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How teachers are Earning Cash Online

How teachers are Earning Cash Online



I have been a teacher for some years now. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you (especially my peers), are asking what I am doing writing a blog every day when I already have a great income with a ...

I have been a teacher for some years now. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you (especially my peers), are asking what I am doing writing a blog every day when I already have a great income with a great pension.



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    How teachers are Earning Cash Online How teachers are Earning Cash Online Document Transcript

    • How Teachers are earning extra cash at home Are you a teacher and need to be earning extra cash at home!? If the answer is yes then read on. I have been a teacher for some years now. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you (especially my peers), are asking what I am doing writing a blog every day when I already have a great income with a great pension. The simple answer is because I can earn extra cash from home without all the stress. Without a doubt teaching is a vocation, for me it was always something that I wanted to do. I have been an educator for many years but I always dreamt of being in front of a class full of children who would soak up my knowledge like a sponge. Ha, I can hear the laughter from here! In reality teaching is paperwork, protocol, Ofsted, (if you are in the UK) and bullshit. Sure there are some great moments to be had teaching but these tend to get buried under the mounds of paperwork and planning. I always shake my head and bite my tongue when I hear the stereo typical comments such 'You teachers have it easy, you get 7 weeks off in the summer' Well for your information we don't. The first part of any break is usually spent marking and the second part is spent planning.
    • Teaching Wage - only average We get paid an average wage for what we do, I might even suggest that teachers get paid too little. WAIT I hear you cry, that's a load of rubbish. Is it really though? The misconception is that we work 0900 - 1530 with every weekend off, but that is not the reality. Let' consider an average school day for a teacher, not one of the leadership team, (they have way more to do):  Be in school by 8 at the latest, sometimes earlier if you are on breakfast club duty.  Sort out any form issues for that day.  Sort out the lesson plans together with all of the resources  Be on duty for when the kids arrive  Run a form (if you are a form teacher)  Teach at least two lessons  Break (not for us we are on break duty)  Teach more lessons  Lunch (then lunch time duty)  Teach more lessons  Kids go home (we are on duty again as they leave)  Either mark work, assess work or plan work  Leave school any time up to 10 pm While I am on a roll let’s compare a normal lesson with most jobs. Unlike most jobs I am unable to switch off and day dream or surf the internet because I have a class of 28+ children all of whom have to understand what I am trying to teach them. However my first problem is the differentiation. I might have kids who are on level 4 through to kids on level 7, in the same class. This means I have to differentiate my teaching and my resources. I have to take into consideration any special needs within
    • the class. These might range from dyslexia, dyspraxia, general learning problems, hearing problems, eyesight problems, writing problems and so on. As a teacher I have to do this for every single lesson I teach! So when someone tells you that teaching is a cushy job... well let's just say it’s hard not to bite back. AND don't even get me started on Ofsted! Teachers on the whole are still respected in the community. They still get a government pension and all the usual benefits but it's all under threat. Look at the news and you will see us fighting tooth and nail just to hang onto what we have. Today we have a radically changing economy. Teachers are not earning money at the level needed to retire and live a good life. Teachers are being laid off and programs are getting stripped away. Mr Gove, bless his heart is trying to make his mark on teaching, it's going to be more like a crater by the time he has finished. The latest Government scheme is to get rid of TA's (teaching assistants). How mad is that, I couldn't have survived without my fantastic TA's dealing with the special needs and lower ability kids in my classes. The Solution is right in front of you if you choose to take a look Teachers have a way of earning extra cash at home if they will simply stop being so blinkered. The usual choices for earning extra cash at home Let's suppose you are a teacher or some other professional that is seeking a way of earning extra cash at home part time. What are the traditional choices? please bear in mind that every one of these choices apart from #7 are totally non- feasible for me as I have a young family who are off school the same times as me: 1. Part time work at retail store 2. Landscaping in the summer - minimum wage and the kids you teach will be working with you. 3. Decorating for friends and family 4. Construction 5. Bar work ~ hi can I take your order? "Oh Hi Mrs ******, yes I'm still teaching but I need the extra money and this is what we teachers have to do to put money away for our vacations". 6. Restaurant work 7. Writing ~ well most teachers are solid writers and are filled with creative energy. But getting published isn’t that easy and getting paid a decent amount of money isn't either.
