10 Ways Your Business Can Grow Using Social Media

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  • 1. FREE R EPORT10 Ways Social Media Can HelpYour Business Grow! Elana Winfrey, MEd, Creator & Strategist SilverBridge Social Media Management
  • 2. IntroductionYou’ve already heard that EVERYONE is using social media, bothpersonally and professionally. But did you know that: 91% of online adults use social media regularly. --Experian) Social media is a major component of our communication culture. People are using social media all throughout their day to stay connected with businesses, friends, and family. 64% of smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to purchase all types of goods and services online. --eDigitalResearch) Campaigns targeted at smartphone users are very effective. The immediate access appeals to impulse purchasers. 20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there.” --Ipsos The power of INFLUENCE! People decide who to buy from, also largely based on who their friends and peers are recommending. By 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in US retail and services will be influenced by the web. --Forrester Research People are making buying decisions heavily based on a business’ web presence. Businesses with a strong web presence, who are engaging with their audience have the advantage.So what does this mean for you and your business? Well, these astoundingstatistics mean that: ü Your competitors are using social media, and are benefiting from it, and seeing results
  • 3. ü Your current clients are engaging with other businesses and friends every day and talking about goods and commenting on the networks of other businesses’ goods and services that they are using. ü Your potential clients are seeking services through internet searches and from businesses they regularly interact with on their social media networks ü By implementing social media into your marketing strategy, you will see growth due to increased client engagement and the building of powerful online community. ü Once you build a consistent presence, and credibility, you can expect to see an increase in new clients, client referrals, and overall business growth.All of this is exciting, when looking at how social media can help to growyour business! Seeing how others are using social media to grow theirbusinesses makes any business owner eager to dive right in and get going.Getting going with integrating social media into your marketing strategy isas easy as a phone call to SilverBridge Social Media. The SilverBridgeTeam, will work closely with you and your staff to create a fully customizedcampaign focused on meeting your business goals.Once you’ve established your business on social media, and have aconsistent presence, you’ll begin to experience the 10 Ways that SocialMedia Helps Your Business Grow.
  • 4. The 10 Ways1. Build Brand RecognitionPotential customers need to hear a company’s name seven times beforethey trust and respect you enough to make a purchase. Go where yourpotential customers hang out. Make your business known and establishcredibility. Potential clients need to be able to recognize you, and knowhow you can help make their life better---and they need to recognize youquickly, through Brand recognition.A consistent logo, consistent colors, known staff personalities, a sharing ofyour company culture, your company’s unique voice – all of these willcreate strong brand recognition with your current and potential customers.During your assessment and strategic planning phase we’ll work togetherto define and create your unique Brand, and ensure that it is readily carriedthrough on all of your social media networks.2. Develop Relationships with Other Industry InfluencersBeing in the circle of other online influencers helps to establish you as aninfluencer as well. People know that they can trust influencers. Aninfluencer has an established reputation, backed up by the support ofothers. People come to know the credibility of what you have to offer andhow you have been able to make people’s lives better.SilverBridge participates in forums, groups, networking among otherinfluencers, on your behalf. Through consistent commenting, posting,content offerings, support and feedback, other influencers will come toknow who you are and what you are all about. As a result, you are broughtalong in other places of the Influencers online world, and will experiencethe resulting exposure.3. Spread Your KnowledgeIt’s important to share your knowledge with your audience, to establishyourself as a credible authority figure. People benefit from information thatprovides great value to meeting goals and overall life improvement.Content that is found to be valuable is also picked up by search enginesand helps to improve rankings, as your posts and comments are indexed,and linked to your networks and company website.
