Job Search Essentials


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PPT about Job Search Essentials for Newcomers to Canada

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Job Search Essentials

  1. 1. Job Search Essentials ForImmigrants to Canada By Silvia Di Blasio
  2. 2. Essential Steps to Job Search (1) Know yourself and what you have to offer Know the market and what they are looking for Acknowledge Barriers and Challenges Make a Plan to fill the Gaps/get around barriers
  3. 3. Essential Steps to Job Search (2) Prepare your Essential Tools: Calling Cards / Resume / Letters Develop a Job-Search Strategy Prepare Yourself for Job Interviews Keep Track/Follow Up Develop a Job-Search-Life Balance Plan
  4. 4. Newcomer Challenges that affect the Job Search process Unstable Housing Unstable Family Relations/Support Networks Unstable Transportation Means Limited financial means and reserves Unstable Mental and physical health Culture Clash Back home attachments and commitments
  5. 5. Challenges/Opportunities All New Immigrants have challenges – Challenges may be seen as opportunities Understanding the Newcomer Roller-Coaster helps Make sure you are 100% here and committed Create a Plan to tackle family stability and strengthen your support networks Make sure you take care of your own health and well-being
  6. 6. The Immigrant Roller-Coaster The first days/weeks/months may be a love affair Cultural clash, lack of work and other issues will create frustration and despair It is normal to feel both emotional and physical manifestations of this clash: one day you are OK, one day you regret The Roller-Coaster may attack you earlier or later, depending on individual circumstances
  7. 7. How to address the Roller-Coaster Exercise regularly (bike, walk, hike) – Nature helps Eat healthy and drink lots of water Keep your culture and language at home – don’t reject them Become involved in the community (school, library, Rec Centre, religious centre, events) Keep a log/journal/blog Meet positive people – avoid chronic complainers Have a plan and stick to it Balance your life- not all is Job Search Remember the important things in your life
  8. 8. Essential Tools and Resources Space – Computer with Internet access and Printer Resume (targeted and tailored) and letters (cover, intent, thank you...) Calling Cards/Folders Agenda and notebook LMI and Jobs Binder Clothes - Accessories
  9. 9. Essential Presence Phone: call display – voice message Email: professional look and addressSocial Networks: LinkedIn Profile and wise use of Facebook
  10. 10. Essential Do’s Networking StrategyTop 10-20 companies/businesses/organizations Weekly Plan (what, when, who, how) Keeping Track Strategy Follow Up Strategy
  11. 11. Job Search approaches Online- Job banks Online – Companies websites Newspapers – Specialized Publications Professional Associations Cold calls to lists of (already researched) companies Visits to (already researched) companies Recruiters Networking
  12. 12. Remember: Research is Essential! Products and Organizational Presence in the Location Market History Services Culture News
  13. 13. Networking Strategy When – All the Time! Where – Associations /Training Institutions / Job Fairs / Conferences /School / Neighbourhood / Ex managers/suppliers/clients / Volunteering Who: everybody – but emphasize professional relations How: develop script – carry calling cards – keep track – follow up
  14. 14. Networking Tips Build Relationships that Last Keep Track of Who you Meet, Where and How Follow Up and Thank People Pay Attention to Roles Don’t Ask for Miracles Networking is a Two-Way Street
  15. 15. Phone StrategyEducate all at home – Who answers and how Always answer professionally Always carry pen and pad to take notes Do not answer if you are not ready (noise – rush – etc.) Keep calm and look for a quiet place Take notes and refer to your binder for tips/information
  16. 16. Social Media/Internet Strategy Create a LinkedIn Professional Profile Change Facebook Settings Be aware of what you publish Take care of your Writing Skills (grammar, spelling, tone) Check your Email Frequently Respond to Emails Professionally and Frequently
  17. 17. Be Organized! Agenda/Schedule Plan your Plan Your Week Day Develop a Take Notes System to Remember
  18. 18. Keep Track! Of Who You Meet Job Leads Job Applications Meetings and Interviews
  19. 19. Follow Up! After Each Informational Interview After Each Job lead After Each Job Application After Each Job Interview
  20. 20. Summarizing… Job Search is a process that requires appropriate strategies and tools Knowing what you have to offer and what the market needs helps you to compare both and make adjustments and take decisions Planning, keeping track and following up are key to success in job search
  21. 21. And Remember... Looking for a Job is a Job in Itself Make Time to Relax and Share Don’t Give Up!
  22. 22. Credits: Created and designed by Silvia Di Blasio (Career/Employment Counsellor and Facilitator)Images from: Doodling: healingdream / Coffee/Computer: Image: luigi diamanti / Businessman with Mobile: Ambro / Businessmen Greet Each Other: Stuart Miles / Social Network Concept: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot / Job and Man: renjith krishnan / Busy at Phone: photostock / Checking: Image: Danilo Rizzuti / Networking: Image: David Castillo Dominici / Finding a job: Image: ponsulak / Coffee and office space: Image: luigi diamanti / Business card exchange: Image: Apples Eyes Studio / Business lady doing yoga: Image: Ambro / Asian woman in computer: Image: vudhikrai / Scheduling a Meeting in Diary: Stuart Miles / Writing in Daily Planner: Stuart Miles / Businessman Talking Over the Phone: photostock / Student With Laptop and Magnifier: imagerymajestic /