    • That’s a brief list and you all know that it can keep on going and the end result is the same… NO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. They aren't worth all that effort and the real cost is LOST TIME with your family who should be a number one priority. How teachers are earning extra cash at home and finding that financial freedom! So, have you started to wake up? Didn’t you become a teacher so you could have the summers off? So you could travel the world? So you could do what you enjoy and work within your passions? Don't worry you have found the answer! In fact you are actually looking at the answer. I am doing here exactly what you could be doing. I will show you how teachers earn extra money to achieve financial freedom and STILL keep their summers free to travel and live without humiliation. This is what I call a lifestyle career. Teachers want to earn extra cash from home once they learn that their initial career choice did not account for a rapidly collapsing economy. Teachers see their lifestyle’s impacted once they actually have to try earning extra cash at home to supplement their wage because their retirement and pensions are threatened. If you are in the US you don't even have the NHS that we have here in the UK, you have to pay medical as well. Where’s the end to this issue? As promised this one paragraph is going to change your life. You will be that teacher that has it all! You will have your desired career and you will earn money part time on the side allowing you to achieve financial freedom. The ever so simple secret that isn't really a secret is to join my company by clicking this link: JOIN HERE or the links you find surrounding this article. You will then have access to a part time career opportunity that allows you to work at your convenience from your laptop when you like. You will be writing articles for an authority blog just like what you are reading now. You may also use other methods of marketing BUT and this is an important but you don't need to know anything about marketing, the beauty of this opportunity is that all of the actual promotion is done for you. Like the one you will find when you click on the link above. Even if you only learn how teachers earning extra cash at home part time by getting the great training that comes along with this opportunity it will be worth the little bit of time it takes you to find out. You will then be able to do exactly the same as I am and immediately share this opportunity with other teachers that want to earn extra money as you tap into the leverage of the internet. Just think how you came across this bog post, which might
    • give you the way out of the financial hole that you have been looking for. At $25 or £16 to get in it's a no brainer. If you don't like it you can simply stop doing it. What’s the catch? There is no 'catch' but what you have to do is think outside of the box. Traditionally we teachers are a sceptical breed but all I ask is that you look differently at ways of earning extra cash at home. The world is changing, no the world has changed, we communicate in totally different ways now. What used to be difficult is now relatively easy when it comes to working independently from home alongside a traditional job. Stop wasting your precious time and start working SMART. Actually pay attention to this opportunity and give it a try! Sure it will cost you $25.00 or £16 to get the authority blog hosting and access to the in-house training, (think how much you spend on a night out just to escape the crap life you are living). Yes you will listen to sales pitches on other products but guess what, who cares, you can tune that out and use the basic service and start earning a great residual income right away. The Best Part Here’s the best part, you get a massive BONUS - you get coaching from me for free! Why I this so great, well I am an internet marketer as well as a teacher, I teach ICT so it was a natural next step for me, but I realise that this is going to be way out of the comfort zone for most of you looking at this opportunity. I know my way around the internet marketing space like my living room. Take comfort in the fact that I will help you every step of the way. Once you have joined you will have instant access to me, drop me a line, give me a call and let's get you earning money. Believe me when I tell you that I was very sceptical about this opportunity but I thought at the price what have I got to lose really. I figured that I spend at least £16.00 or $25.00 every time I go to lunch with my partner, so I thought let's skip lunch one day to see if it works. As it turns out it works and it works well! Not only did I and keep on doing it but I grew to the point where I quit my teaching career and now I’m making more money with the incredible freedom of working from wherever and whenever and never having to rely on our government or an employer again. I could go on but if you don't see the possibilities now you never will. You know what to do. Stop wasting time as the summer is upon us. You can get in now and make a lot of money before this summer is over doing just what I did with this blog AND I’ll show you how!