HPL - The High Performance Leadership Project


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HPL - The High Performance Leadership Project

  1. 1. Fulfill AL-S Requirement November 10, 2006 Silvana Wasitova, DTM The High-Performance Leadership Project
  2. 2. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 2 Why Do an HPL Project  Fulfill Toastmasters requirement for Advanced Leader Silver award  Get one step closer to becoming Distinguished Toastmaster  Build your leadership skills
  3. 3. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 3 What is an HPL Project  Can be any project with these characteristics:  has specific goals and timeframe  requires advance planning, tracking, execution  requires organizing a team (exercise leadership!)  produces lessons learned  Can be a project you are already planning, e.g.  Within Toastmasters:  Organize an Area/Division/District Contest  Club PR campaign  Starting a New Club, Reviving an Existing Club  Outside Toastmasters: at work, community, association, professional group
  4. 4. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 4 The 7 Steps to an HPL Project 1. Select a project – where you exercise leadership 2. Recruit a Guidance Committee (4+ members) 3. Select Action Team to work with 4. Establish goals, success criteria, timeframe, and a work-plan to achieve goals; use SMART formula 5. Work the plan, meet periodically with the team & guidance committee: status update & fine-tune the plan 6. At project end present “Results and Lessons Learned”; get a written evaluation 7. Submit to TI the written evaluation and 4 signatures of members of the Guidance Committee
  5. 5. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 5 Examples of HPL Project + Goals  Conduct a Blood Drive in October ’06; Goal: 200 donors in 2 days  Conduct District Conference Goal: 200 attendees, 8 training sessions, break even  Club Coach to Santana TM Club; Goal: sign 6 new members, 5 DCP goals by June ’07  Organize Community Fair on 9-10 August, 20 sponsors, 50 vendors, 1000 attendees
  6. 6. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 6 NOT a Candidate HPL Project  Achieve Competent Communicator in 6 months – does not involve coordinating a team  Swim from SF to Alcatraz some day – time is not specific  Run Meetings On Time – does not have a defined timeframe
  7. 7. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 7 Ideas for *your* HPL Project   
  8. 8. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 8 Select a Guidance Committee  People who can advise you, have experience, can help refine the project goals and objectives  Subject-matter experts  People you respect  People who have done a similar project  People on your team  At least one person is active Toastmasters member  Need 4 people - they sign off at completion on Signature Sheet (p.70)
  9. 9. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 9 Mission, Vision, Goals  Vision: Imagine what you’d like to happen, decide what needs to be done to make that vision a reality.  I have a dream….  Mission: simplified vision, defines purpose, benefits, who will benefit. Becomes foundation of the efforts.  Goals: specific results to achieve, how the goals are organized, prioritized, measured
  10. 10. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 10 Goal-setting the “SMART” Way “SMART” goals are:  Specific  Measurable  Achievable  Realistic  Time-bound
  11. 11. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 11 The Secret to Goal-Setting The clearer the goals, the easier to achieve. Clear goals are:  Easy to communicate  Easy to delegate  Easy to rally behind  Increase a chance to success
  12. 12. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 12 Action Plan Example: Plan for Division G Contest - April 2006 # Action Item Lead Due Date Status 1 Select Venue Div. Governor 30-Jan Complete 2 Get Chairpersons for Committees Div. Governor 20-Feb 3 Get Toastmasters Contest Chair 10-Mar 4 Solicit Door Prizes Program Chair 9-Apr 5 Get Names and Contact info of Area Winners Area Governors 2-Apr
  13. 13. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 13 Status Check  Periodically meet with Action Team, Guidance Committee (together or separately)  Status update, check on progress  Any course corrections needed? Need to update goals/metrics?  Define next steps to achieve goals  Need two or more status check meetings over the lifetime of the project
  14. 14. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 14 Leadership Skills  Evaluate your leadership style and tendencies at beginning of project  Discuss with Advisory Committee  Observe – any changes / growth in your leadership style throughout the period of the project?
  15. 15. SilvanaDTM@yahoo.com 15 Submit Report to TI  Present Results and Lessons Learned to home club, get a written evaluation (p. 65)  Get signatures from 4 members of the Guidance Committee (p.70)  Get signature from club’s VP Education Fax the two forms to TI HQ (949) 858-1207 DONE!!!