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  • 1. Ancient Egypt
    • Francine hammer
  • 2. Geography
    • The Nile River supplied food and water.
    • It flowed north from deep in Africa
    • The Nile river was surrounded by the Libyan desert.It was so hot and dry it played as a natural barrier for the people living around the Nile.
    • Much of the land was near the red sea.
  • 3. pharos
    • The pharos were believed to be gods.
    • After the pharos died they were thought to enter an after life that would never end.
    • The most powerful person in Egypt was the pharo.
    • The pharaoh controlled all the mines with gold and silver in them.
  • 4. Hatshrpsut
    • Hatshepsut was the first female pharaoh in all of Egypt. She spread rumors that her dad was a real pharaoh. She also wanted her sculptures to portray her as a man. She wore the fake beard all the past pharaohs had worn too.
  • 5. Daily life of ancient Egypt
    • Egyptian society was structured like a pyramid.
    • The pharaoh was the supreme ruler at the top of the pyramid.
    • Government officials and priests were second to the top of the pyramid.government officials carried out orders of the pharaoh. Priests were in charge of the temples.
    • Next on the social pyramid were the scribes.they recorded information for government leaders.
    • Artisans occupied the next layer of the social pyramid.this group consisted of painters, sculptures,ect.
    • At the bottom of the pyramid were the peasants. They worked land, providing a stable food supply.
  • 6. Life in Egypt's social classes
    • Egypt's social pyramid was fairly rigid. Most people had little chance to move to higher classes. Egyptians in all social classes cherished family children were highly valued. The men were in charge of the house. But the women had more rights than others in the ancient world.
  • 7. The most important officials
    • The three most important officials were the visors the chiefs and the general of the armies.The visor had more power than any one except for the pharaoh.He advised the pharaoh and carried out his commands.He also appointed and supervised the government officials. The chief treasurer looked after the governments wealth. His main job was to collect taxes. The general of armies was the top of the army and he advised the pharaoh in matters of war.
  • 8. My name in hieroglyphs Francie