What are the differences between 43 grade and 53 grade cement


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What are the differences between 43 grade and 53 grade cement

  1. 1. 11/11/13 What are the differences between 43 grade and 53 grade cement? What are the differences between 43 grade and 53 grade cement? Ask a question New here? Ask Aamir asked 4 years ago Industrial Model Making Scale model making Makers of industrial scale models www.modelartician.com Home Mail Answers Home My Activities All Categories News Cement equipment fr HJJM. Used cement plant equipment for sal e from HJJM Consultancy Services. www.hjjm-co.com Sports Finance Weather Games Groups Answers Job Abu Dhabi 5 urgent positions left. Apply now! Job Abu Dhabi Search Answers Search Web jobrapido.com/job+abu+dhabi e.g. How to make Sushi? • Where to buy the best ground coffee? • Which is the best phase of a relationship? Your New Answers Experience! Screen Flickr Mobile Sign In Volumetric CONCRETE Mixer Nurock Mobile & Static Mixers Continuous Batch-on-Site Science & Mathematics > Engineering > Reference Question Mixers www.nurock.co.uk Answer Following (2) Take a Tour More Mail Next Watchlist Science & Mathem Arts & Humanities Best Answer Voter's Choice Beauty & Style Wingman answered 4 years ago Business & Finance I found three grades,33, 43 and 53. A quote: "In fact, all cements are one and the same but for minor changes in the characteristics. By and large grade 33 cement would meet the structural requirements of ordinary and small scale consumers. 43 grade cement may be utilised for precast concrete production besides the sleeper manufacturers and other building components producers, 53 grade., cement may be utilised by builders of heavy infrastructure such as bridges, fly overs, large span structures and high rise structures. The common man's perception that 53 grade. cement is the best cement is not only due to the aggressive marketing strategies of the cement manufacturers but also on the presumption that the heat generated during hardening of concrete is an index of its quality. When 53 grade., cement is used the heat generated is very high. Hence, consumers believe that it is a better cement when actually it is not so. Each cement has to be chosen for a particular use." Cars & Transportat Computers & Intern Consumer Electroni Dining Out Education & Refere More International About I have poured hundreds of yards of cement and did not know this. Here is the source of the quote. It is the eighth paragraph down when you get there. Probably more than you want to know about cement. http://www.buildnova.com/buildnovav3/art... Wingman Source: From a Google search for [43 grade and 53 grade cement] http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&sourc... 4 Comment No other answers. Today on Yahoo 'Miracle' baby born in typhoon rubble A doctor says the child, born in a destroyed airport compound turned into a makeshift medical center, is doing "fine." Jennifer Law rence chic i Candidate pulls 'disgust Typhoon-hit victim s plea Related Questions What is the difference between 43 grade and 53 grade cement? Difference in 53 Grade Cement and 43 Grade Cement Physical Properties ? Difference between 53grade & 43 grade cement also what is the advantages and disadvantages? Difference between Plain Pozzolana cement & Ordinary Portland Cement? Difference between 53grade and 43graade cement? answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091231094141AAr0Str 1/2
  2. 2. 11/11/13 What are the differences between 43 grade and 53 grade cement? Discover Questions Steam coming out of my Valve? Is it true that engineers are good communicators? Solar power calculations? How is it to be a civil engineer? Like this page? Add to My Yahoo Terms of Service answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091231094141AAr0Str Privacy Policy RSS About our Ads 2/2