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Yourguruspace Gerber Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ‘ MySpace’ Web 3.0 Residual Income Technology For The Michael Gerber Club August 23 rd 2008
  • 2. Topics
    • Evolution of Social Networking Sites (SNS)
    • How SNS can work for Gurus: 3 Key Factors
    • The Michael Gerber Club ‘YourGuruSpace’ Solution
    • Demo & Questions
  • 3. The Viral Growth of ‘Super Nets’
    • : 110+ million users
    ... And these companies are less than 5 years old!
    • : 60+ million users (valued recently @ ~$15 billion on just $2.50 revenue per user per year. 100:1)
    • : 80+ million users
  • 4. Natural Evolution: Affinity Social Networks
    • HYBRID ‘MySpace’/Membership Super Sites
    • : $20-$40/month membership, 5 million members
    • : 25 million professionals, $100 million revenue
  • 5. Challenges of Membership Sites
    • Customized sites with SNS technology: high costs
    • Attracting/Growing the Membership Base
    • Retaining Current Members
  • 6. YourGuruSpace: From Transactional to Residual
    • Ultimate Joint Venture/referral marketing Solution for Membership Sites
    • Paradigm Shift for Online Business Models
    • Specifically Designed for Gurus and GuruFans
    • Effectively a Decade in the making
    .com Built by George Tran, Creator of
  • 7.
    • 10th largest shopping cart provider in the world
    • #2 gateway processor for PayPal
    • Handles over 3 billion USD/year in merchant sales
    • Publicly traded: WSPI
    • Pioneered 2 tier affiliate systems/JV partner model
    • The #1 ecommerce tool for internet marketers
  • 8. ‘ YourGuruSpace’ Key Factor # 1
    • Viral Affiliate Marketing (VAM TM ) Technology
    • GerberFans referring other GerberFans to join The Gerber Club
    • Financial Incentive
    • 2 Tier tracking
  • 9.
    • Imagine saying this at the end of your seminar:
    “ Join The Gerber Club for just $X/month. Connect with past/present In The Dreaming Room graduates to create your ‘DREAM Team’ AND get a 90 day ‘Gerber Minute Video’ each day which comes with printable coaching instructions… And if you’re wondering how you can Partner with Us in taking this DREAM to the world: invite your business associates to join our club for FREE – and we’ll give them Michael’s mini-30 day DREAM video coaching course Should they attend our workshops, buy products, sign up for our coaching program or upgrade to premium membership etc… … we’ll pay you automatically a x% commission on 1st level referrals and y% on 2nd level referrals….!!”
  • 10.
    • Enables Users to Instantly Upload their Outlook, MSN, Hotmail, Gmail address books & sent invites
    • Tracks Referrals
    • Report of commissions up to 2 levels deep
    Viral Affiliate Marketing (VAM TM ) Technology eg 30% eg 10%
  • 11.
    • Reduces Cost of Customer Acquisition to Almost ZERO!
    • Soft sell approach – join for FREE (1 month trial…then just $39.95/mth etc…)
    • Pay only on performance:
    • Convert Tens of Thousands of ‘Gerber or E-Myth Fans’ to Commission Only Referral Partners = Viral/Exponential growth
    Viral Affiliate Marketing (VAM TM ) Technology
  • 12. ‘ YourGuruSpace’ Key Factor # 2
    • SNS benefits…
    • Time Released Training modules…video tips etc
    • (Daily Gerber Minute etc)
    • Perfect platform to upsell /monetize IP online
    GerberFan Rention: E-Course Content Delivery System
  • 13. Truly Maximising Life Time Value of each Client…
    • Want to launch an event?
    • Sell a new book?
    • Promote MyGrowth Partner services?
    • Just send video/email broadcast…!
  • 14. ‘ YourGuruSpace’ Key Factor # 3
    • Free Gift Strategy: (Media Appearances, KeyNote Engagements and TV infomercials etc) driving traffic to call center/website
    • = Massive Email List building
    • JV with other Gurus/ information marketers…
    Super Affiliate Strategy: Key to List Building
  • 15. YourGuruSpace Solution in Summary
    • Viral Client Referral
    • Virtual Sales force
    • Reduces Cost of Acquisition
    • Builds Your Email Database
    • Increases Membership Retention
    • Ultimate JV technology
    • ‘ Non- Geek’ factor Admin/Set up
    • Payment Infrastructure/database
    • Bottom line, explodes your revenues!
  • 16. Our Vision, Mission & Purpose
    • Our Vision: To be the authority for helping Enlightened Gurus Spread their Wisdom, Inspiration and Knowledge to the rest of the world
    • Our Mission: To create the most widely adopted turnkey ‘MySpace’/membership solution for Gurus
    • Our Purpose: To transform the lives of people along an enlightened path to peace, fulfillment & prosperity
  • 17. YourGuruSpace Basic Solution
    • Prelaunch special: $4,888 (normally $9,888) - price includes up to 20 hours of basic customization work and training if required
    • $199/10,000 free members per month (2c each)
    • $2/premium member per month
    • Other Services
    • High Level Strategy/Marketing Consulting for select clients with the Founders of YGS ($10k/day)
  • 18. Who is YourGuruSpace*? * Privately owned, self funded George Tran CEO/Co-Founder Chris Scholle President Kean Wong Co-Founder/Director of Sales & Mktg Rick Watson Financial Controller Michael Waters CTO Rahul Mehta Development Project Leader Vikram Munot QA Manager Team of 10 Developers 2 QA Testers Matt Gnaizda Business Development Manager Sharif Sourour Graphic Design 2-20 Consultants / Support Staff
  • 19. YourGuruSpace Development Timeline Jan ’09 July ’07 July ’09 Note: Timeline based on current resources: could be ‘fast tracked…’ Phase 1: September 2007 Prototype Design Phase 2: Mid-January 2009 Launch of YGS 1.0 Phase 3: August 2009 Affiliate Tracking, Event Registration, & Streaming Video July ’08 Jan ’08 Today
  • 20. The Next Steps…
    • Step 1: To GerberSpace…or Not to GerberSpace?
    • Letter of Intent + $4,888 payment
    • Step 2: Regarding Gerber’s Offer of Partnering Up
    • An honor to be considered!
    • Issues of Focus/Core Business
    • However glad to engage in a free explorative + IT strategy/marketing workshop
  • 21. Thank You Ready for a Live Demo? Go to: [email_address] 305-613-9999