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Published in Education
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  • 1. Ancient Egypt Power point by: Kyle Eaton
  • 2. Geography-Water
    • The Nile River was a good source of water for the Egyptians.
    • The Nile was also used to have fresh drinking water and for baths. The Egyptians also used the Nile for hunting birds, farming, and transportation.
  • 3. Geography -Topography
    • The Egyptians settled in the Nile River valley where there was room too farm and rich soil from the river. Which made farming easier.
  • 4. Geography-Vegetation
    • Vegetation affected life in many different ways. Such as heath for people and a stable food supply.
    • Ways plants were affected were by were they were planted, water-rain, and temperature. People needed all these things to live. People also learned how to make tools out of plants such as medicine, baskets, rope, tools, and paper. They used trees for shade.
  • 5. Pharaoh
    • Pharaohs included Ramses II, Hatshepsut, Senusret I, Khufu, and many others. Pharaohs were said to have been picked by the gods.
  • 6. Egypt’s Social Classes
    • The social classes went from important people to less important people.
    • The order went Pharaoh then Government officials then priests then scribes then artisans then peasants.
  • 7. Government Officials
    • Government officials jobs were to help the pharaoh keep control over Egypt.
    • There were three important Government officials. One was the Vizier. The vizier helped carry out the commands of the pharaoh. The vizier also as kind of a chief judge, Another official was the Chief Treasurer. The Chief Treasurer kept track of the government’s wealth. His main duty was to collect taxes. The last of the Government officials was the general of the armies. The general controlled the armies in war and he had national security.
  • 8. Religious beliefs
    • The Egyptians believed that they needed all their belonging for the afterlife.
    • The people lived on the eastern side of the Nile River. As an Egyptian you wanted to be buried on the western side of the Nile River.
  • 9. Gods
    • The gods were to have been said to help the Egyptians. One god was the Falcon god, he was to have said to have brought power to the Egyptians.
  • 10. My name in Heiroglyphs Kyle