CI\'s Best Of The Best Awards


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a powerpoint presentaion about CI\'s Best of the Best Awards for the Faculty and Staff.

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CI\'s Best Of The Best Awards

  1. 1. FACULTY AND STAFF GENERAL ASSEMBLY Cavite Institute November 22, 2010
  2. 2. BOB is finally here! The wait is over.
  3. 3. Best Of the Best Awards
  4. 4. Teacher of the Year • This award is designed to honor educators who are making great strides in improving education. • It recognizes and honors superior teachers with a track record of improving student achievement, using innovative instructional strategies, and making a difference in the lives of their students; • These teachers can act as representatives of the schools to others teachers and organization who are making a difference in the classroom;
  5. 5. EMPLOYEE of the Year • Aims to recognize those employees whose outstanding performance contributes to or enhances the mission of the CI and helps create a more positive environment for students and fellow employees; • Recognizes and rewards exemplary performance by employees based on both their performance of their responsibilities as outlined in their position description and on their specific contributions to the mission, goals and values of CI;
  6. 6. E-TEACHER of the Year • They are innovative and creative users of digital learning in order to increase understanding of the technology ; • They empower parents as technology- users so they can actively involved in their child’s education; • They exhibit the highest level of innovation in integrating Internet technology into their curriculum.
  7. 7. DocuMentor of the Year • This person's creative and innovative accomplish- ments within the classroom and the whole of the school have had a significant impact on student performance and achievement over time and provide an ongoing model of excellence in encouraging all learners to succeed. • This educator's body of work consistently proves leadership among colleagues;
  8. 8. • A Beginner, a starter, somebody that just doing or trying something for the first time but was able to create a NAME to herself/ himself as a member of the community; • 1 to 2 year of service… A probie… • Though trying out things for the first time, this employee was able to perform as well as a recognized performer of the CI community; Rookie of the Year
  9. 9. Best Intentional Community • a group or commune who demonstrate vision, innovation, action and transformation in CI Education; • aims to promote and encourageVMI learning practices by honoring individuals who have transformed an aspect of education on a large or small scale; • it is a consciously created community that reflects core shared values that are CI-VMI-based; • they are incubators of good character and moral passion;