Bella And Edward


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Bella And Edward

  1. 1. Bella and Edward: What has yet to come Chapter 1: The planning
  2. 2. Bella
  3. 3. Edward
  4. 4. <ul><li>It was another rainy, dreary day in Forks. But I was happy, because I was with my Edward. I was lying on his stomach on “my” bed in his room. He was sitting on his black leather couch, with a notebook clutched in his hand nothing something I could not read from the distance. Feeling Edward’s gaze on me, I turned around. “So…??” I looked at him and gave him a small smile. “Oh nothing.” Replied Edward. “Well, actually, I was just wondering if you were excited about the wedding.” I groaned, but managed to keep a small smile. “I guess.” I had finally come to my senses about getting married several weeks ago while in our meadow. I realized I had been selfish and if this was what Edward wanted, it was what I wanted also. He had sacrificed so much for me, and I hadn’t done much for him. </li></ul>
  5. 5. I remember the day clearly, as if it was just yesterday. It was a memorable day, in bad way. Edward was so understanding, and let me build up the courage to talk to Charlie. I grimaced. There were a lot of tears, coming from me of course, lots of yelling and confusion that day. Charlie couldn’t understand why we can’t wait. I had to admit, he had some good reasoning. But Edward was the one I wanted, forever. Literally. I sighed, pushing the thought away. I had a Fall wedding coming up and I wasn’t going to waste anytime planning. I was actually quite excited for once. I would never admit it, but Alice was right. Why would I want a cheap, easily forgettable wedding in Las Vegas, when I could have a memorable one with the people I loved. I still wasn’t planning to make a big deal about it, all of the Cullens knew how uncomfortable it made me to waste their money. Still, Edward was excited so I knew that I would be happy with the outcome. Plus, this was the day that I would be tied to Edward forever, and that meant more then anything to me.
  6. 6. I pulled myself off the very comfortable couch and walked over to Edward. “I’ll be right back.” I paused, and leaned down, lightly kissing his forehead. He grinned, using my favorite crooked smile. I turned around and walked out, going down the hall to Alice’s and Jasper’s adjoined room. I reached out to tap on the door, but the door flew open before I had a chance to. Of course, Alice would have seen me coming. I chuckled softly before following Alice into the room. “Exciting isn’t it?” Alice asked while practically bouncing everywhere. “Yeah.” I smiled, my eyes following her every move. “So, what part of the wedding did you need help with now Bella?” I sighed then opened my notebook to reveal some of my plans. She read them over and cringed. “How boring could you get Bella??!?!” She reached over and grabbed a white binder from off the desk. She opened it and pointed out several of her ideas. “Alice!!!!” “Why would I have a white dove release???” “What’s the point?” Her lower lip went out, and she looked very much like a sulky child. I groaned. “Fine..” I pushed my notebook towards her. “At least use some of my ideas.” I gave her a small smile before sitting down on one of her plushy white armchairs. “Now what should we do?” I asked, smiling. “Oh!” She grinned, grabbing my hand and leading me into her enormous closet. “Here.” She shoved a plastic bag, which I knew was containing my wedding dress, towards me. “Just try it on Bella.” “That way I should be able to know if I should make any adjustments.” “Fine.” I grumbled, irritably. Even though I was irritated, I was curious. This would be the first time I had tried it on and I wondered what it looked like.
  7. 7. Alice went to another corner of her large closet while I put on the slip, then slipped my dress on. I couldn’t zip it up, so I called for Alice. She was there in an instant, smoothly zipping up my dress. “Oh Bella!” She squealed. “Its prettier then I thought!” “You look stunning!” She skipped over to the other end, grabbing something and running back over. She thrust a box towards me. Inside there were these beautiful white satin heels, with gold studs along the sides. “Oh Alice, this must have cost a fortune.” I whispered. “Try them on.” She said brightly, looking at my expression. I reached down, trying to keep my balance and slipped both on. Alice kneeled down, tying the white satin ribbon around my ankle. She stood up admiring her choice. She led me out of the closet, shutting the door to reveal the mirror on the front. An awed gasp escaped my lips. I had no makeup on, nothing to mask my pale skin. My hair was hanging there, limp as usual, yet there was a completely transformed Bella in the mirror. I didn’t recognize myself. The beautiful gown had transformed me. My pale dull skin had turned to a flushed, snowy white from shock. Alice smiled at my shocked look, and pulled me back into the closet. She handed me back my clothes from the floor and walked out of the closet. I slipped of the dress, smoothing it out and slipping it back inside the bag, and hanging it up. I put on my clothes and walked out of the closet. “Oh Bella…” Alice called in a singsong voice. “Come into the bathroom.” I groaned, knowing that the “dress-up game” was just the first step in playing “Barbie” with Alice. I slowly walked into the bathroom, knowing this would be the last time I stood up for the next 2 hours. Knowing Alice, she’d probably try every hair style possible for my hair length. Alice was rocking on the balls of her feet as I slowly shuffled in. Impatiently she told me to sit on the chair, the salon chair as I called it, because she could adjust the levels of the chair, and also spin it. I sat down quickly, trying to get it over as quickly as possible. Immediately she whirled the chair around, so that my head was positioned over the sink. She started to wet my hair, squeezing a dollop of very yummy smelling shampoo in here milky palm. I closed my eyes and groaned.
  8. 8. Credits Bella: Kristin Kreuk Edward: Drew Fuller