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  1. 1. PROPERTY_VALUEPolicy MembersBanksMembersDiagnosesEditsErrorsReports To{1} out of {2} invoices were successfully deleted for Invoice Import number {3}Commission Payment Assignment...Fee Schedule CriteriaRule Description is required.All MembersMultiple FilesSummaryFlat RateSales EntityBill Payment Import Criteria3DatePremium Indexes DetailsBordereau End DateRelative ValuesSales EntitiesCountries of ResidenceRenewal Cancellation CriteriaUndo Issued Bills...PrepareQuestionnaire ConfigurationIN_PROGRESSComponent DescriptionMember NameReported Invoice Total AmountCombination Foreign DescriptionReservedLocationTo ProcedureTotal Reported Invoice AmountTrue{1} successfully computed.You cannot {1} this record. Same record already exists.
  2. 2. The File {1} does not have a program associated with it.{1}Authorisation Modification has been successfully completedNo Bill found for the first instalment of Policy {1}Middle NameInvoice could not be transferred as claim object {1} failed to transfer{1}Import User NamePayment CheckboxPolicy Provider NumberAccount Payers Ending Datedelete Institutional Pre-Invoice or Institutional Pre-Invoice related informationOR Type DescriptionDepartmentSUMMARYAdjustment TextModify Policy Holder NameNot enough fund in the Payer s {1} account to settle the invoice.{1} and {2} must be different to {3}.Criterion Local DescriptionSpecify the Registry Key {1} for the system to suggest a default directory.Export Log in progressNon-existent value for Default Value id {1}Current event has been deleted in another session.Suppress Zero Amount PaymentInternational First NameFind1oracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterMember Namedd/MM/yyyyProvider Data MaintenanceIncident Custom FieldsPayment Receipts ImportReceived DateBill Due DateLimit Rule DefinitionCommission SchedulesProvidersAllowance SchedulesOutpatient CategoryAuthorisation Submission Methods
  3. 3. CurrenciesIssue StatusesPackagesInsuredYou cannot insert new Coverage Rule. No Coverage Rule Details Exist.No changes to ApplyClearInstalments...Invoice AllocationModification History...View RateCheque...Invoice Criteria InfoLocal DescriptionCanceledYesComputePolicy HoldFUnderwriting ActivityMember HoldEvent AmountsMember Picture ImportsEvent Non Refundable Computation ComponentsMembersCriterion ValuesyttyInvoice Assignment CriteriaAllFX1Calculation Amounts...EmailExports LogImport Options...Decision Information Log...By Payment Numberoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterPremium AdjustmentPending Event Resolution Query CriteriaRun Information Criteria{1} can not be created.{2}
  4. 4. Policy MembersTransferred DatePremiumsProvider Information...SucceededFacility[Distinct Raised]Claim SequenceInvoice TransactionsExport OptionsCopy Generic ContractCodeProduct NbrReport Method DescriptionOrder ToThe {1} ASCII file already exists. Do you want to overwrite or cancel the process ?Invoice Line can not be created/updated. Specified Diagnosis Sequence does not exist.Invoice {1} is computed for a policy with no mapped Expense AccountCannot modify record. {1} invoice(s) exist.Resolution User NamePeriod Event FeesPackage Text Type DescriptionProcedure Class Foreign DescriptionProcedure DescriptionRun DateDate ToExecution TypeAttribute SetBankCommission RatePayment Number ToThe Policy does not have a Product.Can not updateSales Hierarchy DescriptionExport ResultsFail ReasonThe provided Stop Date is less than the maximum existing collaboration Start Date for Sales Entity: {1}The sum of Fee Percentages defined for each policy typeAuthorisation Notes can not be updated/deleted. Authorisation Status is neither New nor Updated.The provided Start Date is less than the latest collaboration record Stop Date for Sales Entity: {1}Answer Domain Number
  5. 5. For different Computation MethodsIt is closedCannot update (create) an invoice diagnosis of (for) a different invoice than the one specifiedAnother Card Layout of TypeGapless DescriptionCommision Schedule Type Foreign DescriptionBill {1} is issued for policies with more than one mapped transaction type values for negative bill amounts.Init Way Of Payment IdCommission SchedulesCommission RateNetwork Claim InformationAll Members ListInsured Member InvoicesPolicy CategoriesPlan TypesPremium Date TypesNo mail has been sent.Are you sure you want to delete this Service category and all the category criteria effective dates?Providers...Run Benefit Information Report...Non-PaidPolicy SelectionSpecific PoliciesOne Payment with Many BillsExternal ReferenceLocationAllowance Procedure ListProceduresExport OptionsRun Payer Transactions ReportProvider Territories Of OccurrenceHospitalisation Classesoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterAllowance ConfigurationCoverage Criteria DetailsStandard Exclusion DetailsReinsurance In-Hospital Claims BordereauReceiversPlaces of ServiceScope of Coverage QueryCo-Insurance Instalments...
  6. 6. Confirm Bill Payment...OGroup LoadingsScope Of Coverage QuerySignUpdate IssueBill Reference FromActive MemberMember does not belong to the policyAre you sure you want to delete this Application exchange rate?BILLPAYMENT_SAVE_PATHProcedure Long Foreign DescriptionApplication cannot be transferred. The application Status is not ApprovedObject Name must be entered.delete Professional Invoice or Professional Invoice related informationUnable to find a memo line item for bill amount type {1} of Bill {2}.Claim Reserve CriteriaBill Issue Templates Lovoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterSpecific Rundd/MM/yyyy hh:mmReserve Member NumbersPremium AdjustmentsSpecialtyRule LevelsCriterion TypesEscalation LevelsPending changes exists. Discard Changes.Source Package Numberthis Fee Schedule Rate isCaseEvent ValidationGeneric ContractTerritoryView Incident...Bank BranchEvent ImportInvoice Custom Fields...Date PeriodSDelimited
  7. 7. Not AssignedACTIVEHH:mmDETAILConfirm Bill PaymentCommission CriterionExplanation Of Benefit Report OptionsRun Fee Schedule ReportReport OptionsMedNeXtRegionDue DateCredit Card InformationNote Predefined TextsClaim Adjustment ReasonsAdmission TypesAdministrative UnitsIncidentsPolicy SelectionPolicy Custom Fields...Set Invoice Criteria...Explanation Of BenefitExplanation Of Payment...Specialty & Other CriteriaCategoryPayments SucceededYou cannot select the invoice. It is already reported by another user.Invalid Amount. {1} amount is expected.Withdraw successfully completed.Policy successfully computed.Sales hierarchy is not found for policy {1}.Visa number {1} is not rejected.Non-existent batch status. Refer to <List_Values> key.{1} found for this {2}Rate Methodology NbrReceived Date ToStamp DutyRule Type DescriptionSales Location NumberThe policy is already cancelled for renewalPeriod Identifier
  8. 8. Group NameHoldImport UserList Of BenefitsPayment File NameRate DescriptionService Prov. SpecialityCloseExpiry Date FromMember InformationAre you sure you want to delete this Employer Contribution?Last Invoice DateMedical DirectorOutpatient Note Type DescriptionAge Comp Method DescriptionBusiness Foreign DescriptionAt least Individual Last Name or Legal Entity Name must be enteredRejected Authorisation Letter LocationExported {1} Bills.Parameter Premium Refund Date Type is missing. Application {1} cannot be computed.Cancellation date must be >= Last In-Hospital Claim date ({1}).File Name FieldPre-invoice {1} exists for the claim.DosageImport Line Result Foreign DescriptionLegal Entity NameNo loadings are defined for Loading: {1}Creation User LocationFail ReasonNewBy &Policy NumberMember CancellationCodeSave On ApplySign DateCodeUsedModification UserStatus Id DescriptionOption DescriptionQuestion Order Nbr
  9. 9. Invalid picture format.Cannot reverse commission bills. Payment is not closed or partially reversed.Insurance Company must be entered. Please refer to <List_Values> key.More than one records found for customer {1} in Oracle Financial tables.Customer is not yet transferred to Oracle Financials.Mismatch between the new Member Number and the Member Number defined in the incident of the authorisatiOne of the Co-Insurers must be defined as a Leader.No address data found for sales entity {1}.Policy is validated. Cannot update Insurance Company.Issue creation has been successfully completed.Procedure GroupProcedure ListQuantity Qualifier Foreign DescriptionCity Foreign NameCommission Reporta ruleTransaction DateFee Schedule that uses itGroup Premium AdjustmentIt is used in an incidentpolicies has beenEvent cannot be validated. The policy first name or last name field has no value.Special Exclusion NbrEffect. DateInvoice {1} can not be created/updated/deleted. Invoice Status is neither New nor Updated.Bill Amount SumRecord number specifiedFirst Invoice DateBatch NumberError IdReinsurance ProductionTax Registration NumberYou cannot set {1} without having assigned {2}.Claim Form Ref already exists for member.Cost Estimation process stopped. Unable to match the invoice with an Attribute Set.delete a Member Cancellation eventDate of SvcReported To % DifferenceBill Amount To1000Comma
  10. 10. Life Hold CriteriaPolicy Qry ConfImport StatusPolicy Premium Per Level ValueLoadingsAllowance SchedulesClaim Adjustment TypesCustom Field Value Typeschange status from Approved to other valuesSales entity {1} does not exist.Batches Due To MedNetLoadingPlanPolicy CorrectionExport Cards...IndividualANot AssignedE-mailPer PolicyNotificationAuthorisation DocumentsMember QuerySoap PreparationQualifierPolicy MonitoringPercentageReinsurance BordereauxMember ListClaim Report TypesDetailPayment Method Fees...Reject Payment...Application Member...dd/MM/yyyyNot paidAs On DateProvider RegionsPackageIndividual LoadingsReceived Date
  11. 11. Level CodeLast Execution DateMatching NoteSupplier CodeTo PagePolicy Holder Type Id rbgTransaction DateTransaction failed. Not enough fund in the Payer s accountYou cannot create this record. Record for Benefit {1} already existsApplication cannot be transferred. Credit Card Type field has no valueRC4Rejected MembersReport NumberSales Hierarchy Foreign DescriptionSubeventdd/MM/yyyyoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterdd/MM/yyyyNot SettledPrimaryMain Query CriteriaTransaction DetailsInvoice Billing Provider CodesInvoice DocumentsDiagnosisRegionJob Execution UserRollback action is cancelled. Closed invoices exist.No Prinfo entries for Code {1} are found.Specific Payer Type DescriptionSearch UsingThe Account Number of the business partner must be provided when Account Holder value is providedApplication Member Creation has been successfully completedPolicy Hold SeqPremium Level Foreign DescriptionCamera Active XClaim Report NumberConditionCountry Of ResidencyDispositionEffective Date Key Number
  12. 12. Fee Schedule NumberAre you sure you want to delete this Member Summary?Reposition TypeInvoice date must be within the active network period.The policy and {1} active members were {2}.Escalation LevelTransaction successfully completed. {1} record(s) are processed.EnterableQuantityLatest changes of bills customer are not yet transferred to Oracle Financials.Claim does not have any Diagnosis specified.Event Computation has been successfully completedApplication successfully computed.policies to include in the Renewal IssueCopay (%)RulePayerThis specific Special ExclusionFile {1} does not exist. Make sure the path and file name are correct.Remaining Reserve Amount on Paid Invoicesoracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatteroracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterEvent QueryWaiting Period Rule DefinitionSales EntityCreation Failed ProceduresPolicy TypesExclusion TypesAuthorisation Quantity QualifiersPrinted SOAP BenefitsPayment ExportsProvidersService category effective date must be greater than the maximum category criteria type effective date $1.Delete ReservesThis staff number is used by another Principal.Create Local Institutional Pre InvoiceForeign Invoice MaintenanceTrashInstitutional Invoice ReportNot AssignedNot Settled
  13. 13. oracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterReinsurance Production Method CriteriatAmountRegion InformationAuthorisation CategoriesDrugDrug Prices1000Event Transactions InformationOffice HoursSuspended InvoicesPolicy EnrolmentPeriodsReport NumbersPolicy MembersComputation Parameters...Professional Invoice ReportRun Exchange Rate Report...Member {1} does not exist.Allowance ConfigurationNPolicySuspend InvoiceDelete Custom Field SetMember Premium InformationOriginatorUsedSpecialityIssuing BankLevel PercentageAudit NbrEvent can not be computed. Product does not {1}.{1}Invoice with invoice number {2} does not exist.DOS13Insured Members Countries Of OriginShort NameSales LocationCondition Type IdLast Name
  14. 14. Payment RecipientTransaction Type DescriptionUndo completed successfully. {1} cheques are deleted.Date must be >= {1}Claim does not have any Activities specified.Error in job procedure.The Member number already exists into the application.Event update has been successfully completed.Rate Meth. TypeListingPlanPublic Relations ManagerBusiness Type Foreign DescriptionCommon ChangesConfirmed Date Of BirthAuthorisation Issue DateBILLPAYMENT_TEMPLATE_PATHCo-PayexportMatching Groupreturn to old Policy TypeBenefit Main InformationEdit Local DescriptionSpecial Exclusion ToApplication Status DescriptionBenefit Long NameTransactions are affected.Administration RouteThe policy is not cancelled. Policy Reactivation Endorsement is not allowed.Can not delete Product Exclusion at this effective dateNon-existent value for Setup Parameter {1}.You cannot adjust the invoice. Invoice {1} is currently in use by another user session.Your account has been locked. Please contact your administrator.Sales Entity cannot be deleted.It is used by {1} Number {2}delete this PolicyApplication Holder NameCreation of a Policy Correction Event is not allowed. The previous event is Policy CancellationAth Case Query OnlyHH:mmoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatteroracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatter
  15. 15. oracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterProvider Custom FieldsCommission Payment AssignmentProvider StatusGroup ByProvider Contract NetworkCustom Field Value cannot be deleted. It is used by Member {1} in Policy {2}.Package PlansPremium Adjustment TypesCustom Field ValuesUsed Order NumbersEffective DatesEffective DatesYou cannot insert new Member Address. Member has status {1}errorMsg.pos1911: Deletion of Invoice Import number {1} failed. Invoice number {2} has status {3}Allowance ReportInvoice PaymentPrint Rejected AuthorisationFamily DiscountMedical ProcedurePolicy RenewalNoracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterCIn-ProgressMain Query CriteriaService CriteriaPolicy N&umberPeriodicallyMedical ProcedureProvider Locationsoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterReference IdFrom Member To Premium Per All Event Linkyyyy-MM-ddDetailoracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatterPayment Information LogQuery OptionsMin/Max Fees PeriodsHospitalisation Nbr
  16. 16. Package BenefitsInvoice StatusView Schedule ListPayment Amounts Mapping...Run Service Information Report...Scope of Coverage...Co-Insurance Shares...NetworkToRollback completed successfully. {1} Invoices are deleted.dd/MM/yyyyNInsurance Company Main Informationoracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatteroracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterProceduresSimilar MembersInsurance CompaniesCancellation ReasonsAmount TypesCase StatusMember DOB must be less than or equal to to current date.Bypass Invoice Transactions...Production ReportAllClosePayment AmountsPremium Computation ParametersMove Category/Relation ToCustom Field ValuesExt Ref. NbrAuthorisation can not be updated. Authorisation status should be PENDING.Premium Per SubeventCustom Field ValuesProvider ContractsBill NumberAuthorisation Document TypesReceived BySelect TemplateCriterion Choice List ValuesThe custom field ({1}) used in order to keep the Encounter Type value does not exist or is invalid. Import failed.
  17. 17. Payer TransactionsNormRisk...Underwriting Activity...PAIDInvoice LinesIssueConfirmed ReceiptsProvider QueryValue Type CodeCodeStrengthTransaction Date ToThe previous event is not validated.Creation of a new event is not allowed.Sales entity "{1}" is not created in Oracle Financials.You cannot reject this payment. The status of the Payment is not {1}.{1} is not defined for package: {2} covering date: {3}There is no Interbank code defined for bank {1}.Review Foreign Long DescriptionWeb SiteOper.Premium Layer DescriptionPremium Period DescriptionSource DescriptionPolicy Holder TypePremium Index DescriptionProcedure NbrCountry NameDue Date Calculation MethodEvent Status DescriptionThere is no Payable billing amount mapped for Computation Method {1}Amount CombinationRate Foreign DescriptionBlood Type Description{1} is not defined for policy {2}The Account Number of the business partner has no valueOccurrence DateExchange Rate Date Type must be entered.Cannot modify a reversed or negative commission bill.Exporting {1} of {2} Bills.Mandatory interface field {1} does not have a valueDue Date Calculation Method
  18. 18. Invoice {1} is included in a Reinsurance report({2}). Withdraw failed.delete a Member from Member MaintenanceReport Run can not be withdrawn. It has been reported in a Reinsurance Account Statement.Commission Report Criteriaoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterCommission Payment QueryAttach ClaimsService SetupDiagnosesInterface Execution DatePayersEdit Criterion TypesUnitInitial Policies RangeParameterExplanation Of PaymentInstalments...Create Case...LetterAll in OneAmountsEdit DispositionTextProduction ReportExtentsPoliciesClaim Reserve Report NumbersInvoice Transactions...Payer Transactions QueryUndo Calculated Commissions...ALLNot AssignedDebitService Category Foreign DescriptionCalendar YearReserve NbrNotified Person DescriptionParticipating DescriptionMaximum Invoice NbrMember FileReaction Description
  19. 19. Cal. YearCriterion Type DescriptionFee Schedule Sequence NumberCreation DateThisdelete the last multiplierEffective DateAre you sure you want to create a new Application?Questioner Status IdEnrolment DateApplication Type DescriptionYou may not {1}. {2}.30AdministrationMembers with different effective date cannot be in same Endorsement.Are you sure you want to delete this Group specific loading?First Computation Component (minimum Grouping) in First Computation Layer has to be Stand-Alone ComputatioContract NameAdmission date must be <= to invoices minimum date: {1}Passed To Pcoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterdd/MM/yyyyoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterReinsurance Out-Of-Hospital Claims BordereauCaseExecution StatusProduct ExclusionsLife HoldTypeOutpatient Categoryoracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatterDrug Classes{1} is used by {2}. Deletion is not allowed.Member {1} is found in {2} Hospitalisation incident(s) for the same Provider and Admission Date.Attach Cases...FORDERBY1Alldd/MM/yyyyoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterInsurance Companies
  20. 20. Territoryoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterOther InsurersDrug ManufacturersProvider SpecialitiesUpdate Packages To...03Specific Reinsurance Report NumberTransaction DetailsQuestioner Effective DatesBank NameCombination_NbrCustomerSales Entity Collaboration NbrGrouping NumberInsurance Co NbrLast Modification UserPremium Type DescriptionProvider NumberTransaction StatusUndefined Bank Account Holder for Payee {1}.Unable to obtain Payment Export Method.You cannot validate {1} that is not {2}Invoice:{1} caused incorrect No Claim Bonus discount in policies:{2}. It cannot be reportedThere is no amount for Bill {1} and Amount ID {2}Policy {1} has been deleted.From Exp.DateReference IdFormulaImport Similar CustomersPayment StatusCheque Payable ToComplexity Foreign DescriptionEvent StatusExecution User NameMember AddressDistribution NbrFirst Time IssueLevel DescriptionAge Computationnetwork contract
  21. 21. Premium Adjustments will be deleted.AssignedCannot invalidate custom field. It is used from Custom Field Index {1}delete a Policy Reactivation eventUndefined Bank code for Payee {1}.Bill {1} match with different transmission id.Application {1}: Principal {2} of the active member {3} has been cancelled. Unable to renew policy.Group Premiums will be deleted.The entered valueMember information cannot be found. There is no validated policy event for this memberClaimed Quantity{1} can not be {2}. {3}POLICYPRINT_MEMBER_TEMPLATE_PATHPremium must be selected.FromWhereMemberComesSales Hierarchy NumberNumber of Members (Shown/Total)Outpatient Category DescriptionPolicy Holder Name FromRate Type Foreign DescriptionRequester Provider SpecialityCheck Payer NameCommission Report FromContract DescriptionField Set StatusA procedurePolicy GroupThe policy is cancelled.Application cannot be transferred. Application Holders Tax Registration number is invalidApplication cannot be transferred. Member {1} uses member Note Type: {2} that is not mapped to a member NoteExport DatePolicy Number {1} appears in Instalment Bordereau Number {2}. Computation is not allowed.Department CriteriaFor Computation Method(s) {1}Family Discount DescriptionFee Schedule Foreign DescriptionAuthorisation TypeDiscount AmountNew Effective Date can be created only from Source Effective Date {1} for Custom Field {2}Answer DomainPremium record without level values (Package
  22. 22. Are you sure you want to delete this Customer Address ?Cancellation Formula can not have any Computation Component that is not in Fromula for Initial Policy and MembClaim report Nbr ToFilename {1} has already been imported with Import number {2} on date {3}.Days Diff.The Reactivation EndorsementApplication cannot be transferred. Member {1} is on member holdOpenMemberCustomFieldsBtnOpen Policy Custom Field FilePendingRejectedoracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatterCopay(%)2ReInsuranceFinancial Application System ConsolePremium Per ComponentWay Of PaymentNon Refundable ComponentsPremiumDates of Every WeekPolicy Premium Per ComponentValue of element ProviderID ({1}) matches with more than one provider in the system. Import failed.Plan AllowancesAuthorisation Provider RolesYou cannot insert new Other Insurer. Member has status {1}AllocateExport AdditionalImport Procedures...Member Summary Custom Fields...Payment Run Actual Payees...Invoices...REPORT_DATECustom Field Set CriteriaBank Transfer Payment OptionsDiagnosesoracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatterView Policy Import ResultsProcedure DetailsFile Name Value OptionsAre you sure you want to delete this Customer ?
  23. 23. Package Allowance LevelsAuthorisation Diagnosis QualifiersPayment Receipts ImportAdjustment Provider Information...Payer Transactions CriteriaDUE_DATESpecialty & Other CriteriaReinsurance Institutional Invoice ReportReport OptionsHas_EventsCodeCity DescriptionCo-Insurer NameDescriptionDescriptionValue TypeIndividual Share (%)Trxn Number%working%Choose at least one report section to be printed.Account Statement includes only released amount.More than one records are found for receipt {1} in Oracle Financial tables.Invoice Line Modification has been successfully completedNo report type for bordereau type {1}Non-existent value for Attribute {1} and Source value {2}PaymentsForeign Help LabelService Entity Foreign DescriptionCSCThis ContractLevel ValueModule Area Foreign DescriptionInvoice {1} is paid in future.You cannot close claim {2}.File NameForeign City NameitemLabel.dataTypeForeignDescriptionGroupRenewal IssueMedical ProcedureClaims Reserve ReportInvoice Pay To Entities
  24. 24. Payment Actual Payees OptionsSexReport TypeCorrectionContract TypeUndo UserTransaction Log Type DescriptionAllowance Procedure TypePolicy:{1} cannot be selected for renewal{1} is not accepted. {2} should be inside the coverage period.Member with Card Number {1} does not exist.Reserves in future exist.You cannot close claim {1}.Exclusion Date must be >= Member Effective Date ({1}).Source Effective DateReceived By DescriptionMember Addition has been successfully completedPolicy InformationButtonCancellation ReasonCo-Insurer CodeDiscountupdatedDue Date ToEmployer ContributionInsert Event. Issue status is ClosedStandard ExclusionPremium Date Type must be entered.Premium Adjustment TypeUser Estimat. CostFile LocationProcessAuthorisation Creation has been successfully completedActive MembersLatest changes of Customer {1} are not yet transferred to Oracle Financials.Effective Date or Expiry Date or Policy Type Id has changed and Modification Date does not have the same value aday of weekThe Policy does not have a National Identity.Decision SetAuthorized Quantity QualifierNetwork of different type exists in the same period.Decision User Name
  25. 25. Policy Card LayoutClaim Status Descriptionthis billCustomers CriteriaAllowance Procedure ListRegionCopy Members DataClaim Frequency TypesOther InsurersTypesPolicy GroupsExported SOAPsAll Members ListOne member in ASCII fileService category criteria effective date {1} is successfully invalidated.Next {1} Days are already used.Policy Correction ApplicationFixedSimple Custom FieldEvent CriteriaView DetailsInvoice Line CriteriaImport Policy Line CriteriaPayee/Payer Payment SituationService Effective DateTechnical SheetsInvoice DetailsModification DatesService LevelAll MembersSuspend Allowance...PaidAllOutpatient CategoriesAttach ClaimsProcedure List NbrHold Long DescriptionJob Error TextPremium AdjustmentCountry field of address is empty and required.Renewal of policy {1} failed. Insured member {2} is on life hold
  26. 26. YesMCC Mngr.Decision has been made. No changes allowed.Can not {1}.{2} already created.No Claim amount is mapped for Computation Method {1}.Rule OrderUser PctCannot invalidate custom field. It is used from {1}.Issue Date ToE mail 1Admission Date is less than member effective date.CaseExport for MemberPlanpositionReceived DateReserve PercentageCustom Field Value cannot be deleted. It is used by Incident {1}.Non-existent value for Attribute {1} and Source value {2}.Admission Description TypeAdjusted Invoice StatusThe matched bills of payment {1} have different customers.DependentsInsert1Uw Application DepartmentSales CategoriesCodeClaim Reserves Level DetailsMethodologyHealth ConditionImport ProductStarting NumberTelephone 3Predefined Text Type DescriptionQuarterPlan must be entered. Please refer to <List_Values> key.Outpatient Note Modification has been successfully completedThe Creation of the Invoice Payment Information has been successfully completedIllegal {1} is used. Please refer to <List_Values> key.Reports To Sales EntityReq. TypeTotal Estimated LOS
  27. 27. Way Of Payment DescLong DescriptionStart DateReport OptionsApplication Creation has been successfully completedPeriod Identifier Foreign DescriptionGapless Foreign DescriptionLinkMember Effective DatePremium InformationCancellation Type DescriptionCombination DescriptionDefaultDiagnosis NbrDistrictAllowance Schedule Effective Datedelete this Member AddressIt is used by another Service CategoryThe application isReport can not be Withdrawn. There are Invoices that have ECP information.Customer {1} cannot be transferred. National Identity field has no value.EventFile IdentifierBill Date FromThe Tax Registration Number of the provider has no valueEvent Fail ReasonLocation Type{1} is not defined for a member summary for application :{2} and custom field:{3}Event cannot be validated. The policy Credit Card Expiry Date field has no valueAdjustment Pct Totallatest Reconciliation DateLoadings Level Foreign DescriptionCould not found all required information for Receipt {1} in Oracle Financial tables. Check the execution of interfaceDisposition AllowedApprovedCLMInvoice Criteria With Claim10001Member {1} of policy {2} has been reactivated by another user.Policy Renewal ApplicationDestination
  28. 28. Associated ProvidersAuthorisation TypesAttribute TypeBank BranchesPayment Run TransactionsPlaces Of ServiceCan not be created or updated. Co-Insurer must be unique.Claims Reserve ReportPolicy Renewal ApplicationLife HoldNAMEIndividual/FacilityNoneClaim Frequency TypesCommission Ratesoracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterfdafdasafdsfsdNoteInvoice Line Transactions per Rule TypeAttribute Sets0Invert Selection Of Calculated CommissionsDiagnosisReinsurer Share CriteriaAuthorisation CategoriesIncident Status DescriptionPeriod TypePlan {1} does not have any benefit. Please check.Currency Codes exist with No Symbol !!!New Custom Fields were added in PolicyPasswords entered do not match.Value of element Type (Activity node) of claim ({1}) is empty or does not have a proper value. Import failed.This SOAP number is used by member {1} for policy {2}.Attribute cannot be deleted because it is related with services.The Number of Coverage Periods must be greater than or equal to {1}Definition of criterion causes deadlock recursion.Service Prov. RoleText FlgImport NbrMaximum Checked Options>
  29. 29. Payee Type DescriptionFile does not exist. Make sure the path and file name are correct.Note Type Foreign DescriptionOpenPolicyCustomFiledsBtnOpen Policy Filedd/MM/yyyyInvoice LinesBilling InformationCoverageTotal Number of MembersInstalment DateCustom FieldsIncident StatusProceduresIncidentCustom Field ValuesDualModulesSales Entity cannot be deleted. Sales Entity {1} of Business type {2} for Insurance Company {3} reports to itdate:The category criteria Effective Date must be less than the service category Expiry Date.Decl. DateAllowance RateBill IssuePay-To Provider Information...Run Fee Schedule Report...Unofficial Account StatementPer EventRe PrintMember Cancellation CriteriaRun Diagnosis ReportInvoice ArchivingPolicyPremiumORDERBY2Import Similar CustomersPayment ReceiptsMember PicturePayment ConfirmationsPackage NumbersClaim Report Numbers
  30. 30. Batches Due To PayeeMember Premium InformationCopy Criter Dest Effective Date LovSettle Invoices & Payment Run CriteriaHH:mmClassExternal RefTrxn NumberReasonClaim Type IdIssue CategoryCan not delete {1}. It has modified the premium.Policies included in this report have already been {1}. Withdraw failed.Collaboration cannot be deleted.It is used by a previous event of policy {1}You cannot undo all issued bills. You should withdraw the report.Select ConditionPrincipal FlagInvoice RefInvoice Status Foreign DescriptionLeaderNote NumberOR Type DescriptionPolicy Radio ButtonCommission Distribution DescriptionExclusion Foreign DescriptionareBillIssue PathDiagnosis TypeInvalidate ContractPriceCustomer {1} cannot be transferred. First or Last name fields have no value.Application cannot be transferred. The Sales Entity is not valid for the new policyPayer Type DescriptionEvent Ext.RefPolicy {1} has been modified. Please re-query.{1} is used. {2} is not allowed.No members in ASCII fileAdjustment Type DescriptionValues of elements ID and ProviderID are the same for more than one claim.Event cannot be validated. The Contact Person field of the Policy Billing Address has no value.Plan Description
  31. 31. Days Difference Todelete an Open ClaimOne and only one record of type "S" must existPayment Ext. Ref.Bill PaymentCould not found all required information for Bill {1} in Oracle Financial tables. Check the execution of interface in OThe Policy does not have a Classification.Event {1} of Policy {2} is included in a Reinsurance report({3}). Withdraw failed.Sales Location cannot be deleted. It is used by Commission Report: {1} of Insurance Company {2}You cannot select the invoice. It is selected by another user.System DateLocation CriteriaNone of the Policies has beenSettlement failed. Payee {1} negative liabilities exist.Lesser of Discount/Fee Schedule Recordoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterClaim NumberPolicy ValidationCasesLClaims TypesCustom Field Valuesdd/MM/yyyyPolicy: {1} has packages that do not exist or are expired for new Policy {2}. These packages related information waTransaction failed. Account balance should always be greater than or equal to zero.Computation Date must be entered.validate this Special ExclusionAdjusted Invoice Status DescriptionPre Invoice Creation process stopped. Authorisation has already created a pre-invoice {1}.It is already invalidNo member Premium Adjustment definition found to compute {1} for application: {2}No MedNet default card layout is defined for policy type {1}.Can not create Product Exclusion at this effective dateSales LocationOutput ToAffiliatedCasesDocument PrintingEvent QueryRun Payee Transactions Report...Attribute
  32. 32. Payment Actual PayeesPrint Outpatient InformationNormRisk Search Results CriteriaService Category Log CriteriaCommission PaymentBase Date Types1000Error Criteria Member Cancellation CriteriaInvoice DiagnosisInstalment Component SummaryCustom Field ConfigurationCurrencies###0.00000Subevent NbrCodeDrugEffective DateTypeInvoice NumberOld Expiry DatePolicy Notes FileOld Package and New Package must not be the same.{1} text exceeds 2000 characters.Month must be between 1 and 12The Sales Entity: {1} is already terminatedClaim does not have a value in element ID.Mode of payment loadings on {1} are not found.Referred ByTax OfficeMembers can only be updated into an Initial Policy eventThe Member External Reference is already used by another member in the same Application.InsurerLast Modified ByRisk AssessmentClaims Payed InvoicesClaims Payed InvoicesCreatedThis specific CriterionIt is usedMember List Export in progress
  33. 33. Application cannot be transferred. The application and policy Products are not the sameApplication cannot be transferred. No approved members found to transferDeletion UserImage Mod. NbrAfter HoursEvent cannot be validated. The policy Occupation field has no value.Adjustment DateAnswer Domain DescriptionCase CategoryOutstanding amountSOAP Sequence Start NbrStart TimeApplication Status has been successfully changedUpdate Payment Information for Recovery Invoicedelete this Member NoteInsurer amount does not match the provider claimed insurer amountCalculation Method Description{1} has been changed. {2}All record input should be set to zeros when Released After = 0.EditComputation Components can not be moved among the Formulae.Questioner Identifier Nbrtest t stst ststs stst s t###.0000###0.00000SummaryLoading Leveldd/MM/yyyyPaymentPayment InformationActive Members Invoice Line NotesPayment NbrSMembersPolicy {1} of member {2} has been cancelled by another user.New Custom Fields were added in ApplicationEnterPolicy PrintValidReserve Calculation Amount Type
  34. 34. Hospitalisation Diagnosis Creation has been successfully completedCannot find bill {1}.Computation Component DescriptionGeneric Contract Copy process has been completed.Application cannot be transferred. Member {1} found with Effective Date after or equal to the new Expiry DateAre you sure you want to create a new Service Category?The event is validated. Modification or Deletion is not allowedPer PolicyHH:mmupdate a procedure under this effective dateNextAllBill SequenceTreatment PlanPayment Receipt File InformationPackage RuleMember PremiumNationalitiesProvider Note TypesDistrictsAuthorisation TypesExclusion Listing TypesRenewal IssuesA new or an invalid Effective Date must be selectedAn incorrect Username or Password was specified.Local Professional Pre Invoice...Policy EndorsementProperties...IN-PROGRESSBordereau NumberApplication Criteriadd/MM/yyyyPolicy By Insco Lov###0.00000oracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatter Reinsurance ReportsBank Transfer InformationPhysicianReceived Date PeriodCommission BillsProvider Status
  35. 35. Local Professional Pre Invoice...Custom Field {1} cannot be Deleted. It is participating in Application Criteria.Instalments Export...AllInvoice Line Notes TypesPackage TypesIssues ExportBankForeign DescriptionCodeDecision DateJob Type DescriptionSpecific Instalment distribution can not be set for a Premium Layer if Instalment Distribution is not set for at leastNon-existent Claim Type. Please refer to <List_Values> key.No Matching Fields are defined. Cannot process payments.No unique report method for policy {1} and undewriting year {2}Criterion cant be deleted.Package Rule Criterion found that uses it.Report Date ToResolutionRisk Assessment TypeSourceSuppress Zero PaymentsTranslate DescriptionProcess Foreign DescriptionIncrease Issue NumberPolicy Cust.Field FileCheck Similar Members FlagCredit Classific.Authorisation Submission DateCriterion FromDelete PaymentApplication cannot be transferred. Member {1} already exists as a member in the policyNo Event Fees Period found for Policy: {1} and Event: {2}Delete all Sales Entitiy Collaborations for this Insurance Company?Account Stat. Report Nbr{1} can not be deleted. Higher authority level is required.Custom Field is mandatory for user defined custom field attributes.Line NumberGroup Coverage is successfully deleted.Copy Failed. Plan # {1} for insurance company # {2} has been used by insured members.POLICYPRINT_SAVE_PATH
  36. 36. You cannot validate {1} that does not have {2}Transaction completed successfully. {1} invoices are archived.{1} report is included in {2} report({3}). Withdraw failed.Diagnosis QualifierDischarge Date/TimeNeverMember Cancellation ApplicationExecuteEventsoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterHold SetupSales Locationsthis Diem Rate isNo changes to UndoProvider ContractUntrashMultiplier Effective Date CriteriaCard Layout Foreign DescriptionCoverage RuleDepartment NameDetail/SummaryDisplay NameEdit Foreign DescriptionExport NumberFailgreater than or equalMember Enrolment DateA value that is reserved to denote NULL has been used.Amount Id 4TEST ERROR CODES FROM -20199Policy FromThe Export Path31Fail Reason DescriptionPassed To Calc FlgAccount IdApproved MembersAscii File Data TypeBill Sequence DescriptionSales Entity cannot be deleted.It is used as a criterion by Contract Number {1}Collaboration cannot be deleted.It is used in Commission Calculation Detail for Bill {1} for Insurance Company {2}
  37. 37. You have no authority to {1}.Production Reporting MethodDecimal Places In AmountApplication Transfer is not allowed. Its status should be Approved{1} is not defined for package: {2}this diem range rate isUser Profiler NameHH:mmOMaximum Claim Date using this fee scheduleOther Criteriaoracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatterDate Of BirthStandard ExclusionMatching FieldsOverwriteCriteriaUser Selection Withdrawal Reason Copy Generic ContractEffective DatesAllowance ComplexityThe New Card Layout Number already exists in the system.Reinsurer ShareUpdate Packages To...Issue Predefined Text...AttributesExportView Detailsoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterATH-1847: Invalid Prescription Date.HospitalisationBranchSearch Criteria & ResultsPaid BillFlat Rate DetailsMatching OptionsModification TextMODULE2CasesReactions
  38. 38. SubcategoriesCustom Field ValuesProduct TypesService EntitiesProfessional Invoicedd/MM/yyyyOther CriteriaPer StayReinsurance Account Statement Information CriteriaInstalmentsRun Benefit Information ReportClaims Payment Import InformationUW YearSaturdayCombination StatusReport TypeGroup Foreign DescriptionNumber of Other Non-Medical PersonnelPatient StatusValue Foreign DescriptionAre you sure you want to delete this Commission Distribution?.At first recordHospitalisation Procedure Creation has been successfully completedUnable to find Value for Default Value Id {1} and import value {2}Requester ProviderSales Location NbrTotal DepositsMember Modification has been successfully completedPolicy has been successfully renewedProcedure Long DescriptionFoundHolderMiddle NameSpecial Exclusion Type DescriptionTable KeyUnexpectedProcedure List is used in schedulePress Continue to activate all changes from Application Effective Date or Cancel to return to old Expiry Date.Policy HolderBenefit Exclusion SequenceFor Insurance Company {1}
  39. 39. Age Computation MethodBalance FromCalculation MethodMinimum AmountModify Issue records from other usersThe required amounts for Authorisation have not been mapped.Invoice {1} is not transferred to SAP. You cannot close claim {2}.PaidFind Member...Note Predefined Text...Print Member Letter...PayeeSOAPTerritoriesReinsurance Production Reportoracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterReserve Life CriteriaMember Picture Load CriteriaIGeneric ContractUnofficial Account StatementReinsurer ShareAccount PayersInvoice ReviewRoute of AdministrationProcedure TypesScope of Coverage Query...PAYEEFamily DiscountTable KeyIssue Status DescriptionPassword should contain at least {1} numbers.Report NbrSelectTransaction DescriptionExtent LevelRate TypeInternational Last NameCriterion Foreign DescriptionDummy Resolution
  40. 40. Delete Payment Information for Recovery Invoicedelete this OutpatientGroup Card LayoutModify CustomerPolicy Holder NumberNo premium definition found matching member: {1}Approved By NameNon-existent Service Item. Please refer to <List_Values> key.Policy numberthe Invoice Maximum Report Dateupdate this Individual Specific LoadingIssue Category Description11Dpoption Foreign DescriptionThe site number of receipt {1} should be empty as no customer has been specified.Are you sure you want to create a new {1}?Policy {1} is reported OR not found. Computation failed.Custom Field Set Criterion Type DescriptionBill {1} no longer exists. Do you want to continue the export process?Report Date ToManually Match or Un-Match Payments and BillsUndo Confirm Bill Payment CriteriaIssue Originator Foreign DescriptionCase CriteriaLast Mod UserInsuranceMember Correction ApplicationReport DateBillsRemaining Reserve Amount On Policy GroupExport LayoutEffective DateAllowance Procedure List effective date and all its detailsCurrenciesAuthorisation CategoriesClaimsClaim Report TypesDrug AgentsPackages0
  41. 41. Service category criteria effective date $1 is successfully validated.Keyboard Help...Payee LiabilitiesProduction ReportsInvoice SettlementSummaryNot WaivedInstalments ExportMember ProfilePolicy GroupAllowance Rate Effective Date CriteriaIn Reserve Criteriadd/MM/yyyyIssue CriteriaRate MethodologyProvider Contract NetworksRenewal IssueCustom Field ValuesValuesInvoices Summary...Allowance ScheduleResolution DateCheck Box CbxCustomer TableCodeType Description{1} can not be created. Queried data may have been invalidated. Requiry to get valid data.The site number of bill {1} is not the same as the primary BILL_TO site number of the customer.This benefit is not Processed By {1}.Cancellation date must be >= Last Out-Of-Hospital Claim Date ({1}).Reinsurance Production ReportHeightSystem ProfileYAllNot PaidAutomatic ChequeGoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterDecision InformationPrint Options
  42. 42. Exchange RateOpenMemberNotesBtnoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterWhen One Similar Member ExistsAIssue CriteriaCommission Payment QueryEffective DatesProduction Reporting MethodsReport RunsDispensingPayment MethodsProvider Contract CurrenciesOriginsCustom Field ValuesInvoice Documents...Member ReportsBypass Allowance Transactions...FacilityGroupAttributeInvoice DocumentsConfiguration ParametersDrug CategorySales Type DescriptionCodeModule Area DescriptionStrength Unit DescriptionCollaboration Stop Date must be equal or greater than Collaboration Start DateInvalid Business Type providedNon-existent or inactive provider network for the admission date.Procedure DateProcess NbrInternationalMaximum AmountClosedattributeModify Issue recordsPOLICYPRINT_MEMBERLIST_TEMPLATE_PATHprevious eventMembers Effective Date must be >= Application Effective Date and < Application Expiry Date.
  43. 43. Payment MethodPosition NameBill StatusDecision TimeInvoice {1} can not be created/updated/deleted. Invoice Status is Reported.Specific Loadings for TS# {1} are not found.Maternity Effective Date: {1}Payment does not have sufficient balance to pay a commission billThe Confirmation Transaction DateValue of element SenderID matches with more than one provider in the system. Import failed.ValidAdmission Health Condition DescriptionThe custom field ({1}) used in order to keep the Discharge Status value does not exist or is invalid. Import failed.Invoice Diagnosis can not be deleted. Invoice Line(s) with that Diagnosis Sequence exist.format mask in custom property of the Word template.Insurance Company DescriptionAuthorisation CriteriaContract DetailsE-Mail AddressesPackagesEffective DatesInvoice Line Note TypesMember ClaimsEffective Date cannot be deleted. At least one of its values is used.Criterion Type ValueBillingReinsurance Reports{1} must be greater than or equal to {2}.Received DateIndividualAllComplexity PctCase CategoriesPlanoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterMultiple Filesyyyy-MM-ddoracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterDate Of BirthBill Payment ListAffected Invoices
  44. 44. System UserCriterion List ValuesIntensive Care Unit TypesAnswer Domain DetailsPolicy Correction CriteriaStaff NoYdd/MM/yyyyExclusion TypelovAtrtibuteName.descriptionRun Bank Statement of Account ReportProcedure ClassesPremium IndexExport Reserved Member NumbersDeductable Rule DefinitionCoverage Criteria TypesProvider ContractsQuestioner Effective DatesCustomeroracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterdd/MM/yyyy hh:mmError ReactionReinsurer NameU/W YearRate Effective Date Key Nbr{1} can not be updated. It is used by {2}.Non-existent user. Please refer to <List_Values> keyNon-existent Default Value Id {1}The value of Insurance Company is empty or does not have Tax Number value defined. Import failed.Claim does not have any Principal diagnosis specified.At least one Edit Criterion and Disposition must exist to validate Edit {1}.For Policy {1}Incident TypeThe Country code of the business partner address has no valueMethodOvernight StayPart TimeRemaining Quantitydelete the Member Billing informationThe status of the member isEvent cannot be validated. Member {1} has invalid Tax Registration number.
  45. 45. Invalid Drug {1}Policy Note Type {1} is not mapped to an application Note TypeDomain Detail Foreign DescriptionEvent DateCannot reactivate a non-cancelled Policy.Path does not exist. Make sure the path is correct.{1} is successfully validated.Sales Entity cannot be deleted.It is used by policy {1} in Member Report Prepare Number {2} of Insurance CompanTotal Reinsurer Share underAdministartive Unit KeyIndex PctTypeFee schedule procedures expiry dateCustomer {1} cannot be transferred. Billing Address information is missing.Policy Type can not be updated. Claims exist.Administrative_Unit_Key_IdSpecial Exclusion FromDistrict field of address is empty and required.Second Currency Description1000Import Member Line CriteriaPolicy QueryDestination PolicyAffected InvoiceCustom Field Default ValueClaim ({1}) does not have any Activities specified. Import failed.Case Note TypesCase CategoriesHospital CategoriesRejection ReasonsOutpatient Incident category ({1}) does not exist in the system. Import failed.Case {1} does not exist.Standard Exclusions...APackage Premium Criteriaoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterNon-Officially Reported ClaimsView DetailsCommission Criteriaoracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatterAuthorisations
  46. 46. Allowance Line CriteriaCustom FieldsRisk Assessment TypesReinsurance Boolean ValuesService category criteria effective date {1} is successfully validated.Print Scope Of CoverageQuestionnaire...Provider Contract SetupAllActivePAllSurchargesTotal Premium CriteriaDiagnosesPolicy-Member CopyCodeDistrict_Key_IdPolicy GroupCodeUser Authorised NameA file must be selected.{1} {2} successfully validated.Country field of the address of provider {1} is empty.No multiplier criteria underComputation Required can not be set. Validated paskage exists with no Premium or Loading level.Related Sales Entity {1} exists. Sales collaboration cannot be deleted.No {1}Address data found for Policy {2}.Unable to determine the Currency Exchange Ratefee schedule. Deletion is not allowedGroup Premium AdjustmentDispensing Descriptioninsert a procedure under this effective dateis included in package more than once.oracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterNumber Default ValueOccurrence Date Tooracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatteryyyy-MM-ddLegal EntityLanguages
  47. 47. DiagnosesCategoriesProcesseswithdraw a Renewal CancellationProvider {1} does not exist.Authorisation Expiry Date must be less than or equal to Policys Cancellation Date.AdministrationApplicationBypass Allowance Transactions...Run System User Report...Local Institutional Pre Invoice...Co-Insurer CriteriaPremium Index CriteriaPackage CriteriaNullRate MethodologyMedical Procedures/ServicesSexesThis Code is already used.CodeUser Text PreferencesaaaLanguagePolicy not Application MembersDiagnosis QualifiersValue of element Start of claim ({1}) is empty. Import failed.Run Bank Statement of Account Report...Suspend Invoice...AccountCreate Local Professional Pre InvoiceCo-Insurance InstalmentsPackagesNumberShare NumberLocation Type DescriptionMember Has Cancelled PrincipalTransferUnderwritingWithdraw User Name{1} can not be {2}. {3} exist.Event cannot be validated. The insured member {1} is on member hold
  48. 48. Invoice Import CriteriaReferral DateRulesStaff NoLink Type DescriptionMember Access DescriptionPayment Nbr FromPolicy FeesCard Log NbrCountry DescriptionFile Identifier NbrASCIIBill Reference FromEvent cannot be validated. The City field of the Policy Billing Address has no value.Customer {1} has different Credit Classification code in Oracle Financials and GREECE_5618_FRZ.Customer {1} has different billing Fax number in Oracle Financials and GREECE_5618_FRZ.No custom field is defined in the computation formula for the {1} computation componentExchange Rate AreaFirst FormulaGroupingInstalment Date FromLast Modification TimeAt least one {1} must be selected.Document TypeQuestionnaire Foreign DescriptionAge ToAccount Holder National IdAs OnTotal matched amount of Bill {1} exceeds the already transferred bill amount to Oracle Financials.Reviews cannot be "Passed" due to invalid members image. "Correct" the reviews and re-compute invoice.New Custom Fields were added in Provider.UndoInvoice {1} is computed for a policy with more than one products and with more than one mapped Pay Group Loo{1} must be greater than or equal to {2}.Match Account Banks with Payees BankCMSCommission Bill CriteriaCLM Attribute Set CriteriaAuthorisation NbrEndorsement Type DescriptionProfessional InvoiceNetwork
  49. 49. 12Source Policy Holder NameClaim object could not be transferred as claim recipient {1} of type {2} failed to transferHold Foreign Long DescriptionInterface Error TextLoading NumberPasswordPaye Due DatePayment TypePremium Check BoxCheck BoxComputation RequiredDiscount Applied OnPayment Date ToPrint Range ToReport Run createdReport NotesMember Category DescriptionMember Summary Key NumberExportDescription Type23ApprovedCalculation SeqPeriod typeTotal PercentageInvalid Provider SpecialtyIndividual Specific Loading is successfully deleted.the Preferences.Allowance Scheduledestination policy eventExecution Status Foreign DescriptionAttribute Foreign DescriptionAge Computation Method DescriptionPolicy Number {1} appears in Reinsurance Bordereau Number {2}. Computation is not allowed.PreviousPolicy Group NbrExchange Rate Date Type DescriptionRANGEMember ProfileService
  50. 50. Card LayoutSoap InformationEvent DetailsCase StatusProvidersPeriods1Commission CriterionRegiondddddSTOPPEDLoading CriteriaICD9 codeExclusionsProcedure GroupsCo-Insurance PremiumMedical ServicesAccount TransactionsQueryUndo Confirm Bill Payment CriteriaCommission CriterionExpiry Date PeriodRemaining Reserve on Reported Invoices DiffPremium PeriodsWays Of PaymentPoliciesPolicy InformationCombination AmountsCase Predefined Text TypesAuthorisation Diagnosis QualifierserrorMsg.neg1856: Outpatient Incident category ({1}) does not exist in the system. Import failed.View Commission SchedulePayment InformationThe category criteria Effective Date must be greater than or equal to the service category Effective Date.AllNPayment In ProgressEqual AmountsClassesProvider Participating Status ValuesCodePremium Index Foreign Description
  51. 51. Are you sure you want to undo allocate action?Account Statement for the same Insurance Company{1} field is required.Application Transfer is not allowed. There are no Approved membersDefinition of criterion causes deadlock recursion.The previous policy is not computed. {1} cannot be calculated for policy: {2}.Rate Methodology DescriptionRate Methodology TypeStatus Foreign DescriptionValue RequiredTransaction NumberFrequency Type DescriptionLimit TypeCriterion Type Value Foreign DescriptionDepartment NbrContractService CategoryRequester Provider RoleSales EntityIt has been transferred to Oracle Financials.Sales Location cannot be deleted. It is used by Bill Issue Report: {1} of Insurance Company {2}Error NbrCannot invalidate custom field. It is used from Policy {1}.return to old Expiry DateThe {1} Word File already exists. Do you want to view this file or overwrite it?Transaction completed successfully. {1} invoice(s) {2}.Bordereau Type2LocalIncident TypesRun Member Information Report...Alloracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterTrashedSystem UserInsurance Co NbrGroup CoverageImport Status DescriptionMinimum ValuePctTransaction Nbr
  52. 52. Endorsement Number must be entered.Non existent Outpatient ProcedureValue of element ReceiverID is empty or does not match with any existing value in the system. Import failed.Deletion date must be >= Member effective date ({1}).Underwriting Type DescriptionEffective Date Key NbrPropertyLocal Card PrefixMembers TotalOR TypeProcedure Group DescriptionQuantity LovComplexity PctErrorUpdate Issue. Issue status is ClosedTerm Premium isMember Summary has no package. Computation is not allowedApplication cannot be transferred. The latest policy event is not validatedRenewal List Nbr{1} invoices marked for issue. {2} invoices are unmarked.Member Picturenot OpenImport File NameAdmission TypeCopy Members DataPRINCIPAL_GL_ACCOUNT_IDOutpatient Diagnosis Modification has been successfully completedNon-existent Endorsement {1}.No member summary Premium Adjustment definition found to compute {1} for application: {2} and level value (plProperty Foreign DescriptionProvider CodeNumbera new eventThe Discount Set is used as default value by insurance companies. Deletion is not allowedClaim Sequence Foreign Description####.00oracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatter10000Payee LiabilitiesMedNeXt
  53. 53. Recovery InvoiceClaim QueryMember Applications CriteriaExchange DateMember CriteriaSource PolicyBill Issue TemplatesTo Be ArchivedPackagesPolicy TypesForeignClaimsEditsEffective Date criteria copy process has been completed.Member HoldInvoice Criteriaoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterPremium Foreign Descriptionoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterDeclarationsAttribute SetPayer InvoicesPipeAuthorisation Query Only Criteriadd/MM/yyyyProduct Documentsoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterHH:mmClaims Reserve ReportCoverage GroupingPremium per SubeventSummary Information of Members InvoicesQuantity QualifiersInsurance CompaniesSales EntitiesAre you sure you want to delete current record?Insurance Company HoldMedical Adjustment Text...DiscountRenewal IssueTransmission Method
  54. 54. Inconsistency TypeOfficial NameOR Description TypePlace Of Service DescriptionProcedure Foreign DescriptionInvoice Creation failed{1} Exchange rate must be entered on {2}.Premium date must be > ({1}).Case NbrPaid By)Package:{1} is expired. It cannot be used.This category-relation combination is not defined for policy {1}.Authorisation Diagnosis Creation has been successfully completedAccount Number for {1} is missing.At least one {1} must {2}RuleReport Date FromNew Custom Fields were added in Invoice and Invoice Line.The entered value should be numeric.Procedure List TypeForeign ResolutionInclude Cancelled MembersRule Foreign DescriptionDrugcreatePackageApplication cannot be transferred. The new Effective Date for member {1} will become less than the DOBNo valid criteria found to create for this service category.Suppress Zero-tax Actual PayeesPackage {1} or Plan {2} is not reinsured for Insurance Company {3}The site number of receipt {1} is not the same as the primary BILL_TO site number of the customer.Event ReferencePlace Of ServiceQuestioner Foreign Description22Non-existent {1}. Refer to <List_Values> key.OrderClaim Sequence DescriptionNon existent Hospitalisation DiagnosisThe Policy is already cancelled.Select an existing Event Number to see.
  55. 55. Are you sure you want to delete this Sales Hierarchy Level?Application can not be computed. Product does not require computation.Member Effective DateAdditional Day RateSpecific Group Loadings found for Policy Number:({1}) that will not be copied to the new package. Are you sure yoNon existent Member.Relative Value Tovalidate this Coverage CriterionYou can not reactivate this Member. Member Effective Date is greater than Policy Expiry Date.Co-InsurerNumber of parameters To {1} was more than the maximum allowed.Contract and all its servicesAddress InformationAlloracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterFamily DiscountReinsurance Recovery Invoice ReportAt least one Payment of the Bill has been transferred to Oracle Financials.Answer DomainsCredit ClassificationsCurrenciesCoded ParametersHospital AdditionalPremium CriterionView Negative InvoiceRun Procedure Report...dNetwork Query Criteria - NetworkICriterion TypesClaimTypesGeneric ContractRdd/MM/yyyyyyyy-MM-ddReinsurance Claims AmountPackage DetailsError LevelsAmountsNon Validated PoliciesPolicy Relations
  56. 56. Service category effective date must be greater than the maximum category criteria type effective date {1}.Reserve Member NumbersFinancial Application System Consoleoracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterdd/MM/yyyyCoverage Rule Query OnlySales HierarchyProvider ContractCodeUNIQUE VALUENon existent Hospitalisation NoteAdjustment type can not be changed from and to Undo Reverse.SystemTransferred DateRun NumberImport Date/UserIncident Type DescriptionLevel CodePolicy Holder Foreign TypeRequester Provider NameComputation ComponentComputation MethodExpiry DateFieldsdoes not require computationEndorsementfirstInvalidationModify Payment External ReferencePolicy ToEnd Timeoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterDefault ValueNo MergePayment MethodsEffective DatesEffective DatesPremium TypesRight FormulaMember {1} of Application {2} does not exist.New Custom Fields were added in Application Group Coverage
  57. 57. FInsertionthis Diem Rate Range isDisplay ErrorFee ScheduleSource Card Layout NumberNon-ReportedREAccount Config CriteriaCustom FieldPAGE633SpecialtyActual Payee TransactionsCustom Fielddd/MM/yyyyParticipating StatusPayer Balance Tracking...Question GroupRenewal Issueoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterOther Query CriteriaReportedOther Speciality DescriptionReport OptionsProceduresPOSRun UserSales NoteWaiver DateSubmitters NameNotesNumber of Shown MembersNo questionnaire is filled. You cannot create one{1} must be less than {2}.This Insurance Company already exists for current Sales Entity{1} is mandatory when {2} has value {3}.Claim {1} is included in a Reinsurance report({2}). Withdraw failed.SOAP NumberIssue Creation Date FromPackage ContentsCommision Schecdule Type DescriptionCriterion Desciption
  58. 58. Escalation Level DescriptionExternal Customer Ref.a group policyLoading TypeProviderThe Addition EndorsementCustom Field Value cannot be deleted. It is used by {1}Event cannot be validated. The policy Credit Classification field has no value.Event Creation UserFamily DocumentInvoice Type DescriptionBill NumberCompute-Validate the PoliciesInsured MemberModification DateExchange Rate must be greater than zero.PreviousRecordPrescription Date must be entered.You have no authority to delete visa.Attribute Set NbrBill DateNo {1} found {2}existBenefits with different Currencies assigned for this plan!The value of the ReceiverID is different than the licence number of the provided insurance company. Import failedStatusApplication Effective DateModify Policy Holder NumberNotifying PersonModify Event records except Event StatusBalance of selected cheque must be > 0.question1000The member Effective Date must be greater than or equal to the application Effective DateClm Claim Infooracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatteroracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterInitial Policies Rangedd/MM/yyyyThe account is locked or expired. Login failedExchange Rate
  59. 59. Claims TATIncidentsLife HoldOccurrence DateOptionsRequested Amount Copied ToPolicy CardCommission CriteriaCustom Field ValuesRate MethodologiesDiagnosis TypesYou cannot delete this Member. It has status {1}Claim MaintenanceCopy Generic Contract###0.00000Package Custom FieldsCannot find the System Directory of windows from registry.It is not the last one created.validate this Standard ExclusionFee Type Foreign DescriptioncreatedNo Special Exclusion Criteria Details exist.For Custom Field {1} and Source Effective Date {2} the only allowed New Effective Date is {3}Questionnaire effective date and all its groupsNegative InvoiceInvoices with Pay To Entity "{1}" are not allowed to be transferred to Oracle Financials.2Return to Documentum2Family DocumentInvoice PaymentMember SummaryLocationLatest ClaimInvoice CriteriaNotesBillingClassificationPositionsPeriodsMembers
  60. 60. Criterion ValueserrorMsg.neg1855: Hospitalisation Incident category ({1}) does not exist in the system. Import failed.Instalments Export...Surcharges...Bank Branchoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterPackage Exclusions CriteriaFormulasComputeGroup PremiumSummaryDocumentsSectionsInvoice Line AmountsPolicy Expiry DateAccess Denied.Bill Paid By TypesDiagnosis TypesNetworksBill Criterion TypeserrorMsg.pos1913: Invoice Import number {1} deleted successfullyProductSpecial Account Transactions...CityEvent Predefined Text...NeXtHH:mmMedical ProceduresPlaces of ServiceImport NbrStatusCoverage CodeExpiry DateLast Computation DatePay-To TypeNon-existent Plan. Please refer to <List_Values> key.{1} effective date must be entered.Invoice can not be computed. Invoice status should be neither CALCULATED & VALID nor REPORTEDCity field of address is empty and required.Application has members of status {1}. Their package will be changedBills of payment match with different transmission id.
  61. 61. Total Remaining Reserve Amount on Reported InvoicesJob Foreign DescriptionCombination Amountdelete a Policy Cancellation eventHospitalisation InfoMaximum fee schedule procedures effective dateNorecords successfullythe fieldPay-To EntityHolder Type DescriptionDrug Package Unit DescriptionField TypeMailing FlagBank Account NbrCLOSEDFee PercentageReport Number ToFormat mask for quantity fields is {1}Invalid number.No member Premium Adjustment definition found to compute {1} for application: {2}Expiry DateTerritory Foreign NameCreated OnFailed to copy Plan-Benefit relation for Plan# {1} for insurance company # {2} because Benefit # {3} is not defined.delete this Other InsurerThis Registry Identity Number is used by provider {1}.Country of OriginThe package cannot change for Member Summaries that belong to a Category. The Update Package action is cancPolicy Todd/MM/yyyyoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterMember Exclusions may be updated.HH:mmRate MethodologyLoadingsApplication cannot be transferred. The new Effective Date for member {1} will become less than the Enrolment DaCareAmount CombinationsUndoProvider Contract
  62. 62. Translate Tables Foreign DescriptionNationality DescriptionPolicy TypeMultiplierOR Description TypePremium Refund Date Type DescriptionCriterion Type Value DesciptionDischarge DateInsert Payment Information For Institutional Invoiceoverwrite or cancel the processReport Date FromPrint OrderFile DecisionFridayAdult RangeAffiliate To DescriptionDeleteValid admission date must be entered before VISA approval.Invoice can not be adjusted using Undo Reverse. {1}You have no authority to {1}.The file {1} is invalid. Make sure the path and file name are correct.Date/UserCriterion Detail NbrAt least one Fee TypeContract Foreign NameMatching information of bill {1} with corresponding receipt has already been transferred to Oracle Financials. ModExt. Cust. RefPackage Documentsoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterAttribute SetScope Of Coverage QueryRuleIssueInsurer RetentionStart atAllowance Line AmountsPayment File DetailsCommission RatePayment RunAudit Transaction TypesClaim Types
  63. 63. Premium Adjustment TypesunlinkCustom Field for Code {1} is mandatory for user defined custom field attributes.Invalidation failed. The service category is used as criterion by service category {1} in effective date {2}. At least onAdd DocumentCreate Outpatient...Incident Information...Bill Payment MatchingSEPARATOR_11Account Transactions Query Criteriadd/MM/yyyyE&xternal Policy ReferenceBordereau Number and PolicyIncidentsGender ValuesCard LayoutsNetworkExchange RateExclusionsFDetailoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterReinsurance Production MethodAllowance NoteDrug Package UnitsBenefits With SOAP BalanceAccount Minimun Balance is exceeded.Address...PreviewLegal EntityApplication Member ReportExchange RateSeq. Start NbrPayeeOrder ByPeriod Identifier DescriptionYou can not reactivate this Member. Policy is Individual and Member has Category.No Layout Attributes found for Card Layout {1}.Receipt {1} has now a Customer in Oracle Financial although it has been created in MedNeXt without any customeUnable to display the proper NormRisk result for the user location {1}.Status Id
  64. 64. Customer Creation has been successfully completedOutgoing TotalCase Status DescriptionCoverage GroupingEdit NbrTotal reserve amount for PackagepaidPayment Date FromApplication cannot be transferred. Member {1} is a principal to other members and cannot become a dependentactivate all changes from the new Effective DateThe latest Policy Event for Policy {1} cannot accept members.Diagnosis Type Foreign DescriptionAmountCombination NbrCustomer of payment {1} is not the same as the customer of bill {2}.Invoice Diagnosis Modification has been successfully completedUpdate in Oracle Financial tables failed {1}.Region field of address is empty and required.Cannot invalidate custom field. It is used as criterion for service {1}.EditTotal MembersUndo Date{1} must be inside the policy coverage period.Package {1} can not be created on this date. Computed policy exists with policy effective date greater than or equaInvalid file name length. It must be up to {1} characters.{1}Invoice with invoice number {2} does not exist.Processing Date < Initial Policy Processing Date.Sales Hierarchy DescriprionSalutation DescriptionOther TextPackage UnitPayment AmountProduct Foreign DescriptionInsurer DescriptionMembersModule TypeProvider SpecialtyDesease DatePremium Refund isrecord Successfully{1} is not defined for policy :{2}
  65. 65. Pre Invoice Creation process stopped. Authorisation is used in invoice {1}.Combination Check>>DeleteExport PathPayment Type DescriptionPremium Layer Foreign Description14Application NbrDisplayed FlgOfficial name field of provider {1} is empty.QuarterAccepted Authorisation Letter LocationdeletedQuestion Local Help TextGroup Card LayoutNon existent Hospitalisation ProcedureMember {1} has no department. Event can not be validatedDeletion date must be < Member expiry date ({1}).File NameView PlanHH:mmReasonDefault Date ValueThe Premium Adjustment records will be deleted. Are you sure you want to continue?DETAILSPackageConfirmation MaintenancePayment ExportApplication InformationTelephonesAre you sure you want to delete this category criterion Effective Date and all its criteria?Bypass Invoice Transactions...Co-InsuranceLocalPayment ExportViewEdit Disposition...ICD-10 code
  66. 66. MembersReport InformationReinsurance Recovery Invoice ReportMedical ServicesPlaces of ServiceCCommission Payment AssignmentSummarized ResultsSuspension ResolutionsIssue Predefined TextsFamily Definition MethodsProvider CountriesProcedure TypesHoldsCloseCreate Authorisation...Sales LocationReinsurance Hosp Bord Main CriteriaBatches Due to PayeeProcedure DetailsLoading Level IdCommision Schecdule Type Foreign DescriptionPackage NbrParticipation (%)Payer Due DatePlan BenefitsInvalid Sales Category providedSales Location cannot be deleted. It is used by Commission Payment Assignment for Payment: {1}Territory NameRule NbrNumberNew ContractPaid Date FromPolicy Status DescriptionExecution Flagupdate the status to CLOSEDMember SOAP textOutpatient InfoRate Methodology NumberTelephone{1} field of address is empty and required.Issue Date From
  67. 67. The Insurance Company must agree with the Member and the Policy.Due Date ToFacility NameThe Bill Issue template Word could not be found8Init Payer NameAnswerAuthorised RepresentativeBenefit NumberSpecific loadings not defined for category: {1} and relation: {2} for application: {3}The Bill Issue save full path name could not be foundattach cases to this claimNotesReportALLEndedMember Card NumberInsured Members Policy TypesInvoice ImportCopy PackageAdministrative Unit KeyCustom Field IndexInformationApplication MembersTypesDepartmentInvoice Providers...ITEM55LayerPer CustomerPayment ExportImport OptionsCopy Effective Date CriteriaCalculation MethodRun User NameICD10 codeICY Description TypePrintedThe event is validated. Modification is not allowed.Cost Estimation process stopped. Authorisation is used in invoice {1}.Member Exclusions found for Policy Number:({1}) defined on a benefit or plan level. Exclusions will be copied with
  68. 68. Balance is exceeded for member {1} and {2} {3}.Member: {1} has no package.Event can not be validated.Settlement failed. InvoicesCollaboration cannot be deleted.It is used by Application {1}Specific Payee NameStart TimeNew Custom Fields were added in Invoice Line.Network DescriptionPending MembersPrd LovPaid AmountCommission Rate Type DescriptionExport File NameCopy Package ProcessCannot modify record. Invoice exists for this network.Leader FlgAge Limit{1} must be >= {2}.Event Creation Date ToYou can not validate a contract that does not have service categories.Expiry Date has changed and Modification Date does not have the same value as Effective DateThe registry key {1} is not defined properly in the windows registry. {2}The rateInvoice SummaryInvoice {1} can not be {2}.{3}Non-existent Code Type. Please refer to <List_Values> key.Password should contain at least {1} capital letters.Policy NumberExt.Ref.DescriptionInvoice TrashCustom Field EntryMember InformationWeb SiteClaim ReportErrorBank Transfer File IdentifiersPeriodsPolicy Co-Insurersthis Lesser Fee Schedule Rate isDeletion of Invoice Import number {1} failed. Invoice number {2} has status {3}.
  69. 69. Insurance CompanySystem User PasswordManual ChequeClm Provider LovNetwork Query Criteria - Not Active As On DateSummarySBill SequenceInvoice Submitted By ValuesComputation ParametersSexesView Coverage RuleBill Action Authority LevelMember Qry ConfReport NumberPayee Transactions Queryoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterProvidersCoverage and Balances Query...Claims Payment Import Information...Account Payee Transactions CriteriaApplication Member CriteriaUW Application Member CriteriaAllowanceUpdate PackageInstalment ReportRejection Reason DescriptionReport Number ToService Status Foreign DescriptionWithdrawalsTotal AmountAt last record.The Index Pct cannot be less than -99.9999Non-existent value for the URL address of the web service application server.ICD9 codePayment Receipt ImportsPay To Entity TypesSales EntitiesAttach Cases...ScheduleSelect All Paid Commissions
  70. 70. Update Package...Update Product...Documentdd/MM/yyyyContractView Import LogPayer Transactions Querydd/MM/yyyyReinsurance Professional Invoice ReportContact InformationView Member Import ResultsPayersCasesNew Custom Fields were added in Application and Member Summaries.Member Correction...Report Information...Generic Contract CriteriaIndividualPrincipalsStatusSpeciality IdTax Registration{1} is already validated.Hospitalisation Associated Provider Creation has been successfully completedMember can not be deleted. Claims exist.Relative Value TypeNot all Bills have been transferred to Oracle Financials. Contact MNI support!Package Rule NbrKeyword HelpOld Effective DatePrevious AmountDiagnosis Qualifier DescriptionFinancial ManagerInvalid Emergency Type requestedDepartment TypeField Key NumberFirstNextRecordPackage Premium LevelInvalid Procedure Type for the specified Procedure CodeCannot modify record. Visa or claim exist for this network period.
  71. 71. {1} has been updated by another user. Re-query to see change.Group coverage record can not be deleted. Members exist.The Member Correction EndorsementThe Event does not have MembersSales Entity cannot be deleted.It is used by Customer Issue number {1}Member Nameoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterMember HoldBreak Down By OptionsSuspension DateAllowance DocumentReport OptionsInstalments SummaryAdministrationSet AttributesInvoicesInvoicesUser Groupsthis Flat Rate isCustom Field Value cannot be deleted. It is used by Category {1} and Relation {2} of Application {3}.Questionnaire...CustomersAffiliatedBank BranchConfirmation MaintenanceClaims Information ExportLNOPayment DatePremium per Computation ComponentExclusionsPackagesCustom Field SetsBill StatusesSystem UsersProvidersCopy Card Layout...From Pc Prv Srv Category To Pc Prv Srv Categ Eff Date LinkCopyright ? 2001 MedNet International All Rights Reserved.OrganisationProcedure List
  72. 72. Scope of CoverageSalesmanPackage Family DiscountWithdrawSpecial Account TransactionsWithdrawProvidersExchange RateNumberDate Of BirthMember ExclusionsSOAPs were issued before for some of the members of Policy {1}.If you continue{1}Invoice with invoice number {2} does not exist.New Custom Fields were added in Members.Approved Amount must be <= Corrected Claim Amount {1}.Provider {1} uses the same telephone number.Sales Location cannot be deleted. It is used by Application: {1}There is no mapped transaction type value for positive bill amount.Country field of the address of Policy {1} is empty.Account Number for {1} is missing.members in ASCII filePolicy Notes File NamePaid To % DifferenceCoverage Rule Type DescriptionApplication cannot be transferred. The previous event is not validated.Customer {1} cannot be transferred. Address field of the billing address has no value.Package Family DiscountInvoice line note type ({1}) does not exist in the system. Import failed.oracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterEvent Criteria###0.00000Module ConfigurationAmountsAmount Matching OptionsPackage Coverage GroupingAccountsStandard ExclusionsInsurance CompaniesCustomersOutpatient Predefined Text TypesAuthorisation Service Levels
  73. 73. PackagesBusiness TypesSuspend Invoice...AssignedCustom Field Effective Date CriteriaAccount Payer Transactions Criteria1YNProduct CriteriaRun Nbroracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterPayer/PayeeDirectBillingApplicationXML FileSpecial Exclusion3Name titleMODULE2Drug CategoryDescription TranslationClose Negative/Zero BillsReinsurance Technical Sheet SelectionEvent Creation DateApplication and Policy PrincipalsSystem UsersCreate OutpatientHome Address...FailedBy Policy &NumberSalesmanInvoice PaymentClassLatest Event DateMembers NameCannot validate the Custom Field Set. No custom field is added to this set.You must select {1}Days to Pay field of the insurance company {1} is empty.Rule Type
  74. 74. Provider NbrQuestionnaire DescriptionManufacturerRate TypeResult TextSigned By MednetCustomerdelete Reconciliation recordpolicy has beenEvent cannot be validated. Policy Holders Account number is invalid.Are you sure you want to delete this Group specific premium?Paid Invoices AmountBillUndo CheckboxBlood Description TypeCommission CriterionIllegal Currency code is used.e-Mail Address 1Premium Level ValueBill NbrModify an Automatic PaymentEffective Date CriteriaError in Share Level Definition SetupMinimum and/or Maximum Fees found but no Loading Period is defined for Loading: {1}Benefit must be entered. Please refer to <List_Values> key.Bill {1} cannot be deleted. It is used by Bill Payment {2}It is used in Package coverageDays DifferenceDefault DispositionAccount Minimun Balance is exceeded. Are you sure you want to continue?the lastNon-existent Group Policy. Please refer to <List_Values> key.Application cannot be transferred. The policy is already renewed02Claim CharacteristicReserve Calculation AmountMaximum AmountComputePayment Matching OptionsServicesDiagnosis TypesPeriod Identifiers
  75. 75. Renewal Cancellation ReasonsSpecial Exclusion TypesBill Issues have been printedPrincipalCannot invalidate custom field. It is used from card layout {1} and attribute {2}.Please refresh your data...You must enter a {1} first.Cannot delete Custom FieldMember deletion is not allowed leaving T.S. with no active members.Department Foreign DescriptionMax Amount AuthorisedOpen Member Custom Field FileView Service###.0000oracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterMember ReportsSpecial ExclusionRenewal ListQuestionnaire AnswerRun Standard Exclusions ReportRenewal StatusEmployer ContributionUnderwriting EventsBreak Down ByDetail LevelInvoice Suspension TypeSummary Information About Policy Invoicesdd/MM/yyyyRule Level ValuesMedical Procedure TypesProvidersDue Date Calculation MethodsDrugApplication CategoriesThe category criteria Effective Date must be less than the service category Expiry Date.Employer ContributionsInvoice MaintenancePremium AdjustmentClaim TypeOut-Hospitaloracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatter
  76. 76. LocalCommissionsHospitalisation CategoriesReinsurance Account ConfigurationComputation Parametersoracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatter...OModification HistoryModification HistorySpecial Account TransactionsTransaction NumberMember Addition ApplicationSet Allowance Criteria...Documents...ODaysAmountQuantityReinsurance Account Statement CriteriaPayee/Payer Payment SituationClaim RefComplexity IdUser Selected FlagIssue DescriptionLedger Account NbrUser NameCan not create Package Exclusion at this effective dateNon-existent Bill: {1}.Invalid {1}Collaboration cannot be deleted.It is used by {1} Number {2}Custom Field {1} cannot be Inserted. It is not a Simple Custom Field.Special Exclusion Foreign DescriptionRep.NbrSummaryGroup TotalsDispensingDue DateFamily Discount Foreign DescriptionAmountCurrencyTranslation Length
  77. 77. Group CoverageRelative Value FromThe value cannot be deleted. At least one value for an Effective Date should exist for a valid Custom Field.Modification TextPay-To ProviderInvoice Review NbrBenefit TypeDetachable Part Benefite-Mail Address 2Undo Allocate completed successfully. {1} invoices are reset.Affiliated Provider NameCancellation date must be >= Last member effective date ({1}).Invoice Type Foreign DescriptionNo Term Premium definition found covering policy: {1}Group coverage must be entered.Creation DateDue Date CalculationValidation Failed: Custom Field {1} for Policy affects the {2} of coverage rule {3} without a CURRENCY defined.Due DateMembers can only be {1} into an Initial Policy eventNo Error Text found in ERRORS for Code : {1}.9Invalid value {1} for MemberID element.The {1} is used by policies with discount. Deletion is not allowedText must be entered.Deletion Date must be <= T.S. Expiry Date.New Custom Fields were added in Incident.Report cannot be withdrawn. There are invoices that have been transferred to SAPCustomer Type cannot be changed. It has already been transferred to SAPGeneral ManagerSequence NumberCreation User NameDecision Descriptionthis paymentMaximum AgeYou cannot delete this Application exchange rate. The Application is {2}Methodology Type DescriptionQuestionAgent DescriptionAs On Date{1} can not be {2} {3}
  78. 78. You can not {1} bill.It is {2}.ClaimPreviewApp QtyApplication DateConfirmation Number does not exist or it has been reported. Refer to <List_Values> Key.Application Total PremiumApplication cannot be transferred. Invalid package: {1} exists in the Individual LoadingsDescriptionAuthorisation DocumentParameter "application_nbr" does not exist in the Workflow parameters.Are you sure you want to delete this Premium Adjustment?Invalidate Provider ContractBatch type must be entered. Please refer to <List_Values> key.update a rate under this effective dateEvent cannot be validated. Policy Holders Tax Registration number is invalid.Long National IdentityPoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterReportsMember Documents Print OrderReport End DateLayout AttributeReport LayoutAddress TypesNon-existent value for Attribute ({1}) and Source value ({2}). Import failed.Bank Transfer InformationSelect All AuthorisationProduct Exclusion Effective Date CriteriaCoverage Rule CriteriaErrorGroup PremiumWithdrawInvoice Assignment Reportdd/MM/yyyyoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatteroracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterCommission ScheduleApplication Member ListProvider QueryWithdraw Reasons
  79. 79. Edit Criterion ValuesPrescription Date should be within the member coverage period for the specific policy. Are you sure you want to pPremium Refunds...Procedure MultiplierINVOICETooth SurfacesUnique KeyIssue Subcategory DescriptionMember DocumentUndo User DescriptionWrong value for field {1} on line {2}.There are records with Date later than the SpecifiedCannot update sales entity. It is transferred to Oracle Financials.Error is defining In-Hospital limitations for this Benefit.Invoice {1} is already reported in a reinsurance report.Renewal process completed. {1} policies are renewed.Request Type DescriptionReserve Type DescriptionShort CurrencyNbr Of BedsNew Package DescriptionOfficial Company NamePredefined Text TypeProcessing Location Foreign DescriptionRateICU Type DescriptionMinimum FeesSystem Estimat. CostProduct TypeResolution UserCustomer TypeDate of The Last InvoiceExchange Rate Date Descriptionhas expired.Deposit Date ToFee TypePremium level and Loading level have to be entered.No premium refunds are defined for ins.company: {1} and effective date: {2}Error Foreign DescriptionRecordAuthorisation Note Modification has been successfully completed
  80. 80. type SYSTEMBenefitEndorsement type must be entered. Please refer to <List_Values> Key.Cannot insert record. Member with the same firstReported Invoices %Premium TypeProvider CodeClaim Sequence NbrcomputeLengthpolicy exchange rateSpecial ExclusionThe previous event is not validatedPay-To Provider NameExecution Date ToPolicy with Effective Date {1} not covered by a Reinsurance Production methodGroup PolicyDefault Number ValueExtent DescriptionFee Type Foreign Description{1} can not be deleted. {2} is validated.PremiumInvoice Date FromLoading Type DetailsOpen a closed Eventpolicy or the policy cannot be cancelled from renewalPackage can not be deleted. It is used by an ApplicationASCII files set number {1}Non-existent value for Default Value id {1}Non-existent Payment mode. Please refer to <List_Values> key.Prorata cancellation is prohibited for Individual Policies.Are you sure you want to undo {1}?This {1} is already withdrawn. Please requery.Adjustment of Non-Calculated Invoice can not be performed on this Invoice.Premium Adjustments found for Member Number:({1})SThe selected file has an invalid file type. Only ".doc" Files can be used as templates.oracle.jbo.format.DefaultCurrencyFormatterLoadings/SurchargesIncident DiagnosesMedical Procedure Saved Search
  81. 81. Field PropertiesEffective DatesCustom Field ValuesInsurance CompaniesBankserrorMsg.neg1857: Case category ({1}) does not exist in the system. Import failed.Active MembersSettlement Options...Payment Receipt Import Criteria###0.00000TabSpecific Reinsurance Production Bordereau NumberReport DateCards Export LogMembers ExportEsashaIssue QueryPremium Refunds Effective Date CriteriaClaim CharacteristicCustomerIssues Export...NAllIMove Category/Relation ToAuthorisation Amount MappingPolicy Business TypesRelative ValueCurrencyImport Date FromOrder NbrBenefit Type for this selected benefit is not provided.System Estimated Cost mapping is missing for combination with number {1}.Error in stored procedure!Released AfterRelate ToPayments FailedHandleIs ConnectedCheck Way Of Payment Id
  82. 82. Customfield FlgClose an open ClaimThe Effective Date cannot be deleted. At least one Effective Date should exist for a valid Custom Field.{1} is not defined for application :{2}Claim Occurrence Date must be greater than or equal to the Member Effective Date.Received Date FromInsurer AmountAge Computation Foreign DescriptionAudit Trail NumberRate MethodologyLast Execution UserBank BranchNew Application PackageThe policy is already renewedAdmission Date/Time{1} Indicator is already assigned to another address typechangesApplication AddressCurrency DenominationPath does not exist or user does not have write privileges.Last Execution StatusOutpatient Creation has been successfully completedMember File NameAccount Banks...dd/MM/yyyyThis Code is already used.oracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterStoppedApprovedCoverage CriterionLoad Member PictureDD/MM/YYYYPremium Criteria DetailsProductCurrenciesEffective DatesProcedure ClassesClassificationsValid packagesView Procedure List
  83. 83. Modification History...Co-Insurance Premium...Institutional InvoiceAssignedParticipatedSales Locatio&nSpecific Technical SheetValueComputation Method Foreign DescriptionYou cannot create a Level because the Sales Hierarchy is used.Print range values exceed the number of pages of the document.Non-existent network or network is inactive for this invoice date.This level value is used by members with discount. {1} is not allowed.The latest event for Policy {1} is not Validated.{2}Cancellation date must be <= Expiry date ({1}).Settle Claim Bord. inTo %StatusNew ApplicationPaid Invoices %Payment Recipient Ext. IdClaimed AmountCPS Amount IdCurrency NameCustomer NbrPaid From % DifferenceApplication cannot be transferred. Application Holders Account number is invalid.Must be in range {1} to {2}.Payment Method FeesHold Action Foreign DescriptionThe Member External Reference {1} is already used by another member within policy {2}You cannot delete the job.It is already executed once.Discharge TimereportInstalment NRPLink TypePackage TypeThe status of the receipt {1} in Oracle Financial is not Unapplied.the previous event Computation DateInterface DescriptionMarital Status Description
  84. 84. Processing Location DescriptionView LinkPWOpenLocIconicBtnDomain Detail DescriptionPolicy Documentoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterLETTERFee ScheduleApplicationPoliciesEvent TypesProvider SpecialitiesCopy Effective Date Criteria...Members...Select All IncidentWithdraw...ProcessPremium AdjustmentNoExportAth Procedure Rejection Reason LovInstalmentsIssue QuerySearch and Select:Insurance Companiesoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterIndividual Loadings...TabLdd/MM/yyyy hh:mmRun Payer Statement of Account ReportAuthorisation TypesInvoicesCodeUser_IdSecond FormulaCpsaccount NbrMinimum BalanceText AnswerMore than one records are found for bill {1} in Oracle Financial tables.Authorisation Note Creation has been successfully completed
  85. 85. Cannot invalidate custom field. It is used from Custom Field Set {1}.Stop DateLoadingsto Provider Network Contract Effective DateIncident Closed StatusHelp1FCustom Field SetMemberBill IssueMember UtilisationRecovery InvoicePropertiesInstalmentsPrint OptionsCustomerBank Transfer InformationCasesContractsReinsurance Report TypesYou cannot delete this Member Address. Member has status {1}Search Executed succesfully. {1} rows foundApplication Custom Fields...Hold SetupPrint ReportUndo AllocateCreate As PreviousECustom Field Effective Date CriteriaBypassReport Run Info CriteriaActiveExportComputeClaim CharacteristicRun Payee Transactions ReportCoverage RuleFirstSMax AmountView Member Log Information
  86. 86. Service CategoryStay InformationExport Reserved Member NumbersTerritoriesPayment External ReferencesSpecialitiesInvoice Providers...Report Options...Add Custom Field Set...Out-HospitalClaim MaintenanceInsurance Company HoldBenefitTypeRemaining Reserve AmountDays To PayNotification of Cancellation DateNumber Of PaymentsPass To PcThe policy {1} does not have a Payment Method{1} commission bills were included into the specified payment.Bill {1} has different Customer in Oracle Financial and MedNext.Bill {1} is matched with different receipts in Oracle Financial and MedNext.Renewal Cancellation Log IdSOAP TextRule Level DescriptionCreation DatePremium Adjustment PctLevel TypeNew Premium NbrPrem. Level Value DescriptionEvent Creation Date FromAllowance rateCommissionupdate the JobMember DOBSource CategoryCannot invalidate custom field. It is used by premium Computation Method {1}Source PolicyBill Reference ToCannot {1} for {2}.
  87. 87. Custom Field SetCannot delete record. Provider should have at least one network.PWOpenIconicBtnApproved By User NameNo Coverage Criteria Details exist.of Insurance CompanyOpen Closed BillsUpdate Payment Information For AllowanceAllowance Procedure List CriteriaClaim with different value in element PayerID and ReceiverID exist in imported file. Import failed.PayableThere is no mapped Pay Group Lookup code for Insurance company {1} and Product {2}.Invalid Date periodNote TextEventFamily DiscountAuthorisation DiagnosisCancellation Reason DescriptionBill {1} is issued for policies with more than one products or policy types and with more than one mapped expenceCodeThe transferred linked bills of Receipt {1} does not exist in Oracle Financials or have different memo line details.OtherOcodeMust enter Admission Dateoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatteroracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterClaims Information Export Copy Provider Contract<<The member insurance company is different from the batch insurance company.No member Premium Adjustment definition found to compute {1} for policy: {2}The latest event for policy:{1} is not validated. Renewal is cancelled.Effective date less than or equal to the maximum Report datethis lesser of discount/fee schedule record isAccount End Sequence must be >= Current Sequence.Administration Unit field of address is empty and required.HH:mmoracle.jbo.format.DefaultNumberFormatterdd/MM/yyyy hh:mm1Invoice Custom Fields
  88. 88. Schedule DetailsBenefit ExclusionsApplicationsNetworksPackagesInsurance CompaniesValidated PoliciesPolicy MembersAllowance MaintenanceAutomatic Payment Matching...Event Predefined Text...Member ExportPClassificationCalculation AmountsPayment Method FeesPayer Balance TrackingExport Optionsoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterdd/MM/yyyyLocal Institutional Pre InvoiceUser InformationDocument OptionsPayment CriteriaApplication TypesService CategoriesBill Payment ImportsClaimsCommission Criteriaoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterPolicy CancellationBilling Provider Information...RECEIVED_DATEFacilityoracle.jbo.format.DefaultDateFormatterValueWhen One Similar Customer ExistsStandard ExclusionsPayment Run Reprint OptionsCodeCondition Type
  89. 89. Customer IdCodeCategoryType Value DescriptionMerge Member Events FlagQualifierOnly one Computation Layer can have Employer Contribution Flag set.Pre Invoice Creation process stopped. Unable to match the invoice with an Attribute Set.The file has already been imported.{1} member(s) changed to zero ageSettler Invoice NameICU TypeIncoming TotalLeft FormulaLicenceMiddleNew PackageNew PolicyRelate To DescriptionAuthorisation NumberBilling InformationMember Export in progressNo Event found for this PolicyPayment NumberQuestions effective onValue of element FacilityID ({1}) matches with more than one provider in the system. Import failed.The value of the parameter {1} is incompatible with the related format mask {2}.Application Exchange Rate is successfully deleted.{1} can not be deleted. {2} is validated.Customer {1} has different Mailing Address Number in Oracle Financial and MedNext.Fee Type DescriptionAccountAddress Type Foreign DescriptionDisposition DescriptionPolicy has been expiredQuestion GroupE-mail{1} field of address is empty and required.Bill Effective DateDeletion Date must be entered.Application cannot be transferred. Member {1} uses Package {2} that is expiredRecord must be entered or deleted first.