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presentation of LEND's online course on CLIL

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Clil online

  1. 1. Silvia Minardi, Pavia 14 December 2012
  2. 2. metaphors
  3. 3. moodle platform M-TOUCH
  4. 4. experts on CLIL methodology experts on elearningtrainers and tutors network 5 Comenius assistants 40 language teachers + subject teachers
  5. 5. maps and directions
  6. 6. ...100 hours outcome: a CLIL module IV. CLIL: assessment and evaluation III. CLIL: planning a module 1I. CLIL: cognitive aspects in SLA1. CLIL: basicsstarter modulestarter module maps and directions
  7. 7. ...100 hoursmaps and directions
  8. 8. the rationale how did it all start?
  9. 9. the rationale how did it all start?
  10. 10. Nota Ministeriale AOODGPER 10872 del 9-12-2010the rationale
  11. 11. “Il docente CLIL ideale è un insegnante che padroneggia con sicurezza due lingue: la lingua utilizzata in generale per l’istruzione nella scuola in cui insegna e una lingua che per gli studenti è straniera e nella quale impartisce l’insegnamento CLIL. È un insegnante che, oltre a ottime competenze nella disciplina e nella relativa didattica, ha anche competenze linguistiche e glottodidattiche. È importante che queste due competenze coesistano, perché lapprendimento della materia non linguistica e della lingua riesce a essere un processo integrato ed equilibrato solo se non ci si aspetta che la crescita linguistica avvenga da sola, e se si fa attenzione che luso di una lingua non materna non ostacoli lapprendimento della disciplina non linguistica”settembre 2011. CLIL: QUALE DOCENTE? Per una definizione del profilo del docente CLIL da parte di lend , 2/2011, pp.9/14. the rationale
  12. 12. “Last year, I was working as a Comenius Assistant in the UK and I was lookingforward to starting the CLIL online course led by LEND; in fact, CLIL was intendedto be an essential part of my preparation but at that time I did not know anythingabout this methodology. However, the online course became not only a way to beintroduced to the meaning of the Content Integrated Language Learning but anactual medium to practice teaching activities, which involved all the group ofteachers and assistants, under the supervision of tutors. Performing the sametasks with different results and being able to compare them with each otherwas extremely useful to me, because I learned from both the documentsprovided and the others’ experiences. Above all, the focused activities relatedto each content of the course kept me involved, thus practicing the same attitudewe were taught to apply in our classrooms.Although I did not have the possibility to create CLIL lessons during my ComeniusAssistantship, the online Course strengthened my awareness of my role;moreover, it opened my eyes to the great benefits that an integrated learning ofboth content and language can certainly, with a strong commitment, determine.”Sandra Manzi-Manzi one year later...
  13. 13. one year later...
  14. 14. one year later...
  15. 15. LET’S HAVE A LOOK..
  16. 16.