Silicon Cape Town Hall 2012


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The presentation given at our Town Hall feedback session in May 2012.

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Silicon Cape Town Hall 2012

  1. 1. Silicon Cape Town Hall24 May 2012
  2. 2. What is the Silicon Cape?
  3. 3. It is a technology cluster
  4. 4. It is also a rallying cry: A long terminitiative to inspire a community to takeadvantage of the global economy throughtechnology
  5. 5. What is the Silicon Cape Initiative?
  6. 6. It is an organisational body which acts aschampions of the Silicon Cape Vision
  7. 7. A Vision…of an ecosystem in the Western Cape of SouthAfrica, that serves to attract and bring together localand foreign investors, the brightest technicaltalent, and the most promising entrepreneurs, tofoster the creation and growth of world-class globalIP start-up companies in an environment thatcompetes with other similar hubs around the worldagainst the backdrop of one of the most beautifulsettings and pleasant places to live, work and play onthe globe.
  8. 8. Silicon Cape is not owned byanybody and if you live in theWestern Cape you are a part of it
  9. 9. The Silicon Cape Initiative is registered asa non profit Trust and managed by anExecutive Committee
  10. 10. It is 100% volunteer led and is(unfortunately) to date 100%unfunded. This is not through a lackof trying…
  11. 11. The Trust and Executive Committee arefocused on 3 main objectives:
  12. 12. 1. More and better tech startups
  13. 13. 2. Increased flow of investment capitalinto the technology sector of the WesternCape
  14. 14. 3. An enabling regulatory environmentand physical infrastructure for businessesand investors to thrive
  15. 15. How successful have we been sofar in creating the Silicon Valley ofAfrica?
  16. 16. 6%
  17. 17. We’ve certainly raised awareness of thetech sector in South Africa and thepositioning of the Western Cape region asa hub of innovation
  18. 18. But local perceptions aremerely an importantbeginning
  19. 19. To change a reality will take more timeand deeper pockets
  20. 20. Our dream faces a few fundamentalchallenges
  21. 21. Skills shortages
  22. 22. Engineering and creative talent is veryscarce and expensive in South Africa
  23. 23. And sadly we are not yet world class atattracting talent from elsewhere
  24. 24. Bandwidth infrastructure and costs
  25. 25. It is still slow, expensive and oftenunreliable
  26. 26. Regulatory Obstacles
  27. 27. Exchange Controls
  28. 28. It is hard to for businesses to importtalent
  29. 29. Inhibiting IP legislation
  30. 30. Not enough financial and tax incentives
  31. 31. Many challenges, but we do have a fewstrengths
  32. 32. What has Silicon Cape achieved so far?
  33. 33. A few big networking events Click to edit Master text styles • Second level • Third level • Fourth level • Fifth level
  34. 34. Click to edit Master text styles• Second level • Third level • Fourth level • Fifth level
  35. 35. VC Office Hours
  36. 36. Silicon Cape Academy
  37. 37. What do we still need to do?
  38. 38. Get the government properly behind thisemerging industry
  39. 39. Assist in transforming the industryfrom pale and male to appropriatelyrepresentative of the SA population
  40. 40. Institute a succession plan for thecurrent Executive Committee
  41. 41. Raise some decent funding so we canreally accelerate the Silicon Capevision
  42. 42. Create a better logo 
  43. 43. Meet your Exco
  44. 44. Name: Rob Stokes  Portfolio: ChairmanRole & Responsibility:• Principal executive officer of the Silicon Cape Initiative and shall manage, supervise, and control the affairs of@Robstokes the initiative. • Preside at all meetings and shall enforce observance of the Constitution.• Sign minutes of meetings after confirmation.• Perform such duties as customarily pertain to the office of Chairperson.
  45. 45. Name: Alex Fraser  Portfolio: Deputy ChairmanRole & Responsibility:• Perform the function of the Chairperson @anfraser in the event of their absence or inabilityto act• Perform duties and tasks as directed by the Chairperson• Represent and act as a spokesperson for Silicon Cape• Manage VC office hours                      
  46. 46. Name: Matthew Buckland Portfolio: Fundraising & MembershipRole & Responsibility: @matthewbuckl• Create proposal and budget for Siliconand Cape funding strategy• Evaluate offers and requests for funding• Co-ordinate Silicon Cape Exco to meet potential funders• Identify and meet potential funders• Identify new revenue streams for Silicon Cape, and optimise existing revenue streams
  47. 47. Name: Roger Norton Portfolio: FinanceRole & Responsibility:• Responsible for all financials, payments, @roger_norton budgets for SC• Responsible for all accounting or legal administration• Curating the website• It’s my birthday today!!
  48. 48. Name: Andrea Boehmert Portfolio: Startup RelationsRole & Responsibility:• Develop a profile of the Silicon Cape @andreaboehm ert Start-up community• Identify the needs of the Silicon Cape Start-up community• Identify ways to address the needs of the Silicon Cape Start-up community                     
  49. 49. Name: Rob Gilmour Portfolio: Investor RelationsRole & Responsibility:• Attract more and better investment @RobGilmou r into Silicon Cape start-ups andentities• Develop links to investor groups in the US and the UK• Manage investor stakeholder relations
  50. 50. Name: Tim Lind Portfolio: Communications (also Developer Relations)Role & Responsibility: @timlind• Oversee execution & strategy of lines of communication to all audiences• Identify key audiences & objectives of communication• Setup channels and measure effectiveness• Ensure committee transparency & clarity of intent / activity
  51. 51. Name: Claire Pengelly Portfolio: EventsRole & Responsibility: @pengspengel• Identify and define the strategy of events ly in promoting the SC• Plan and develop events for the Silicon Cape community• Find sponsorship partners to support events
  52. 52. Name: Lianne du Toit Portfolio: Co-ordinatorRole & Responsibility: @TalentFusi• Be a representative for the initiative at onSA events• Help create cohesion and communication between the various people involved• Campaign for funding and sponsorship Help manage the monthly Silicon Cape newsletter       • Manage the events on the Silicon Cape website
  53. 53. Name: Mark Koekemoer Portfolio: Co-ordinatorRole & Responsibility:• Manage the communication channels to @markkoeks promote the Silicon Cape initiatives• Plan and manage 4 smaller events a year• Plan and manage 1 big event a year• Manage the Initiatives financial and legal requirements• Support the Exco and general activities of the initiative                      
  54. 54. Let’s chat, we want to hear yourthoughts