Top tips for MLM Advertising
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Top tips for MLM Advertising



What are the Benefits of MLM Advertising ...

What are the Benefits of MLM Advertising

Successful MLM Advertising can generate loads of leads for your MLM business and build a fantastic income for you. There are many benefits to advertising your MLM or Network Marketing business opportunity online: -



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Top tips for MLM Advertising Top tips for MLM Advertising Document Transcript

  • Top Tips for MLM Advertising What are the Benefits of MLM Advertising? Successful MLM Advertising can generate loads of leads for your MLM business and build a fantastic income for you. There are many benefits to advertising your MLM or Network Marketing business opportunity online: -  the ability to reach a highly targeted audience  larger audience reach in a shorter time period  social interaction  social proof The benefits are numerous but do you actually know how you can do MLM Advertising online. The secret to successful MLM Advertising is knowing where to best advertise and promote your business, as well as exactly how to go about doing it. Having this knowledge will greatly increase your odds of converting those laser targeted leads into sign ups and conversions for your business. Question: What's the number ONE reason people don't succeed in MLM, network marketing, or direct sales? The answer is simple - They don't advertise! A good, consistent ad will help you build your business well into the future. It gets your phone ringing, your inbox buzzing, and brings you targeted prospects who want to buy your products and join your down-line. How could YOU benefit today with MLM Advertising Here are a Few of our Top Tips
  • #1 Reach potential network marketing and MLM prospects through Social media channels. There are a number of very good strategies to use on Facebook alone #2 Funnel traffic to your web site or blog through offers, landing pages and webinars. #3 Reach the audience who are interested in starting their own home based business. #4 Generate your own leads instead of buying expensive leads that don't work. #5 Split test your ad campaigns to see what works best for your business. #6 Use the ranking of the ad sites to boost your visibility. #7 Build long lasting and profitable relationships based on mutual trust. Some more Options for MLM Advertising 1. Build an email list. Rather than send your prospect to your sales page send them to a landing page and build a list. Think about the advantages! When you have somebody’s name and email address you can follow up with them in the future. The fact is that not everyone is going to buy immediately but if they have taken the time to enter their details then there is a fair chance that they will but sometime in the future. In essence what you are doing is wasting your advertising and not allowing the numbers to play your advantage. Because network marketing is built around the concept of relationships people need some time to get to know you. That is what an email list does for you. 1. Promote your own blog. Rather than promote the replicated website that the company provides you start your own blog and work at developing it. The downside to this is that you don't get the benefit of the authority offered by a huge blog like Empower's. However the advantage to this is if you ever decide to drop out of your current MLM program you will still have a blog you can continue to grow for any new program that you join. When you build your own blog you are building your own brand. This helps to establish credibility in the marketplace. 1. You Tube. It is the third largest search engine in the world with more than one billion monthly visitors.
  • I used to be scared to death of videoing myself, I always felt a fool in front of the camera and who would want to listen to me anyway? But as I soon discovered it isn't hard to create videos and put them online where people can watch them. Don't forget to enter your blog URL in the descriptions to drive traffic. 1. Co-op programs. See if the network marketing company provides co-op advertising programs. Co-op programs are good because you get the power of a larger advertising purchase that you couldn't personally do by yourself. Plus they are already set up and easy to plug yourself into. 1. Go deep. Don’t focus 100 percent on your personally sponsored distributors. Look for go-getters down deep in your group and work with them to help establish their own online advertising. This is a powerful MLM advertising idea that does work because when their business grows your business grows as well, and you are not spending all of your money to do it. /join.php?id=rchapman