Reaching the ageing traveller


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A recent study by Frost & Sullivan concluded that in Asia Pacific, "the number of over 65s will increase by 34%, creating a significant increase in senior leisure travellers”.

Many of these older travellers have money and the time to enjoy it.

Companies that remain fixated on youth and that are ambivalent or even actively exclude older consumers, take a huge and un-necessary risk.

Silver Group is a Singapore-based, globally recognised consultancy helping business to profit from the power of the 50+ market.

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Reaching the ageing traveller

  1. 1. Powered by In the Travel & Tourism industry © Silver Group
  2. 2. Powered by Population ageing is 
 a process without parallel in the history of humanity… “Population ageing is unprecedented, a process without parallel in the history of humanity…” United Nations, World Population Ageing Report © Silver Group
  3. 3. Powered by© Silver Group “… the number of over 65s will increase by 34%, creating a significant increase in senior leisure travellers”. “We estimate that this will create a doubling in the number of over 65 leisure travellers to Asia Pacific destinations by 2030”. Shaping the future of travel in Asia Pacific. Amadeus/Frost & Sullivan
  4. 4. Powered by SINGAPORE TOURISTS ARE AGEING © Silver Group 2,586 4,757 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 45 Years + 2001 2011 84% growth 000’s Singapore tourist arrivals Yeabook of Statistics 2012. Singapore Government
  5. 5. Powered by M A R K E T I N G PRODUCTAge Specific Age Neutral Age Neutral STRATEGIC OPTIONS •  Keeping the brand relevant to your older customers without alienating younger segments •  Age-neutral strategies reach the broadest customer base © Silver Group AGE SEGMENTED Neutral product adapted for older consumers AGE SILO Product created and marketed to older consumers AGE NEUTRAL No apparent age focus
  6. 6. Powered by FACTORS TO CONSIDER THAT UNIQUELY AFFECT OLDER TRAVELLERS Physical YOUNGER OLDER Growth in formative years: •  Larger sizes 25 effects of ageing: •  Customer touchpoints •  New products/services
  7. 7. Powered by THE INDUSTRY MUST RESPOND The ageing traveller is “…… a situation that will call for age-appropriate mobility solutions”. Transforming Travel, Transportation and Supply Chains World Economic Forum/BCG © Silver Group Many travel problems are exacerbated by age
  8. 8. Powered by© Silver Group 25 effects of ageing PHYSICAL AGEING AFFECTS THE ENTIRE CUSTOMER JOURNEY
  9. 9. Powered by© Silver Group How Silver Can Help You Profit from the power of the 50+ market •  Workshops –  Insightful, interactive, fun and actionable workshops that help teams understand the opportunities and challenges of older customers –  Sessions ranging from ½ day introductions to 2-day immersion and ideation programmes •  Age-Friendly audit –  Using unique tools to evaluate your entire customer journey through the prism of ageing –  Enable business to identify and remove the barriers between them and older consumers •  Research and strategy –  Applying research, insights and ideas to devise unique strategies that create a sustainable competitive edge with the ageing consumer •  Speaking –  Kim Walker is one of the few global authorities on this subject. A TED speaker and co-author of a definitive book on the subject*, his lively delivery entertains and informs. His internationally awarded keynotes cover topics such as: •  How you can benefit from an ageing customer base •  Why ‘age-friendly’ is the new mantra for every businesses •  *Marketing to the ageing consumer
  10. 10. Powered by© Silver Group Some of our clients
  11. 11. Powered by© Silver Group Email: Silver Web: Blog: Twitter:!/SilverGroup Age-Friendly web: Contact us to learn more: