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Preparing PPT Presentations

Preparing PPT Presentations



Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks



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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/monkeyc/213886351
  • A picture is ImmersiveEngages left brain and right brainArusha the Rothschild giraffe calf is nuzzled by its parents at the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria. Arusha - born 5ft 7ins tall after mum's 15 month pregnancy - already has a head for heights after the six foot drop to the ground when Rita gave birth standing up. "The calf was a bit wobbly but within a few minutes mum had it up on its feet and feeding," said one keeper.http://www.naturaltopwonders.com/2011/12/animals-in-news.html
  • TinEye Reverse Image SearchCreative Commons licenses:Attribution:You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work - and derivative works based upon it - but only if they give you credit.Noncommercial :You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your work - and derivative works based upon it - but for noncommercial purposes only.No Derivative Works :You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform only verbatim copies of your work, not derivative works based upon it.Share Alike :You allow others to distribute derivative works only under a license identical to the license that governs your work.October 5, 2011200 million public Creative Commons photos and counting! This makes us the largest CC photo repository in the world!You can browse and search those CC photos by license, or find exactly the one suitable for and available to you by using advanced search, ticking the CC checkbox, and searching for whatever image you are looking for.Other sources:http://www.dailyblogtips.com/how-to-find-free-pictures-for-your-blog/Where to Find Free, Quality ImagesSome of the best places to find free stock images:1. EverystockphotoThis site describes itself as a “license-specific photo search engine.” It searches many of the popular free stock photo sources and allows you restrict results based on a variety of parameters, including account requirement, shape, resolution, and license.2. Flickr’s Creative Commons SearchThis social image-sharing site has gained a reputation for harboring high-quality free photos. Search through the Creative Commons section or use the advanced search feature to specify a search within the Creative Commons-licensed content, plus you can identify whether you’re looking for content that can be edited or used commercially.3. Stock.xchng - Stock Exchange http://www.sxc.hu/As discussed earlier, there are plenty of images on this site with more lax licensing that doesn’t require attribution. However, you’ve got to watch out for the much higher quality, payment-requiring iStockphoto thumbnails that get posted alongside the free stock.xchng results.4. 123rfIf you’re just looking for something small, stock photography site 123rf offers many of its small-sized (think 400px at the longest side) images for free. Just search their free images section, found under the Stock Photography header on the home page (or by clicking their link above).5. Google Creative Commons Image SearchOf course, if there’s a searching need, Google has a tool for it. Within their existing image search, Google added a usage rights parameter to their advanced image search. Here, you can specify whether the image should carry a license that allows reuse, commercial use, and/or modification.Wikimedia Commons is an excellent place to look for all types of photos and it is a goldmine for searching pictures of famous places, well-known events or current news-related photos.Need a picture of the Eiffel Tower, a Washington protest or a painting by Picasso? Wikimedia Commons has you covered.10 Tips on Sourcing Free Images For Your BlogTuesday, June 25th, 2013Guest post by: Marcela De Vivo, a freelance writer from Los Angeles who specializes in online marketing.  She currently writes for HostPapa.com and covers a wide variety of topics, from social networking, search marketing, content development, and web analytics.  Wikimedia Commons is an excellent place to look for all types of photos and it is a goldmine for searching pictures of famous places, well-known events or current news-related photos - Eiffel Tower, a Washington protest or a painting by Picasso.Microsoft Office Images - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/PAID3. iClipart.comYou do have to pay a subscription fee to get high quality versions of the images but you get a much bigger array of choices than what might be in stock on your standard word program.4. https://www.bigstockphoto.com 5. 6. Fotolia.com - http://eu.fotolia.com/Fotolia.com, like iClipart, also has paid service requirements to access their photos . However, you can find a huge amount of very high-quality images and they can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you buy in packages or groups.Plus, you’ll actually have full rights to the photos allowing you to use them in any way you want.7. Icons Etc.If you need icons for your site, Google Images search may work. However, if you need a particular icon, Icons Etc, is a great site to find logos and icons from many different companies.The icons are free, and you’ll find obscure ones that Google Images won’t show you – at least not with a license that allows you to freely use the image.freedigitalphotosThis is by far the best image resource to download the free images. I usually download from here.Here I’ll show you how to download free images from freedigitalphotos.net(lots of users get panic after looking at the “watermark” on the images, so I thought it could be a nice idea to demonstrate through a video.  I’ve made it for the first time for you(in fact it’s my first attempt, so bear me  ).Make sure to watch it on the full screen to view more clear.So, how was the video? I know there was bit noise (chip chipchupchup’s) while making the video(do share your comments and feedback about this video, I’ll concentrate more on where I’m lagging behind, thanks in advance)StockvaultThis is another image source to find stunning images.Everystockphotorequire giving attribution to the photographer.MorgueFile 3. Historical Stock PhotosIf you need a historical picture for your personal website or an email, this is the place to find everything from Rosie the Riveter to war-time posters of Uncle Sam. If you write historical fiction, especially American-centric historical fiction, this site can be an excellent resource in your search for appropriate images.Tweetables -11 places to get a free and legal photo for your blog. – Click to tweet.I’ll have to check these out! // 11 places to get a free + legal photo for your blog. – Click to tweet.There’s no excuse to steal photos for your website. – Click to tweet.Stealing photos? Time to come clean and get legal ones.  - Click to tweet.Quit googling images and stealing them for your blog. – Click to tweet.4. Free PixelsThis isn’t a large site, not by a long shot, but it does have quality images that you can use. If you need a legal photo of nature, there are over 1,000 beautiful shots waiting to be discovered. Don’t get fined for stealing a photo of Yosemite when you can get a legal one easily.5. Public Domain PhotosWith 5,000 free photos, this site has a nice selection to choose from. The nature section is worth checking out as it has many images of the National Parks and other places around the world. Again, make sure you stay on the site as some links lead to images you must pay for.How to find free images for your blog posts:http://creativewebbiz.com/2013/05/30/free-images-blog-posts/You might have noticed that I always include an image with every blog post and you might have wondered where I find all these images.If you are a visual artist you will#1 PhotoPin.com (Quality Images)Photo Pin is one of the best sites to find beautiful, high-quality, eye-catching photos.All the images come under Creative Commons licensing, which allows you to use them on your blog as long as you attribute correctly.
  • Find original source of an image:http://www.tineye.com/http://asubtlerevelry.com/how-to-find-the-original-source-for-every-image

