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How effective is your branding?

How effective is your branding?

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  • 1. A marketing strategySilver Monkey Marketing Ltd Sudbury, Suffolk
  • 2. About us…We don’t claim to be the last word on marketingexpertiseIt’s a creative and exciting art form, not a scienceWe have a philosophy tailored to the small, establishedbusiness that recognises the need to improve itsmarketing
  • 3. Lets start with the basics… What is marketing?
  • 4. What is marketing? Communication!
  • 5. Communication…Let them know that you EXIST!Tell them who you are, what you do, and why they shouldbuy from (or do business with) YOUListening to the market place and using this information todevelop & refine (or completely rewrite) your businessstrategy
  • 6. BrandingClear branding forms the corner stone of our marketingphilosophy…So are you ready for the 5-minute coffee-break brandingchallenge?
  • 7. “Your branding sets the tone for what it’s liketo do business with you…” …so what are you like to do business with? (Write down THREE bullet points)
  • 8. Here’s ours! 1. Emphasis on professional branding 2. Holistic approach to marketing 3. Enlightening, motivating and inspiring
  • 9. Now take a fresh look……at your business cards, stationery, brochure, websiteetcAsk the opinion of someone who isn’t afraid to be honest Does the public face of your business match upto those three bullet points you just wrote down?
  • 10. Honest answer?“Branding sets the tone for what it’s like to do businesswith you…” The majority of small businesses overlook this vital area. Professional branding makes you look professional. But the reverse is also true. If you’ve cut corners with your branding, what message does it communicate to the world about what it’s like to work with you?
  • 11. Food for thought? We can help. It’s what we do.
  • 12. Examples of our work
  • 13. Get in touch… Call us now on 01787 464023 Or email us at