab a chair and squeeze in.
    • Lighting Parking Meter OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Parking attendants often pull over their cars first, get Why don’t we design a parking meter that lights off the car, and check the parking meters. some colors depending on how much time it has? (i.e. Green for ten minutes, Blue for five minutes, Red for expired, etc.) People often drive around the parking area without knowing when they will have a spot. Parking attendants would not need to get off the car. Some people (including myself) prefer sitting by the window so that they can check the parking meter People looking for a spot will have a better idea when they will have some spot. through the window. But in fact, they cannot read the time on the meter most of the time. I will be more “nudged” to either fill more coin or remove the car. In fact, they (including myself again) are checking not the meter but if any parking attendant tries to place a ticket on If there are multiple spots, then some people might easily their cars. recognize a spot with some time left and enjoy free parking!
    • Vertical Cross Walk OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Some cars hardly stop for the crosswalk crossing the Why don’t we draw the crosswalk line that is vertical stop line. to drive way? l found out that almost all of crosswalk lines are Drivers would have more pressure of stopping parallel to drive ways. before the crosswalk. No additional cost is required, and it is easy to implement. Drawing several vertical lines on the way to crosswalk would work also.
    • Bathroom Jam OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Some people spend too much time behind the door, Why don’t we install the timer on the other side of making the line longer and causing some morning the door so that people on the line can see it? “bathroom jam.” As people inside have no chance to see the timer, they would feel pressure to finish their “business” as soon as Then companies tried to install a timer on each Possible. door so that people working on their “business” can see how long they spend sitting. The timer out side the door nudges people to use bathroom efficiently, especially during terrible morning But it did not work. “bathroom hour.”
    • Speedometer In Back Seat OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS People in the back seat feel uncomfortable when the Why don’t we place the speedometer in the back seat driver drives too fast. also? But some times it is hard to ask the driver to slow down especially when you are with someone not really comfortable to be with like your buyer, professor, or an investor. Not only the person in the back seat can always check Most of all, it is too hard for the person in the back the speed and ask the driver to slow down, but it is a seat to check the speedometer. huge nudge for the driver as now the driver knows everybody in the car watches how fast she/he is driving
    • GPS In The Back Seat OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS When you arrive in a new city and grab a taxi, you Why don’t we install a GPS in the back seat also? might have wondered if the driver is on the right, that is the shortest, path or not. The cab driver and the guest can discuss the short cut, Or you might have wanted to get a picture how much it the consumer can get an idea how it will take or cost, will cost or how long it will take to the destination. and the driver also can drive more safely. There also is a case that the taxi driver does not know The whole idea is to share all the gadgets in the front the path and controls the GPS while driving, which is seat, which also can be used by or be better off to be always dangerous. used by people in the back seat. Radio or CD player can be a good example.
    • Onsite Review Panel At Retailer Shops OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Shoppers often have no idea what they should buy Place a review panel above each shelf, which when exposed to a shelf with so many different but explains each product that is displayed on that shelf. same kinds of brands flooding at retail stores. Review Panel The space on the panel can be either sold to brands who are willing to advertise their product or filled with Then they either pick one by gut feeling or ask clerks Consumers’ hand-written reviews! to find one for them. Win win win situation we can create as the retailer I noticed that there still are plenty of space that we can shop can add a revenue source, brands can reach to the use to help “confused” shoppers. consumer closer, and consumers can make easier, quicker, and more trustworthy shopping decisions.
    • Speed Limit On The Road OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Most of speed limit sign stands on your right. Why don’t we draw the speed limit on the road? l believe it is not your complete fault even if you miss one of the signs and keep your speed, because many Easy to recognize without turning their eyes, even people say it happens to them also. better for inexperienced drivers! It is always better to keep the driver’s focus right front.
    • Meeting Room Jam OBSERVATIONS SOLUTIONS Some people book a meeting room but do not use it. Why don’t we place a board that lists the name of a person who booked the room on each meeting room’s door? John Shea Then there we see a situation that some people People or colleagues pass by and notice a room cannot use a meeting room although there still is an booked by someone and not being used. empty room. The board out side the door is a perfect nudge for people who booked the room to be more responsible.