Preparing PPT Presentations Preparing PPT Presentations Presentation Transcript

  • Preparing a Powerpoint Presentation Silvana Wasitova, DTM
  • What is your message?Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/monkeyc/213886351
  • Too Much Information  We have so much to share with the audience that we tend to cramp up each slide with text  The audience now has to multitask: 1. listen to the speaker 2. read the slide  Result: 1. Speaker is useless: can simply hand out the slides, at least the audience won’t have to multitask. (As I am saying this, half of you are reading the slides and not listening to me.) 2. Multitasking is tiring. What do we do when we are tired? Thanks to: Artyom Stetsenko
  • One major point per slide Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/monkeyc/213886351
  • A picture is worth …
  • Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan
  • Kathrine Switzer – ran in 1967 Boston Marathon as “K.V. Switzer” http://www.wbur.org/files/2011/04/0415_marathon-switzer.jpg
  • Give credit to original author/publication TinEye Reverse Image Search Image Sources Your Own!
  • Silvana Wasitova DTM2  Division Governor of 27 Clubs in Switzerland  Club President 2010-2011 – EPFL Toastmasters  Lt. Gov. Educ & Training 2007-2008 ; Award: Excellence in Education & Training  Lt. Gov. Marketing 2006-2007; Award: Excellence in Marketing  Distinguished Toastmaster, 2006, 2012  Helped start 32 clubs 2012-13 Division Governor, Switzerland SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com http://www.slideshare.net/SilvanaDTM
  • Photo Credits • p.2 Message in bottle: http://clubprive56.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/message_in_a_bottle.jpg • P.4 Lighthouse http://www.flickr.com/photos/monkeyc/213886351 • P.5 Giraffes: http://www.naturaltopwonders.com/2011/12/animals-in-news.html • P.6 Grid by Karine Anna http://mashable.com/2012/11/13/photo-challenge-grid- photos/#gallery/panasonic-photo-challenge-grid/50d335e4b589e40263001fc1 • P.7. Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan http://kootation.com/helen-keller-and-anne-sullivan-facts.html • P.8 Kathrine Switzer http://www.wbur.org/files/2011/04/0415_marathon-switzer.jpg • P.11-14 http://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Olympics+Day+4+Women+Football+Great+Britain+CSXqyu MU_w6x.jpg • P.18 You are Special - https://dsck2zkhjgszl.cloudfront.net/xlarge/13512957184108521.jpg