  • 5. During our scheduled consultations, SilverBridge will work with you togather the types of content that best fits what your customers need. Onceyour editorial calendar is defined, the sharing of knowledge will happenconstantly and consistently.4. Engage with Your CustomersEngagement is the pinnacle of success with social media. The mostsuccessful social media conscious businesses offer excellence throughcustomer service by engaging with their audience daily. Social Mediacommunications can be used to provide requested information, answerquestions, and resolve issues. Engagement gives your clients a voice inexpressing their needs and opinions. Clients are appreciative of the onlineengagement, and people feel more connected to you and your business.As a result—they gladly spread the word, recommending you to others!Engagement is SilverBridge’s specialty! Our Team takes special pride inamazing your customers with the highest level of responsiveness.Mentions, comments, questions, and “Likes” are responded to through theday—EACH day. Your customers will be impressed! ...and the word aboutyour service excellence will spread.5. Generate Traffic To Your WebsiteEach content post, network profile, influencer comment, andcommunication is strategically tied to driving potential customers to yourbusiness website. Frequent articles and blog posts, connected to socialbookmarking sites, also drive people to view your website. Through a well-designed conversion generating website, the additional traffic turns intonew customers.As a part of your strategically designed social media campaign,SilverBridge will ensure that your content drives people to your website.You’ll receive a report of the sources and number of website visitors in yourWeekly or Monthly Service Reports.6. Increase Search Engine RankingsThe top search engines index networks and websites based on keywordscontained in the sites’ text content. Certain sites have a higher relevancewith search engines, and many of the highly relevant sites are Social MediaNetworks, such as Twitter and Facebook. A well-constructed profile helps
  • 6. to place your business at the top of search engine rankings. Being found insearch engines easier helps your business to be exposed to customerswho search for needed services using your identified “keywords.” You’llreceive direct traffic to your website due to being found on search engines.If requested, SilverBridge is able to incorporate social media optimization,and basic search engine optimization into the setup and maintenance ofyour social media networks. This makes it easier for potential clients to findyour business on the web.7. Encourage More Frequent PurchasingSharing information with your current customers regarding specialpromotions, discounts, new products, and popular items, encouragescustomers to purchase. Social Media is very effective for impulsepurchasing, especially when coupled with the “at your fingers” advantage ofmobile application access. Clients may want, and need, an item but are notthinking of the want and need at the time. Seeing your post “pop-up” is agreat reminder. This also helps in the moments that a gift is needed forspecial occasions. Customers are often busy, and your post provides greatgift ideas, and information about how to purchase the gift quickly.SilverBridge Social Media will work with you to bridge online and offlinemarketing efforts. Part of this process is creating special offers andpromotions to share with your online audience. Both retail and servicebusinesses can take advantage of this very effective purchasing, andcustomer service oriented, strategy.8. Promote Higher Ticket PurchasingAll of us have seen offers for “Buy 2, Get the 3rd one Free,” or “V.I.PMembers Receive 1 Backstage Pass.” These types of offers encouragecustomers to buy higher ticket items at the time of purchase. Social Mediaallows you to share offers systematically, letting your customers knowabout opportunities to take advantage of incentives. People love incentives,and will make higher ticket purchases to get “more for their money.”SilverBridge Social Media will work with you and your Team to createvaluable incentives, marketable through online networks. Forget thosecoupon packs! Let your loyal audience be the ones to see and share thegreat incentives you have to offer.
  • 7. 9. Create A Lasting ImpressionYour clients will be impressed with the level of customer service provided tothem day and night. Being able to ask questions and acquire information atthe click of a button is priceless. Because MOST businesses aren’t usingsocial media just yet, your customers just aren’t accustomed to this type ofaccess to you—and will be amazed! This amazement leaves a lastingimpression.Leaving a lasting impression with your customers requires consistency andfull commitment to your social media campaign—and that’s the job ofSilverBridge Social Media. We expect to see results after 30 days and evengreater results after 90 days. The longer you stick with it, the more successyour will experience. We do all the work FOR you!10. Bring In New CustomersA well-designed, effective, social media campaign will bring in newcustomers and help to grow your business. Establishing s strong consistentpresence is key. A powerful presence helps foster loyalty andconnectedness with current customers, and establishes your business ascredible, committed and knowledgeable with potential customers. Thisleads to high customer retention, direct new customer acquisition, and anincrease in word-of–mouth referrals.As our Client, SilverBridge Social Media becomes your full partner in onlinemarketing. Our Team is committed to reaching your goals and making yourbusiness successful. We’ll track the results of all efforts and ensure thatmetrics of growth are shared with you consistently. Your strategy ismonitored and reworked so that we are always on track with headingtowards your business goals.This Is Not the EndSuccess with social media requires a well-crafted strategy plan, andconsistent committed execution of that plan. We look forward to workingwith you in meeting your business success goals. Contact SilverBridgeSocial Media Management TODAY and – “Let’s Get To Work!” www.SilverBridgeSocialMedia.com